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  • Summary: World Championship Paintball promises unprecedented game depth and paintball realism for the PS2. Advance your team bunker by bunker to World Championship supremacy! Load and go—it's time to play paintball! Compete to win in an extensive series of international paintball competitions. Prove your superiority in 6 different styles of match play including Tournament, 1 Hit 1 Kill, Castle Siege and more. Select from over 20 indoor and outdoor playing fields, or use the Playfield builder to create an infinite variety! Immerse yourself in realistic paintball action with a full range of movements—run, jump, crouch, lean, crawl and dive. Equip your team with 160+ professional pieces of gear, including markers, barrels, loaders, goggles, shoes, gloves and more. Take your skills online with full multiplayer, leader-board and voice chat support. [THQ] Expand
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  1. There is something about this game that just feels completely outdated. This is extremely disappointing for a PS2 game, and I think perhaps it was simply rushed.
  2. 20
    Unfortunately, at no point does the game ever feel like it channels the intensity, chaos or appeal of the real thing. The game is an ugly, pointless waste of shelf occupying space.
  3. You could close your eyes and point to any spot on the shelf, and you'd have a 99.9% chance of coming up with something better than this. It won't satisfy fans of the sport, it won't open the eyes of non-fans, and it's nothing more than a slow, plodding, boring, often confusing, and downright pitiful production.
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