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  1. Jun 16, 2011
    This game is a piece of art. If you're looking for adrenalin rush, or for a game to be a fine tuned hypnotic machine to make you think you're l33t. This is not that game. It is a fine piece of art for those who want to explore a fantastic world artfully placed between genius and insanity.

    Game reviewers these days are such morons. On one hand, they whine like dying cows when outsiders
    say game isn't art. On the other hand, when a truly artistic game comes out, they complain about gameplay being too repetitive and "irritating" then use that to slap on a low score. Expand
  2. Jun 15, 2011
    The art direction and music create an eerie yet captivating environment to explore. Playing the game reminded me of playing recent the Zelda games, but don't let that mislead you into thinking this title is unoriginal. The controls feel fluid and I have yet to see a drop in frame rate. Mcgee's interpretation of wonderland drives me forward to see the next character or environment I may recognize from the original stories. Cut scenes between stages have a different look yet provoke the same creepy feel with their 2D (yet 3D) picture book renditions displayed during narrations. I never played the original Alice, but purchasing this game new includes a code that allows you to download the original. Which is awesome, since I'm enjoying this game so much, I may put it down to start the original, then continue Madness Returns. Expand
  3. Jun 19, 2011
    If u are a fan of action/adventure/puzzle games this is a beautiful experience. There is no reason to hate on Alice. I wish there were more games like this masterpiece.
  4. Jun 25, 2011
    I don't know what critics are smoking these days, and maybe the console version was lesser (as I haven't played it on console), but the PC version is drop-dead gorgeous, incredible continuation of the story, fluid, twisted, wicked, and just downright fun to play. It has all the elements prior, and alot of new ones.

    American Mcgee definetely has not lost his touch here, and it's a well
    orchestrated sequel that plays, sounds, and feels flawless. Simply compare the amazing user score to the mediocre critic score, and its obvious they either did not play it, or just didn't care. Easily a 10/10. Expand
  5. Jun 17, 2011
    First things first, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT believe the bad reviews that are out there. Only you can be the judge of how much fun you'll have with the game. Honesty this game is absolutely amazing, the visual effects, the story, and gameplay is top notch. Dodging an enemy alone is a beauty on it's own, before you believe the reviews from me or anyone else look at gameplays of the game and ask yourself, "Is it something that I would have fun playing?" If the answer is yes than you know what to do, the best critics for anything is yourself don't let others think for you. Expand
  6. Jun 26, 2011
    True to what seems to be a trend, the "pro" critics show they know little to nothing about what makes a game good through their ratings. Don't be fooled, this game is good.

    I will mention, first off, that there are many aspects of the game that feel unpolished, such as getting stuck on the terrain at times, not having an animation for sudden turns or changes in direction, or being unable
    to adjust your camera at all while using a jump float. But despite those problems, they aren't game breaking by any stretch of the word, and are more annoyances at worst than anything.

    The visual aesthetic is incredible, and truly captures and reflects a world brought to its knees in madness. It's worth stopping on occasion to take in the environments and how meticulous they can be. I can't really emphasize enough how amazing the graphic stylization is for this game. It's nothing short of perfect.
    The music score compliments the gorgeous environments perfectly by adding to the feeling each world possesses.
    The story doesn't start to become truly interesting until about halfway through the game. That's not to say that the game or story is boring up until that point, but the real meat of the whole ordeal starts to unfold at around that mark.
    My only real gripe with the game is that some of the mini-games implemented, while simple and easy to solve, feel largely unnecessary, and take away from the immersive experience the game offers. Don't listen to what these so-called expert critics have to say. This game has been worth the money, and was a great experience overall.
  7. Jun 23, 2011
    I must come to this game's defense. Clearly there is a discrepancy between the critic's opinions and the gaming community's opinions. Alice was not without it's faults, but I think the good far outweighed the bad.

