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  1. Apr 5, 2013
    Excellent game. The first AC game I actually enjoyed. I loved the old colonial Boston and New York. as well as the frontier. Overall it is a great open-world game.
  2. Apr 16, 2013
    I love the AC series everything about it is so fun this one is no different a great storyline good combat graphics and characters a must buy for any AC fan
  3. Apr 25, 2013
  4. Jun 19, 2013
    This game came so close to being better than number 2 for me. It they just decided to not care about people who didn't play the others (sorry about that) the game could have been perfect. Some game-play decisions in the story could have been better, mainly sequence 5,7,8. Some minor decisions like capacity got me mad but besides that I enjoyed this game, to all you bashing it, screw off, don't buy it, its funny how this was one of the most selling game of 2012. Expand
  5. Jun 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. AC3 is a nice game to learn the hisory and be a part of the revolution. But killing a major character like Desmond Miles is a BS. The gameplay is a little different but better than the previous games. The multiplayer feels a little different than Revelations.
    I give AC3 a deserved 9/10
  6. Aug 10, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 3! I am a big fan of the AC series, but this...I was blown and surprised for the FIFTH time! Ubisoft did another great game and this time it was their master piece.

    In AC3 you play as Connor, an entirely new assassin. He is born in a Native American village where you start off as a kid. You learn how to track, hide, hunt, climb and many more. After being threatened by
    Charls Lee, you swear that you will find him and kill him.
    The game does a great job of introducing you to the characters. You quickly get attached to Connor as you play trough the story. Your heart will constantly be going crazy while exploring or just watching the cutscenes.

    The controls of the game are very nice and smooth. You can quickly switch between targets in a fight which make combat that much dynamic and brutal. The new tree climbing is simply one of the best things in the game. You will find yourself jumping from tree to tree, hang people with your rope dart and fight many enemies while at the same time avoiding being shot. The dynamic fights will make you want to love this game even more! The way animations work is stunning.
    2-3 enemies at a time can attack you at the same time and you will often find your self doing really bada*s moves to counter them in cool ways that feel so natural. You can quickly switch from enemy to enemy with flick of an analog stick. You can counter one enemy while fighting another and the coolest part is that you can quickly change to the weapon you want kill the target with that weapon when you counter them.
    While combat is great and fun, climbing is improved SO MUCH that you will never want to see a horse in your entire time playing, except maybe when chasing people. It feels so natural that you feel like you can do this even in real life. Climbing trees and rocks will change your AC gaming experience so much that you wouldn't ever want to move away from this game.

    The game also has ships in it. That's right...SHIPS! The way they've made their new engine work is very good. The water, wind, battles all those things are incredibly well done. It feels realistic and you can really feel like a sailor. The physics in the game are great. Being able to command and improve your own ship is an aspect of the game the polishes it.

    Besides some glitches here and there with the lipsynching, posters sinking into the walls (these have happened only once in the 30 hours I've played) and somewhat boring side missions although they can be really fun at times, the game is just beautiful. Parkour, assassination, hunting, board games, well done cutscenes, different languages, great voice acting, great graphics, amazing story line, likeable characters, trading, sailing, fort infiltrating and many more.

    My final score is 9/10 just because of those side missions. They had to work a little bit more on those. In previous games the side missions were very fun and a good way to have nice laugh, but here you will find yourself carrying some sick people to a doctor, defending farmers or simply beating up some bullies. There are of course things to collect which makes you explore even more the big world of AC3. But please somebody beat up the idiot that thought of putting in such a bad picklocking mechanic.

