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  2. Negative: 4 out of 51

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  1. Jan 5, 2014
    Ty is a fantastic game. I loved it in my childhood, I loved it at age 16. The storyline can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. If you go to a level just trying to find Thunder eggs, you arent going to like it. If you go into the level and seeing what it has to offer in all of its glory, you are going to love it. The music to the levels could not have been better written if Alan Menkin did it himself. I actually have my own playlists on youtube of Ty soundtracks depending on what mood I am in. I could not be happier with the choice of rangs. They are not flashy, but they get the job done. I think all of the rangs are either necessity or luxury. When used in the right situation, I am delighted to use the rang I need, regardless of which one it is. I think the animations on Ty are flawless, considering the time and console. Ty1 is considered to have animation in spades. Even the particle effects, (minus "Outback Safari" when you are running on the road.), have quite a bit of effort put into them. Water especially, has so much work put into it to not make it look like Ratchet&Clank 1 surface water. Unfortunately, the kaboomerang explosion effect doesnt completely make it to Ty 2. The explosion is there, but the fire particle effect isn't. The levels are so expansive. The larger levels are more expansive as Jak 3's Wasteland, while the smaller levels are about half that. Anyway, the Thunder eggs can be hard to get sometimes. The hardest part is always figuring out how to complete the missions. Once you figure out how, doing it's usually not that hard. There actually are bonuses for beating the game and collecting everything. Beat the game for a bonus world, and collect everything to watch the movies you've seen during the game at any time you want. And as any game, it is always fun to look through all the concept art once you find it. Overall, one of the best games I ever played.

    P.S. Sorry to all the people who gave this a good score, I "dislike"d your review. I thought I was still on the Ty 2 reviews.
  2. Dec 15, 2013
    I love this game so much. I've been playing it on and off since i was at least 8... so 8 years! It influences how I am today, all I want to do is explore the wild! I love ty and i love the environments. I am super disappointed by ty 2 3 and 4. I am not sure what to do about it! I have completed the first ty game multiple times and the sequels are just too advanced. the first ty is so down to earth, the sequels are like completely different games. what to do... Expand
  3. Feb 25, 2013
    I highly recommend this game. It's one of my favorite games as a little kid. I picked this back up for nostalgia and I still really liked it. Super underrated, buy so you can see my point.
  4. Apr 12, 2011
    Pros: Sweet graphics, visuals, and overall "old school" platforming. Cons: A little too "old school", being more cliche than original, bad controls and camera angles.
  5. Feb 25, 2013
    I highly recommend this game. It's one of my favorite games as a little kid. I picked this back up for nostalgia and I still really liked it. Super underrated, buy so you can see my point.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. The variety in its environments is quite high, and the large number of mission objectives will certainly challenge you for countless hours. However, the overall level of difficulty isn't that high. [Nov 2002, p.46]
  2. And play through you will as the repetitive nature of the game offers very little challenge despite the inclusion of boss battles, secret areas and herding puzzles. At one point you will have to guide a giant lobster into a cave and seal it with falling stalactites.
  3. 70
    A very standard platform game marred by a wonky camera.