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  1. AceGamez
    The Warriors is near perfection. It offers a compelling single player action adventure game that can become a two-player affair at the push of a button.
  2. The audio, however, really shines above all else, with a replicated soundtrack and absolutely superb voice acting by many of the original actors who starred in the film.
  3. 95
    The game's free-flowing scuffles are akin to your toilet experience after a night of over-beering: In other words, both are shockingly big, messy, chaotic, scary, surprising, and usually a little bloody.
  4. Crucial to the succes of the game is the fact that the combat system works.
  5. The Warriors may be the best example of a movie being transferred to a game, ever. You can tell by the entire production including the audio, graphics, controls and gameplay that Rockstar cared about the film’s origins.
  6. A great game that would excel even if it didn’t make excellent use of it’s license, which it most certainly does.
  7. If you think beat-em-ups are dead, you need to play this game. If you don't, you need to play this game. If you just don't care, you need to play this game.
  8. The Warriors is brutal, and part of what it gets right when it comes to brutal is in accurately showing and depicting large scale gang wars.
  9. The end result is the best movie to computer game transition in a long time, if not the most enjoyable ever created. Grab the popcorn, watch the film and then play the game, and if you do, we really can’t envisage a better gaming weekend for your troubles.
  10. Where The Warriors excels is in its accessibility. There’s so much stuff to do in the game, and the manner in which you do it is very intuitive.
  11. 87
    The gameplay is varied, the combat is deep, and the presentational and multiplayer extras really push it forward. The biggest issue for many may ultimately turn out to be the game's extreme level of violence.
  12. It doesn't really matter if you're familiar with the film it's based on; The Warriors delivers as a completely stand-alone work, and any fan of beat-'em-up games is certain to enjoy it on some level. But if you have seen the film, all the better.
  13. One of the best licensed games of this generation and one of the best brawlers since the days of Billy and Jimmy Lee.
  14. CPU controlled teammates are more than capable of handling themselves.
  15. A mediocre game with an excellent story and audio design, based on a classic suspense film of the late seventies.
  16. 80
    As fanservice, The Warriors is a treat for anyone who loves the movie, and as a beat-em-up, it outclasses recent efforts from competitors. Yet as a complete package, it's somewhat inconsistent.
  17. 90
    As fun as these excursions into petty theft and extortion might be, the essence of The Warriors is combat, and it's the first game in ages to truly nail it.
  18. 90
    Some of the best brawling seen in this console generation, as well as slick presentation, varied gameplay, and an unbeatable depiction of gang life pre-gangsta rap.
  19. 90
    While it would have been very easy for the developers at Rockstar Toronto to simply recreate the events seen in the movie, they've managed to craft a tale that actually enhances the film.
  20. 80
    In their attempt to dress up a solid brawler, Rockstar actually hurt the experience a bit by adding endless, tedious minigames that pretty much overpower the game in the early levels.
  21. Retro in style and content, nevertheless this feels remarkably fresh.
  22. It takes strong foundations from both the genre and the source material, then layers things on top that make the entire game a solid, intense experience throughout. It’s amazingly fun, amazingly wrong in that Rockstar kinda way, and amazingly right in every fundamental design choice. In short, Rockstar has made a modern classic with The Warriors.
  23. 80
    All in all there's an absolute ton of stuff to get through for the 100% completion fans. Couple this with a brilliant two-player co-op mode for the main game, and you have a super-violent, aurally pleasing, long-lasting piece of software. A labour of love and a splendid homage to a well-loved film.
  24. It might not be the deepest experience, but for a shot of pure action, you can't go wrong. And yes, apparently Rockstar can revive two fallen genres with an almighty kiss of life and in doing so prove once again that they have the Midas touch.
  25. With a little extra polish it could have been an absolute masterpiece, but instead Rockstar have brought us a solid, if a tad unspectacular title, which totals up to far more than the sum of its parts.
  26. Play Magazine
    Warriors succeeds because it wholly engrosses players. [Nov p.82]
  27. It offers lots of gameplay variety and a down and dirty story that gives us a fair representation of thug life in the 70s. Not to be missed.
  28. It combines a lot of typically dissonant elements into a smooth, polished package, and despite a few small problems, it's well worth your time.
  29. Rockstar Toronto demonstrated tons of attention to detail, bridging the game and film together. The action is fierce.
  30. netjak
    Breaking away from the stigma associated with the genre of movie-based games, The Warriors serves to set an example for what games based on films should be. The Warriors is a true homage to the original movie and a game that director Walter Hill, and any fan of the film should be proud of.