    This is by far the best Assassin's Creed game yet. Let's hope Ubisoft can keep that up.
  7. Sep 28, 2013
    "Assassin's Creed III" en mi opinión el mejor de la franquicia; es porque ésta vez todo es totalmente mejorado: los gráficos, la historia, las ciudades, los personajes son más interesantes y demás. Sería un juego perfecto, pero solo le resté un punto por su final, si bien no es malo, es de todas maneras muy insatisfactorio.
  8. Oct 27, 2013
    I got this game on release day and for me it is the best game in the series. Sure for some people, me included the ending is just plain stupid and Ubisoft is forgetting about the assassin part in the name but this is not a bad game at all. The story is good and has a good portrayal of that time, the environment looks amazing and offers the player new things to do and explore. In all another good assassins creed game much needed after the disaster of revelations> if you want to see a bad assassins creed game, just look at revelations. Expand
  9. May 11, 2014
    es un juego muy bueno sin duda los que digan que es malo se equivocan es bueno destaca en todo pero no tanto como los otros assassins creed y se retoma lo mejor que caracterizo la saga aparte de la historia
  10. Dec 22, 2013
    While Assassin's Creed III has great combat, a visually stunning world, and a lot to do, the game has some huge, fatal flaws that detract from the enjoyment. Slow pacing, bad story, and an overwhelming amount of content hold Assassin's Creed III back from the greatness the previous entries achieved.
  11. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassin's Creed 3 is a good game, it's probably the best in the series. The game looks great and the controls are smooth. I found a few bugs,but nothing too serious. It pretty well improved on almost every aspect. Although they improved on many things, it still feels like the same game as before,which isn't a problem but it's more of a been there done that. Then again it's hard to find originality today anyway. This game reminded me a bit like Red Dead Redemption, and I shouldn't have to explain why, then again it's not a bad thing. The game still looks great,sounds great and plays smooth, I give it an 8 because I have played better games than this which are more fun. This game IS fun but I do not think it deserves a perfect score. The negative reviews on this game do not make any sense. A game where it controls bad,looks awful and isn't fun, should get a low score. This game has all the elements for a good game,there is nothing wrong with it in terms of playability. I found the game to be a little ont he easy side, but then again, most games today like to cater to the casual gamer anyway. It is really a personal preference, but by no means does this game deserve a 0-6 or even a 10. It's just a solid game and it's worth a look. If you loved the other AC games, then you will love this one even more. If you did not like the other AC games, then you wont like this one either.... 8/10 - Great! Expand
  12. Dec 21, 2012
    Everything (that we've learned to love and hate) is here. Gameplay, graphics, mechanics, we all know what to expect. Does this mean A3 is more of the same? No. And this is why I'm giving it a positive review. A3 is a breath of fresh air, even though it's pretty much the same game from before. It's the small tweaks that made the difference. The environment (finally leaving old Europe) is gorgeous, with a beautiful scenery and an open world that reminded me of Red Dead Redemption. The whole concept is fantastic as well (the assassins and the templars involved with the American Revolution). The new character, Connor (it's impossible to write his Indigenous name) is an interesting one, with a charm of his own; and it's great to play with someone else then Ezio. Another great addition are the naval battles, which function as the best mini-game in the series so far. I don't know where Ubi is taking this franchise but this time, at least, they really offered something with a new taste. And, for me, gave the series some lifetime to burn. Not the best game in the world (and not the best game of 2012) but a great game nevertheless. Must not be missed. Expand
  13. Nov 7, 2012
    First off - Big Assassin's Creed Fan, so naturally I was waiting for this to hit the shelves since its announcement. In short - It's a game that will not disappoint however in my opinion, hasn't got enough to blow it out of the park. The character development was all too quick (even though the intro was quite long), I just thought Connor went from being a boy to a 'man on a mission' all to quickly. For example, one second Achilles is going to train him and BAM 6 months later: Master Assassin. Connor himself is a great character but he lacks the charm and likeablilty the Ezio has. He reminds me a little bit of Altair, and to be honest, the game resembles AC-I quite a lot (Long travels in between cities and horse rides that have become not all that fun anymore). The combat however is really good (however it does take some getting used to), new weapons are great, naval missions are superb and hunting is also well executed. This game is by no means a bad game, however I think if it had more elements of Ezio's installments mixed in with these new features, it would of made for a masterpiece. Still a must have in your AC Collection. Expand
  14. Nov 20, 2012
    Great game, BUT.....
    First of all the game have some fantastic scenarios and the fact that you can climb trees, hunt beers and what have you, is very entertaining.
    The rest of the game is as you would expect from Ubi-soft, except for all the bugs and there's A LOT of bugs.
    I thought AC:R was bad but this takes the ticket.
    First of all the mouth of the people in the cutscenes in the
    beginning of the game wasn't even moving. The horses looks horrible compared to earlier games and they move in mysterious ways.
    This might seem like small things but it's just so.....1995, and it ticks me off, hence dragging the whole experience down.
    With that said, it is AC after all, and it does give me the AC feeling, the AC challenges and the AC experience, so I will go for the platinum even for this game, I just think Ubi-soft would be better off if they had held for a couple of months more.
  15. Nov 14, 2012
    First I'd like to say that I enjoyed playing this game. But it was not quite what I had expected. The game is fun, sure, but it has the same flaw most games nowadays have: repetativity. There are some new features, building your village and hunting, but that's it. Like every AC, I really enjoyed it, but it just missed something that would make me Ooh and Aah!. Last negative point; the story doesn't interact too well with the open world. If two enemy's from the storyline walk past eachother out of a mission, the don't do anything. Also, the guys you help in the story will arrest you as quickly as your enemy out of a mission. Multiplayer is fun, but nothing new. I'd buy this game if you had a good time with other AC's, you'll enjoy playing this one. But don't expect anything overwhelming. Expand
  16. Dec 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I came into this with much baggage, thinking the team had gone too far in implementing an era that didn't really suit the previous chapters. How wrong I was! This period in time was sublime, fitting and engaging for almost all of the game. It does take a while to warm up, but once it does, the characters, environments, story and voice acting swallow you in for one amazing open world ride. Although the engine is aging, AC3 looks stunning almost all of the time, especially during the naval missions. My only gripes revolve around it's lacklustre protagonist, it's occasionally sketchy combat mechanics's bland, bland ending. If you think Mass Effect 3's was a letdown, wait till you see this brain fart! But at the end of the day, you're still left with one of the best titles of the year, and one that will be a thrill for anyone who appreciates a game that isn't riddled with the ADD swamped fury that our consoles have been plagued with a la FPS. Expand
  17. Nov 11, 2012
    I used to be one of those people who used the Metacritic site to find out whether I should consider buying a game or not. But it seems that's not reliable at all anymore, and the site's been overrun by trolls. Sure, the game has some strange bugs and glitches (like Achilles multiplying in his house, and me walking into the room finding about 30 Achilleses saying hello (or whatever he says) in union, or commands suddenly not working, making it impossible to get the kill unless you reload to the last checkpoint, or riding on horseback till your horse gets stuck forcing you to abandon it), but I still really enjoy this game.There are open areas to explore, and hunt in, there are missions at sea where you have to commandeer a ship, there's a decent amount of sidequests in comparison to the length of the main storyline, the "special" climbing Ezio did in AC2 (he had to learn it from that thief-chick) is in this game aswell, but he does it automatically now, riding through town on horseback knocking people down is now their fault being in the way of the horse, running into people doesn't make you fall over all annoyingly like it did in 2, and the game just looks as awesome as always, so all in all, fun ! If I were to name a's too bad the maps aren't a bit bigger, especially the Frontier area. Expand
  18. Nov 6, 2012
    First things first, I friggin' loved this game, the gameplay feels familiar but also new and fresh and also insanely fun throughout. Visually, it looks great, from trailers and stuff I thought I was looking to be disappointed but now, the world and everything looks beautiful considering that the world is pretty huge and that I played it on Ps3, I'm betting you're getting quite the eye candy when the PC version rolls along.. So, gameplay, visuals and sound, all great, but what can I say about the story without using any spoilers? Well, if the story would have finished up nicely it would have been a solid 9 or even a 10, but now I have to give this game a 8/10, barely... The story is actually not bad, but towards the end it feels pretty rushed and it doesn't offer a satisfying conclusion for Desmond IMO, one would have expected something more than a cliffhanger as the ending to Desmond's AC trilogy, but it's clear that Ubisoft intends to push this franchise forward for a long time. To say the least, I was disappointed, sure it could've been worse but it could've been a lot better. I also didn't think Connor's story was that necessary, sure they do offer a reason why we play him but for me they could've focused all their energy on Desmond. Just didn't feel that balanced with two characters with such major roles. Still, as a finishing statement I do wish to say that AC3 is one of the strongest titles to be released this year, the gameplay and the tons of content (side missions/activities) kinda do make up for a lacking conclusion, so I can easily recommend this game to everyone. Even the ones bored about when Revelations came should be able to find value in this game. Expand
  19. Jun 14, 2013
    The story mode obiovusly isn't the focal point of this game. The naval missions are horrid and some of the full synchronization objectives makes you wanna shoot yourself in the face. And I didn't feel myself bonding as much w/ Connor as I did w/ Ezio. However, the combat is the best in the series, and free-roaming and open world aspect is amazing. Colonial America is breathtaking, the best map being the frontier w/ plenty to explore. Expand
  20. Nov 8, 2012
    It is definitely a different AC. There are things that are so different that takes away the fun from it, but some of the differences also add to it as well. Whilst recruiting assassins is a little bit more tedious, they make made up for this fact by actually having a back-story. They do feel like real characters. Especially also the characters in the homestead and others that you interact with. There is definitely a lot more focus on making a more realistic feel to the story. The game-play is good as usual though the combat still repetitive. Expand
  21. Nov 7, 2012
    Like most games, This game hits it on the nail in some areas, and falls short in others. The beginning is boring. I don't just mean the first half-hour either... I mean the first 4 hours will make you feel as though you just wasted every dollar you spent on this game. Luckily, this game is long, and once you reach sequence 6 or so, the game becomes a lot more interesting. The game is at its peak at sequences 6-10, but I found the last 2 sequences disappointing. In all, the main storyline is the best we've seen in the series at times, and the worst in the series at times. One moment you're charging across a huge, epic, battlefield on your own looking to kill a Loyalist general, the next you're doing a frustrating, boring escort mission. One moment you're engaging an enemy in a gorgeous, fun, and challenging naval battle, the next you're sighing at a glitch causes 5 city criers to spawn in the exact same spot. One moment your character is in jail, scheming his escape, the next you're on a boat, with nothing to do except dreadfully boring story missions. Also, there were very few classic assassinations (something that I feel Brotherhood and Revelations lacked as well). Some of the best moments in the whole series came during assassin's creed 1 when altair was carrying out assassination missions, and I feel like this is something that could be integrated more in the modern titles. The naval battles, the hunting, the tree-climbing, and certain parts of the campaign are the best parts of the game (seriously, the naval battles are f**king awesome). The plot is good, but not great. Connor is not as likeable as past characters. He is not humble and is extremely rude to his mentor. The game builds up a great deal of doubt to whether or not the assassins are truly on the right ride of things or not, and this weighs on Connor greatly. However, Connor never truly finds the answers to the questions he is looking for. Just as I was, he seemed confused and ungrounded in his beliefs at the game's conclusion. because of this, many people like me will be unsatisfied with the resolution of Connor's story. Connor's story also comes to a rather abrupt end. Desmond's role is much more fun and engaging then before, but it is still short and sweet. The ending of the game in the modern era is.... interesting. No spoilers but Its not exactly a good ending, but I don't think it was terrible either (not like ME3 or anything). It is definitely set up for more sequels which is good (and these sequels will likely take place entirely in the modern era, which will be very interesting). I did not have problems with being chased while incognito like a lot of other reviewers, but the game is still very buggy. I could go on, but you get the point. Must have if you're a fun, strongly recommended if you're not, however, This is not the game of the year material we were all hoping for. Expand
  22. Dec 7, 2012
    Finally, Assassin's Creed gets some renovation. After 2 COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY half-sequels, half-add-ons a full-scale part of the franchise is out. But does it live up to the expectations of the grand ending of the trilogy? Not quite. Firstly, the story. AC3 introduces a new era - American Revolution, and with it, a new character - Connor Kenway (who also has some long unpronounceable Indian name) The main plot is quite alright, with Ubisoft actually fulfilling the promise not to make the game pro-american. It's not, you have to fight against the patriots as well as the redcoats and the Founding Fathers aren't idealised at all, with George Washington himself being shown as a weak leader and a poor tactician. I personally don't have problems with the main character (and I certainly don't find him worse than the overrated Ezio Auditore), but one thing can't be denied - when compared to his own father (who serves as a secondary protagonist for like, 4 hours of gameplay), he lacks his charm and charisma. If Ubisoft decides to make another annual half-baked "sequel" (and they will, everyone loves money), they should definitely devote it to Haytham's backstory. However, as for the modern-age plot with Desmond struggling to save the world, things are not as bright. Desmond's missions are stupid and boring, and the ending is totally underwhelming, it's not an ending in fact, just an open gate for a sequel of some kind. I was hugely disappointed by that, since I liked Desmond's story before. Now to the technical part of the game. It looks just beautiful - AnvilNext provides some beautiful scenery, especially the Frontier. The protagonist's animations have been remade, and now just watching Connor climb the trees and jump over fences is a joy. The game suffered from some glitches in its 1.0 version, but that didn't ruin the game for me. Anyway, to the gameplay. It's still the AC gameplay you're all used to, no revolution here, sadly, just a few tweaks. Same lame "stealth", ending with you forced to go into an open fight 9 out of 10 times, basically the same combat system (with one change - you don't need going into the blocking stance to counter, so it's a bit faster and smoother) One welcome addition is the sea battles. Connor takes the role of the Captain of the Aquila, the Assassins' fleet flagship, and crosses the seas, fighting other vessels, while boarding some of them. One thing that I'd like to mention, is the soundtrack. Ubisoft somewhy didn't hire Jesper Kyd for it, so Lorne Balfe took his place. While the main theme is memorable, most other tunes are not, and that is a shame, since Jesper Kyd's music helped a lot to dive into the atmosphere of a particular age. To sum up, it's a good game, neither much better nor worse than AC2 in my opinion, mostly improving over its predecessor. One thing that it shows is that the franchise doesn't need to go Call-of-Duty-like annual. It's the first game in the franchise since AC2 that I actually enjoyed. Expand
  23. Jan 26, 2013
    Easily the game of the year, "Assassin's Creed 3" is a exciting, emotional roller-coaster of a game. The setting and storyline are compelling and the new main character, Conner, has a character arc that equals that of his predecessor in this series, the much-beloved Ezio. The gameplay is top-notch as well, with streamlined combat and free-running. Also, the naval combat (which was the element of I was most skeptical when reading about the game) is amazingly fun. Seriously, they could do an entire DLC of just naval mission and I would be happy.

