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  • Summary: Climb back into the cockpit with another installment of the Ace Combat series.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 28
  2. Negative: 2 out of 28
  1. Flight sim fans looking for more realism won't find it here, but if there was ever an argument for fun over reality, Assault Horizon is it. [Dec 2011, p.68]
  2. Oct 31, 2011
    Overall, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is an excellent diversion from most modern military shooters which take place, you know, on the ground.
  3. Oct 26, 2011
    The first Ace Combat game on the PlayStation 3 does not disappoint. On the contrary, Namco Bandai delivers an incredibly satisfying game with an engaging storyline, a lot of variation and most of all: a huge amount of equally spectacular and accessible dogfights.
  4. Oct 11, 2011
    It's a good all-around package, but I expect that it will sneak under the radar now that the fall release season is in full swing. It's a shame because the single-player is every bit the addictive sugar rush that Modern Warfare is, and it's handsomely produced to boot. It's the perfect palate cleanser for a game like Dark Souls, which is the diametric opposite in terms of mood and gameplay. After being lost in a dungeon for hours on end, sometimes you just want to jump into a jet fighter and blow stuff up for a while. And in that regard, Ace Combat fits the bill perfectly.
  5. Nov 18, 2011
    For about an hour Ace Combat: Assault Horizon will feel like the most exciting game you've ever played. [Issue#211, p.90]
  6. Oct 14, 2011
    Dogfights are exciting, the helicopters are interesting (though underdeveloped), and the real world setting and story ground the game in reality.
  7. Oct 11, 2011
    Really the only thing Ace Combat has to offer that its predecessors don't is a couple of new flight modes and real world locations. This would be enough to recommend the game to die-hard fans, but the camera cut aways make the game a worse experience than its predecessors. If you want a good Ace Combat experience, you should play an earlier game in the series.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 29
  2. Negative: 8 out of 29
  1. Nov 10, 2011
    An excellent reboot for the series with a really satisfying new mechanic in the dogfight mode and the ground assault mode. The only caveat is the other types of game play, while fun are just not really as re playable and the campaign is a little short. The game really needs some kind of customizable skirmish mode for offline players. Also the DLC is obnoxious and exorbitant but this game did not invent that system, it's just an unfortunate trend in the games industry as a whole. Expand
  2. Oct 14, 2011
    Great game and worth the $60 price tag. The battle action is insane and keeps you blowing crap up the entire time and I'm surprised I haven't had a seisure yet. The Good. The combat is awesome and the first 5 minutes into the game I knew I was playing an Ace Combat game. The different combat situations are nice battling in a helicopter and using bombers for bombing runs changes the pace. The dog fighting system is one of the best that Ace Combat has come up with, I love watching the jets rip to pieces as I dodge towers, just awesome. The bad. Story is not the best from Ace Combat. It works but is not like the old Ace Combat. My opinion is Ace Combat 4 is still the best of all the series, and the story is what made it the best. Even sky crawlers story was better then this one. However is done well and worth the time. The battles are awesome and long, but I want more levels. The Helicopter battles could have been its own game, and I want more. I hope Ace Combat will make some downloadable levels and additional story lines. It just needs more battles, cities, and more crap to blow up. Like big flying ships, massive missile launchers you have to fly in, and low flying battles to avoid cannons in the sky (Ace Combat 4). Still great and worth the buy for intense combat flight sim lovers. Completely blows HAWX and HAWX 2 out of the water. I hope Ace Combat creators will create another game based on the physics of this game and just focus on a more engaging story the focus on me the Unstoppable Ace blowing everything up in the sky while I listen on the enemies radios screaming in fear as they run tail from me coming. See all past Ace Combat games to understand my point. Expand
  3. Oct 12, 2011
    While it can take some time for veterans of the series to adapt to the new "Dogfight Mode" the game overall has the stuff to take a place with the other great Ace Combats like Shattered Skies, The Unsung War, and The Belkan War. Now, yes the switch from the fictional universe of Strangereal to our very own Earth is a bit disappointing the story that is told is as wild and imaginative as any told in Strangereal. Mechanically the game is solid as a rock. The flight mechanics on planes are smooth and responsive and Dogfight Mode is surprisingly fun and useful. Things can get sticky when using an attack helicopter, but you don't use one often enough to get angry with it. The graphics are amazing. The planes look sleek and realistic and jaggies are far and few in between. Surprisingly the ground doesn't look like a low resolution composite image anymore, it actually looks realistic. The game has large amounts of replayability when it comes to 3 player co-op and 8v8 competitive multiplayer. Capital Conquest is a base defense game that requires a large amount of teamwork to win at. Overall while the game may have a few quirks, it is still the best Ace Combat game since The Belkan War Expand
  4. Aug 12, 2013
    Quick Description: This is a really good flight sim/arcade game. It's just not Ace Combat, and doesn't deserve to have it in its title.

