Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 29
  2. Negative: 3 out of 29
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  1. 70
    While the simplistic controls and lack of any real challenge ultimately hurt the game, it still manages to be fun if only in small doses.
  2. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam is a fun and much-needed break from the stagnant series, but this original concept doesn’t fill the void for more than a couple of days at the most.
  3. To my shock and confusion, I really liked the game. Why? Because I stopped thinking that I was supposed to be playing “a Tony Hawk game” and started realizing that I was playing a fun arcade racer that happens to have Tony’s name on the box.
  4. Tony Hawk's purists may be put off by more of an arcade style and the wacky racing dynamic to Downhill Jam, but the game still has its strengths and provides a simplistic thrill for skating fans.
  5. AceGamez
    I'm not a huge fan of skating games, but I really enjoyed Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, from the many great graphical touches to the old-style gamer in me wanting to beat my current high scores.
  6. Downhill Jam is not a bad game per se, it’s just that there’s not enough in here to make up for everything that’s been taken out of the normal Tony Hawk game.
  7. PSM Magazine
    Expect to button mash your way through a bunch of weaksauce tracks. [Aug 2007, p.87]
  8. If you look at this as a racing game that uses skateboarding, you probably won't want to buy Downhill Jam. But if you like skateboarding games and want something new from the Tony Hawk franchise, then jam on over to the game story and pick up a copy of this game.
  9. Whether you consider motion-sensor controls a revolution or simply a novelty, their absence makes for a much more shallow experience. As a whole, the game feels more akin to an overblown supplemental mode that should've been included with "Project 8," rather than a stand-alone edition to the Tony Hawk saga.
  10. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam gets an A for effort, but a D for execution.
  11. Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam could have been an interesting take on the THPS formula and a cool combination of Tony Hawk and SSX gameplay, but instead it's a poorly conceived and designed mess.
  12. As a spin-off series Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam has a lot of potential, too bad most of it is wasted on this ultimately forgettable PlayStation 2 game.
  13. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Without motion-sensitive controls, Downhill Jam is a shallow (albeit somewhat enjoyable) game marred by some irritating bugs. [Aug 2007, p.86]
  14. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Only Hawk nuts are likely to appreciate this one. [Sept 2007, p.81]
  15. A passable but unexciting racing game that substitutes the finesse of the other Tony Hawk games for simple and scattered action.
  16. 58
    As an extension to the Tony Hawk's brand it's an interesting novelty, an admirable attempt to try and broaden the market a little. But as an investment for your hard earned cash there's really nothing to recommend it ahead of the piles of other engine powered racing games on the PS2.
  17. 55
    Downhill Jam simply does not work on a number of levels. It's entirely too easy, there are presentation problems, its racing and trick mix doesn't let either stand out and so on.
  18. Games Master UK
    The Wii version wasn't a proper TH game, and on PS2 the flaws are glaring. [Sept 2007, p.85]
  19. Play UK
    The PS2 version has a few more multiplayer modes, but good luck trying to get someone to play. [Issue#156, p.93]
  20. Downhill Jam could've been so much more than a quickie port with just a few key ingredients, such as more tracks and online play. This downhill run may be fun for a little bit, but the uphill climb that follows is too much to bear.
  21. When a game carries the Tony Hawk label, that usually infers that it's going to be a good game - the series has just been that good. Downhill Jam is the first in the franchise to have failed miserably.
  22. Unfortunately, I never felt that Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam was much fun to play. The switch in style from city exploration to racer doesn't work that well, and it never seemed like I had the time to pull off impressive tricks or combos.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 6 Ratings

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  1. JakeT.
    Jun 20, 2007
    Lava run! what more could you ask for?
  2. FredR.
    Jun 20, 2007
    For the timeframe the port was done in, the limitations of the ps2 compared to the wii...and the poor design of the original game (Toys for For the timeframe the port was done in, the limitations of the ps2 compared to the wii...and the poor design of the original game (Toys for bob....learn2develop) This game is fantastic. New modes and characters...really, how can you give it anything but a 10? Full Review »
  3. BryanM.
    May 17, 2007
    This game is trash. it was meant for the wii not the Ps2. just get the Wii verson.