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  • Summary: Master your surroundings: Reach new heights with the broadest range of acrobatic abilities and utilize objects within the environment to uncover new paths to explore. Explore epic and unknown worlds: Discover ancient mysteries of the underworld hidden within the coast of Thailand, frozen islands of the Arctic Sea, the jungles of Mexico, and more. Treacherous and unpredictable challenges: Each level is an elaborate multi-stage puzzle masked within an interactive environmental playground offering more flexibility over how the area is solved. New state-of-the-art gear: Utilize the latest technology in Lara's upgraded inventory to navigate the world including: Multi-purpose grapple: A claw-like device with a high-tension cable designed for climbing, rappelling, performing wall runs and manipulating objects within the environment. All-terrain hybrid motorbike: A unique vehicle design built to drive on everything from mud to snow and ice. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. For fans of the Tomb Raider series a “must have”, for other folks a title, that is able to entertain you for a small amount of time.
  2. The graphical downgrade has certainly been handled with less grace and the new controls are more twitchy and unpredictable than the old ones.
  3. 40
    Full of bugs, linear play that discourages exploration and non-existent combat, Tomb Raider Underworld feels as though it's part of the series in name and main character only.
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  1. Positive: 1 out of 7
  2. Negative: 2 out of 7
  1. JimmyKelly
    Jan 4, 2009
    I gave this 9 because I am huge fan of T.R. I haven't played it yet but from what I have seen so far, it's friggin awesome!!
    I am
    so glad they handed it to right group, crystal dynamics in first place and they still take a good care of it. Thanks a lot and keep up the hard work!! Expand
  2. CatS
    Apr 16, 2009
    If you are a huge TR fan as I am, and you are too poor for a PS3 or Xbox 360, as I am, then this game will somewhat satisfy your need to play TR. It is horrifically disappointing in relation to Legend and Anniversary. However, once I let go of that particular comparison, I did enjoy playing the game. The puzzles are really easy compared to other games, but there is enough there to make it worth the money -- again I make that statement in context of being the type of fan who basically plays other games only between TRs, if you see what I mean. It is worth playing, but if you have only a PS2 and you haven't played Legend or Anniversary yet, go ahead and play those. They are far superior to Underworld on PS2. Expand
  3. NiallC
    Jul 27, 2009
    The main message in Tomb Raider Underworld PS2 is "buy a PS3". This game is a watered down, poorly engineered version of the PS3/XBOX360 game. The graphics are terrible compared to Lara's previous PS2 outing "Tomb Raider Anniversary" and the camera angles are awkward and glitchy. Anyone who plays this game will just find it generally awkward to play through. Very Disappointing. The only reason I have given this game a 6 is because despite all its problems it is still a Tomb Raider game. Expand
  4. georgelidster
    Jan 23, 2009
    I enjoy the storyline and the new abilities for Lara to use, but when i played the PS2 version of the game, I feel it was blocky, slow and plain disapointing. I don't have an XBOX 360 or PS3, so I waited to get it for my PS2.

    Not impressed by what they have done. :(
  5. ManuelG.
    Mar 11, 2009
    Disappointing. I was really waiting for this title and I came across a terrible game. I still cannot buy a PS3 but that does not give the right to programmers to disregard PS2. It's infuriating. Collapse
  6. MihaelaW
    Feb 28, 2009
    Maybe it's just the PS2 version that is crap, but I have played all other gamesbefore (first 4 on PC, the rest on PS2) and this was soooo disappointing! The puzzles were too easy, the enemies were way too easy to defeat, all in all, a game that I could've finished in a day if I wanted. Are they just trying to make us buy a PS3?!?! Expand
  7. Aug 12, 2012
    The proper game, on the other platforms, is completely amazing, but the PS2 edition is patronising in its quality. It's as if it could be a demo made when the PS2 was first released, perhaps worse in detail than Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness from 2003, let alone the last two games on PS2. I got this version as soon as it was released for £25, expecting the same game (if not slightly lower in quality) than the Xbox version. However, it was more or less the same as the Wii version and the cutscenes were grainy (which sounds petty but WHY would you release a game with grainy cutscenes?!). It was obviously released on PS2 for no other reason but to take advantage of the PS2 audience and their money, without any regard of quality- absolutely lazy and inconsiderate. I agree with IGN; it should either have been released as a respectable version of the game (rather than taken directly from the Wii version) or not released at all to save us our money. It really could be mistaken as something from the early 2000s. Expand