Mixed or average reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. Army of two deserves the wait and buzz all around it. It is a true one of a kind experience when it comes to looking out for your buddy in the middle of a war.
  2. Army of Two is a very good team shoot 'em up. It's reasonably realistic and the enemies are quite intelligent. Many weak-looking objects provide perfect cover, which is a bit odd. Army of Two is quite short, too. [March 2008]
  3. Army Of Two has even managed to innovate on a small scale - the non-magnetic cover system (which allows you to fire over and around walls without gluing you to them) makes combat feel fast and fluid, while the Aggro combat system (which draws the enemies towards the most dangerous player, making the other player effectively invisible) turns an MMORPG staple into a pretty effective combat mechanic.
  4. If you’re looking for a new co-op shooter for you and a friend to blast through again and again and high five each other every time you get a sweet kill then the $60.00 is definitely worth the tag price of Army of Two. Army of Two does everything right in the multiplayer aspect of the game, but somehow lacks in single player play.
  5. Army of Two is a shooter with several qualities. It has a number of flaws, but the solid and well thought-out action more than makes up for it.
  6. The slick presentation and intensely fun co-op play has made a believer out of me even though gameplay can feel sloppy at times. If you love shooters and are looking to play an interesting campaign mode with a friend, then Army of Two is a must-buy.
  7. The co-op gameplay is both Army of Two's savior and burden, but the end result is still an enjoyable experience that fills a void not just in the Q1 doldrums, but in the shooter scene as a whole.
  8. While Army of Two doesn't do anything totally revolutionary, it does deliver something that is seriously lacking at this time, which is a great game that two people can get totally engrossed in without having to join up with a large team.
  9. 80
    Army of Two is a dream come true for co-op enthusiasts. It doesn’t hit every note perfectly, but the campaign and team-based multiplayer modes are the perfect reasons to pester your old "Gears of War" buddy into picking it up.
  10. The missions are terrific, action-packed stages where something is always happening. More multiplayer maps would've been nice, and the challenge might be too much for rookies. Otherwise, these Two wholeheartedly entertain.
  11. If you are looking for a cooperative first/third person shooter and you fully intend only to use multiplayer, then Army of Two isn't a bad buy at all. But if you are after the single player title, then I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed, the ideas within the game however are very well thought of, and certainly should be applauded.
  12. Like an overblown Hollywood action flick, Army of Two is an explosive good time that has its weaknesses here and there but it won’t stop you from enjoying the bullet-fueled action.
  13. More importantly, it's necessary to use a teammate strategically, moving him around the battlefield like a chess piece. This war, you see, requires a brain. [Apr 2008, p.53]
  14. 80
    It's a refreshing change from the standard slew of shooters. [Issue#164, p.86]
  15. If you like co-op, and don't mind not having a single player, Army of Two for the PS3 is a great game that is worth checking out.
  16. 79
    One thing that stands out with Army of Two are the visuals, which look incredible. Both Salem and Rios come across with huge character models and sharp details, from the top of their protective face masks to the tattoos and scarred battle armor.
  17. Army of Two didn’t exactly deliver as a cooperative experience much better than Gears of War, but it made up for that by being a solid shooter in its own right.
  18. Like dysfunctional characters in a buddy flick, Army of Two has some annoying problems, but if you just want a fun cooperative experience, it gets the job done and delivers sizeable thrills you won’t find anywhere else.
  19. 75
    If there is one thing Army of Two can brag about though its presentation. Visually this game is a monster, sporting some nicely detailed environments and great looking character models.
  20. Sometimes frightfully serious, othertimes absurdly ludicrous, it suffers from mood-swings and a general lack of coherent personality.
  21. Its truncated length is a deterrent to a full price purchase, and its head-to-head options are unique yet limited.
  22. The game is short and sweet but with little to offer any replay value. It’s a mishmash of good ideas that have been thrown together with only some success. It bodes well for a sequel, though.
  23. The fine-tuned excellence of Army of Two's co-op gunplay will easily sustain you through one run through this gutsy, broadly enjoyable game. But the desire to revisit it is weak, and for game that's designed with social online play in mind that's a big problem. Any level of the current co-op king, "Halo 3," has more spectacle and incident packed into it than the entirety of Army of Two.
  24. 70
    Army of Two is a co-op focused game, much more so than even "Gears of War." If you pick this up, you absolutely need to be playing with a friend. It's borderline broken when playing alone, but if you are taking down tangos with a buddy, it becomes a much better and unique, experience.
  25. 70
    If you're looking for a profound single-player experience, you'll be annoyed by the issues with the artificial intelligence, but if you plan to play with a friend, this game is well worth checking out.
  26. The biggest problem I had with Army of Two as a whole was the game’s seeming inability to ever raise the stakes...Even in the middle of an intenese firefight, you never feel any more in jeopardy than in those first training models.
