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  • Summary: Feel the weight of history as you walk out to a deafening roar and onto the biggest stage in club football. In the cauldron-like atmosphere of a stadium alive with the dreams of thousands and heaving with the pressure of expectation, kick off alongside the most formidably talented footballers in Europe – and outplay them. Here is the ultimate test. Here history is made. Write yourself into legend with the only official UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 videogame. Test your management credentials with over 400 objectives to accomplish across all game modes. Take your pick from an array of gameplay options, including The Treble, where you have just one season in your bid to score European football's dream hat-trick. Thanks to a fluid, pacy movement system, players can now release more incisive defence-splitting one-twos, first touches and through passes. With five challenging game modes to test your managerial skill at the top level, it's down to you to write yourself into UEFA Champions League history. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. 82
    For the most part though it's more of the same in the looks department with not much changed since FIFA 07.
  2. So do we really need another soccer title like UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 to sink our cleats into? The muddied, slide-tackling answer is yes. [May 2007, p.81]
  3. 79
    UEFA is an interesting and worthwhile addition to EA's growing library of soccer titles, thanks to its interesting mix of unique modes, its quick-moving, fast-paced game, and its fun feel and solid controls.
  4. 70
    One thing Champions League clearly has over Winning Eleven, though, is the ability to transfer your Treble campaign back and forth between the PS2 and PSP, so you never have to go without. The games are identical, and while the PSP has a tough time with everything, doing transfers on the PS2 will save you time.
  5. The free flowing, goal stuffed fantasy matches are a long way from the often cautious, stop start nature of many real European encounters, and for this reason UEFA are probably more than happy with the finished product.
  6. Blatantly a cash-in, on the back of the knockout stages of the Champions' League. But still a formidable football game. [Apr 2007, p.78]
  7. 59
    Much like EA, as far as sports sims go, we're just far too interested in the next-generation to care about this one anymore. [Issue #152, p.62]

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