Wild Arms 3 PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Oct 15, 2002
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 39 Ratings

Summary: During desolate times on the "Sea of Sand", Drifters venture across the vast lands of Filgaia searching for fortune and adventure. Amidst the deserts lie cities erected from eroded rock and scavenged wood. Towns that a few call home provide rest and solitude for the many travelers of the barren wasteland. Tales of mystic relics that harness unmatched powers spread across the land. While some vision the items as treasure, others have deciphered a secret bringing unlimited power. Meanwhile, one object of mythical stature attracts four Drifters to a common place. These four strangers discover the strength in working as a team. Shortly thereafter they learn of an ancient prophecy determining the future of their eroded homeland. Setting aside their differences, they roam the lands and unlock the knowledge and mystical forces making their adventure their destiny. [SCEA]
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Rating: T
Developer: Media Vision, Contrail
Genre(s): Role-Playing
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Violence
Cast Credit
Yasuhide Kobayashi Producer
Kentaro Motomura Assistant Producer
Akira Sato Executive Producer
Fumiya Takeno Executive Producer
Masatsuka Saeki Executive Producer
Hidehito Aoki Sound Effect
Masao Kimura Sound Director
Shuhei Yoshida Vice President Of Product Development
Yasuhiro Shibuya Monster Design
Shawn Torin Rettig Assistant Producer
Seth Luisi Producer
Takashi Fukushima Producer
Nobukazu Satoh Director
Akifumi Kaneko Lead Game Designer
Akifumi Kaneko Scenario
Takao Suzuki Lead Programmer
Takao Suzuki Lead Programmer
Yukihiko Itoh Art Director
Tetuya Ookubo Art Director
Tetuya Ookubo Monster Design
Tetuya Ookubo Monster Design
Masanori Yamamoto Battle Programming
Masanori Yamamoto VU Programmer
Shinji Takeda VU Programmer
Yutaka Kobayasi Character Animation
Yutaka Kobayasi Character Modeling
Syu Takenaka Character Animation
Syu Takenaka Level Modelers
Syu Takenaka Level Modelers
Syu Takenaka Level Modelers
Shinya Sasahara Character Animation
Shinya Sasahara Level Modelers
Shinya Sasahara Level Modelers
Shinya Sasahara Level Modelers
Daisuke Miura Character Animation
Daisuke Miura Level Modelers
Daisuke Miura Level Modelers
Daisuke Miura Level Modelers
Takeshi Iwata Character Modeling
Takeshi Iwata Level Modelers
Takayuki Yabubayashi Character Animation
Takayuki Yabubayashi Monster Design
Takayuki Yabubayashi Monster Design
Takayuki Yabubayashi Monster Design
Yuu Hiki Character Animation
Yuu Hiki Monster Design
Yuu Hiki Monster Design
Masaya Kobayashi Character Animation
Masaya Kobayashi Event Continuity
Masaya Kobayashi Event Continuity
Hiroki Ishii Character Animation
Hiroki Ishii Monster Design
Hiroki Ishii Monster Design
Yutaka Kunimoto Character Animation
Yutaka Kunimoto Monster Design
Yutaka Kunimoto Monster Design
Yutaka Kunimoto Monster Design
Norihisa Ono Character Animation
Kazuyuki Kumazoe Character Animation
Kenichi Minamizawa Character Animation
Yukiyoshi Mori Character Animation
Takeshi Tomiwaki Character Animation
Jun Sekine Character Animation
Takayuki Kouno Field Plan
Kouichi Shirasaka Event Planning
Kouichi Shirasaka Field Plan
Muneaki Shimazaki Event Programming
Muneaki Shimazaki Level Textures
Yusuke Wakigawa Event Programming
Yusuke Wakigawa Level Textures
Ryuji Sito Event Programming
Ryuji Sito Level Textures
Masayuki Sugiura Event Programming
Masayuki Sugiura Level Textures
Hajime Furusawa Event Programming
Hajime Furusawa Level Textures
Nobuo Nakazawa Battle Design
Takaaki Sohno Battle Programming
Hiroshi Yamaki Battle Programming
Eriko Kudoh Event Planning
Wakako Ooba Character Design
Wakako Ooba Event Scene Illustration
Takahiro Makino Storyboard Artist
Kazuya Tsurumaki Opening Movie Art Direction
Fuminori Kizaki Opening Movie Director
Fuminori Kizaki Opening Movie Original Art
Toshiyuki Inoue Opening Movie Original Art
Hiroyuki Imaishi Opening Movie Original Art
Tatsuya Oka Opening Movie Original Art
Mieko Ogata Opening Movie Original Art
Hideki Kakita Opening Movie Original Art
Masahiro Sato Opening Movie Original Art
Su Shi O Opening Movie Original Art
Katsuichi Nakayama Opening Movie Original Art
Tetsuya Nishio Opening Movie Original Art
Manabu Fukazawa Opening Movie Original Art
Yusuke Yoshigaki Opening Movie Original Art
Yasunori Miyazawa Opening Movie Original Art
Toshiya Opening Movie Original Art
Masayuki Yoshihara Event Scene Art
Masayuki Yoshihara Opening Movie Original Art
Takaaki Chiba Animation Supervisor
Wakaka Yoshida Animation Supervisor
Kyoko Kotani Animation
Tomoyasu Sakakibara Animation
Kazu Sato Animation
Eri Sahara Animation
Naoko Shimada Animation
Mika Shimada Animation
Kotaro Tamamoto Animation
Shinya Nishizawa Animation
Nobuhiro Hayashi Animation
Miyuki Harada Animation
Sachiko Mori Animation
Toshihisa Koyama Art Direction
Katsuhiro Yamada Artists
Fumie Kawai Artists
Yoshimi Unno Artists
Hachidai Takayama Artists
Megumi Ogawa Artists
Yukiko Ogawa Artists
Kuniko Miyake Artists
Harue Iwai Artists
Shin Watanabe Artists
Yasunori Hishinuma Artists
Makiko Asano Editing
Masayuki Kuosawa Special Effects
Setsuko Sato Coloring
Natsuko Taki Finishing
Hideaki Muraoka Production
Kenji Horikawa Animation Producer
Takafumi Kawai Animation Producer
Michiko Naruke Advance Wind Words & Music
Michiko Naruke Wings Words & Music
Michiko Naruke Wings Words & Music
Michiko Naruke Wings Words & Music
Michiko Naruke Wings Words & Music
Michiko Naruke Wings Words & Music
Michiko Naruke Wings Words & Music
Yukio Nagasaki Music Producer
Atsushi Kobayashi Recording Engineer
Kaori Oshima Sound Effect
Yoshi Yamamoto US-Japan Coordination
Koji "Masa" Saito US-Japan Coordination
Mai Kawaguchi Licensing Manager
Kouichi Mashimo Event Scene Direction
Koji Saito US-Japan Coordination
Toshiya Washida Opening Movie Original Art
Connie Booth Director Of Product Development
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Awards & Rankings

#70 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2002
#13 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2002