    The only things that stop this amazing game from receiving a 9 or 10 from me is the side games, economy, and rewards. In many of the places you go there is the option to play a board game with someone. These games are obscure, boring, and ultimately pointless as they don't really add much to the overall experience. The crafting and selling of goods is terribly cumbersome and takes far too long to get even one trading caravan on the road (a menu redesign for this element is all it would take for the next AC - the idea behind it is solid). The big problem I have with this game, however, is the fact that you have to subscribe to Uplay in order to get the extras that are promised in-game. I don't have a problem with wanting to make some extra money and all, but if you have a slot for Conner to have a new outfit in the $60 package I've paid for, shouldn't the outfit or weapon that goes there be unlockable in that package? I found that aspect to be the most troublesome of all.

    These quibbles detract only slightly from the game, however. Assassin's Creed 3 is the game I hoped it would be and I look forward to seeing Conner take part in other events in American history. The war of 1812, perhaps?
  24. Nov 9, 2012
    Well, it's a little hard to describe AC3. As soon as I saw all the content and bonus stuff it had to offer, I was just about ready to jump on here and give it 10/10. I have to admit that I'm...well, not disappointed, discouraged. The game is absolutely beautiful but that comes as no surprise. The story and character are new but everything else just seems to be the same, and it's quickly becoming outdated. Connor's voice acting is very stale and cheesy at times. The worst thing about this game is that sometimes it loses fun and feels more like a chore. However, given the sheer number of things to do, and the fact that the old Hidden Blade hasn't yet lost its thrill, I would still say that AC3 is a good game. I just hope that the next one takes a bigger step forward. Expand
  25. Nov 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ah...Assassin's Creed, how I love this series.
    Unfortunately, I can't call AC 3 the best of the series, or even my favorite.
    But that doesn't mean it is a bad game, oh no! The start of our Assassin's story begins with quite a twist! ...But I wouldn't spoil to much about it.
    It was interesting to see the story from the point of view from a character who isn't an Assassin though. But after the start it quickly follows the old AC formula, kill these Templars (in an interesting way) to progress with the story, meet interesting people from history and do some free-running. Not that the formula is bad, it's one of the reason I enjoy the games! But there are some things about it that just piss me off, Connor has a chance to kill one of the major Templars on more than one ocassion...But doesn't! Even after the bastard left Connor to die/fend for himself everytime he left! That pissed me off a little... he has his reasons of course, but whatever. Another thing I truly loved were the missions on sea.
    Not only did the ocean look beautiful on a clear sunny day, and terrifying during storms, the combat between ships was some of the most fun I had while playing. Sinking pirate ships, boarding ships and fighting the crew on deck and simply sailing around was tons of fun! I hope Ubisoft makes use of the engine they used for AC 3 to make a pirate game! But let's continue with this review. Though I enjoyed the sailing side-quests (I promise to shut up about them now) I didn't really bother with the rest of the side-quests. You can chase and collect Almanac pages (which frustrated the hell out of me), collect feathers (which I only did in the turtorial mission), hunt, brawl, Frontier mysteries, take Assassination contracts and so much more... Honestly, to me it seemed like all that stuff was just there to pad out the game. Then again, solving some of those Frontier Mysteries was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the music they used for the Brawls! The rest I didn't really do. As for the Homestead? I can't say that I hated it.
    I generally liked building up the village and as I did more missions, I felt closer to the people living there. There is this one mission where the abusive husband of one of the women living in your Homestead tries to break into her home and take her back, or beat her up or whatever...I wasn't really paying attention because I really hated that guy and was filled with glee as my fellow villagers and I stomped the **** out of him and his friends. But, unfortunately, in most of the missions you have to do for them to make your village grow and gain more crafting material (more on that later) it feels as if they are to lazy to do it themselves (even though some have good reasons, like being a deserter for example) or that you have to hold their hand while you are doing it. Another part of the Homestead is the whole crafting/trading buisiness.
    ...I can honestly say that I did very little with it. I crafter a few weapons, and traded maybe three or four times in the entire game. It just seemed like something else to pad out the game with, and not really an all that usefull future... But I'm sure there are some people who enjoy micro-managing this sort of stuff. Now to our two main characters.
    Desmond: Honestly? When I first heard of this game I thought that we would finally get to play as Desmond. Jumping around exploring modern cities to find clues left behind by the First Civ that could help save the world, while fighting Abstergo as they are hot on their heels. And maybe finally build up a real relationship with his team through real conversations and fighting side by side, instead of the short talks we get when we leave the Animus (and the e-mails you recieve). But no, even though we do get some short (and pretty fun) missions with Des, I never really got to know him. Or cared for him as I did for Altaïr, Ezio and even Connor. Connor: I liked Connor, but not as much as the previous Assassins. Through Ezio and Altaïr we really got to know what the Assassins stood for, the history of their order in their homeland and why they fought. Connor does have a pretty good reason for wanting to fight the Templars, I give him that. But you never really seem to see him as an Assassin. We only hear about the dissapearance of the Brotherhood through short talks and an entry in the database, and we don't see much of his training either. I still liked him, even though he didn't express much emotion (aside from the occasional angry outburst.).

