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  • Summary: Corporate crime has plunged the Planet Mars into an explosive war zone overrun with towering mech warriors known as Virtuaroids. As a member of the MARZ Special Investigation Unit, you'll pilot your war machine into the heart of intense battles unleashing a hail of grenades, air mines, lasers, and missiles on the aggressive enemies. These enormous sword and mace-wielding robots stand 49-feet tall and are surprisingly fast. Headquarters will constantly update your position with information and warnings as you stalk and defeat enemy Virtuaroids and gigantic bosses throughout your missions. You'll also be called upon to attack enemy locations and convoys, defend allied bases and convoys, and fight alongside other Virtuaroids in battle. Ultimately, you must restore peace on the planet by discovering the true identity of the mysterious forces that have infiltrated Mars. Good luck! [Sega] Collapse
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  1. You come to Virtual-On to beat up big robots through a mix of opportune tactics and instinctive brawn, and throughout Marz the precise and articulated combat remains as demanding as ever. [Sept 2003]
  2. In short, there are no clear delineations in skill level. Whilst this is one way of making Virtual On more inclusive, it also removes much of the game’s innate charm. To make matters more complicated, Marz lacks a TwinStick peripheral.
  3. While Virtual On has stuck close to its formula, other games have since distilled the giant robot experience into different formats that give people more of what they like about massive humanoid-shaped robots.
  4. Avoid this game like you would a laser beam to the head. [Dec 2003, p.150]
  5. For a game in which high-speed dashing and keeping the enemy in sight at all times is critical, this crippled control and decreased speed detracts from gameplay. [Jan 2004, p.48]
  6. A fun and decent (albeit shallow and simplistic) way for Sega fanboys to blow steam and reminisce about their favorite developer’s glory days. Renting Marz, however, is the safest (and cheapest) way to get the most of what this PS2 title has to offer.
  7. The pace has been slowed to attract a broader audience, but the end result is combat that's sluggish and boring. Even the quickest and most agile virtuaroid drags its feed in comparison to its arcade counterparts. [Jan 2004, p.130]

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