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  1. An above average game that will be loved by all fans of the X-Files series, but those gamers who aren’t fans of the series will find a game that requires you to know a little too much about the back story to appreciate the nuances of every character and meeting.
  2. Its playability may be assured simply because of its clone status to "Resident Evil," but the overall package just isn’t that well put-together to warrant more than an average recommendation.
  3. Cheat Code Central
    The developers and everyone else involved have taken this project seriously and it shows. Mulder and Scully have found irrefutable proof of life after cancellation.
  4. While marred by a few technical problems, you won’t find a much better game that captures the spirit of a television show (and at a price point that most can’t beat).
  5. An unoriginal and slightly dull survival horror in the Resident Evil mould, the brilliant X-Files atmosphere and 20 price tag will save it for fans of the show.
  6. Computer Games Magazine
    Truly makes gamers feel as if they're controlling a lost episode. [July 2004, p.7]
  7. 40
    It's too bad more attention wasn't paid to crafting a more compelling gameplay engine, but this is one case where style over substance isn't such a bad thing.
  8. While this game manages a flawless presentation worthy of the X-File legacy, the gameplay deviates from the detective-styled adventure offerings of the past and chooses a more intense action style that might put off the more casual gamer.
  9. You spend so much time wandering aimlessly and kicking prone undead that you never really have a chance to get wrapped up in the exceptionally intriguing and involved story. [May 2004, p.100]
  10. Plays to fans of the series and delivers them a package crammed with more perks than most devotees of a long-cancelled program this side of Star Trek could reasonably expect.
  11. This is perhaps the best format for a game using the license to take, but I was expecting more interaction with live individuals, more research and searching for clues, more of an adventure game along the lines of those that appeared on the PC platform in years past.
  12. X-File fans are going to adore this. Sadly enough, to the rest of us we’re left with an uninspiring, if mildly enjoyable, Resident Evil clone with a few moments of annoyance as we find ourselves missing other subtle references to the TV series.
  13. X-Files fans will love the storyline, but gamers will be disappointed by the game’s control and graphics troubles.
  14. While the game is marred by some graphical and gameplay issues, it still crafts an intriguing and engaging set of "episodes" that will please fans--as well as survival horror aficionados--with the taste of some good, old-fashioned alien conspiracy.
  15. 75
    Those expecting action as intense or as challenging as that of "Resident Evil" or "Silent Hill," though, may be disappointed. But if you're looking for a good introduction to the genre and don't mind some control and graphics issues, the FBI is waiting.
  16. Yet the only reason to buy this (unfortunately) is the X-Files license, and because of the strong scripting (and characters) these are the only redeeming qualities in the cold light of day.
  17. It's not every day that a survival/horror game is released without using any scare tactics. Maybe that wasn't their purpose. But this game has Resident Evil-style gameplay and a spooky soundtrack. What could they have possibly been trying to achieve?
  18. Has absolutely the worst combat I’ve ever seen, with some terrible puzzle design added for good measure.
  19. Sure, the gameplay itself is dated and uninspired, but everything else -- from the intelligent, witty writing to the fantastic voice acting and ambient music -- propels the title to something more than a cheap cash-in (but it is nicely priced at $30).
  20. 67
    A true-to-the-series, fan-centric game steeped in X-Files lore and, despite its failures, is an endearing survival-horror endeavor that plays like one of the better X-Files episodes.
  21. Not even an army of laser totting, one eyed martians can save X-Files Resist Or Serve from being confined to gaming mediocrity.
  22. As an X-Files game - directed to fans of the show - it should receive an ‘A’ as it features everything an X-Files episode would and the player gets to participate.
  23. This game just came out of nowhere and impressed me. While I am not the biggest X-Files fan on the planet, I still very much enjoyed the game.
  24. 60
    Derivative and flawed mechanically, it is nonetheless a superlative tie-in. By integrating into its source material rather than paying homage, it enriches the franchise as a whole – something a great many similar efforts have failed to even attempt.
  25. Unfortunately, the gameplay mechanics don't match the class of the story.
  26. PSM Magazine
    It's not the next "Fatal Frame 2," but "X-Files: Resist or Serve" is a decent game infused with an awesome license and a very fair price. [June 2004, p.30]
  27. Every bit as good as the recent "Resident Evil Outbreak" game if not better in some ways.
  28. Incredibly strong plot. Unrealistic, yes, but absolutely compelling at all times – enough to make you go back and play through the game again from the other Agent's viewpoint, just to fill in a little more of the story that you might have missed.
  29. What really makes this game is the chilling music, which, even though the gameplay might not always be up to standard, builds the tension beautifully and ensures that the shocks that X-Files: Resist or Serve delivers have the maximum impact.
  30. X-Philes who have a hard time letting go may gain some enjoyment from the storyline particularly.
  31. It seems Black-Ops has been primarily concerned with making a playable game that isn't too tough to put off the X-Files fan-base that it's clearly designed for, and in the end seasoned players won't find too much here that's new or challenging.
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  1. Jan 30, 2015
    a servicable Resident evil clone that makes great use of the material from the show. Loved playing this back in the day. The game gets reallya servicable Resident evil clone that makes great use of the material from the show. Loved playing this back in the day. The game gets really tough towards the end and I could only complete it with cheats. There's a good mix of shooting, horror and detective work with loads of great touches and easter eggs from the show. Decent voice acting, particularly by Gillian Anderson. Full Review »
  2. Dec 30, 2013
    mas eu num acredito....ei G4 TV vai tomaaa no cuuu, ei G4 TV vai tomaaa no cuuu, vai lamber cu bando de buceta assada cum inhaca do pé demas eu num acredito....ei G4 TV vai tomaaa no cuuu, ei G4 TV vai tomaaa no cuuu, vai lamber cu bando de buceta assada cum inhaca do pé de Henrique Felix Full Review »
  3. GeorgeH.
    Mar 29, 2004
    Excellent story-line with challenging puzzles and action sequences. It was a delight.