    Anyway, this was my review!
    Despite some negativety on my part, I really liked it! I still have some pet peeves (like how everyone politely waits, and attacks one at a time, in combat. Waiting to be slaughtered) but I'm running out of words. All I wish to say is that I enjoyed this series, and hope to see more of it! (Which is pretty damn likely, considering the sequel bait at the end of the game!)
  26. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassins Creed 3 is a true evolution of character & era, personally the greatest thing about the AC franchise has always been the movement of your character. The movement feels much smoother throughout every AC and in AC3 it feels as smoother then it ever has been from a light feint step to simply sneaking into bushes and quickly climbing trees, the agile free running feels effortless with the press of one button held down and the combat feels as fluid as ever. The presentation and animation seemed like they were improved too a new height for the franchise and the visuals are stunning and brings along a strong value of exploration for vast amount of side missions while displaying some beautiful scenery of America on your journey throughout the game. The minor downfalls would be the odd dull dialogues which made me doze of at times as well a slow pace of story throughout the game which takes a bit of patience for those who await some action, the technical sides are not a big deal to me but the odd long loading screen does get annoying and the odd glitch and frame rate do appear at time. Another minor con would be the camera angles at times. The highlight system for me personally has always annoyed me in all the ACs but it tends to develop into your style of play. The greatest achievement for Ubisoft is the fruition of ideas being well thought of and carefully implemented into the game as well as creating a great plot from our human history and illustrating a great movie like title with Connor being the star of the show. Nothing bad to say about AC3 but it falls a bit short from a masterpiece and almost equals AC2 in terms of satisfaction and game play. Expand
  27. Nov 2, 2012
    Game isn't perfect, few are. Combat system is different than past AC titles and a bit more annoying to get use to. audio between npcss can be annoying as well, as the files seem to be a little corrupt at times. For those complaining, again, about Lucy storyline not being told, you obviously haven't played this game, there are many conversations involving her this time. Most of the negative reviews seem to be from people trying to rush through the game and skipping side quest stuff and not allowing themselves to be fully emersed with the conversations with npcs. As for it feeling different than the other AC titles...of course it is, it would be ridiculous if the eras felt the same dont you think?? Beginning of the game is kinda boring and ver cinematic, however, give the game till you're using Connor fully before you make a full opinion on the game. Expand
  28. Jan 23, 2013
    I enjoyed the game, tho the gameplay and story didn't get me as involved as Assassin's Creed II. The ship battle was excellent, so overall I would consider this game a good one.
  29. Nov 3, 2012
    Ok so I just finished this game and must say it's disappointing. The graphics are severely glitchy (i can make cows walk thru each other, soldiers pass thru walls, and dead men stand, etc). The game play/controls are not as user friendly as the last few games and the recruits are a joke. It is a good game but not nearly as good as the 10 out of 10 reviews given to it by some prelaunch critics. Will I replay it, definitely. However i regret spending the $60 on it new when i could have waited or it to show up in the used bin at my local game store. It was a nice idea but I hate to say Ubisoft should have spent a little more time on the details. I give it a solid 8 it's good, but could have been better. Expand
  30. Nov 5, 2012
    alright lets see... im going to start this out with a rating of 9/10 because i was super pumped for this game ever since it was first announced. but.... the only reason such a high score is that i found the gameplay to be interesting; i really appreciated the visually pleasing graphics that were added into this and the main story line was flawless (almost like a movie). that said, i do believe that the game was too much of "a movie". it seemed as if every 5 minutes there was another cinematic taking over my gameplay. and taking away from my experience. now i did LOVE the open world and the home front and homestead etc... i found it to be a great place to have fun and learn how to perfect your free-running skills and mess around with the entirely re-built combat system. i did like the combat system, though difficult to handle i loved the new moves that just kept coming, it seemed as if every other fight i was finding all new finisher moves for example this is one i just found, i went to ambush a platoon of redcoats on the road and i laid trip mines on front of them and when it went off i ran in with my tomahawk and cuts a mans throat and threw my rope dart into someones heart leaving him standing and bleeding out prefusley :D. it blew my mind. but back to it, i do remember hearing about 2 dozen different animals that you are to be able to hunt? i only killed about 7 or 8 of them regularly and most of the time you only see either a fox, rabbit, deer, or bear, a cougar on one occasion but that was it :/. i was disappointed with that outcome. but mainly the only reason this game is not a 10/10 is simply because there are just too many glitches. on too many occasions have i been walking and my whole upper body freezes stiff or people are stuck in trees or the cinematic s are making it so the characters mouths dont move or my personal favorite, the one where when you are in a cinematic and the voices get ahead of the characters actions according to what they are saying. it is not only confusing but also extremely aggravating. this is an amazing game but Ubisoft could've probably paid more attention to detail. Expand
  31. Jan 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think this game is cool because it got cool warfares and fighting moves but too bad...i had nocticed that MOST of the Assassin's Creed series have endings that ended with u unexpected and a feeling of not enough explanation. (Also, AC series doesnt like boss fight or huge warfares at the end) I always loved how the story goes, like there is Present Day and back to the animus. Too bad for wat? Well, i think its too bad that the game is such a great invention but so short. Sleeping Dogs will be the example of Assassin's Creed III. I thought there will be a long way to play after Desmond plug in the power sourse and we will get back to Connor. Well, we DID. YEAH, AFTER THE CREITS. Everytime i finished a AC game, i HAVE to do research for wat the hell happened at the end or wat s gonna happen. I DID NOT expect touching a ball will be the end of Desmond and all. But the reason why i gave a very high score, is because the warfares and fighting are very fun. I remembered that there are canon warfares and ship warfares but...i think they place the warfares on the wrong spot. Expand
  32. Nov 15, 2012
    Hold your breath! Assassin's Creed III is better than "Revelations" hands down! But sadly isn't quite as epic as Assassin's Creed II. It still falls prey to same glitch effects like the previous' and at times you'll get annoyed and think umm what just happened? Don't worry it's just the animus, it's just the damn animus!!!........But away from the negative for a while. The game perfectly captures the essence of the American revolution and the whole new update of graphics from the engine make the Italian Renaissance from Assassin's Creed II look like Prototype. Story is fine (Not cliched, nicely original) but Connor's character is a tad annoying, and it's development is often confusing. The game's scenes are also quite fast paced, you'll often feel like your watching a movie at times than playing a video game but aside, overall the environment and red dead redemption inspired hunting makes the replay value quite pleasing. Great game! could have been longer with more game play throughout the story. Expand
  33. Nov 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Overall, the game was great. The fights were more fluid and the facial expressions, while unnecessary, were nice. With the ability to easily climb up trees and through forests, it was fun to hunt prey, human or animal. The Homestead missions and Peg Leg missions were fun, but felt long and pointless even for Assassin's Creed. The trading aspect was interesting, but again pointless. You never had any use for it except for the dual pistol holder. The language, society, and technology of the time was represented well. Beginning with Haythem was a nice touch and the fact that it turned out he was a Templar was surprising to say the least. And even when you later joined up with Haythem as Conner. The liberation side missions were the perfect thing to get away from the drag the main story could become if you're anal about 100% sync. The story was quite enjoyable with interesting twists and decisions. Desmond sacrificing himself to save the world was surprising and leads one to wonder, "What's next?" The game was definitely lacking in overall joining of all the elements within the game, but it did not distract from the overall enjoyment of the game. Expand
  34. Nov 19, 2012
    As a big fan of the AC series, I am incredibly pleased with the awesomeness that is this game. It has come a long way from it's clunky great-great-grandfather, Assassin's Creed I. This game is full of exciting moments, great character development and solid gameplay. I was worried that using the trees instead of rooftops would bog down the free-running mechanic, but I was so so wrong. It makes it better. The only thing that holds this game back from knocking AC II off of its pedestal as the greatest AC game is that the protagonist, Connor, is pretty bland and uninteresting, but I really hope that he has a chance to develop in later instalments of the franchise. The other thing that bogs this game down is the ending. It is incredibly confusing and just plain bad. So, overall this game is a must buy for any fans of the series, I had fun with it, and I'm sure most of you will too. Expand
  35. Nov 23, 2012
    First of all, the gameplay is truly awesome and the changes made into the mini-games and mostly into the combat system are for the best. The new engine provides us fresh graphics and the story is great (even if it's a bit hard to follow). Now, on the downside: so many glitches! You truly can't have a whole gaming session without being attacked by guards even if incognito or getting stuck into a mountain! So overall it's great if you can get passed the bugs and I'm looking forward for patches. Expand
  36. Dec 16, 2012
    AC III is a controversial game. It's obvious that it will be percieved through the prism of latest games in the series. The Revolutionary War feels epic but the new protagonist in the middle of it is more likely catalyst of action, rather than main revolutionist of the plot. Just like Altair, to be fair, during The Third Crusade. Connor, new assassin, is not quite dull as it seems. He is a pride Mohawk, weighing every word. At the end of the game he is 18-19. Ezio was at the 19 when he became an assassin. Altair was 24. Maybe Connor isn Expand
  37. Jan 1, 2013
    This is one of the games which i've been looking forward to for like the entire year. AC 3 came back to what made AC 2 as good as it was, the major storyline was very refreshing since it was not set in Italy but the entire indian thing did not exacly work for my. The main protagonist Connor lacks most of the epicness which Ezio had in the previous parts of AC. Where I think people might want to be Ezio, they probably were annoyed by certain things Connor does. But there were also a lot of stronger points in AC 3. I liked the graphics and the environment pretty much and the brand new animals in the game. Than there is mister Kenway who made the start of the game rather confusing for me because I expected to play Connor. It ended up that Haytham Kenway was like the character i'd wanted to play in stead of Connor, he makes the player doubt the assassins and he shows what the templars are. Even though the game wasn't as good as i expected it would be, it still was a pretty decent game. I might recommend to most of my friends who'd like AC but the epicness is mostly putten away by Connor. Expand
  38. Jan 6, 2013
    Here's what you need to know about AC III: it is a good game. There are some gameplay and visual issues here and there, but it is by no means a broken or bad game. The problem with it being a "good" game is that we were promised something revolutionary and spectacular, and Ubisoft did not deliver in that respect. If you enjoyed the other games in this series, there is still enough fun to be had with AC III. Expand
  39. Jan 18, 2013
    Reviewed it for friends long back , hope it helps people here ,

    So yeah played & completed Assassins Creed 3 , i guess it took me 14-15 hours to complete the main story alone , Sequences are quite big & some missions are annoying at first till you get the hang of it , so here are my thoughts / review if you will of the game , I'm keeping it spoiler free as much as possible ,

    +ves :

    - Great environmental graphics , good character models though the graphics for then could be a little better but still they are really good
    -Desmonds missions are quite well done though they lack a map to guide but navigation is relatively simple so not a biggie
    -The ending ties the story together very well so you don't find any lose ends to criticize
    -Haytham is an awesome character introduced in the series , stole the show for me
    -Audio is class , feels like you are living the revolution
    -Rope darts are a joy to use , purchasable weapons help , swords , axes are really useful to killing big commanders in case there is no ammo or rope dart is used up

    -ves :
    -Weak individual character build up except a few characters who are really nailed spot on , some characters storyline seem to take a odd turn and while not bad at all they aren't digestible
    -Hunting is poorly inspired , they could have done so much better , the QTE events just take the fun right out of it
    -Naval combat is a interesting concept & while it does work good to the point of no serious issue , complains do arise due to tight handling of the ship & navigating & defending the ship amidst of a enemy attack while rotating a confused camera is a annoying job
    -The world doesn't encourage you much, to explore it's beauty , and it still feels like jumping from one sandbox to another
    -Tomahawk is a overrated weapon , weapons available for purchase are overpriced
    - Tree climbing is not a very helpful skill that it could have been & if not properly skilled the player is slowed down , and finding the 2-3 specific types of trees in a situation of danger is troublesome

    Overall for a first outing by a 3rd person open world game set in colonial America it does a real good job of capturing all the important events while keeping you entertained , some of it's flaws aside , this is one game that any open world enthusiast and above a conspiracy theory nut should not miss , considering the ending i am glad this is my first assassins creed game purchase :p

