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  1. Nov 9, 2012
    This game has amazing atmosphere and is the best one in the series in my opinion. The problem with this game for me is that the story is very boring for the first half of the game and I tried to stick it out, but the game is just ridiculously long.
  2. Jan 21, 2013
    Much like The Dark Knight Rises film, I really wanted to love this game, it had the hype, the marketing and the media frenzy surrounding it to be epic on every scale. I would consider myself a hardcore AC fan, after the disappointing Revelations, I was still optimistic that Ubisoft would pull back with a superior and brilliant title to the other four entries in the franchise, brilliant?Yes, superior? No, not quite.
    There was concern way back early last year when Ubisoft announced AC III, a brand new era, location, protagonist, and much larger in size to the rest, many had grown to Ezio, Italy, and the vibrant Italian cites during the Renaissance. But I for one was excited by the prospect of the Frontier, sprawling countryside, snow, trees, the lot.
    Without giving away too much, our new protagonist, Native American/British Conor Kenway, doesn't fully 'suit up' until the fifth sequence in the game.
    The story, while attempting to place our new Assassin into the historical events which led to the Revolution of the United States, feels rushed and sometimes empty compared to AC II, the characters are forgetful and bland, and I think Ubisoft may have tried just too hard to place Conor at the centre of EVERYTHING.
    Without delving too much into Desmond's story, some may have seen his finale as quite useless, but I for one am glad that closure was finally brought to his chapter, leaving room for a new idea.
    This game did simply just feel incomplete.
    But the reason it still has a high score is because it still has an excellent backstory, the combat is simplfied again but equally as excellent, the vast array of miscellaneous tasks here are brilliant, whether you're going to loot a convoy, build a homestead, or just plain old assassinations, there is plenty to do here in New York, Boston and the Frontier. Connor feels very assassin like, he's hell bent on revenge and has no problem being alone throughout his story.
    The graphics are good, but not great, the game just couldn't capture the beauty of Red Dead Redemptions sprawling countryside. I found the frontier particularly annoying, the distant hills looked extremely cartoon-like, the game was also, at several times, glitchy to the point of many items not appearing and sound being out of synch with the person speaking during cutscenses. It also still bothers me that there is still loading times between cities/countryside, get used to seeing Conor in a bright white loading screen, you're going to see plenty of it.
    It was obviously great to see another instalment this past year, but the changes simply aren't enough to justify an annual title, the improvements are there but more needs to be done to break the mould and to put up with AC II as being a breakthrough game of the generation.
  3. Nov 24, 2012
    Could have been better but this game just never would have been able to live up to the hype that was surrounding it. I personally do not think that Conner was as good as a character as Ezio was and the guy who played Conner sounded so robotic throughout the entire game. The story was pretty good but the ending was very melancholy and not what I was expecting. But, if you've been playing the AC games like have up to this point, then your already going to give AC 3 a shot. Just temper your expectations going into this one. Expand
  4. Jan 28, 2013
    Like Resident Evil 6, this game has just too many issues. Too many brick walls. Right when you're getting into it you're hit with some section which has you questioning if you even want to go on. Note: having to take out every bad guy on a boat using the exact method the developer demands, requiring endless trial and error and reloading ten times is not fun. It's a relic of the worst old stealth games. The stealth in general is just terrible and pointless. Bad guys everywhere and you always just end up in a fight anyways so you just stop trying stealth at all. Incredible world and many amazing sections make the game good overall, but forget about the polish, just as the developers did. Expand
  5. Oct 19, 2014
    Pursue your enemies through 1775 America in an ever-changing environment. From the legendary battlefields of Lexington and Concord and the bustling streets of Boston and New York, to the snow-covered Appalachian wilderness, you’ll wage war in a stunningly mutable environment. Whether you’re tracking your quarry’s blood trail through fresh snow, or taking advantage of driving winds and thick fog to hide your attack, liberty is on the line, so unleash your killing power in Assassin's Creed 3. Expand
  6. Dec 21, 2012
    Everything (that we've learned to love and hate) is here. Gameplay, graphics, mechanics, we all know what to expect. Does this mean A3 is more of the same? No. And this is why I'm giving it a positive review. A3 is a breath of fresh air, even though it's pretty much the same game from before. It's the small tweaks that made the difference. The environment (finally leaving old Europe) is gorgeous, with a beautiful scenery and an open world that reminded me of Red Dead Redemption. The whole concept is fantastic as well (the assassins and the templars involved with the American Revolution). The new character, Connor (it's impossible to write his Indigenous name) is an interesting one, with a charm of his own; and it's great to play with someone else then Ezio. Another great addition are the naval battles, which function as the best mini-game in the series so far. I don't know where Ubi is taking this franchise but this time, at least, they really offered something with a new taste. And, for me, gave the series some lifetime to burn. Not the best game in the world (and not the best game of 2012) but a great game nevertheless. Must not be missed. Expand
  7. Nov 2, 2012
    i love this game it so good more little side quest and main character is british dude which frankly sound little like patrick stewart from american dad anyways it has good killing moves but overall the controller bit meh. The was glitches in game that they could fix.

