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  1. Feb 15, 2012
    the True sequel to twisted metal 2 this game is great while its just a port of the psp game its very fun. all the characters from twisted metal 2 are are here with some ones from newer and older installments the levels are fun and you get to play the lost levels of the never released twisted metal black 2 the only bad thing is there are no bots in versus on head on and there is no multiplayer online like in the psp version but if you want fun game for ps2 get this Full Review »
  2. Laurier
    Feb 6, 2008
    Twisted Metal games were always good fun, and this is no exception; with the improved framerate (as opposite to the PSP version, this runs at 60 Frames Per Second), battles go at a great pace. Multiplayer's disappointing, though, especially after Black brought online play and 4-player split-screen to the table. Still, tons of content, a budget price tag, and some sweet extras make for one last moment for PS2 owners to cheer. If you don't have the PSP version and like Twisted Metal, buy this. Now. For those who do own the PSP version, well, there's enough extras in here to get your money's worth, so I still heavily recommend buying it. Full Review »