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  • Summary: A long, long time ago, the Dark King Onyx brought an age of darkness upon Dotnia Kingdom. Only by the bravery of a hero with a legendary sword was Onyx sealed in an orb, restoring peace to the world. But Fuelle, a powerful Dark Bishop, has stolen the orb, and with it, peace. Dotnia requires a hero once more! Can you live up to the legend? Ultimate retro love letter -- Seamlessly fusing new and old, the golden era of gaming is felt in every detail of this lovingly-crafted adventure. Eye-popping visuals capture the nostalgic charm of pixel graphics in cutting edge 3D. Simple, but deep action-adventure gameplay is a throwback to the 8-bit era. Veterans will find references and jokes that pay homage to the great games of yore. Awe and adventure live again -- Embark on the next generation of classic exploration and discovery in a grand story-based quest. A hero sets out to gain the power of the six sages and the six orbs that protected the kingdom of Dotnia, which now stands on the verge of destruction. Customize your hero -- When pixels are your building blocks, the possibilities are unlimited. Freely edit the look of your character, or design one completely from scratch, and then trade designs with friends via a compatible USB storage device. Your hero's blade is also upgradeable, letting you add length and width to create a sword that fills the whole screen. [Atlus USA] Expand
Score distribution:
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  1. Definitely a love letter to old-school gaming fans.
  2. 90
    There's much to like about 3D Dot Game Heroes, and though it may seem cheap to appreciate a game where so much has been borrowed from games of the past, it's hard to deny that Heroes executes on these stolen ideas commendably.
  3. The ultimate retro love letter has convinced me to remain in the past. Highly addictive, great allusions towards other games, a perfect presentation and cool gimmicks make 3D Dot Game Heroes to one hell of a must-have for retro fans, even though the engine doesn't handle the lighting very well.
  4. 80
    Fortunately, the game never overstays its welcome, and that alone makes it worth a recommendation to anyone who enjoyed The Legend of Zelda or other NES classics.
  5. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a pleasant retreat for anyone who pines for the good old days, but even those without nostalgic links to the past will find an enjoyable experience.
  6. 3D Dot Game Heroes is a beautiful homage to the gaming industry. It's a great adventure, but the basic gameplay will make you want to play the upcoming Zelda even more.
  7. There are a ton of in-jokes, sure. But when you've heard them all before, it feels less like a tribute and more of a "we ran out of interesting things to say for ourselves", and when you haven't heard them you won't get them anyway.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Dec 5, 2010
    Excellent game that brings back memories from the past, zelda, final fantasy, those low bit games we liked so much. 10/10 flawless epic looking forward to some more blast from the past like this one Expand
  2. Mar 5, 2012
    This game is simply amazing and, as stated on the backcover, indeed is a loveletter to retro gaming! It offers a long storymode, really challenging boss battles and alot of humour! People who love the old Zelda games like A Link To The Past will love this one! Expand
  3. Sep 20, 2010
    Only buy/rent this one if you're looking to play a Zelda-Clone. This game does nothing to further or detract from the Zelda design, except make a few alterations. The other reviewers of this site and the critics really said it best, "retro adventure game built for HD." That's really all it is. With that said, if you fully enjoy this genre and can see yourself playing it all the way through, then it is definitely worth renting (first), and buying (if you want 100% completion). Expand
  4. Apr 29, 2012
    3D Dot Game Heroes is an a Zelda-like game which should be on any Zelda fan shelf. From the very beginning you learn the basics of the game and the controls to solve the first puzzles which are also extremely similar to the first Zelda for NES. However the FROM team has introduced some of their essence that makes this game really tough in the second run or even worse in the third, in which you die if you get hit once. Really challenging if you are one of those people who like unlock every secret in a game. As for the plot, quite simple, but enough to enjoy the experience.

    I recommend it to any retro-game lover.
  5. LBC
    Sep 8, 2010
    While 3D Dot Game Heroes is not particularly innovative, it certainly makes its intentions clear and delivers on what it promises. 3D DGTH is a full length retro action / adventure game built for your HD television. The game is jam packed with secrets, dungeons, bosses, NPC dialogue events, and areas that you can't reach without getting a certain item (just like everyone's favorite, Legend of Zelda). Probably the most interesting feature of this game is the ability to make your own characters, which is really easy to do and is quite entertaining. I think i may have spent an equal amount of time building characters as I did playing the actual game. Expand
  6. Sep 25, 2012
    This game is a true throw back to old school gaming. If you ever wan't to see a game like the original Zelda, this is as close as you'll probably get. The graphics look beautiful, it looks like someone took a bunch of cubes and stuck them together. This game is also really fun. Expand
  7. Aug 24, 2010
    I enjoyed this game, I did but my enjoyment was tarnished at just how much of a clone of Zelda it is. It was a game that after two dungeons I was tired of because the puzzles are all ones I've seen before. I really looked forward to this game but maybe it was too much nostalgia. The one bad thing with a retro game is that I've beaten them before. The graphics were cool. The combat is really old school I am used to God of War type combat and this is methodical and you have to think not just mash buttons. The game becomes way more difficult when you dont have full health. If you have never played zelda then get this game if you are a zelda fanatic get this game. It was a really good game I just thought it felt tired and I knew the game. Its strange I like the game but I was disapointed by it. I almost forgot the character creation is great it took me nearly three hours to tweak my character to what I wanted it to be. Expand

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