    but still overall 10 out of 10
  8. Sep 1, 2013
    This game turned out to be exceptionally poor.After a boring 4 hour prologue,AC3 hardly improves at all.By the time you get to where you should have been after an hour,you'll be so bored that just getting the Assassins outfit will feel like an achievement.As with all games in this series,it's the Animus that breaks the illusion that this is,in fact, a game and reminds you every few moments that this is not a real world.Graphics,voice-work,animation and story are all quite average and the less said about the combat the better.A yearly money grab from a company who have a golden goose.Sad... Expand
  9. Dec 22, 2013
    While Assassin's Creed III has great combat, a visually stunning world, and a lot to do, the game has some huge, fatal flaws that detract from the enjoyment. Slow pacing, bad story, and an overwhelming amount of content hold Assassin's Creed III back from the greatness the previous entries achieved.
  10. May 25, 2013
    I don't really know what to say for this, but I think the word "Boring" is right for this game. I really thought we would get a "fun" Assassin's Creed game after Revelations. Instead, I got a useless excuse to learn a new history lesson. MP is still crap and should be removed from the franchise for good reasons.
    Note: I didn't even bother playing the game after chapter 4.
    (sigh) Well, on
    to the next one. Expand
  11. Nov 20, 2013
    Que decir de unas de las decepciones mas grandes de mi vida, lo anunciaron por todos sitios, publicidad y mas publicidad, para indicar lo que seria el mejor juego de la saga, hoy puedo decir que es de largo peor que el Assassins Creed 2, con eso es suficiente como para saber que Ubisoft se ha cargado una saga, es mas de lo mismo pero peor, repetitivo, sin sentido y absurdo, solo le salva los graficos y el doblaje, por lo demás, es un juego mas. No lo recomiendo, me gaste 100 euros en la edicion especial y la he vendido, si, ¿porque? Porque es una verguenza como me han engañado, me he sentido estafado, ultrajado, jamás volvere a comprar un Assassins. Expand
  12. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassin's Creed 3 is a good game, it's probably the best in the series. The game looks great and the controls are smooth. I found a few bugs,but nothing too serious. It pretty well improved on almost every aspect. Although they improved on many things, it still feels like the same game as before,which isn't a problem but it's more of a been there done that. Then again it's hard to find originality today anyway. This game reminded me a bit like Red Dead Redemption, and I shouldn't have to explain why, then again it's not a bad thing. The game still looks great,sounds great and plays smooth, I give it an 8 because I have played better games than this which are more fun. This game IS fun but I do not think it deserves a perfect score. The negative reviews on this game do not make any sense. A game where it controls bad,looks awful and isn't fun, should get a low score. This game has all the elements for a good game,there is nothing wrong with it in terms of playability. I found the game to be a little ont he easy side, but then again, most games today like to cater to the casual gamer anyway. It is really a personal preference, but by no means does this game deserve a 0-6 or even a 10. It's just a solid game and it's worth a look. If you loved the other AC games, then you will love this one even more. If you did not like the other AC games, then you wont like this one either.... 8/10 - Great! Expand
  13. Apr 12, 2013
    with all the hype for this game, 10 minutes in, you realize it's the same game as 1 and 2. Nothing to see here people climb buildings and jumping off was fun the first time I did it in assasins creed, not much anymore. I would recommend buy if you've never played Ac, but i've played ac 1 and 2; but never got the drive to finish after an hour or so of the same old same old.
