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  1. The sound effects are even more disturbing than previous games with crunching bone sounds that will leave most people cringing the first few times.
  2. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who has enjoyed a previous THPS game, as it is easily the biggest and best one yet. There are a ton of goals to complete, insanely hard challenges that'll keep you coming back, and the best online play yet.
  3. All I can say is this year's installment puts all others to shame.
  4. 100
    The first thing gamers will notice is that the levels are huge, the goals are plentiful, and basically its everything you know and love about Tony Hawk, except bigger.
  5. The game's goals are so diverse, you can't help but come back for more, if only to see what outrageous challenges await you next. [Dec 2002, p.226]
  6. With timeless beats like De La Soul's "Oodles of O's" plus pre-Mortal Kombat combos (which don't require memorizing 56 moves), you'll forget you actually bought this game for your kid. [25 Oct 2002, p.83]
  7. This game does retain its glory, but you actually have to work, and work hard, to find it. [Dec 2002, p.106]
  8. The end-all-be-all of skating games. Highly recommended, but also highly difficult.
  9. 100
    Even the simple removal of the two-minute timer brings an unrestrained joyous expression to my face. [Jan 2003, p.50]
  10. 100
    The levels are not only more interactive, but they're also enormous - much larger than those from "THPS3." [Nov 2002, p.50]
  11. A great online game that will give you tons of replayability long after you are done playing its single player mode. Hats off to Neversoft for creating such a stable online environment with GameSpy.
  12. Whether you're struggling to pop an ollie, or reverting your way to a 57-string combo - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 will keep you enthralled long into the winter. [GamesMaster]
  13. Anyone with even a remote interest in either the genre or the real-life sport should purchase this game as soon as possible.
  14. 96
    Featuring a lovely variety of online-multiplayer games based on the best trick system in gaming, THPS4 is terribly addictive and ridiculously fun.
  15. The challenges are now more plentiful, innovative and complex than ever before.
  16. Even if you aren't interested in the online portion, Activision and Neversoft have still nailed down another extremely solid sequel to the Tony Hawk franchise.
  17. With the new moves, combos and improved online play you’ll be playing this one forever.
  18. 93
    Easily the best Tony Hawk game yet, and online multiplayer makes it the best complete package in the genre.
  19. Freed from time constraints, you now accomplish level-specific goals—like outmaneuvering skater-busting cops—to advance while on the lookout for secret minigames.
  20. Unrivaled in just about every aspect, as the sound, visuals, and controls once again set a new standard for these types of extreme sports game.
  21. 98
    The same great Tony goodness is back with better graphics, more and cooler tricks (read: lazy a$$ manual), better sound, and the whole damn game has been completely revamped. The replay value goes through the roof.
  22. Makes a mockery of "Hawk 3" - you'll see. Funny, smart, richly entertaining and superbly crafted, Hawk 4 is more in the same class as "Grand Theft Auto III." [Dec 2002, p.178]
  23. Where else can you skate to Iron Maiden, AC/DC, De La Soul, Public Enemy and the Sex Pistols? "Evolution Skateboarding"? Yeah, right! [Dec 2002, p.76]
  24. The total package is a much bigger leap forward than "Hawk 3" in almost every way. [Holiday 2002, p.42]
  25. Definitely a solid game and the best in the series, just a tiring genre that is no longer as exciting as it once was.
  26. Updated Career mode? Check. New tricks? Check. Online play? Check. Hopelessly addictive gameplay? Check! Yup, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 just about has it all.
  27. Short of smacking your knees with a sledgehammer and scraping your face with a cheesegrater, the genre couldn’t really feel much more realistic (and no, none of us plan to stand on one of those daft ‘skateboard PS2 peripherals’ either).
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  1. Aug 29, 2013
    One of my most cherished PS2 games. The free-skating, varied missions, huge levels that encouraged exploration it all adds up to a very solid title that pushed the series into a fresh direction while retaining and refining what made the earlier releases so great. A lot of people prefer 3 but I personally think this is the best of the first 4 Tony Hawk games. Full Review »
  2. Nov 25, 2011
    I've got one word for this game: Outstanding. Even more is packed into this game with over 100 hours of challenges and secrets to uncover as well as a slew of things to do, including free skating, timed high score runs, and Career Mode. A masterpiece of gaming, for sure. Full Review »
  3. Oct 19, 2011
    My favourite skating game of all time, sandbox-style levels with quests from npcs, and rpg levelling of stats and tricks, the game design is awesome and the soundtrack is perfect, a perfect embodiment of the world of skateboarding at the time.

    I could spend all day just free skating the levels.
    Full Review »