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  1. 78
    It offers excellent gameplay and graphics, but it'll be up to you to decide whether you'll run out of steam after completing the three courses that are available.
  2. The most frustrating aspect of this game is not its general mediocrity, but that it is so close to being a genuinely good golf game. It has all the makings, and with some minor tweaking of the controls and a bit of graphical cleanup, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 could have been an exceptional title.
  3. Isn’t without its flaws, but there is way more good than bad, and most of the bad is hardly worth mentioning.
  4. 85
    The best PS2 golf game out there.
  5. 70
    Leaning on the selling power of its namesake, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 limps its way through a mediocre round of golf that's less fun than its proud PGA predecessors, and doesn't even dent the PS2's graphical capabilities. Worst of all, you must hit the ball with analog controls.
  6. 70
    By far the most realistic golf game to date and should be snapped up even by those with a vague interest in the game.
  7. Overall, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 is a great addictive sports title, which is certainly way above par.
  8. The computer opponents offer a decent level of challenge. Sure, they'll miss an easy putt every now and then, but they'll never play the same way twice -- and for those of us looking for a reason to go back again and again, this is a very good thing.
  9. Games Radar
    Lost man-hours this week are a solid testament to this game's gripping compulsiveness. It's one of the most addictive PS2 games yet produced. Strange, but true.
  10. While not deep modewise, I found the game charming enough to keep my interest and ultimately give me enjoyment.
  11. For right now I would only recommend a purchase to somebody who doesn’t become easily bored by the same course over and over again.
  12. With a simple-to-use swing interface and fast, fluid gameplay, Tiger Woods 2001 offers a level of playability that users will take pleasure in for a long time.
  13. Lack of courses and players are a real deterrent. However, the depth of the game engine is enough to keep die-hards entertained.
  14. If you have an urge to knock some balls around during the winter, then Tiger Woods might be able to help you out.
  15. Only a good, not great, golf simulation that leaves some room to grow.
  16. Daily Radar
    There is innovation certainly, but under the startlingly brilliant control scheme lies a golf game every bit as staid and archaic as any in memory.
  17. This game really needs to be SEEN in ACTION to fully appreciate what an outstanding effort EA put forth in this game.
  18. It's certainly the best golf game you can purchase currently, and you know what? It's also one of the best sports games you can buy as well.
  19. "Swing Away Golf" may lack the visual realism and quick load times of TWPT2001, but it offers more bang for the buck, with crisper, more detailed graphics; more replay value; and ball physics that are about as accurate.
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  1. ChrisG.
    Oct 17, 2001
    It has great game play and the speed is better than most golf games I've played. Using the joystick is a lot easier and is a relief from It has great game play and the speed is better than most golf games I've played. Using the joystick is a lot easier and is a relief from hitting x all game long. Full Review »