  14. Nov 8, 2012
    In Assasin's Creed III, you are someone who looks lile a drug dealer with something to hide. Despite that, you seem to be in the past as everyone looks like they're in the 1700s, except for you, of course. The gameplay is ridiculously boring and I claim this as the most overrated game of 2012.
  15. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Updated new engine which looks absolutely wonderful. Environments, whether change, character models, character movement, are all superb. Although this is the second time they changed the character models, Desmond and the gang look different than in previous games. Nothing really to complain about, they still looked like an upgrade. 10.

    Sound: The games theme fits with
    the time it takes place in (during the American Revolution), and the voice acting is good. 10.

    Gameplay: The gameplay has also changed, but it is still somewhat similar but in a good way. No longer do you have to hold x while sprinting. Anyway, the game mechanics now allow for a larger sandbox feel. You can now climb around in trees, hunt animals, and various extras that turn Assassins Creed 3 into the new Skyrim. The combat system is a lot more challenging and feels a lot better than in previous games. Counter takes timing, and stronger foes won't go down just with a counter, you may have to tap x to break their defense first. Still, the combat is still simple once you're used to it. Missions now are a variety, and no longer repetitive. Also, the game adds naval battles, which is really stunning, and they mix it in very well, never making it feel like a chore. 10.

    Story: The story unravels quite well, and isn't as predictable. The game still features the main storyline with Desmond, and adds a new animus storyline featuring a Native American named Connor. The games ending is strong, but still in a way that can leave more in the franchise to dish out. Still, it was a superb game from start to finish. Well actually the first 3 or 4 acts were slow, but give the game time, and when it starts it continues to be entertaining. 10.

    Lasting Appeal: Buy the game, lasts about 10-12 hours only the story missions, plus theres a bunch of side stories (came with the PS3 version), and extras to collect. 10.

    Overall Score: 10 out of 10.
  16. Oct 31, 2012
    Assassin's Creed III takes everything that worked well in previous titles, sprinkled in a touch of Red Dead Redemption, tweaked thecombat to be as smooth as Batman: Arkham City, borrowed the cinematic and character development of Uncharted 2, and polished it all off to be one of, if not the very best, game of 2012.
  17. Nov 2, 2012
    It's sad really, it's sad how people troll games that compete with thier favourite games, Yes, this game isn't perfect, Yes, Connor (the protagonist) isn't really that good compared to Ezio/Altair, but it's the best game this year along with Max Payne 3 and that is obvious imo, if you deny that you're simply a biased fanboy for another series, i gave this a 10 to counter all those negarive 0's from trolls, my real score is 8.5/10. Expand
  18. Dec 7, 2012
    Finally, Assassin's Creed gets some renovation. After 2 COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY half-sequels, half-add-ons a full-scale part of the franchise is out. But does it live up to the expectations of the grand ending of the trilogy? Not quite. Firstly, the story. AC3 introduces a new era - American Revolution, and with it, a new character - Connor Kenway (who also has some long unpronounceable Indian name) The main plot is quite alright, with Ubisoft actually fulfilling the promise not to make the game pro-american. It's not, you have to fight against the patriots as well as the redcoats and the Founding Fathers aren't idealised at all, with George Washington himself being shown as a weak leader and a poor tactician. I personally don't have problems with the main character (and I certainly don't find him worse than the overrated Ezio Auditore), but one thing can't be denied - when compared to his own father (who serves as a secondary protagonist for like, 4 hours of gameplay), he lacks his charm and charisma. If Ubisoft decides to make another annual half-baked "sequel" (and they will, everyone loves money), they should definitely devote it to Haytham's backstory. However, as for the modern-age plot with Desmond struggling to save the world, things are not as bright. Desmond's missions are stupid and boring, and the ending is totally underwhelming, it's not an ending in fact, just an open gate for a sequel of some kind. I was hugely disappointed by that, since I liked Desmond's story before. Now to the technical part of the game. It looks just beautiful - AnvilNext provides some beautiful scenery, especially the Frontier. The protagonist's animations have been remade, and now just watching Connor climb the trees and jump over fences is a joy. The game suffered from some glitches in its 1.0 version, but that didn't ruin the game for me. Anyway, to the gameplay. It's still the AC gameplay you're all used to, no revolution here, sadly, just