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  1. Considering the complaint that is always out there about how videogames make people lazy or fat, this is definitely the answer to that complaint. This is a really good title for the man trying to convince his woman to buy a PS2.
  2. 66
    Maya is an excellent mentor who gives more attention than a video can -- she asks questions and will help you with specific exercises, and that's more than some gyms will even offer. If ResponDesign can integrate some features just a bit tighter, incorporate your music preferences just a bit more, make the environments a bit more real, it will have a complete winner. But as for why the PS2 version was allowed to go out with the horrendous voice crackling is beyond us.
  3. So yeah, it's a virtual exercise tape. But it's cool. [June 2005, p.78]
  4. If you’re tired of watching the same aerobic videos over and over, or need some motivation to get in shape, give Yourself!Fitness a try and actually use your console (or PC) as a path to a healthier lifestyle.
  5. Though a little cheesy, it's a good way to create a customized home workout with menu suggestions and progress chart.
  6. Yourself!Fitness takes all the fun out of your PS2 as it tries to get you into shape. Hey, most of us gamers are in shape - the shape of the capital letter "O" - or at the very least, the small letter "b." So leave us the hell alone.
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  1. Nov 13, 2010
    This game got me into crazy good shape all over. Sometimes when you get strong this game alone isn't enough, but thats okay. I can highly recommend this as its the best fitness game besides DDR. Full Review »