    First, the visuals are great. The graphics are good, but what really makes the game is the attention to detail. Each environment is elaborate and littered with interesting
    objects that made me spend a lot of time just observing my surroundings. I also really enjoyed how Alice's outfits match the theme of the chapter (if you don't manually pick her dress and use the standard story mode). Apart from that, the gameplay was also very enjoyable. There were definitely glitches; these usually occurred when I was jumping from platforms or using the smoke vents to take me places. Other than some hiccups here and there, the gameplay worked fine. The 4 weapons are unique and fun to use and I liked how you could upgrade them and their appearances changed. My only complaint with this is they only upgrade to level 4 and I had collected so many teeth that by the beginning of Chapter 5 I upgraded everything and I still had a decent amount of the game to go. That being said, the battles were fun and some were very challenging on my first play through. FInally, the other elements like puzzles, chess, arcade mode and 2D platformer levels were a lot of fun and a good way to break up all of the running and fighting. My one final critique was dialogue glitches. When Alice was engaging in conversations with other characters. some of the words were not even said--they was just silence instead of the character talking. Other times, Alice and the characters would talk over each other and the dialogues would overlap. It is a minor problem, but when coupled with the few gameplay glitches, I think Spicy Horse should have either had a BETA test (if they didn't) or a more rigorous BETA test (if they did). Overall, this game was wonderful. The details from the environment to her wardrobe to the characters and weapons made this game one that I will definitely play over and over again.

    And if you can, BUY THE DLC. It was only $1.99 in the PSN store. It comes with 6 new dresses that each have special attributes and 4 weapons that are variants of the original 4 weapons. It is awesome and adds a lot of fun elements to the game. And it's cheap!

    One last comment regarding the bonus content. I didn't play the original Alice until I purchased Alice: Madness Returns and got it as a free download with the ore-order. I played it for a few hours and barely got anywhere--and it was on easy! It was obvious that no real changes were made to the game to make it more compatible for consoles. I can only speak to the PS3 version of course, but it was obvious that it was originally a PC game by the way it played and the reacted to the controls. Spicy Horse pretty much just took an 11 year old PC and made it accessible for the PS3 without putting much thought into translating it to a new system. On a positive note, I enjoyed the game's soundtrack that also came with the pre-order. The music was also another element of the game that I enjoyed.
  8. Jul 4, 2011
    To be honest. I cannot believe all of the "madness" ( Negative reviews ) that I have been reading concerning this game? It's actually unbelievable. It almost makes me believe that everyone has been playing a different game. This game is not only beautiful to look at, it's beautiful to play. have we forgot where we come from as gamers? Where has our imagination gone?
    The gameplay is as
    good as it needs to be. It's not overly difficult. It's not completely amazing, but it is fluid. There are a few glitchy moments and yes there are "invisible walls" but, hello, this is not an open world game! The different locations, enemies, worlds, costumes, colors, textures are phenomenal. Please, do yourself a favor, especially if you are sitting on the fence on wether to play this game or not, and go out and buy it. You won't forget the experience. It is truly a breath of fresh air in an otherwise mundane genre. Expand
  9. Jun 20, 2011
    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. It's been a long, long time since I've played a game that left me baffled at the level design this much. Every new area I entered, I always just had to look around for a bit first, literally making me go 'ooh' and 'aah' at most occasions. This whole game is just so incredibly lovingly crafted. There's so much detail to everything, I can't even wrap my mind around it. The gameplay in itself is nothing special, but it works just fine. Target lock is a bit shoddy at times, but you'll manage. The dialogue might be a tad bit pretentious, but that actually fits the game's style. But really, this game is a bloody gem. A floating island of gold in a sea of mediocre **** I've never played a prettier game than this. Expand
  10. Jun 24, 2011
    If you want something that feels like a platformer from the days of N64 greatness then this is a game you really should consider buying. I don't understand all the bad reviews, I played the original years ago and I adored it, after waiting 11 years for a sequel this one had a lot to live up to and it does. The art style is beautiful and it does bring back very fond memories of playing the original (which you get with it as a download for FREE and it has trophies as well). The checkpoints can be a little unforgiving as there is no save option but does that really matter, if the game was too easy it wouldn't be half as fun. The jumps can be a bit tricky at times but you feel a sense of accomplishment when you finally manage it, the puzzles are fun and not too difficult and there is a ton of stuff to collect in this game so quite a bit of replay value. In a market saturated with FPS this game is a breath of fresh air. If you like platformers and an intriguing dark and twisted story with some fantastic stylised art and great music give this a go you won't be disappointed.
    Plus you get 2 great games for the price of one with this what's not to love.
  11. Jun 26, 2011
    Not having played the first game, all I was looking for was something to keep me preoccupied for a weekend and this delivered and more! Graphics were stunning, puzzles were enjoyable with only a few frustrating moments, but the game was a shocking silver lining in what I was expecting to be a dully RPG. Have to agree with the comment to ignore the bad reviews...this is a gem! It was faintly reminiscent of the Tomb Raider games with the jumping, puzzles, and whatnot, but with a fully insane twist! Expand
  12. Feb 4, 2012
    I got this game and I found it genuinely fun to play. I enjoyed the combat, I loved the style and story. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough and they were forced to cut out part of the story. I suspect the reviewers don't actually like platformers and I could certainly see this game become tedious if you're trying to beat it in one sitting rather than playing it to have fun and taking a break after each level. Expand
  13. Aug 2, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns does suffer from many issues (texture pop-in, laggy sound, occasionally frustrating controls etc) but I don't think that it's really dragged down by any of them.
    The game is gorgeous. Even when the graphics aren't their best, the sheer visual beauty of this game is such a breath of fresh air from all of those bland brown/grey "realistic" games that seem to dominate
    this console generation.

