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  • Summary: Whiplash features a shackled animal duo on a mission to escape and sabotage an evil animal product-testing corporation. Providing a groundbreaking approach to the character-based action genre, Whiplash combines a unique "chain" gameplay mechanic with in-depth enemy and environment interaction, rich combat and slapstick humor. The result is an engaging game where player choice triggers an unscripted chain of chaotic, humorous events. [Eidos Interactive] Collapse
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  1. Positive: 7 out of 32
  2. Negative: 2 out of 32
  1. 90
    Filled with enough chaos and wicked humor to forgive the slight reliance on platform clichés, Whiplash really is a hell of a game. With a little more polish before release, this game could have been a true masterpiece.
  2. 80
    Its humorous tone and extremely satisfying random destruction really make it worth playing.
  3. It hits the nail on the head in terms of entertainment. It may be very familiar, it may not be the best of its genre, but it is excellent mindless fun.
  4. Lead characters aside, another element that makes Whiplash so amusing is Genron itself. Although animal testing is hardly a subject to be laughed at, the game gets away with making fun of it because it's the humans themselves that are portrayed as being dumb animals.
  5. Unfortunately, humor is the only thing Whiplash seems to really nail, and chuckles alone aren't enough to carry an entire game.
  6. The more you play the more both the gameplay and Redmond’s catchphrases err on the repetitive side.
  7. Eidos has produced a turd of such magnitude that there is no adjective to describe my overwhelming distaste for this game and many of the things it stands for. [Jan 2004, p.134]

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