    Assault Horizon is not nearly as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Unlike games like H.A.W.X., there is an actual (if half-assed) story present in Assault Horizon. Its plot twists may be predictable at times, but I liked being able to see and hear the characters interact with each other. Bishop having a personal nemesis in Markov, who taunts you periodically, also gives it an extra push above the other "America vs. Russian rebels" games.

    The gameplay is solid. It could be better, but it's solid as it is. Dogfight Mode, consistently referred to as what killed this game, is NOT nearly as bad as others claim it to be. There are a few instances where it's required, but the majority of the game does not require DFM. When it IS used, it gives a cutscene feel to your dogfight with enemy planes, even though, as many seem to claim otherwise, it is NOT an on-rails mechanic. I appreciated DFM for making the dogfights more intense and fast-paced. ASM, the ground attack version of DFM, was fairly interesting as it wasn't on-rails either, so you could get severely damaged if you weren't paying attention. Otherwise, the controls (once switching them to Original in the settings) were pretty good.

    Of course, the AC-130 mission and the helicopter missions could have been and should have been removed from the game. Not that they were bad, it's just that their design leads to their demise no matter what could have been done. They were annoying, drawn-out missions that I will never replay if I don't have to.

    Music was top-notch. No doubt about it.

    All in all, Assault Horizon is an escape from the series. It's not Ace Combat 7, and it does not sit with the greats. But it is a fairly well-balanced game with a few nitpicks here and there. Worth it if you can find it less than $30. Give it a try.
  5. Dec 3, 2013
    -Honest review from a regular joe-
    --I did-NOT like this me!
    -Luckily I rented it, but I forced myself to go 1 full hour with surround sound
    and full attention span.
    --The controls and sound and graphics all combined for a stale experience. I heard it gets good after the 1st hour,,but I also heard it gets repetitive and boring. I can only attest to it being MEH & BLAH. It is a quality produced game. a finished product. I didn't see any glitches or etc, andf I think this is why it scores somewhat high. I even gave it a 6 cause I don't believe in unrealistic scores. lame!
    --I don't think anyone other then someone invested in this game would view it much differently then me. I went into it patient and had it on my gamefly list for months. so I was excited to get it..
    ---I want a flying game badly.,
    -I am downloading the ps3 demo for -
    -Bttlefield 1943-ps3
    =dogfight 1942
    -I bought Blazing Angels 2 but haven't sparked it yet
    -but the one that looks exciting is "AFTERBURNER CLIMAX" but I admit it looks very VERY ARCAD'ey..
    -I added these in case someone is searching for that awesome flying game like me..
  6. Mar 18, 2013
    Read the reviews and still didn't care about them and bought it disregarding all of them. Why? I love dogfight games. Since the arcades that this was my favourite kind of game. It took me two missions to put this one aside. One word: Repetitive. I mean to exhaustion... The game looks a sounds good but... Collapse
  7. Nov 18, 2013
    They Took away every thing that made the old ace combat games special. They added "airstrike" mode And "dogfight" modes wich Took away most of the challenge in the game. Terrible reboot. Expand

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