Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. The style of the game is pure anime, with that Old West thing thrown in, but on the blocky side.
  2. Raises the bar from what to expect from Media Vision, and leaves a lot for Wild Arms: the 4th Detonator to live up to.
  3. While not as modern as some other famous series (ala Final Fantasy X), it's still a great RPG game in its own right, and fans of the genre shouldn't miss this one.
  4. Bizarre localization conundrums aside, this is a solid game through and through. It has more charm and character than a vast majority of RPGs being released these days and gives us a fresh new take on an already-innovative game from years ago.
  5. Wild ARMS Alter Code: F contains too many technical and presentation missteps to be considered a classic worthy of the hallowed halls of RPG Valhalla, but coasting along on story and style alone takes it far.
  6. While far from perfect, this game exudes the same charm that made Wild Arms such a cult phenomenon, and those who can look past its occasional shortcomings will find Alter Code F to be a classic to be treasured for years to come.
  7. My suggestion is that this game should definitely be purchased, but if you're playing "Dragon Quest VIII," wait a couple of months after finishing it to play Wild Arms Alter Code: F, otherwise you're simply not being fair to yourself or to this great game.
  8. A solid remake of a classic game.
  9. 80
    It retains enough of the classic charm to keep the veterans of the series happy, while adding enough of change to peak the interest of newcomers.
  10. Old-school charm aside, the game’s story, characters and loads of goodies are enough to hook anyone interested in a role-playing game with a lot of heart.
  11. 79
    This game is still great overall. Story, sound and battle mechanics are still as nice as I remember them.
  12. 78
    Players new to the series, or looking for a more cerebral RPG, should stay away from WA:ACF. The battle system is rather simplistic and the plot rather too cliché to derive much fun from if you're not looking for something quite that barebones.
  13. 77
    It's a little linear, a little easy, and a little unattractive, but the characters still have a lot of personality, the dungeons are actually fun to navigate, and there's enough extra content here to keep you busy for quite some time.
  14. It seamlessly combines a fantasy setting with a Wild West motif that makes the game enjoyable to play through.
  15. Your classic RPG in shiny packaging, brand-new packaging.
  16. The classic gameplay remains largely the same, and although certain elements haven't weathered the years all that well, fans of the series and dedicated RPG junkies will get good mileage out of this one.
  17. Agetec continues this mildly popular franchise with the same turn-based RPG mechanics that we came to know and love/loathe.
  18. It's a good mid-entry level RPG for those weaned on Zelda that want to experience a little more of the hardcore RPG elements.
  19. At the very least Wild Arms: Alter Code F is as good as its source – though seeing that the original Wild Arms was a decent, but not great PS1 RPG, that perhaps isn't saying much.
  20. The result is a new feel for a series that's much beloved among RPG nerds like us. [Jan 2006, p.70]
  21. The first dungeon in Wild Arms Alter Code F is abysmal. [Feb 2006, p.24]
  22. It got a generic exterior and outdated mechanics that make it feel like a naive vision of "the future of gaming" circa 1990. [Jan 2006, p.139]
  23. 60
    It’s not really fresh, revolutionary, or exceptional, but Alter Code F is a way to revisit old times, a history lesson on the early days of the genre, and a way for a game company to make a little extra cash.
  24. Fans of the series will no doubt dig the new features, but Alter Code: F remains simply decent. [Jan 2006, p.96]
  25. Newcomers or devotees to the RPG genre may find some basic value in it, but my feeling is that most players who've been there and done that probably won't want another helping.
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  1. NathanR.
    Feb 26, 2006
    The original Wild Arms is my favorite game by far, so when Alter Code: F arrived, I almost wet myself.... Until I bought the game. While story, graphics, and certain parts of the game have been enhanced, I was disappointed with other parts of gameplay that have been taken out from the first one. For instance, the amount of items to collect and how to collect them are seriously lacking. Full Review »
  2. rudymrgarret
    Jan 28, 2006
    im spanish, but i like wild arms. it is a wonderfull game with the best caracthers of any videogame. tou will enjoy saving filgaia with, rudy, jack and cecilia, y gived ten point to this game because rhe musics are fentastic. but i like boomerang flash too.
    (sorry about the mistakes, im learning engliah now)
    lupo y will see you again my american friend
    Full Review »
  3. MikeM.
    Dec 16, 2005
    Wow, I can't believe how long it has been since the original on ps1. Game brings back so many great memories, love the characters, music, puzzles, and movies. Sucks you in and doesn't let go. Full Review »