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  • Summary: In Without Warning, a radical terrorist group has targeted and seized the Peterson-Daniels Chemical Facility, a vulnerable location that jeopardizes millions of people from the devastating ecological hazard it imposes if destroyed. Pleas are useless and any direct military assault would be too great a risk. As terrified hostages fearfor their lives, their only hope lies with a covert operations team, whose goal is to infiltrate the plant and eliminate the merciless enemy. The harrowing events unfold over a 12 hour period, featuring a unique gameplay dynamic which enables the six central characters to experience events across the same timeline but from their own distinct viewpoints. The player controls each character individually, with the focus automatically shifting to a new character at key moments which are unfolded throughcut scenes. By switching between the characters, their individual tales are woven together to create an overall picture of the events that happened during the crisis. The player will also retrospectively view events through the eyes of another character and is therefore not only a participant in the events, but a spectator as well. Furthermore, actions performed as one character affect the progress of others and players must successfully utilize the strengths of each in order to advance. [Capcom] Expand
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  1. A smooth shooter with no surprises. Best in small doses. Not bad, but not brilliant either. [Oct 2005]
  2. With no engaging story or personalities, this title doesn't even come close to hooking you with its shifting, convergent story lines - unlike Without Warning's supposed inspiration, the show "24." [Nov 2005, p.148]
  3. It focuses too much on the Timeline gimmick but doesn't quite make it feel like a natural part of the gameplay.
  4. Without Warning fails miserably at whatever it set out to achieve. A lousy camera and ropey AI take a lot away from the cinematic style, and the sheer weight of repetition involved in the missions does little to expand on an idea that could have become a great title.
  5. You can actually feel your IQ drop as you play. A pretty-looking but otherwise feeble attempt at a political thriller. [Nov 2006, p.148]
  6. 40
    A game that had a lot of potential in its concept, but a few solid ideas can't make up for poor gameplay.
  7. Plays more like a kind of arcade light-gun shooter with legs, and feels like it needed a better script and about six more months of development time.

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  1. HaroldG.
    Aug 13, 2007
    This game looks great on the PS2 and the action is OTT and fun.....too bad it was badly received.
  2. ChristianoR.
    Oct 24, 2005
    Quite simply one of the most compelling and atmospheric computer video games to ever grace a console. Live the dream as you play the role of heroic combatants Jack Hopper and Ronald Reagan in a sizzling hellscape of carnage and counter terrorism. The gameplay is 2nd to none - coupled with some of the nicest A.I ever witnessed in a game of this ilk. Shoot your bullet spray towards the terrorists and watch in awe as they deftly duck, dodge and roll at every opportunity to escape your awesome firepower. The characters just feel so.. *ALIVE* that you will quite literally smell the sweat perspiring from them as they engage in some of the finest gun battles this side of `HEAT` the motion picture. The reviews just don't this stunning game justice.. It will be the most tragic, euphoric, upsetting and uplifting game you will have ever experienced that you'll be crying for the rest of the year. Expand
  3. FrankieA.
    Dec 19, 2005
    This game did nothing to capture my interest. It was doomed from the start for several reasons. Bad camera, cruddy control, bland gameplay and a story that flew through one ear and out the other. It took an effort just to continue playing. It could have been so much better, had creators/developers followed through and at least attempted to create a decent game. Giving the game a three is generous. Expand