  31. The missions are plentiful, and thankfully they never become repetitive.
  32. 85
    It may not be that complex and it might feel a bit weary towards the end. However, this combination of Rockstar experience and a fantastic license has given the gaming community one of the best 3-D beat'em ups ever made.
  33. It succeeds mostly because instead of merely aping the movie, it instead designs a world that the familiar characters blend right into, and adds a ton of backstory to what could be paper-thin 'heroes.'
  34. As a movie tie-in, we can say with no authority whatsoever that it’s totally authentic and sure to please fans (in all seriousness, the production values and treatment are extremely respectable).
  35. Game Informer
    Although it's certainly not a masterpiece, The Warriors gets by on style, flair, variety, and simple fun. [Nov 2005, p.144]
  36. It’s not often that well made games based on movies come along; this is one of them.
  37. Rockstar have done exactly what you’d expect them do: break down the movie into it’s core elements, expand upon the origin story, add a range of side-missions that add an extra incentive to progress through the narrative, get the visual and audio ambience of the film, and throw in that special Rockstar polish.
  38. PSM Magazine
    gameplay that steps boldly forward, but remembers what was cool about the old school. [Holiday 2005, p.73]
  39. The Warriors can be a very fun jaunt, but it can also be extremely repetitive and frustrating. It definitely explores some new territory in console gaming, but comes up a bit short in the execution.
  40. More importantly, they also nailed all the aspects that made the film so great, and the much larger adventure their tinkering yielded is certainly appreciated.
  41. 80
    Nowhere to run baby, nowhere to hide. The Warriors are going to march straight through your set and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.
  42. It isn't as diverse as "Grand Theft Auto," but you should be able to squeeze an ample degree of catharsis out of mugging people, laying down graffiti, breaking into stores, and pummeling rival gang members. I highly recommend that you watch the movie first, though.
  43. A B-movie-based street fighting game with a lot of variation, mini missions and little problems.
  44. The Warriors doesn't do anything particularly wrong - it's a perfectly acceptable game - but at the same time it doesn't do anything spectacular.
  45. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Perhaps the best licensed game on PS2, and one of the best brawlers in years. [Jan 2006, p.74]
  46. From the opening sequence to the synth-popping soundtrack, there's more style in five minutes of this modern-day "Double Dragon" than five stacks of "Street Fighter" compilations.
  47. A game that equals the movie's cultish charm and, in some ways, surpasses it. If you don't believe us, come out and play.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 72 Ratings

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  1. Feb 2, 2016
    Having played this through once when it came out and again just a few weeks ago, I can say this game is definitely a classic. First of all,Having played this through once when it came out and again just a few weeks ago, I can say this game is definitely a classic. First of all, if you're fan of the film, you will love this. It has kept the atmosphere and managed to get all the original cast to reprise their roles. There is a healthy amount of back story before you get into the film's plot, giving you the chance to 'wreck' various other gangs that weren't really featured in the film that much. Game play is still great, with a fighting system that works and feels like you're really laying into your enemies. 2 player co-op is something that seems sorely missed these days, and I heartily welcome it in this game. The whole game can be played in 2p co-op. Content is very mature to say the least, so if you're sensitive about violence and swearing, you will be offended. Possibly the best brawl 'em up I've ever played. Full Review »
  2. Dec 20, 2011
    Fresh from playing the extremely lame Deus Ex: Human Revolution I decided to get back to basics with a re-purchased PS2 game - "The Warriors"Fresh from playing the extremely lame Deus Ex: Human Revolution I decided to get back to basics with a re-purchased PS2 game - "The Warriors" - and boy was I delighted to do so. From a time when Rockstar made games which were all about fun and not about the boring side of realism (as GTA 4 so badly displayed) The Warriors gives you an excellent atmosphere and basic premis to go round and reak havoc. The combat is fun, real fun, the overall vibe ripped straight from the movie is cool as **** and although It's a bit rough around the edges and the camera can be a pain at times, it's always a good crack to play and for my money the best beat-em up on the market. If your a fan of the film you'll especially love it as familiar faces and gangs appear throughout too. The last boss battle it's pants, but getting there is so much fun who cares? All this for £4.50?? Bargain. Full Review »
  3. Dec 15, 2011
    one of the best ps3 game out there remember playing it .the gang fell is very fun to play .rockstar must makeone of the best ps3 game out there remember playing it .the gang fell is very fun to play .rockstar must make a remake on the ps3. Full Review »