a few tweaks. Same lame "stealth", ending with you forced to go into an open fight 9 out of 10 times, basically the same combat system (with one change - you don't need going into the blocking stance to counter, so it's a bit faster and smoother) One welcome addition is the sea battles. Connor takes the role of the Captain of the Aquila, the Assassins' fleet flagship, and crosses the seas, fighting other vessels, while boarding some of them. One thing that I'd like to mention, is the soundtrack. Ubisoft somewhy didn't hire Jesper Kyd for it, so Lorne Balfe took his place. While the main theme is memorable, most other tunes are not, and that is a shame, since Jesper Kyd's music helped a lot to dive into the atmosphere of a particular age. To sum up, it's a good game, neither much better nor worse than AC2 in my opinion, mostly improving over its predecessor. One thing that it shows is that the franchise doesn't need to go Call-of-Duty-like annual. It's the first game in the franchise since AC2 that I actually enjoyed. Expand
  19. Sep 28, 2013
    "Assassin's Creed III" en mi opinión el mejor de la franquicia; es porque ésta vez todo es totalmente mejorado: los gráficos, la historia, las ciudades, los personajes son más interesantes y demás. Sería un juego perfecto, pero solo le resté un punto por su final, si bien no es malo, es de todas maneras muy insatisfactorio.
  20. Dec 8, 2012
    This game was a MAJOR disappointment. The characters are bland in my opinion, and you can't go into the major battles like in the trailers. You have to stay on a scripted path, and if you go off the path, you die. What happened Ubisoft?
  21. Oct 31, 2012
    People need to stop trolling, it's really makes me sad seeing trolls giving this game 0's without even stating one valid reason, this game isn't perfect but it's the best this year, way better than other rushed games that surprisngly, got better scores than this for some reason. :/
  22. Jan 26, 2013
    Since Assassin's Creed 3 is the most ambitious AC, It is a disappointing title. However, It has some great additions, thankfully. Parkour is improved, allowing you to climb trees and, obviously, you can still climb building. The combat, love it or hate it, is fast and fun. It is changed, but It's still great. Playing stealthy It's faster here. Hunting is a good addition, too. The naval battles are fantastic in this game. But what Assassin's Creed 3 succeeds for, is the non-linear gameplay. Exploring is highly entertaining. The multiplayer is fun, with some unique modes. However, what's the problem that I gave it a 7. While the story is good, the main character, Connor, is dull. He is humorless and speakless, and he isn't that well-acted. The voice acting, is fine, but sometimes there's dialogue confusions. The Desmond's ending is downright terrible. The biggest problem are the f**king glitches and bugs! This game has a tons of them, which'll happen frequently. Assassin's Creed 3, is a disappointing title. Expand
  23. Nov 5, 2012
    I have to say, I was rather impressed with this game. After the inherent failure that was Revelations, Ubisoft made an ambitious but risky leap into a whole new world with Connor and the American Revolution. The story crafted around this period is a little less exciting the fighting the Pope under the Vatican, but it does present opportunities to take part in events and meet characters that no other game does. The plot itself is a little shaky, with various holes in the storytelling, however it still has the intricate Ubisoft feel and is told magnificently throughout the game, and yet again leaves us with many questions at the end of the game. The game-play itself has changed, in some ways for the worst and in some ways for the better. The game is more fluid and has a better constructed combat than before, but the linear missions take away the freedom we had in previous Assassin's Creed titles, which is disappointing. The expansive world created for the game is not only breathtaking but alive as well, which means there will always be more to do, and the side missions have gotten even better. The game is plagued by several irritating bugs, which can get in the way of game-play experience, but hopefully future patches will correct this. To conclude, both Assassin's Creed and non-Assassin's Creed fans will love this game, but it is not the 'next-gen' title Ubisoft hyped it up to be. Expand
  24. Nov 8, 2012
    It is definitely a different AC. There are things that are so different that takes away the fun from it, but some of the differences also add to it as well. Whilst recruiting assassins is a little bit more tedious, they make made up for this fact by actually having a back-story. They do feel like real characters. Especially also the characters in the homestead and others that you interact with. There is definitely a lot more focus on making a more realistic feel to the story. The game-play is good as usual though the combat still repetitive. Expand
  25. Feb 26, 2013
    I believe Ubisoft did good with this one. New big world and new set of quests better controls.
