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  1. Mar 25, 2013
    I stopped playing this game after 23 missions out of 50. I kept telling myself: hey, this game will get better, it will stop being boring and annoying! Well...., It did not. It's that bad and I'll tell you why.
    First: the story is very weak and keeps telling you about the good old days of air combat in WWI. Not that this is necessarily annoying but it is when talked about in the middle
    of an air fight! Furthermore, the voices are not my cup of tea either. Everyone seems to have a need for a heavy Scottish, Russian or French accent. The lead character has a whining heavy french accent and complains just about anything you can think of. Second: the game play is very repetitive. If you have a mission where you have to fight a wave of enemy fighter planes or a battery of AA, the game throws in another wave or battery and another and another which is boring. Now, for my biggest complaint about the game: there are a LOT of missions that you have to complete within a certain time limit. Sometimes this can be very interesting or suspenseful in some games. For example when it helps the story. Or where there is a timer for another good reason. In this game, such good reasons are absent. In 90% of the timer based missions, there is no need for it and it is only annoying and irrelevant.
    Avoid this game. I wish i had done that before.

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  1. Dec 12, 2011
    A few high points in the story don't make up for overly simplified and very repetitive gameplay. Any veteran of flight games will be bored senseless, and the plain look of the game will turn off casual players.
  2. The budget price is nice, but all that's keeping Secret Wars from feeling like a PSN title are its decent length and online dogfighting options. [Nov 2011, p.87]
  3. Little more than an unfortunate blip on the gaming radar. [Sept 2011, p.116]