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Summary: Armored Core 4 reinvigorates the brand by offering an all-new storyline, new environments, and online capability. The 10th anniversary of the acclaimed franchise is punctuated with a leap to next-generation platforms. Multiplayer functionality allows up to eight players to battle online. Join one of six factions specializing in different aspects of battle. 30 missions played out in detailed futuristic 3D environments. Fly through canyons and rip through cities battling multiple enemies. Deploy "Quick Boost" and "Over Boost" features for precise explosive movement and precision control of AC units. Engage "Primal Armor" the all-new defense shield that adjusts its strength according to specific battle conditions. [Sega]
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Rating: T
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Developer: From Software
Genre(s): Simulation
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1
Offline Modes:Competitive
Connectivity:Broadband Only, Cell Network, System Link
Online Modes:Competitive, Team Oriented
Number of Online Players:8 Players Online
Cast Credit
Toshifumi Nabeshima Producer
Shinichiro Nishida System Design Staff
Yuzo Kojima Lead 3d Graphic Designer
Kiwamu Takahashi Lead Programmer
Kota Hoshino Lead Composer
Hideyuki Eto Sound Staff
Takeshi Suzuki Programming Staff
Kyoichi Murata Programming Staff
Naotoshi Zin Supervisor
Ikuko Matsui CG Movie Staff
Koichi Suenaga Sound Staff
Daisuke Ishikawa Planning Staff
Toshiyuki Suzuki CG Movie Directer
Hisao Yamada 2d Graphic Design Team
Takaaki Yamagishi 3d Graphic Design Staff
Takayuki Muro CG Movie Staff
Hirotake Fukuoka Programming Staff
Toshimitsu Koyachi Programming Staff
Takanori Yokoyama Programming Staff
Michio Nakano Programming Staff
Hidetaka Miyazaki Directer
Kazushi Morita Planning Staff
Yoshikazu Koide Planning Staff
Hiromichi Sakurai Planning Staff
Dai Takemura Planning Staff
Shinnosuke Tabuchi Planning Staff
Takahiro Doi System Design Staff
Yuuki Yamagishi System Design Staff
Hiroshi Takada Programming Staff
Makoto Hasegawa Programming Staff
Shunsuke Nakajima Programming Staff
Yutaka Shimokakimoto Programming Staff
Miho Akiyoshi Programming Staff
Kazutaka Era Programming Staff
Jun Ito Programming Staff
Akira Hiraga Programming Staff
Tomonarl Kuramochi Programming Staff
Hiroki Ohmae Programming Staff
Akito Kiriyama Programming Staff
John Abrehamson Programming Staff
Koichirou Takita Programming Staff
Kenta Tsushima Programming Staff
Nobuyuki Okamura Programming Staff
Takashi Murakami Programming Staff
Tetsuya Yamamoto Programming Staff
Cheongju Na Programming Staff
Takasuke Andou Programming Staff
Kozo Maeda 3d Graphic Design Staff
Masanori Gotoh 3d Graphic Design Staff
Fuuta Kamei 3d Graphic Design Staff
Shigeki Osaka 3d Graphic Design Staff
Takayuki Inmazu 3d Graphic Design Staff
Ryo Takakusaki 3d Graphic Design Staff
Nozomi Shiba 3d Graphic Design Staff
Masako Saitoh 3d Graphic Design Staff
Atsumi Hosokawa 3d Graphic Design Staff
Makoto Satoh Lead 2d Graphic Designer
Hirokazu Akino 2d Graphic Design Team
Jun Miyauchi 2d Graphic Design Team
Ei Honda 2d Graphic Design Team
Hiroyuki Kaino 2d Graphic Design Team
Takashi Kasahara 2d Graphic Design Team
Takeo Kido 2d Graphic Design Team
Shoji Nakajima 2d Graphic Design Team
Hirofumu Nakazawa 2d Graphic Design Team
Kouichi Ishikawa 2d Graphic Design Team
Mika Hasegawa 2d Graphic Design Team
Takashi Shinozuka CG Movie Staff
Takayuki Ozawa CG Movie Staff
Shota Hirosawa CG Movie Staff
Kouji Sugiyama CG Movie Staff
Shigeru Maeda CG Movie Staff
Kohkichi Takahashi CG Movie Staff
Daisuke Satake Design Staff
Shinsaku Matsuoka Design Staff
Akira Takimoto Design Staff
Masohiro Miki Design Staff
Hiroshi Nalamura Design Staff
Takafumi Hokao Design Staff
Yoko Tsukamoto Design Staff
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