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Generally favorable reviews- based on 58 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 58
  2. Negative: 4 out of 58

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  1. Jul 20, 2011
    I remember playing this a while back and having a blast with it. It has chapter that wernt even in the movie which adds to the gameplay (which is excelent) The storytelling is very good ass well is the voice acting with most of the original cast. The gameplay is nonstop fun, it never gets old you can be whatever gang you want, create a gang with whoever you want and when your done with the game you can do whatever you want, rome the streets, do the flashback missions, play the multiple modes it also has and the story is has alot of replay abillity i played it for atleast 40 hours all together to show how much i loved it but i would recemend this to anyone. Expand
  2. Dec 15, 2011
    one of the best ps3 game out there remember playing it .the gang fell is very fun to play .rockstar must make a remake on the ps3.
  3. Dec 20, 2011
    Fresh from playing the extremely lame Deus Ex: Human Revolution I decided to get back to basics with a re-purchased PS2 game - "The Warriors" - and boy was I delighted to do so. From a time when Rockstar made games which were all about fun and not about the boring side of realism (as GTA 4 so badly displayed) The Warriors gives you an excellent atmosphere and basic premis to go round and reak havoc. The combat is fun, real fun, the overall vibe ripped straight from the movie is cool as **** and although It's a bit rough around the edges and the camera can be a pain at times, it's always a good crack to play and for my money the best beat-em up on the market. If your a fan of the film you'll especially love it as familiar faces and gangs appear throughout too. The last boss battle it's pants, but getting there is so much fun who cares? All this for £4.50?? Bargain. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 47 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. 87
    The gameplay is varied, the combat is deep, and the presentational and multiplayer extras really push it forward. The biggest issue for many may ultimately turn out to be the game's extreme level of violence.
  2. 80
    As fanservice, The Warriors is a treat for anyone who loves the movie, and as a beat-em-up, it outclasses recent efforts from competitors. Yet as a complete package, it's somewhat inconsistent.
  3. Although it's certainly not a masterpiece, The Warriors gets by on style, flair, variety, and simple fun. [Nov 2005, p.144]