    In a lot of ways, the gameplay and art style remind me of an older style of game. When the whole point of picking up the controller was to have a bit of fun and enjoy the spectacle.
  14. Jul 21, 2011
    I think those with mixed reviews who have negative things to point out about Alice Madness don't understand what American McGee wanted to do (and did, flawlessly...) with the story, gameplay and overall atmosphere. If you understood these things you would not frown upon what you "think" are repetitive puzzles and clumsy controls. Madness Returns is simply a MASTERPIECE. That is all that needs to be said. Expand
  15. May 2, 2013
    A great sequel that does not disappoint. A graphics really good, though not one of the best. Beautiful the environments well made and excellent details and all the characters freaked out. Perfect control system and good exploration. The only flaw of the game is that sometimes it can be a bit repetitive but the end result is fantastic.
  16. Jan 21, 2012
    This is one of the most underrated game. actually it's quite an incredible game. They even give you the first game for free if you purchase it new. You can live the original adventure and then play the new version. You can see the amazing difference that happened after all theses years. It has an incredible story as well as some fun gameplay. It's an experience you shouldn't miss. It's a definite buy. Expand
  17. Apr 26, 2012
    I played this game on the PS3 and it worked fine for me. Never any issues. The game itself has so many things going on, a great story, quirky characters, awesome art style and just an overall eclectic feel that is far from anything out there now. I especially liked the varied, imaginative and intriguing level designs. One of the best games I have ever played. It may drive you crazy in some parts but it is never 'throw a controller' aggravating. I play games for fun and this is definitely a creepy good time!! An absolute hidden gem that deserved much better than it got. I hate EA, so I bought this used and I'm glad I did or I would have missed out! PLAY THIS GAME!!! Expand
  18. Jan 31, 2013
    Alice: Madness Returns is a game that needs to be experienced. It's a wonderful journey through a weird and haunting place. This is a game that feels fresh in today's gaming world. So please, pick it up and give it a try.
  19. Mar 25, 2014
    Hellgrip is a **** who honestly should die like right **** now. Jesus Christ this game has bad level design? your moms **** was bad when I **** it last night. If I was president of the united states of **** america I would **** do a genocide on people like you and cause a goddamn massacre. seriously what the **** it has bad level design, no it **** doesn't it has great level design you ****,i f your **** reading this **** give me a message with your address so I can come to your **** house and circumcise you with my Alice madness returns disk, I **** love this game. Expand
  20. Jul 16, 2014
    This is one of the finest games I've ever played. Gameplay wise it is an engaging mix of combat and platforming, with occasional puzzle elements and plenty of hidden collectibles. The platforming gives the game a strong sense of flow and movement while the combat uses targeting similar to that of the Zelda series to focus on enemies, while giving you a variety of weapons; both melee and ranged, to take out the many different enemies you'll face. In later levels the puzzles and stage navigation are given much higher complexity and it adds a whole new element of depth.