    AssassinS Creeds 3 >>> 8/10
  40. Jan 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a great game, but its without a doubt, the worst in the series. As a stand alone game, it feels more like a GTA sandbox than an AC one, with a protagonist of grayish morality that works with many factions (Assassins, Templars, British, Patriots), without developing a significant bond with any of them, each one represented by a set of quirky or interesting NPC that give you an errand, even the "traitor figure", the one that is friendly at first, introduces you to the world, betrays you and is confronted in the end (Dimitry, Gary, etc), can be seen in Charles Lee. To this, one must add the more horizontal focus on the game and the fact that the horse is your main transportation method. ENVIROMENT and SETTING: the colonial period as a setting is a bad choice, since firearms have been introduced in previous games, the time period brings nothing new, the architecture is the same in both Boston and New York, specially when it comes to viewpoints as they are the same goddamn church, and the only variation is the mast in beacon hill. The frontier can feel claustrophobic and slow at times specially during winter, since you are surrounded by vertical elements that you cant always climb. There are places that look gorgeous, like the fields of New York, but the game doesnt encourage their exploration, they are dead space. Even as a history element, it could be argued that Desmond and company must search in america because they are pinned there, but they seem to change locations with ease.
    MAP: the map has its problems, as certain mission only show up when discovered, and it is difficult to distinguish an explored place from an unexplored one. COMBAT: The main innovation is regenerative health and the different strategies for different enemies, however health only goes up outside of combat, and most enemies can only be attacked in one way, leaving no room for variation of combos. WEAPONS: Unlike previous AC games, most weapons are unlocked since the begining for you to buy, in the end you realize that the best weapons are acquired early on, and are even cheaper than most of them. Your FISTS are FREE and are EQUALLY EFFECTIVE. STEALTH: The AC franchise is known for the ability to blend in the crowd, but in this installment all the variety introduced in the last 3 games seems pointless, when your are chased by guards and decide to hide in a bench, well, or haystack, one will always stay behind and search your hiding spot, eventually finding you if you dont kill him, and if you do the others might see you, thus making it more effective to just kill them all in place. You can cross through whole buildings to evade platoons, but chances are there is another one on the other side, and such places require you to stop and look for them. You can pass near "Vigilantes" to stop them, but they are few and far in between. Only one NPC is required to blend. The detection rate has gone up so climbing rooftops can be hard withouth alerting the whole city. SHOPS: Since AC 2 there have been plenty of different shops each with its own merchandise, however in AC3, they all share the same inventory, and have to be discovered by entering them, all the shops in the world are basically one. SIDE-MISSIONS: These are the core gameplay of a free roaming game, and its where AC3 fails hard, as they interconect and the pacing of their introduction render some pointless, mainly due to relying on the crafting system which really only progresses with the story, for example Almanacs must be chased after, normally with a conga line of red arrows, collecting them unlocks RECIPES with high requirements and when you craft them they are DECORATIVE INVENTIONS, that you cant use in any way. Overall, the unlocks consist in outfits, but most of them dont carry the Assassin theme. In summary it feels that they build the game around the crafting, hunting and naval mission systems, rewarding you with the activity itself rather than a final prize. STORY: This game learned nothing from its predecesor, having instead 3 protagonists, the intro confuses more than anything and only shows how little development Desmond has, his sections are walking from one cutscene to another, where the delivery come from an obviously evil "ghost"?, they made the terrible mistake of using a character from a tie-in comic as a pivotal one, mr Cross, whose appearence is sudden and everyone seems to know him, and a lil' wiki check on him only comes up with better material for possible games. Haytham and Connor's history is disjointed and shallow in importance, the first one isn't the antagonist, an exists solely for a plot twist in the begining and to reinforce the templar/assassin dichotomy, as for the latter, he shifts both his alliance and his hatred of his situation so much that he just seems hateful for no reason.
  41. Feb 18, 2013
    Bottom Line: Given the amount of options and exploration, there are many ways to both love and loathe Assassins Creed 3. The good news is with so much variety, a player can craft the perfect story that provides the best game play experience.

    Assassins Creed 3 is a fun game. The game is not afraid to explore the darker side of the American Revolution. There is a lot to do in the
    adventure sandbox world of Assassins Creed 3 because the sandbox is littered with thousands of mini-games like hunting game, liberating areas from Templar control, securing trade routes, searching for treasure, etc., etc. The game also includes a new feature that adds an additional dimension of gameplay. This new feature is captaining your own frigate battleship. This additional gameplay mechanic allows players the ability to engage in naval battles against the British red coats. However, given all these options, there is a certain amount of monotony that accompanies these mini-games. The only real reward is money or the ability to make more money. Perhaps a better incentive would be unlocking new missions and content after mastering a mini-game. Until then I am going to avoid the activities that I find tedious. A part of me feels that the developers of Assassins Creed are ashamed of the game’s core mechanics, which are the assassinations of high profile target. So they make numerous mini-games to appease their unwarranted feelings of embarrassment. Don’t be embarrassed Assassins Creed; the assassinations are the best part and at least the story is compelling. In Assassin Creed 3 we get to explore colonial America through the lens of Connor who is the protagonist of this game. For what it is worth Connor is an amazingly compelling character because of his development throughout the game, but I couldn't help but hate him to for all the whining that he does. In addition there are so many moments where Connor fights with the idea of being an assassin and even believes he doesn't need to kill Templars to accomplish his objective. He will soon find that showing mercy is a terrible trait to have for an assassin. Expand
  42. Feb 19, 2013
    The story would have been almost perfect had Ubisoft not jumped through the story so fast, I enjoyed the new assassin Connor with the new features such as better firearms, cover, and weapons but I must admit, there were a few plot-holes that made me a little disappointment, nevertheless it made a good ending to the Assassin's Creed game series
  43. May 18, 2013
    Assassin's Creed III.
    Note: I have decided to include 2 new segments to this review, because there are some things that I can't consider good, or bad.
    Good Points:
    + The Period of time, the American Revolution is a great time to explore how an assassin and templar brotherhood could have installed there. Haytham Kenway, he's an excellent character and just impossible not to like. The
    comeback of more than 1 city (although you had Capadoccia in Revelations, you practically played all in Constantinople) and the different characteristics of each individual place. The Frontier and the addition of animals and hunting is amazing. The Seasons, now you can have snow and is just beautiful. Climbing trees, it is very useful when you have to scape from something or you just don't want to go on the snow (or whatever reason you find). The Length of both, the story and all side quest, which gave a lot of fun hours. Naval Battles, all (even those who rated this game with a 0) know that this is a TRULY good point. The vast inventory (including heavy, small, normal weapons and also a lot of range weapons). The American Assassin Brotherhood; This time they gave importance to how you meet them and why they decided to join the Brotherhood, giving each Assassin a different background. The Present Day gets really fun on this one, by giving you missions to retrieve power sources. Soundtrack, I always say it's amazing, but I have no word for this one IT'S BRILLIANT. (sorry for that). The Forts, it's really fun to liberate them and take away all Red Coats. Noah Watts and Adrian Hough, they make and incredible voice acting giving it emotion and a really interesting atmosphere. Benedict Arnold missions are just OK and we're lucky that they're free because I wouldn't recommend them if you had to pay for it. The Assassin Suit, is definitely the best Assassin outfit so far. The outstanding graphics, this is visually the best AC game so far. The AnvilNext Engine, it makes the game more realistic and powerful than before (it is also a bad point, check why)
    Bad Points:
    - The Game truly starts at Sequence 8 (considering you unlock New York, the final location, in this sequence), which is a shame, because you don't get full liberty until half of the game. Sequence 1, memory 3 is way to long, there was no necessity of making the ship travel so long. The pacing of the story is very slow and you'll probably get bored in some part of the story. Making board games as part of 100% synchronization, it's awful! Nobody wants board games obligatory. The game is "in parts" you have to buy 1 DLC (Hidden Secrets) to have the full game. Horse Riding, is horrible and in the frontier worst; Red Dead Redemption succeeded to make and incredible horse riding, why can't this game?. One of the most bugged games I have seen, why couldn't they delay the game to make it without any bugs or glitches or leave it with just a few?. The AnvilNext Engine, it was overwhelming for the game in some moments, like now there's a lot of people in the city, but they disappear mysteriously while they're walking (I mean, what?). Stealth, it is totally gone, you kill a guard and the whole city knows it. There's no background music while you're not currently in a mission, and you're just playing for fun, and it helps getting you bored.
    (+ New Segment) Middle Points:
    Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor), I can't say if he is either a good or bad point, because he is so complex and it is up to you to tell if he is a good or bad character. But before, I most tell you something: Ratonhnhaké:ton had the worst imaginable life and I can't say much more without spoiling you anything; before you judge him you most know that people who get that trauma turn to be really bad people. HomeStead Crafting and sending caravans, I don't know if you're going to like it, but for me it was an easier and most interactive way of winning money and trading things than previous Assassin's Creed Games. The Ending, I can't explain how is it a middle point without spoiling, just know that there's a 50 that you like it and 50 you don't. Synchronization ranks; now is more than 1 synchronization objective, so it's sometimes frustrating and sometimes a nice challenge. Simplified Gameplay, now the game has simplified the buttons and for expert AC gamers is boring at times, though if you're a newcomer you'll probably have a great time.
    (+ New Segment) Personal opinion:
    I think this game was awesome, but had flaws like Ratonhnhaké:ton smiling 3 or 4 times in the game, or the game being so slow. The Ending was very shocking for me and I didn't know how to deal with it. Gameplay mechanics we're simplified and that I didn't like.
    Final Score:
    Assassin's Creed III is the biggest, ambitious and inmersive AC game, telling an interesting story and adding some cool things. However, the game didn't fully completed it's ideas and somethings we're changed way too much. The Graphics, design, story are beautiful.
    Average Score: 8.2
  44. Apr 30, 2013
    It is a nice game. the graphics are awesome the story is great. the gameplay mechanics are better compared to other assassin's creed games. The ship sections are amazing. Only the missions are a little bit repetitive and it is only limited to 2 city's and one wood's. lot's to do but replay ability is less.
  45. May 1, 2013
    AC3 is the best Assassin's Creed game yet, at least that's what I would be saying if the story was better. That is the main thing that was wrong with this game. The gameplay is much better with lots more variety and I love the naval side missions but the story and pacing are the let down here. I find Connor alot less interesting than Ezio and the game tells a good story in the univers of AC but Connor as a character just isn't as good. The pacing is also an issue, you don't actually get to play as connor with his full abilities until sequence 6 which is a shame. Multiplayer has improved again with wolfpack mode being very fun if you get good teamates. This game is good but has a lot of potential Expand
  46. Jul 10, 2013
    It is visually striking and there is always something to do. I am a total huntress in life, and that is probably why I spend at least one hour hunting. I find that the historical value of it is mostly high school textbook, only with the assassin imbedded. If you plan on playing the game to compare it to its predecessors, then do plan on being disappointed. It has a completely different take than the other previous Assassin's Creed games. Which for most people I have noticed disappoints them. Expand
  47. Oct 26, 2013
    Assassin's Creed III doesn't exceed all my expectations, but it's a no-brainer that it is a deep experience. It's distinctly a visual marvel with the excellent design and beautiful environments, making the exploration a joy and immersive. It improves on combat; taking down enemies with a long variety of weapons, especially with the sweet tomahawk. it's rewarding. And it makes for a good challenge of using strategy to defeat heavy enemies.
    Parkour feels realistic with the countless of animations added to the character's movements and wandering around trees is an unique pleasure. And, I heard a lot of people saying that climbing was degraded, but that's not the case, because it's fluid and fun.
    Also, adding to the experience is the addicting multiplayer. It's unique, upgraded and a powerful addition to the game, raising up the score. Manhunt is the new mode that requires teamwork instead of selfishness.
    However, the flaws lower the score dramatically. Disappointingly, the stealth mechanics aren't up to par, because of the frustrating enemy AI detecting the player immediately. It's a shame, because rather than feeling like an assassin, you just feel like nothing special.
    Technical issues are almost everywhere in this game, considering how huge this game is. It constantly looses it's great imerrsivness values because of that.
    Focusing on story, I feel that the ending wasn't a nice conclusion and that Connor is a bore to listen to. But, fortunately, the story is well-written and decent.
    What I find average is the naval battles. While cinematic and epic, I don't find them enjoyable enough. But, if they improve the controls of it, make it more challenging and if they add exploration, I would be more than satisfied.
    Assassin's Creed III is a flawed, but deep experience that dares to put many different elements in one game. While no way revolutionary, it's great. (Final Score: 8.40)
  48. Nov 19, 2013
    The game itself is addicting for it's multiplayer and it's campaign, this game much resembles more on killing sprees actually, and the campaign became a large good bloody effort. But overall, the game is much more on killing then stealth where Connor has more abilities and tools to assassinate.
  49. Aug 13, 2014
    Assassin's Creed III
    Game-play:It has been improved with more fluid combat and better climbing but there are some glitches that are really annoying,the counter mechanic is very well made and makes the game fun but it also makes the game very easy,the best part of the game is the ship battles which are well made and really fun
    Story:A good story that it will take you 11 to 12 hours but
    the characters in the game are boring even Connor the only interesting character in the game is Haytham,but the story out side the animus is better than ever
    Graphics:At last we have an improvement at graphics which they are really good
    Notes:The game has a lot of weapons like bow and tomahawk which is fun to play,i like that the game has 2 cities and a big forest it was really fun to play there,most of the side missions are well made and fun,i recommend getting this game worth full price but it is still far from the AC2
  50. Jan 28, 2013
    Like Resident Evil 6, this game has just too many issues. Too many brick walls. Right when you're getting into it you're hit with some section which has you questioning if you even want to go on. Note: having to take out every bad guy on a boat using the exact method the developer demands, requiring endless trial and error and reloading ten times is not fun. It's a relic of the worst old stealth games. The stealth in general is just terrible and pointless. Bad guys everywhere and you always just end up in a fight anyways so you just stop trying stealth at all. Incredible world and many amazing sections make the game good overall, but forget about the polish, just as the developers did. Expand
  51. Nov 3, 2012
    Assassin's creed III is both a success and disappointment in my eyes. The beautifully realised colonial America is a true highlight. The vast array of side missions gives the impression of a real and inhabited world that the player can explore. Great aspects for me were the frontier man missions, which send Connor searching for evidence to prove or dismiss the existence of myths and tall tales. The naval missions blew me away, even when i was sailing on cool calm waters. The homestead missions are great, i felt myself growing attached to the various characters moving in on my land and enjoyed helping them out. However on the other end of the scale glitches, frequent loading screens and unrefined controls can really get on your nerves. It really feels like they should have spent that little bit more polishing the game up in these aspects. It really would have made all the difference. All in all a great game, just not quite up to the standard i was expecting from a game of this calibre. Expand
  52. Dec 28, 2012
    The good stuff: Sprawling environments with entirely new architecture for freerunning (trees), animals and hunting, naval missions, a commerce system which requires attention, side quests galore, and dynamic weather which actually affects missions. If it were just the stuff they added to the game, I
  53. Nov 3, 2012
    Such a beautiful game, but it does have its flaws. The game is pretty glitchy, characters go missing while in conversation sometimes, while running the character attends to freak out, on occasions, the character attends to glide for some reason, and other minor ones. The environments is gorgeous, to the city of Boston to the deep wilderness of the Frontier. Gameplay and multiplayer is really fun. But the biggest problem of the game is the ending. Its very unsatisfying. The story is good until you reach the ending. You will probably spend about 10-12 hours on the game, if you just do main missions. Expand
  54. Jan 5, 2013
    The first couple of quests at the start where you play Naytham or whatever were so boring and dull I almost sold the game back right away. Then I pushed ahead to where you become rukhanheketon or whatever his name is and the game became bearable for a while longer. After about 10 or so hours I stopped all sidequests and just grinded thru the main story so I wouldn't feel bad for selling it without finishing it. Expand
  55. Jan 4, 2013
    Excellent storytelling,, awesome scenario, awesome graphics, but the bugs, combat glitches, and many quest glitches plague this game endlessly, you will be forced to do the same mission 20 times as you keep getting spawned in unlucky spots, or randomly generated npc's will block you, i won't spoil much about the ending, but if you can suffer through the numerous glitches and errors that plague this game, you will enjoy it, the games centered around Ezio are still superior imo. It feels like they took a couple steps back in this game, almost assassins creed 1ish in its approach. Expand
  56. Jun 17, 2014
    This is often considered the Worst of the series by many, though mostly because the other games are so great.
    Personally I disagree, I found Revelations a far weaker game than AC3.

