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  1. Jan 9, 2013
    A bizarre mish-mash of ideas that though well executed, never quite seem to fit together. However at the launch price of $30 it provides more entertainment than most $60 games.
  2. Jan 12, 2013
    Not bad for a brawling fighting game, but I think Platinum Games puts the icing on the cake on that one. I've played Bayonetta, but I didn't play MadWorld yet. Reigns may not be as good as both games, but $29.99 at Gamestop? Wow, I thought it was $59.99, but then the price was dropped after it was delayed because it was supposed to be in stores July 2012. Now it's 2013, this is gonna be a sleeper hit or a cult following. I was sorta confused that the story may look cheesey, but all the action and kick-ass gameplay is awesome. I like the single-player campaign, but multiplayer took one step backwards and it nearly cost them. Sometimes it's half-Dynasty Warriors and half-Devil May Cry, but if it fits then I'll enjoy the dogfights and other features. Bayonetta, on the other hand as a DLC, look pretty amazing. I mean, I get to play her and features some of her new moves that didn't make the cut from the original Bayonetta game in 2010. Like I said, for around $30, Anarchy Reigns might be a bit challenging, but I'll give it a shot. Quite possibly my favorite game to kick start the new year. Thanks, Platinum. Expand
  3. Jan 23, 2013
    The art is fantastic, the music is really good, the controls are pretty good but the grappling animation sometime came on the way and that means to be killed from the back. The multi player s modes are a lot of fun , the single campaign is half decent
  4. Jan 16, 2013
    Single player story is nothing special, but a riot to play through. I enjoyed the unique play style that hasn't been shown in any campaign for a while, even though it is quite short. The only mission that are repetitive are the first free missions, requiring you to kill enemies. However, the combat is so satisfying that it really never gets old. Plus, the game has very well-done cutscenes, and achieves in making Oinkie the most annoying character ever.

    Multiplayer is extremely chaotic, fun. Pick-up-and-play friendly, but not when it's online. You're gonna need to know how to play well to get good.

    Also, $30. Perfect value at that price.
  5. Jan 12, 2013
    Logged in about five hours of game play so far and at first I was a little disappointed because I thought the game was going to follow a more traditional beat'em up style, like Final Fight or Streets of Rage etc. I decided to stick with it and understand how the game is played and I'm super happy I did! You fight in these large arenas where you rack up points killing the enemy and when you score gets high enough you unlock side and main missions. The multiplayer seems to be where a lot of the meat of the game is as well. For $29.99 new, you really can't lose on this game if you love beat'em ups! Awesome, awesome game. Expand
  6. Jan 24, 2013
    Anarchy Reigns has had a lot of negative reviews from some of the bigger gaming sites and its paid staff off reviewers. But its positive gamer score proves that this infact is actually a good enjoyable melee combat game. It is not perfect by any means but does exactly what it says on the cover. A minimal story mode that introduces you to the controls and timing needed to pull off different moves and combos prepares you for battle in the chaotic play of the online modes of which there are many from horde mode co op killing rounds of hellish minions of which there are a wide variety is a good challenge, death match,tdm,cage match 1v1,capture the flag which can be tactical to the hella fun deathball try to score or mash youre opponents stop them with a great goal animation for each character. There are a lot of characters and these are unlocked as you rank up along with skill perks to attach to youre character over-all its well balanced and only Big-Bull seems slightly over powered at times. If you feel like a change and want to try an online melee battle then you wont regret picking this game especially as in europe its low rrp is half price for a new title dont let this put you off this game is good and easily value for money.Platinum Games are making a name for themselves for producing solid good melee battle system games also check out there next release msg-Rising Vengeance for more melee combat but with swords. Over-all a good try at creating something a little different and online code is solid. quick connects too freinds good lobbies stable gameplay without random disconnects. Expand
  7. Mar 17, 2013
    to me Anarchy reigns deserves a shiny 10. it's full of reminiscences of great brawlers of years ago.
    it reminds "two crude dudes" when your chara lifts a car, even the post catastrophe environment is similar to the data east game. also reminds "vendetta" for the messy gameplay. I mean, if you liked these games back in the days you'll be enthusiastic about this game. I'm not into cyborgs,
    I don't like them since "captain commando" (which was an under average game) but you can play with jack, he just has a chainsaw arm, or, better, with Bayonetta, she's wholly human. all in all it's a great game. campaign is short but has a good replay value. buy buy! Expand
  8. Jan 25, 2013
    There's a little bit too much Anarchy in Anarchy Reigns online multiplayer. Free for all brawls against other players are too chaotic and frustrating to enjoy. The single player mode fare's better. A very simple but addictive combat system makes for plenty of button mashing fun. Unfortunately the small levels feel empty and it's not long before you've seen everything the game has to offer. The game remains fun for a single play through but there's little incentive to sit through it's forgettable, long winded cut scenes for a second time. Expand
  9. Jan 22, 2013
    This game just oozes style and over the top action. Its what a lot of games have been missing. SImple fun. Where when you play, you just have this big smile on your face. The games controls are great and are simple yet have a lot of depth. There's a great amount of characters to choose from along with a lot of arenas and game modes. The story always seems like its going somewhere but ultimately never delivers. The universe is pretty well thought out though. The enemies and anarchy theme is really well done. The voice acting is top notch. The cinematics are vey well done and beautiful. The soundtrack is awesome and one of my favorites. The art style is awesome as well. It's Pure escapism fun. Expand
  10. Jan 17, 2013
    This game is a solid brawler that is fashioned as a chaotic beat em up with heavy emphasis on multiplayer aspects. The combat, while at first glace simple, has some depth into it where you can't button mash or spam to win in it's stage of mayhem which is filled with hazards and objects to keep the game from going one sided. So it's easy to jump into and once you get a feel for it with the first 6 characters, you'll find yourself enjoying the game while unlocking up to 10 more characters through the Story Mode or Ranking up in Online Multiplayer. With the Single player's Story Mode having 2 intertwining sides to play, the large amount of modes for multiplayer, and having the cost of just $30. Anarchy Reigns is a game worth checking out if you are into brawling a large crowd or Beat em Up style games in general. Expand
  11. Jan 8, 2013
    Not as good as Madworld,but has good characters,a serious story,and a good bunch of action. Only problem is the gameplay might be awkward at some times and the ending a little dissapointing,but overall,its a great game,go buy it!
  12. Jan 11, 2013
    Anarchy Reigns was originally set to launch in North America early-mid 2012, but it was then delayed until 2013, even though the game was finished. While the game was really close to cancellation for North America, a date was finally set, but it was a long wait to endure. However, the wait is over and Anarchy Reigns is here, but was it worth it? Two words: Hell yes!

