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  1. May 11, 2011
    I just picked this up new on amazon for 8$, saying this I can see how some of these ratings probably came from people that paid more than 10$ for it. At first I was playing with the analog swings which I found to be inconsistent power wise (maybe it's because i created a new golfer with low attributes??) that intially upset me because this was my favorite part about 06. I switched to 2/3 click which is incredibly easy and accurate as long as you read the wind and ground location. The pro's- I really like the interface on the play screen, good course selection. Cons, no online, inconsitent analog, and putting is definetly more challenging then past series (hit select for putt preview helps). Overall enjoyable for a few buck. I can't get into the 360,ps3 versions of this game so I love this one over the other ps2 tiger's I played. The only thing the otherps2 tigers have is deeper gameplay but are flawed in way too many other areas. If you want the best golf sim out there try the Wii version, but tiger 09 ps2 is a good cheap companion. . Expand

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  1. While the golf is undeniably fun, you’re much better off snapping up a copy from Tiger’s PS2 heyday a couple of years back – unlike baseball or football, these games tend to age well.
  2. 60
    The stroke and putting mechanics work fine but the feature set is painfully lacking. No online play and lacking game modes come together to make a game that’s very difficult to recommend for anyone when last year’s has the same golf, golfers, courses, and visuals with a much better set of features to support it.