    First and foremost this game is a Red Dead Redemption clone, and a decent one at that. The atmosphere is pretty similar, and with the mix of cities it feels similar enough to an Assassins Creed game to fit
    However this game is as loosely an Assassin's Creed game as you can get. There's no Creed, you're barely an Assassin, everything you remember from the previous games has been changed. From the controls to the Atmosphere. From the scenery, to the feel of the characters.
    At first I was unhappy about the control scheme, but it wasn't until I read a random unimportant email from the Animus that it was explained that as this is an upgraded Animus, things have been "fixed". After hours of play, the controls are pretty much an easier configuration to accomplish what you were able to before. My biggest issue with AC1 was the messy way in which the High Profile and Low Profile controls were explained, while every other Assassins Creed game beautifully eased players into the control methodology.
    The Red Dead Redemption-like atmosphere sucked me in, it was a game I liked a lot, and I found the AC3 story more engaging than the RDR 'story' (more like sparse dialog exchanges).
    The scenery was nice, however there are far too many animation and texture glitches in this game. I mean there's a lot. At one point I even saw a horse-drawn carriage flip upside down- get slowly sucked into the ground in a hellish and horrifying jerking motion, before the horses screamed and the whole thing descended beneath the ground. If that wasn't frightening enough, it suddenly reappeared and zoomed through a building, where I chased it only to fall infinitely through the ground.
    Glitches I experienced range from character arms disappearing and bodies flickering - like all the time (not just animus effects) to in-game cut scenes where giant grass-land textures collapsed in a domino fashion as the main character walked off camera (that one was right at the end of the homestead missions and spoiled any emotional draw the mission created).

    Honestly, I found the characters to be very one-dimensional, and while I didn't dislike the main characters, found that I cared little about their arch's (if you can say they had any), nor felt like I knew their personalities very well.

    The crafting system is poor, and while I hated Revelations' Bomb crafting system. At least it felt as if it served function (despite me only ever feeling like I needed to use the bombs in one mission which I was forced to use them), the crafting system in AC3 can be completely ignored, and is really poorly explained in the game, with a terrible interface.
    Function of currency is mostly unnecessary in this game, as opposed to others, and makes the game feel slightly more like the original. I found that after accumulating £10,000s I realised I never had to spend a penny until I wanted to complete the ship missions.
    Chase missions are more quick-time event than before, and the large-scale tomb raider type puzzle missions are gone.
    All Assassin Recruit/Assasination Contract stuff from the last couple of games is less centralised and less worthwhile. All guard distraction features (such as prostitutes and vigilantes have been replaced by 'rioters', however I never found a use for these as there's no one that you need to distract. Your presence will constantly go high, and bribing heralds and such will only buy you a short while before something causes another mass chase, and like the last few games, hiding spots are mostly useless once you're detected, so you just have to start killing or running.
    The ship missions are another mini game that they've tried to introduce, akin to the Assassins Defence sub-game missions, but while these are unique enough to be interesting, they're vastly underdeveloped, with most missions being completable in a couple of minutes. All the ship missions are very easy, right until you get to having to battle "man-of-war" frigates which were my only reason to ever spend money in the game, just to upgrade the weaponry of the ship.

    The history/landmark element of Assassins' Creed is pretty reduced in number 3, so aside from the main story, sense of history feels greatly diminished.

    All the Glyph/Custer puzzles and secrets from the earlier games is now gone for good, and while I enjoyed exploring the world in AC3, all sense of challenge was missing.

    The overall plot is continued quite a bit in this game, and any time spent outside the Animus is rewarded with revelations of the over-arching story. Although as before - there's no reason to exit the Animus voluntarily, so don't waste your time.

