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  • Summary: In the future racing is faster - much faster. More dangerous - much more dangerous. And it's totally merciless, which means anything goes. Run by the XGRA (the Extreme Gravity Racing Association), this motorized bloodsport throws teams of futuristic bikes and daredevil riders against one another through dangerous tracks that crisscross vast and treacherous landscapes pushing all to their limits.... And beyond! [Acclaim] Expand
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  1. It's just that the game is thoroughly polished. You turn it on and everything feels right; the music, graphics, and even the menu system all complement each other perfectly. [Nov 2003, p.147]
  2. 80
    Offers mesmerizing, high-speed racing and crazy bike-to-bike combat on zanier tracks. Play on extremely large TV screens may induce apparent-motion-related vomiting. Consider it yet another bonus feature.
  3. The lack of depth may hurt overall sales but in my opinion it increases the fun ratio to equal that of a great, arcade racer.
  4. It's bigger and more ambitious than any of its predecessors, but XGRA is hindered by a few unfortunate technical and design issues.
  5. XGRA isn't as impressive as "Extreme G 3" was when it first hit PS2 and Cube. The graphics look roughly the same, it plays similarly, and it has the same main drawback: not enough tracks. [Nov 2003, p.174]
  6. The changes don't amount to much; it looks a lot like the last game and sounds worse. Ouch. [Nov 2003, p.78]
  7. At first glance, with it's twisting, gravity-defying tracks and fluorescent visuals, XGRA might remind you of the recent "F-Zero GX." Upon further inspection it's actually slower, sometimes much slower, less colorful and a lot less interesting.

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