  27. Shooters may have reached their peak according to Army Of Two’s lead designer, but as a co-op experience, Army Of Two succeeds only in adding to the pack – rather than leading it. [Apr 2008, p.108]
  28. Although we’re real fans of co-op action, we couldn’t help but to feel disappointed. It’s just not well structured and doesn’t seem to offer any real exciting moments. Some of its mechanics are well implemented, but there are some other cooperative shooters far better than this one that don’t even have to pull these kinds of tricks. [Apr 2008]
  29. If you're looking for a game to play and you've got a friend who can sit on your couch and play it, then grab it. If you don't have a friend to play it with you, leave it alone.
  30. The six missions, while short, are gorgeous to look at, and our heavily armored protagonists rank right up there with the baddest-looking dudes of all time. [May 2008, p.78]
  31. Army of Two is definitely one of those "love it or hate it" games. If you manage to "get" the game mechanics, there’s definitely quite a bit to enjoy.
  32. As a game by itself it kind of feels empty and soulless. Get a mate to join with you and that is forgotten as the fun level rises considerably. It’s not a bad game in single player, but you feel as if it really was meant for humans and not COMs to play with you.
  33. It's a fun shooter, with a really well implemented COOP element, it's just that sometimes that illusion is needlessly broken and it makes a mockery of your tactics.
  34. A few things need tweaking, mostly the funky camera which just zooms in way to close with no option to move it around. If you are looking for a fun game to pick up and play with your buddy, make sure he is a patient one and an experienced gamer.
  35. The more I played the game, the more I found myself getting bored of it. It has a lot of great elements to it, such as the entire concept of co-operative gameplay, but it's sorely lacking in execution and variation. Worst of all, a solid online component could've saved the game, but that falls short too, as Army of Two's online is as barren as the rest of the game.
  36. 67
    While Army of Two does have its high points (an attack on an aircraft carrier being one), levels often lack excitement and instead deliver much of the same over and over. As mentioned before, it's not bad gameplay, but it never builds to much of anything. In fact, the entire game is rather anticlimactic.
  37. Other than the controls of the weapons and poor aiming model, the great graphics and fantastic voice over work help make Army of Two a solid if unspectacular outing.
  38. But even its title mocks the Army, literally one-upping its slogan while glamorizing a sector that, if anything, deserves scrutiny--not macho fantasy.
  39. If multiplayer hadn’t been a broken mess the game probably would have scored higher and while good fun, Army of Two fails to be a great game.
  40. Hopefully next time Rios and Salem will be a little less wise-cracking, take things a little more seriously and come complete with levels and gameplay scenarios that match the clever aggro system.
  41. You never feel dangerous, and no amount of mangled urban concrete can make up for fundamentally hobbled weapons. [Apr 2008, p.98]
  42. Likable as its twin leads are, AOT's gameplay is hobbled by unbalanced guns and AI that's far too sharp to be fun. [Apr 2008, p.102]
  43. 60
    The enemies just aren't clever enough to keep up with players in most situations, not to mention the number of times your computer controlled partner will inevitably get stuck behind a wall. Plus, the seven-hour campaign doesn't provide enough entertainment value without the added fun of multiplayer gaming.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 107 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 34
  1. AlecLaPierre
    Jan 26, 2009
    This game is pretty good. I like how you can upgrade and pimp your guns, and the story mode to this game. the graphics team did really goodThis game is pretty good. I like how you can upgrade and pimp your guns, and the story mode to this game. the graphics team did really good with this and so did the artists(the helmets, armour, etc.). The guns in this game are acceptionally good and so is the AI and aggro, I also think the AI solo controls are awsome! this is the first FPS game i dont mid to play on my own because there is no disadvantages with the AI controls. I realy dont like the veiw... it kinda sucks and is hard to work with when you are trying to get mediced.the meele cobat should be adjusted and differed but thats about it. this game is definetly going to be getting a sequell, infact, mabey even a whole trilogy! Full Review »
  2. R.B.
    Mar 26, 2008
    Great fun to play with a friend, but never gets really exciting when you play single player mode. The online lag I experienced just ruined Great fun to play with a friend, but never gets really exciting when you play single player mode. The online lag I experienced just ruined the possibility to really enjoy AoT to the fullest. It's absolutely not a bad game, but it could have been so much more I think. I recommend playing with friends or try before you buy. Full Review »
  3. [Anonymous]
    Mar 14, 2008
    I actually really enjoy this game. It's a very fun experience in my opinion. Co-Op is clearly where this game shines. Running and I actually really enjoy this game. It's a very fun experience in my opinion. Co-Op is clearly where this game shines. Running and gunning with a friend is a great gaming experience. The storyline is interesting and pertains to current world situations and events, which I like. The cover and aggro system are also nice touches. One thing keeps me from giving this game a higher rating. When Army of Two was first talked about, the big thing was the partner AI was supposed to be super smart. I thought I wouldn't have to tell him to do anything, or at least only issue very limited commands. But I felt like I had to tell him to do everything. It wasn't a huge deal, but disappointing because of my expectations. But Co-Op is where this game is at anyway. Overall, a very good, fun, interesting game. Full Review »