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  • Summary: WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY is the complete collection (on one disc) of one of SNK’s most popular 2D fighting game series World Heroes. The titles included are: WORLD HEROES, WORLD HEROES 2, WORLD HEROES JET, and WORLD HEROES PERFECT. The collection contains 56 characters using hand-to-hand and weapons based fighting mixed with special super-human abilities enabling each character to perform special attacks. World Heroes Anthology follows the storyline of Dr. Brown, a scientist, who having perfected a time machine has organized a fighting tournament throughout all of history to see who is the best fighter of all time. True to this plot, many of the fighters are based on actual historical figures. [SNK Playmore] Expand
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  1. Besides my complaint about not having enough extras, Anthology also suffers a little from not having an online component.
  2. A solid fighter but with Fatal Fury Battle Archives out on the same day this really cant beat it.
  3. But if you’re a retro fighting game fan and willing to support SNK’s release of their anthologies, then give this a go. Nostalgia has its limits, but at least you’ll be guaranteed one quality game overall.
  4. 53
    I was pleased that there was a new Training Mode included in regards to all four titles, but that's about it. I'm not personally fond of the franchise as a whole and find it to be stiff and unrewarding.
  5. It's certainly one for the fans and Neo Geo completionists, but curious retro-heads and fighting game fans might get the wrong impression of SNK if they buy this particular compilation.
  6. With the exception of long time fans of the series, it's hard to recommend World Heroes Anthology to anyone with any real conviction. Thanks to its lack of originality, below par animations and questionably implemented controls, World Heroes Anthology can be seen as little more than an average collection of Street Fighter II clones.
  7. A poor homage to a poor series. Avoid like Rasputin's loincloth. [Christmas 2008, p.84]

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  1. LFabin
    Apr 4, 2008
    Come on now, to all of us retro gamers who used to play this in the arcade, show it some love. Okay, they suck by today's standards, but us nostalgic fools will buy anything for that short fleeting feeling. Paying $15 on Amazon for a fresh copy of this is surely comparable to buying $15 of alcohol at a bar! Expand
  2. Damien
    Mar 21, 2008
    Unfortunately editors are seeing this as a game that should keep up with today's graphical standards, and are forgetting the game has a huge cult following and I cannot tell you just how much I played this game as a kid eventhough it was deemed a SFII clone. I still get a kick out of playing any WH title! If you are a fan of fighters you really can't go wrong with World Heroes Anthology...especially for the price! Expand