• Publisher: Atari
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2004
  • Also On: PC

Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 11
  2. Negative: 6 out of 11
  1. In fact, all the graphics are dire. Every board consists of the same layout and there's not much effort injected in the classic mode board at all.
  2. Lives up to the name of Trivial Pursuit in every way except for it's limited question bank. It's a glaring flaw that's hard to overlook. Flash and Unhinged modes are fun and provide a fresh take on the game, but repeated questions will take the wind out of any game's sails.
  3. So the big question is, "Does Trivial Pursuit Unhinged improve upon the actual Trivial Pursuit experience?" The answer is a resounding "No."...That there are far fewer questions in Unhinged than in your average Genus Edition doesn't help.
  4. Unhinged's ultimate downfall, however, is that there is no digital opponent when you play alone - apparently, it was decided that offering online play was enough. Since half the fun of games like these is actually beating someone, the lack of A.I. is disappointing. [June 2004, p.88]
  5. If there’s a chronic cheat in the family, then the automated die-rolling and question-reading features offered by the game may be just what you’re looking for. If not, then dust off the box containing the real game and choose a category.
  6. The general lack of thought and polish is obvious in almost every aspect.
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  1. Oct 26, 2013
    As board games and trivial games go its good, and multiplayer can be good too overall it's a good game, that can be addicting at times. Also the tower game is pretty fun. Full Review »