    Anarchy Reigns is a
    3D brawler at its core that combines brawling and fighting like God Hand or Fist of the North Star, hence my comparison to those games. But the difference is that Anarchy Reigns has the unique and quirky flavor of Platinum and Sega games. While everything that makes a Platinum game their own is on display, it also feels like one of those gems you'd play on the Sega Dreamcast back in the day.

    The single player campaign has two interwoven plots, offering two different characters to play as (Jack Cayman, Leonhardt "Leo" Victorion), which allows you to play in two different ways with two different takes. This gives you replayability for the single player content. Speaking of the single player, you're given hub world environments to roam around, beat up bad guys, collect things, and just have fun in-between the story and side missions, so it's not just a straight up linear mission-to-mission game, but it's also not a large open world, just hub environments that give you a little more sense of freedom.

    The other part of the package is the multiplayer, which is truly unique and unlike anything else out there. It's fast and hectic, but it all performs admirably online and hasn't been plagued with issues or anything from my experience. While there are some incredibly skilled players out there, I'm not one of them yet, but it's even fun to play when you're losing. It's just so different, which leads me to believe this'll maintain a community for a good while. There are a bunch of different modes to enjoy in the multiplayer package, which includes the established modes like DM and TDM. You can choose from 16 different characters in multiplayer, all of which have their own fighting styles, signature kill moves, etc.

    Also, since I haven't mentioned it yet, I must say that the combat in this game is awesome. You could compare this game to Madworld, but it's really a lot deeper and more satisfying in terms of the combat. It's almost impossible to say how it feels, as it feels entirely different depending on who you're playing as, but if you're playing as Jack Cayman, the game's combat is meaty and focused on more of a brawler style, but you can play as one of the more quick and agile characters in multiplayer, which includes Bayonetta if you pre-ordered the game elsewhere. Hopefully SEGA will release Bayonetta as DLC sometime in the near future for everyone else.

    As far as the graphics go, Anarchy Reigns isn't the most beautiful game or anything, but it gets the job done. Also, lip syncing doesn't sync up perfectly since the mouths animate with the Japanese VO and they just put English VO in without reanimating the mouths on the characters. The animation work, though, is spectacularly well done, and I don't want to imagine the work they put into all 16 characters.