    So in conclusion, I liked AC3. I even recommend it. I just wish it felt more like an Assassin's Creed game... and had less cheap-feeling glitches.
  57. Nov 29, 2012
    Recruiting has been revamped to be more challenging, unfortunately it's also less fun. A bug was in my game that would say a one star level assignment was available in an area and when I opened the area to select the assignment it turned out to be a two level assignment (or three)...not game breaking but annoying to say the least. Contracts were a joke. Many could be completed by walking up behind the target, stabbing him and walking off. Homestead missions added a lot of flavor to the character development in the community although the voice acting for the main protagonist was horrible (he did much better in the main quest). The naval battles were off the chart awesome...Ubisoft should seriously consider making a pirate game. Neither the story nor the main character are as engaging as past "Ezio" games except for the sequences with Haytham (best character in game) and at times if felt a little ridiculous with Connor being the "savior" of all these huge past events. The sequences with Desmond were at times more fun than those in the animus and the game is worth the price if for nothing more than seeing the conclusion to his story. One shortcut was taken that really annoyed me. In the frontier at least 5 viewpoints are trees....I have no problem with that except for the fact it's the exact same tree every time...and when you do them one after another to open up the map, it is really aggravating. A solid game...enjoyable for the most part but not as good as AC2 or Brotherhood. Expand
  58. Dec 3, 2012
    well the game wasn't bad good story but connor is like mhhhhhhhh the worst assassin so far but singleplayer gameplay was good fighting was amazing best ever in an assassin game but after you played the story it's like what can i do i mean there is just1 shop wtf + way tooooo short i beated it in 12 hours full synch not good after you finished the game you can't do anything you don't need to buy anything and no medcins damn that was one of the best things in an assassins game you couldn't heel immediatly but oh well just get it from a friend for a week 65 euros no sorry Expand
  59. Feb 26, 2013
    I believe Ubisoft did good with this one. New big world and new set of quests better controls.
    I just hated the bugs (too many bugs) even after patches.
    Comparing AC3 with Revelation I found that Revelation was better in story and graphics. While AC3 is better in controls variety of quests. Still AC Revelation beats AC3 for me.
    I'm an Ezio fan, so having a new assassin to master should
    really convince me to like him/her. Conner was good but couldn't replace Ezio.
    Over all, it is recommended to play, but I don't think this one could make you an AC fan
  60. Jan 26, 2013
    Since Assassin's Creed 3 is the most ambitious AC, It is a disappointing title. However, It has some great additions, thankfully. Parkour is improved, allowing you to climb trees and, obviously, you can still climb building. The combat, love it or hate it, is fast and fun. It is changed, but It's still great. Playing stealthy It's faster here. Hunting is a good addition, too. The naval battles are fantastic in this game. But what Assassin's Creed 3 succeeds for, is the non-linear gameplay. Exploring is highly entertaining. The multiplayer is fun, with some unique modes. However, what's the problem that I gave it a 7. While the story is good, the main character, Connor, is dull. He is humorless and speakless, and he isn't that well-acted. The voice acting, is fine, but sometimes there's dialogue confusions. The Desmond's ending is downright terrible. The biggest problem are the f**king glitches and bugs! This game has a tons of them, which'll happen frequently. Assassin's Creed 3, is a disappointing title. Expand
  61. Aug 30, 2013
    When i played just 5 hours of this game i gave it a 9. I made a terrible mistake, this game is not that good. It has indeed a good story, and the Naval missions are the Jewel of the Crown. But the game is broken, the parkour elements are Broken, the Battles are way too simple, different weapons means nothing in this game. The best thing of the game, the naval missions, are so few in the story mode, that you can count in one hand's fingers. I am relieved that Blackflag's focus is on Piracy, i really hope they learn from their mistakes, Assassin's Creed is an awesome franchise. Expand
  62. Oct 31, 2012
    What I'm going to say is that a 10 score is not for it being a perfect game. It saying that it is well worth my money that I bought this glorious game. For those who reviewed the game in only a couple hours and yet to do everything is not a fair review. Here is a fair review why I think Assassin's Creed 3 is a Glourious game.
    *A SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN REVIEW and some spelling errors*

    The game starts you off right after revelations where after Desmond seen the truth behind the 2012 incident years ago. Desmond and his crew went in the vault inorder to save the world but only to find that there is a series of power keys you need to find in order to open the pathway to something far beyond in the inner depths of the world. Desmond fall into a stasis and went back on the animus to find out that during the 1700's, he had other ancestors that related to the vault he was in. You start to play as Hathym(SP), an grandmaster assassin, trying to find the exact vault that Desmond is already in with a huge twist in the beginning. Sooner later You start to play as another ancestor, Connor Kenway(Ratohnhaké:ton) from child to teenanger, trainy, then a full pledge Assassin. There is some Desmond story throughout the hours you put into the game and talking to the crew: Shaun, Rebbecca, and William(Desmonds Father), though most of it is talking then taking small missions to obtain the power cells. Ubisoft made it more intriging to know the characters better as even a interative talk gives the characters more meaning and life. Some characters are brought back for explanation like Ezio, Altiar, Lucy, the alien gods, and Subject 16 with some new ones as well.

    The graphics of this game is outstanding. To facial animations, little small animations that gives you the feel that your in the world, the detail on other characters and the world, setting and rich atmosphere of snow, rain, spring,etc. The 5 years that Ubisoft took on this game shows though the fire can be abit better. During when i was playing through Conners child missions, going in the burning village was really awesome but the fire kinda look like water colored with red,orange, and yellow. With some minor bugs that I experince with didn't ruin the game for me, but it can be silly to look at sometimes like a bayonette musket floatin in the air.

    The gameplay is changed dramaticually in this game, making it more simpiler than the others. People who can't seem to adjust to the controls should have expected it because of the content in this game. There is hunting,running, fighitng, stealth, boat battles, uses of inventories, etc. It's endless and I can see why people think its all clustered. To me, i thought it was pretty played out well, except the few minor experinces with the parkour free run when I didn't meant to run up some walls but gladly they didnt bother me. The AI in the game is kind of wonky with me in where I was literally infront of the redcoats while in the bushes and I stook out like a sore thumb yet he didnt' notice me.Gives me that flawed Assassins Creed AI feel to me which is great actually. Combat is alot better with vaired of weaponary in uses which how you want to dispose the enemy, either tomahawk them to death, use the dagger?hidden blade, bow, dart ropes, swords, musket, flicklocks,etc. This combat made me feel more impact of the feeling of actually hitting them kinda like Uncharted and Batman since they give you the feel of acutally being in the fight. You can mash buttons but come on, alot of people do that. The sound of the game gives life to it. The crowd of its screaming, conversations, pigs, dogs, anything you see in real life is pretty much what it feels here. The voice acting is astonishing with Benjimin Franklin, George Washington, the natives, Conner. its all top notch thought the Indian Native language voice acting seems abit off sometimes but still give that cutural feeling. Gameplay sound is good, sounds more clear than the pervious games though sometimes the audio is cut out( I only experinced it once).

    You can see that i greatly enjoyed the hell out of this game. I put over hours of this game and still loving it. I highly recommend to pick this game up. Even if you are or not an assassins creed fan.
  63. Oct 31, 2012
    Before I begin, just want to state that I have NOT finished the game. Have spent a good chunk of last night and this morning playing the game, and wanted to share my views thus far. First off, the game is utterly beautiful. The landscapes, cities, character models... all are exquisitely detailed and captivating. You may find yourself just standing still and taking it all in. But lets face it, that has always been a major part of the AC universe. The storyline is grand and sweeping, and I was shocked to start not only as Desmond or Connor, but as a new character. If you are curious how much time this game is going to take.... it took me one hour of play just to get to the opening credits after going through the prologue. Four more hours until I got my first glimpse of Connor.

    Now, the downside of what I have noticed so far. The controls are greatly improved, but are still lacking in many ways. Part of is my slavish insistence to use the old controls, hard to break that RT + A free run habit. Once you do, the paths are pretty smooth and Connor is not as Clunky as his predecessors, though unfortunately a lot less likable than the affable Ezio. I have not yet noticed a difference in Combat. It doesn't feel all that smooth, but it could be that it was intentionally this way for the young Connor and the older character played at the start. Hoping this improves as the game goes on.

    My biggest frustration this far has been with the AI and some of the button mashing sequences. The AI has seemingly been ramped up(again it could be due to the character progression) and can be ridiculously frustrating. It seems, at times, for being such a master Assassin that stealth isn't an option. The guards in the early Boston missions are hyper-alert and spot you no matter what you do. It seems the hiding spots are sparse and because of the open map plan you typically get spotted before being able to use them. One mission I completed while at level 3 notoriety because after 5 attempts I couldn't get to the mission markers without being spotted and chased by hordes of baddies. While I enjoy the combat sequences, I also enjoy the stealth aspect just as much, and it is aggravating having to replay missions over and over again because you can't disappear into the crowd as easily as previous titles. I like a challenge as much as the next guy, but lets face it, there is such thing as TOO MUCH.

    Other frustrations come from in-game sequences such as lock-picking and on rails fight sequences. To pick a lock, you have to rotate LS to a certain point and hold it, then rotate RS to a point and hold it, and then Mash RT repeatedly. If you let up on the sticks at all, you have to start back at square 1. Almost threw my controller 3 minutes into the game. I am not a fan of "Button Mashing Sequences" (Press A then Y then X repeatedly, etc). These flash so quickly up onto the screen that you tend to miss the direction. You can figure out the pattern, but it is frustrating to be sure. The missions themselves are passable, but they seemingly set you up to fail the sub-challenges. I enjoy trying to get full sync on the missions, and there are times on this game where that feels impossible. On one mission, for example, you aren't supposed to kill any guards, but you have to collect a map from inside a tent. One guard stands directly in front of the tent and patrols a 3 foot path across the entry. If there is a way to distract him and send him away, the game didn't tell me. After multiple replays (again, the guards have an uncanny ability to spot you(and in this stage you are playing as a supposed "master"), I had no choice but to assassinate the guard, failing 2/3 sub-challenges on the mission. I had NO desire to go back and replay. On another mission you are supposed to make a river rescue without touching the water... Connor immediately jumped straight into the water after the cut scene.

