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Mixed or average reviews- based on 101 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 101
  2. Negative: 21 out of 101

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  1. Feb 14, 2011
    Whenever the words 'RPG' are mentioned my ears prick up. Likewise the whole spy caper makes me want to get my game on and looking at this title made me think this was going to be the game for me. How wrong was I. Firstly, my gripes with this game have absolutely nothing to do with its apparent antiquated feel. I mean I'm quite happy to play games where the storytelling and general novelty of a game overrides the lack of graphical superiority - take Fallout: New Vegas for example, the bugs and glitches in this game irritated me but the carefully crafted universe and story transcends all that. Alpha Protocol represent the other half of that particular coin: the protagonist is such a complete schizophrenic windbag that when combined with the mostly unengaging and lacklustre storyline, it makes you wish that he had overdosed on the sedatives at the beginning of the game. The shooting and stealth aspects are clunky and poorly implemented, which is a bad sign considering the majority of the game is based on these two foundations. Coupled with the glitches, shoddy AI behaviour and cumbersome interface, it's one to be left gathering dust on the shelf.
    One of the largest problems I have with this game is the fact it's even considered an RPG. It seems that the tacking on of a rudimentary skill tree seems to make up the bulk of what makes this an 'RPG' and aside from stealth and toughness, they are only to upgrade weapon efficiency.
    I approached this game with minimal expectation and didn't expect it to completely 'wow' me, but I was unprepared for this sad excuse for a video game. If you are inclined to purchase and/or play this game, be ready to sacrifice a small part of your soul.
  2. Jul 23, 2011
    This is by far one of the worst games I have ever played in this generation of gaming. First of all the game is filled with graphical bugs that you would have think the development team would have noticed from day one, why it was released in this state is beyond me. Honestly everything in this game is subpar from the AI, rpg mechanics, controls, weapons, linear level design and much more. The saving grace to this game is the storyline.The dialouge is simply wonderful and the story might be enough to keep some playing this game but me personally I found the entire experience a turnoff. Expand
  3. Jul 1, 2011
    I'll make this short and sweet: Alpha Protocol "might" have been well-intentioned BUT caveat emptor BUYER BEWARE! This "game" is supposed to be an RPG with action-elements but after having repeated freezing, weird graphical anomalies, poor collision, extremely unbalanced BOSS fights, and just plain ol' sh#t-on-a-stick gameplay, Alpha Protocol trudges very close to "shovelware" and "coaster-of-the-decade territory. . . . -Tried playing this on both systems and encountered bugs aplenty. And, after nearly one year since its launch, there has not been (for this PS3 version at any rate) any patches nor is there any DLC to make it more playable. The devs at OBSIDIAN have suggested, in a recent interview following the launch of their latest opus Dungeon Siege III, that they'd LIKE to make a sequel to Alpha Protocol. . . Hope not. That would mean we'd, likely, have two versions of Alpha Protocol to toss in the garbage. Expand
  4. Oct 22, 2013
    WOW is this game a broken piece of crap!!! awful story,broken gameplay and poor graphics keep this disaster on the worst games ever list.bugs bugs bugs everywhere.
  5. Sep 8, 2011
    Alpha Protocol has got to be one of the most awful RPGs for the PS3. Seriously. Where shall I begin? Okay, this game is a humiliating failed-attempt to imitate Mass Effect by allowing players choices in conversation and gameplay. There is no innovation but it's poorly implemented instead. Voice acting is horrible, characters are generic and unoriginal. The main character looks like a dope!! You can't really customise his look besides his hair and skin colour, so you'll be stuck playing this unlikable, generic-looking guy. What the h*ll?? In terms of the gameplay,the combat isn't fluid. Guns are ineffective and enemy Ai are awful, probably as bad as Tomb Raider's combat gameplay. And don't get me started with the hacking mechanics. The story is very basic and you don't really get interested in what's going on because of the poor gamplay, poor characters and mediocre storyline and you just want to run through this game as quick as possible to end this ordeal. Graphics are alright but nothing special and I guarantee, if you have been playing RPGs, you will be dead bored with Alpha Protocol. I feel totally embarrassed to have the AP listed in my trophy list. To Obsidian and Sega, this product of yours is an EMBARRASSMENT!! Which makes you guys a joke! You hear that? hah... a joke...... Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 49
  2. Negative: 3 out of 49
  1. Alpha Protocol maybe a role-playing game in name, but for me it felt far to much like an average third person shooter.
  2. The game is its own worst enemy, as its fully featured hands-on action never quite sits comfortably with roleplaying combat. [July 2010, p.99]
  3. 60
    Alpha Protocol is a commendable attempt at story-driven, role-playing action which sadly doesn't live up to its promise, leaving many of us to wonder at what it could have been with a little more polish.