    Anarchy Reigns is a new IP that's fresh and interesting, as it offers something new to gamers who are sick and tired of the status quo. This is a ridiculously fun game that offers a meaty single player with two campaigns, an online multiplayer that isn't an FPS, and just a load of fun for anyone wanting some originality. It certainly has its comparisons to God Hand (Anarchy Reigns developers worked on this), Fist of the North Star (which hasn't had a good game), and Madworld (Same developer, one of the same main characters), but this does it so well and brings it to the online arena, allowing you to share the fun with other gamers worldwide. Bravo, Platinum Games, bravo!
  13. Jan 10, 2013
    A good game to release the start of the new year, there was no good beat em up game that release to the PS3 nor xbox 360. I'm happy that Platinum release another of their masterpiece into the PS3. Insane, chao multiplayer is what make this game awesome! The Campaign is okay, it let you choose to be the White side or the black side with each different enemies and story . You can also train you character of your choice by training mode (Highly recommend to play the Campaign first) to improve your skill with the character to be prepare for multiplayer. In case your a beginner in this game which everyone is, there the tutorial in the main menu where you can get to know how the game is play & once your get used to the control, you be having a one hell alot of fun. There also alot of modes in multiplayer, that keep you entertaining. Other than all i say in this game is, highly recommend to purchase this game if you want something different and fun. It only 29$ and have a lot of content than other 60$ game, no joke. Go out and get now for just 29$! Collapse
  14. Jan 11, 2013
    This game is far from perfect, but it's the most fun game I've played in a while. That may be subjective but I swear to god is exactly what you want out of a video game: crazy, button mashing, violent, colorful goodness. The lower price and amazing soundtrack alone should justify a purchase. A must play if you love video games at all.
  15. Jan 14, 2013
    You wanna live life fighting in the fast lane? Brawling like a God hand on a mission for revenge? Take down all the monsters and be king of the streets? You wanna play Anarchy Reigns, an arena-style fighter by Platinum Games. It's got no good story to speak of but it's got enough characters for a book series. The focus of the game is taking a character, learning how they fight and going online to put punks in their place. The campaign mode for the two major starting characters serves as a long-running practice session where you learn how to brawl, dodge, use your powers and become the incredible hardass you're supposed to be. And if this sounds like a good game, a $30 price tag makes it even better. If you want to play what amounts to the most gangster post-apocalyptic Fist of the North Star anime, buy this game. If you want something technical, something with a good story or something realistic then you can try the soundtrack, one of the best compilations of hip-hop battle music there's been since Madworld. Expand
  16. Jan 14, 2013
    It deserves an 8, but I only deal in 10s and 0s. Pass or Fail. Online netcode is terrible, infinite combos, and campaign is forgettable. All those problems, and it's still better than any of the trash that came out last year. Great game.
  17. Jan 15, 2013
    this game is fantastic, its a great new way to look at a beat em up the story is a pretty good and is a good way to learn the basics of the game . the multiplayer is where the meat of this game is from hectic 16 player brawls to a 1 vs 1 to ctf and a bloody fighting football match this game is a awesome fast paced brawler that is a great way to start the year and for £18 is a steal i would of bought this game at full price if it came out at it. Expand
  18. Jan 15, 2013
    An incredibly fun and unique game. Campaign is a fast paced mix of challenge levels and story missions, with a bit of roaming beat-em-up on the side. While not quite as demanding as more traditional fighting games, there's a good amount of breathing room skill wise and the variety of characters is nice. Excellent production values for the price, Visuals are top-notch as far as consoles go, animation is nice, cut-scenes are well done. Stylistically, the game is very fun and unique, hearkens back to madworld, with a bit more colour of course. Outlandish while remembering to not take itself too seriously. Online play is fun as hell. My only complaint about the game is that it does not feature split-screen multiplayer, which has been an unfortunate trend. Still, I would have gladly paid 60 dollars for this, 30 is a steal. Expand
  19. Jan 16, 2013
    Extremelly great game! Likeable characters and fun gameplay! Another excellent job made by Platinum Games! Multiplayer makes this game more fun!! I wish Story mode would be longer, but it´s ok...
  20. Jan 16, 2013
    SEGA & Platinum Games Reign Supreme with MaXX Anarchy , Godwork m_(-_-)_m Anarchy Reigns brings back the fun in video games & that too at a cheaper rate , Street Of Rage + Hack n slash brawling + awesome character + lots & lots of killer attacks which your fingers can actually memorize unlike a certain NT DmC Game.