    I just hated the bugs (too many bugs) even after patches.
    Comparing AC3 with Revelation I found that Revelation was better in story and graphics. While AC3 is better in controls variety of quests. Still AC Revelation beats AC3 for me.
    I'm an Ezio fan, so having a new assassin to master should
    really convince me to like him/her. Conner was good but couldn't replace Ezio.
    Over all, it is recommended to play, but I don't think this one could make you an AC fan
  26. Jan 13, 2013
    Very, Very, Very Disappointing. The game play gets very old if you are only a Single Player sort of person. Multiplayer is basically whoever has played the longest is going to win, and coop was rushed and thrown out there and should have been just left out.
    VERY disappointed!
  27. Dec 15, 2012
    I liked brotherhood and number one, but jeese this is ridiculous. Its technically horrible and honestly probably the least interesting. I am finding everything frustrating, multiplayer is good though and probably the best part of this one in opposition to brotherhood. A horrible thing is the missions baby step you until a certain point then pull of the training wheels so quickly you have no idea what you are doing. Mechanics with this series have been a terrible problem but in this game they are to heavy to ignore. Expand
  28. Dec 21, 2013
    ACIII is a desperate try on Ubisoft's side; a try to be new, refreshing and innovative, a try to be patriotic, heroic and meaningful. I'm not sure what the original story was, but there are so many bugs and issues (honestly, it is so far the most problematic title I have ever laid my hands on) that you can't even get to the core of it. An almost complete abandonment of the legacy of the previous titles, ACIII is surely to make more enemies than friends. Connor has some big shoes to fill after Ezio, and fails miserably, looking more like a spoiled brat than a hero you could identify yourself with. There is a somewhat good game buried in there, but because it's trying too hard to be too many things, and fails as far as simple mechanics is concerned, you have to force yourself to find it enjoyable. Expand
  29. Oct 30, 2012
    A series ends brethren! That's it, no more Assassin's Creed in future. I cannot go into details without spoiling, so I just say they pulled off Mass Effect 3 with this game. What a shame to see a legacy end like this. At least the story of Connor was good, whilst the story of Desmond was not. Funny how Lucy was never mentioned, looks like had no clue how to make a satisfying ending. It just come tumbeling down. Expand
  30. May 1, 2013
    AC3 is the best Assassin's Creed game yet, at least that's what I would be saying if the story was better. That is the main thing that was wrong with this game. The gameplay is much better with lots more variety and I love the naval side missions but the story and pacing are the let down here. I find Connor alot less interesting than Ezio and the game tells a good story in the univers of AC but Connor as a character just isn't as good. The pacing is also an issue, you don't actually get to play as connor with his full abilities until sequence 6 which is a shame. Multiplayer has improved again with wolfpack mode being very fun if you get good teamates. This game is good but has a lot of potential Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Mar 6, 2013
    The Assassin’s Creed formula of fighting and parkour is starting to get old, even with the ability to climb trees now. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness of the series, or maybe it’s just less interesting to toss crates of tea into the harbour than to hunt and kill corrupt bishops.
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    This review is getting long-winded so let's wrap it up. Assassin's Creed III is the biggest and most ambitious Assassin's Creed title yet, but a few missteps leaves it short of being the series' best. In spite of my excessive nitpicking, Assassin's Creed III is great game and a must-have for any Assassin's fan.
  3. Nov 26, 2012
    A great continuation of the Assassin's Creed series because of the strong visuals, gameplay and story. Though it must be said that the story gets somewhat boring towards the end, which leaves a sour taste.