    Story wise; I am impressed. I will strive to give no spoilers as this game deserves your time. The art direction in this game is exquisite, with beautiful theming throughout that reinforces the story of Alice, a girl who's family died in a fire when she was a child. Now a teenager, Alice faces her emotional trauma in the care of a psychiatrist in Victorian London, with levels in the game moving between actual events and the fevered dreams of the emotionally traumatised Alice. This is a fantastic premise, used beautifully. The subtlety in the world building makes the story resonate more in future playthroughs, giving this game some genuinely enticing replayability. Genuinely disturbing at times, this is a rare case of a unique horror game that uses atmosphere and emotion to build it's experiences. Not once did this game resort to using jump scares or quick time events.

    The attention to the source material here is also commendable, with details from the original novels by Lewis Carroll being used to great effect, and on occasion warped in new and retrospectively horrific ways. The tone by the end of the game is extremely dark, working in perfect contrast with the lax and flowing gameplay, however the subject matter may be too upsetting for some. Sensitive teens or those who've experienced similar trauma may find this game too disturbing; though the game builds slowly enough that you'll get plenty of warning.

    All that said, if you're happy to explore those emotions this game is peerless. Judged by framerate, graphical fidelity, etc, this game is decent and above average; but judged as a work of art; it's incredible and one of the best games I've ever played.
  21. Jan 20, 2012
    The critics are completely incorrect on this one. Apart from some repetitive gameplay this game is one of my favourites this year, the story, characters, level design, art, writing and sound all nailed it. The game is extremely inventive with it's visual style, the weapons and locations were all thought about before being put in game and are impressive!! While on a technical level it still needs some adjusting the game is excellent in graphics, Alice's hair and dress physics are some of the best I've ever seen, it almost looks like each strand is individually animated. The story too is excellent telling an extremely mysterious and sad tale of the events that led to the death of Alice's family. Voice acting is quite good too, I loved Alice, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts but other characters like the Mad Hatter are suitably insane sounding (and all British!) The gameplay gets repetitive towards the end but I didn't really care, the good points are more than enough redemption and i really love its old style platforming so I think people should pick this one up as soon as possible. It's an experience that shouldn't be missed! 8/10â Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 52
  2. Negative: 1 out of 52
  1. Jan 9, 2012
    Alice: Madness Return has a terrific visual style and intriguing ideas, which is why it's so frustrating to see what could've been a clever game turn into such a tedious, drawn-out mess.
  2. Madness Returns is in a tricky position. It could never offer pistol-quick mechanics because of the character design and it often feels like a chore to finish a stage. You'll also probably get pretty tired of finding and shooting switches to reveal a hidden platform, or slogging through another round of five or six enemies. Yet it dares to be different, so if you're happy to admire it for is own sake then you should find some fun amongst the insanity. [August 2011 p74]
  3. Sep 16, 2011
    Alice: Madness Returns is interesting, visually stunning and inviting. Some of the gameplay elements excites in its pure form, but combat does seem ridgid and sometimes random. It's close, but not quite the cigar for Mr. McGee.