    Rampage Mode WTF is that , like i already didn't have enough trouble
    button mashing like in God of War , why was it taken up a notch by making me look at the screen & switching between mashable buttons , for instance it starts with lets say mashing X then it jumps to O then maybe a 3rd button , it depends , sometimes you are o0f the hook by just mashing 1 button , though i love the challenge to learn it ^_^

    Tutorial & simulation mode help you to get a grip on the controls & are very helpful in learning the variety of awesome moves ,combos & rampage moves which are finishers of the game given a fancy term . I Also played online MP Simulation & it started with me killing 2 bots & then skynet stopped playing possum >_< , got annihilated 3 times ;_;

    The story looks decent but it's the return of the PS1 old school brawler style is that what matter , controlling Jack feels like controlling a guy named smasher from one of my favorite PS1 games " Fighting Force "

    Old school lives again & for $30 you get a masterpiece with a limited edition featuring BAYONETTA , no one in the world can go wrong with this game , if you are not getting it , it's your loss ---> WORLD
  21. Jan 30, 2013
    Let me just make this perfectly clear. I rarely ever play games online anymore. Not with all the **** that's been happening with online passes, server glitches, and account hacks (yeah, i'm looking at you Sony >: | ), and with the fact that most online games are bloody shooters, but i have been slowly getting back into interacting with other players with the games that are out. And, in the case of Anarchy Reigns, i can safely say this is one game that delivers with no strings attached (no online passes, and so far, no server glitches). The game itself is very simple in concept. 16 characters, all have a similar move set, but their pros and cons shine through their animations, their strengths, their flaws, and their kill strikes. Every character is deliciously over the top. Even the no-nonsense characters seem so campy that you can hardly take anything they say seriously. And with the tone of the game, that's just fine. The single player campaign, however has a few let downs. It is, as it stands, very repetitive, and actually quite short if you sit down and play it for a while. And the story is even less than weak. Play as Jack (from Madworld), or Leo (this games version of MGS2 Raiden), fight a bunch of dudes, fight characters as bosses, progress to the next stage. Sometimes a big-ass boss enemy kaiju or robot comes in to wreck your good day of won-ton destruction, but they end up being more of a speed bump rather than a "HOLY **** challenge. You might like the music if you're into Rap. I'm not, but the tone of the game and the way it's built seems to have the rap music fit nicely with it, so i can let it slide (much like how i can let slide the jazz/lounge music in Bayonetta) The setting is an average "post-aPUNKalyptic" hell hole filled with trash, fires, and broken roads, teeming with mutants and cyborgs galore. Seeing that can get repetitive after a while... though the Asian stage was rather neat, even though it couldn't decide on either being Chinese or Japanese. The real meat and potatoes come from the Multiplayer, though. Have you ever wanted to play a classic CTF game that WASN'T just in another shooter? How about a football clone? Massive 16 player brawls? Yes, yes, and more yes. Killing each other with the same number of players as an average Halo slayer match in more ways than just pointing a gun or bashing hammers is just awesome. Sometimes, the colors can seem a bit over-saturated, and can cause eye strain in the more chaotic battles, but that's kinda the price to pay when the chaos of it all is kind of the point. All in all, if you like online gaming, but are sick of shooters (even just a little), you'd have alot of fun with this, I assure you. And the best part? IT'S CHEAP TO BUY! You can pick it up new for $30, and that's not because it's been tossed in the bargain bin. It's because Sega did the smart thing and lowered the price of this game, passing the savings onto us. Pick it up, and have some fun. Let Anarchy Reign! Expand
  22. Jan 10, 2013
    A good game to release the start of the new year, there was no good beat em up game that release to the PS3 nor xbox 360. I'm happy that Platinum release another of their masterpiece into the PS3. Insane, chao multiplayer is what make this game awesome! The Campaign is okay, it let you choose to be the White side or the black side with each different enemies and story . You can also train you character of your choice by training mode (Highly recommend to play the Campaign first) to improve your skill with the character to be prepare for multiplayer. In case your a beginner in this game which everyone is, there the tutorial in the main menu where you can get to know how the game is play & once your get used to the control, you be having a one hell alot of fun. There also alot of modes in multiplayer, that keep you entertaining. Other than all i say in this game is, highly recommend to purchase this game if you want something different and fun. It only 29$ and have a lot of content than other 60$ game, no joke. Go out and get now for just 29$! Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 35
  2. Negative: 1 out of 35
  1. Mar 20, 2013
    A good multiplayer beat 'em up action combat video game with a solid ground and a tutorial campaign for lone gamers. However, all of its colourful characters you may use to smash your faces up in a great number of multiplayer modes are lacking the most important thing - gamers themselves.
  2. Feb 25, 2013
    The single-player game is entertaining enough and full of replayability but the structure and narrative suggest it was an afterthought when the idea of a multiplayer only title, or the challenge of learning the game in an online arena, was deigned unreasonable.
  3. Feb 13, 2013
    Anarchy Reigns is one of the cheesiest games in recent years. It’s limburger, gouda, mozzarella and various other assorted dairy products rolled up into one package of lactating violence and rap songs that will leave your head spinning and your thumbs broken. But if you happen to take a bite of that cheddar, you might just fall in love with it.