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  • Summary: The world of Wild ARMS is returning seven years after its first release on PS one. WILD ARMS Alter code: F is not only a remake of the foremost title in the series, but a completely renewed and evolved experience with expanded story, system and cutting-edge graphics. On Filgaia, a planet where severe conditions and savage beasts threaten the very existence of all life, the Ancient Guardians call upon three brave warriors to save their benign world from the returning metal demons ? the prophesized destroyers of Filgaia. Rudy - A mysterious child who wields the evil power christened as "ARM"; Jack ? A swordsman who travels in search of a lost treasure; Cecilia ? A princess with the gift of a medium to communicate with the Guardians. Driven by adventure and a calling to reestablish order to their dying world, these "Dream Chasers" prepare to embark on a journey of epic peril, with each unaware of the other?s mission to save their world as they are of their own fates. In a world on the brink of ruin from a merciless alien race, the wheels of fortune are about to turn. [Agetec] Expand
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  1. The style of the game is pure anime, with that Old West thing thrown in, but on the blocky side.
  2. Bizarre localization conundrums aside, this is a solid game through and through. It has more charm and character than a vast majority of RPGs being released these days and gives us a fresh new take on an already-innovative game from years ago.
  3. My suggestion is that this game should definitely be purchased, but if you're playing "Dragon Quest VIII," wait a couple of months after finishing it to play Wild Arms Alter Code: F, otherwise you're simply not being fair to yourself or to this great game.
  4. 77
    It's a little linear, a little easy, and a little unattractive, but the characters still have a lot of personality, the dungeons are actually fun to navigate, and there's enough extra content here to keep you busy for quite some time.
  5. The classic gameplay remains largely the same, and although certain elements haven't weathered the years all that well, fans of the series and dedicated RPG junkies will get good mileage out of this one.
  6. At the very least Wild Arms: Alter Code F is as good as its source – though seeing that the original Wild Arms was a decent, but not great PS1 RPG, that perhaps isn't saying much.
  7. Newcomers or devotees to the RPG genre may find some basic value in it, but my feeling is that most players who've been there and done that probably won't want another helping.

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