    I have voiced my concerns, but don't feel like I am saying the game is inherently bad. It has some frustrating aspects to be sure. The thing is, the game is still fun and exciting. I still enjoy traversing the environment and the story. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Time will tell as to how I ultimately feel about this game. Right now I am enjoying it, but have had some very frustrating moments. I love the challenge of games, but to me it isn't fun having to replay missions over and over again. If it continues, it may turn out that this title ends up collecting dust on my shelf as I move on to BO II or other titles coming out. So far it is worth the investment... but I would caution buyers that you need to be patient with it. If you are not willing to work your way through the lengthy intro to get to the main character... this game may not be for you.

    *Note- I had this nicely spaced out and paragraphed... MetaCritic forces it into a Wall of Text. FAIL.
  64. Nov 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Okay so the Assassin's Creed series is one of my favorite game series. I am a huge history nerd so these games were always perfect for my tastes. But it wasn't even just the history aspects but Desmond's story as well that I enjoyed. AC3 had some great aspects to it but also some rather disappointing setbacks. To soothe my disappointments I am going to start with the bad. So my biggest problem with AC3 was that it wasn't as epic as it could, or should, have been. The game felt like a big tease. Connor was an interesting character but I found myself not caring about (or not noticing) character development. Throughout the game it felt like he just knew something or was doing something with no real explanation. Also it took forever to actually get the story moving. You really don't even start until Sequence 5. I also hoped for more interaction with historical figures and events but there weren't. There is occasionally a sense that you aren't doing anything important. You are just a minor piece in these battles where as in past AC titles you may have been more behind the scenes but you were a crucial part. Sure AI says they wouldn't have been successful without your help but it feels shallow. Also the further you go in the story the motivation for Connor's quest seems to diminish and not makes sense as much. Like with Charles Lee, it is no longer a revenge quest when you find out he didn't kill your mom. He is just a Templar now but you still hate him like he killed your mom. Now on to Desmond. I have always been invested in his story because it is modern and the most easily relatable. You get to some significant playtime as Desmond in this one and they are actually quite entertaining (some of my favorite missions in fact). You get to learn more about the end of the world and the First Civilization and it is all really interesting and you feel like it is going to lead up to something great but when you get to the end it kind of fizzles out. there is so much build up but then the ending just kind of deflates it. Some of us who have spent five years playing these games were expecting something huge to reward our dedication and hours spent playing the games. But alas 'tis not so. Granted it is kind of a twist ending which in a way is cool but I don't think it is the ending this series deserved. Gameplay for AC3 is streamlined. In some places, like free running, it is welcome. In others, like combat, it sucks. To me Brotherhood had the best and simplest combat system. It didn't need to be fixed. Revelations tweaked it a little but not much but AC3, in its attempts to make combat easier, made it more difficult. Combat is supposed to be more fluid but the you might just find yourself dying trying to string together a "fluid" kill streak. The slow motion countering makes you bored, there is no blocking per se buy there is parrying which is okay buy maybe a little too much effort, and fights that often start with three dudes turns into like 50 in a matter of seconds. This leads me to glitches. Like in any AC title there are bound to be some. Most of them in AC3, like in past titles, are easy to live with. But there are a few that will annoy you to no end. You may be totally incognito and then you are suddenly attacked for no reason. Being spotted when you are clearly hidden is also a problem. I had to restart some missions because for some reason the mission would not progress even though I had completed the objectives. Now it might sound like i hated this game so far but remember I gave it a 7. AC 3 has saving graces that make the game good. First off, like all AC games, the visuals are incredible. The frontier is beautiful and it is fun to just "tree fun" and explore the vast wilderness Ubisoft created. While the cities may not be as big or as grand as say Rome or Florence, they are still still amazingly detailed and historically accurate. I was constantly comparing them to their modern counterparts and thinking, "Wow, this is New York?" it is kind of weird but awesome. Also while not always as consistent as it could have been, there is great story telling. Certain parts have potential to cause huge emotional reaction. The new naval battles are surprisingly a lot of fun as well. They take a little time to get used to but they are worth the learning curve. Finally Connor is an interesting character. He may not be as well-liked as Ezio but he still has his moments. While at times very naive and idealistic, he is truly a champion for justice and equality. He is what most people want to be like morally and how we view the founding fathers as (which the games shows they weren't). So while AC3 had its fair share of disappointments and didn't quite live up to its predecessors, it still far exceeds most games. It had potential to be the greatest of the bunch but just because it isn't doesn't mean it is a bad game. I plan on playing this for may more days to come. Expand
  65. Nov 6, 2012
    you know, i honestly can't decide if i like this game or not. I'm playing it, and sinking a lot of time into it, but I have a nagging feeling that i'm not actually enjoying myself. I'm apparently 50% through the game, though i don't know if that's story completion or a GTA style overall completion. I somehow feel directionless. The story just kind of feels like, ok, we're doing this now, it doesn't feel vital. Or it doesnt feel necessary. I often feel like if I was Conner I'd be saying screw you guys, I'm going home. I'm not doing that crap. Your explanation of why i should help you is flimsy and I'm not murdering countless people on faith.

    There's too much side crap that I feel like I'm doing for no good reason. Its like the first AC. they put all those flags out there, and I'm searching and collecting them, and my girlfriend comes in and asks why I'm collecting the flags, and I couldn't give her a reason. There was no benefit, nothing gained. They fixed that in AC2, i forget what you got, but you got something. But with this one, why am i telling this guy to make me barrels? Why am I collecting the damn feathers again? Why do i want to make sure I kill each of the animal types in each hunting area? I don't friggin remember. I've been running for so long that the flies on my decaying corpse finished eating the carrot that they were dangling in front of me.

    And why cant i take a leap of faith off the damn synchronizing trees? I really have to climb back down this damn thing? maybe it doesn't make sense that there's a pile of hay at the base of every tree, but dammit, I'm jumping.

    And there's something about our portrayal of native american's that bothers me. The way we make these characters speak and emote is lacking something. I just don't have the connection with him that I had with ezio. Even Altair did more for me. For a while i just thought he was a dick, but at least i felt SOMETHING for him.

    And the other characters. Leonardo was awesome in the last one. I don't know what it is, but the portrayal of all these American Founders comes off hokey to me.

    I don't know man. I'm still gonna play it, because it is still calling to me. But I'm still very ambivalent about it. It may just be that they're making too damn many of these. Releasing them before they actually have something interesting for me to play. And that's the problem. I dig Assassin's Creed. I like the premise. I like the gameplay, and the freedom. But i haven't been allowed to miss it. I haven't been left waiting and wanting. I haven't even had a chance to play Revelations yet. For example, I'm really psyched to play Bioshock because the absence has made my heart fonder.

    Ubisoft, take a break. Come back to the table refreshed. Take some time in production. And bring us a game. A good game. Not a bunch of game elements that don't entirely work together cohesively as a whole. Maybe a little deeper in the game they provide a good reason for me to be making barrels. If so my bad. No, their bad for leaving me with this crap to do and no discernible reason to do it. But if they don't have a good reason, maybe another year at the design phase would've helped them come up with one.
  66. Nov 17, 2012
    Es un buen juego, los gráficos son buenos, aunque tiene mucho popping . Los escenarios y los personajes están bien diseñados y bien hechos como en otros Assassins. Destacan especialmente los inmensos bosques. Requiere más cargas para pasar de un escenario a otro que otros sandbox. La historia es buena aunque algo simplona, tiene giros de guión interesantes. Me gustaron más los otros Assassins por el diseño de las ciudades, prefiero moverme por la recreación de las ciudades italianas renacentistas que saltar de árbol en árbol. Se pierde mucho de la jugabilidad de Assassins ya que no es lo mismo saltar por las ciudades italianas de las entregas anteriores que por las ciudades coloniales de los EEUU. Se pierden también las posibilidades de personalizar al personaje, ya que no hay opción de comprarle nuevas armas o mejorar su armadura. Lleva la misma casaca siempre. Las escenas de guerra están muy bien recreadas, con momentos de alta dificultad. Me gustó especialmente la parte en la que tú ordenas disparar a los cañones. En general es un buen juego, si te gusta la temática, pero yo prefiero las dos entregas anteriores de la saga por la recreación de las ciudades renacentistas italianas que dan más jugabilidad que las ciudades coloniales norteamericanas. Expand
  67. Nov 21, 2012
    Could of been a great game. Still good but AC2 was by far the best assassins creed game ive played. AC3 is filled with bugs and its just too hard to stay undetected which for me spoils the game. Still not sure how people can see you with their back to you. Still good but just not great.
  68. Dec 17, 2012
    I have always had a love hate relationship with the Assassin's Creed series, and III just reaffirms that. The plot itself is pretentious and bland, the alternate world of Desmond is an unnecessary intrusion on an otherwise fun concept, when you're having fun in the middle of a tense part of the assassin story, the developers thought it would be a good idea to leave that then run around in a linear, boring side mission that's pointless. The combat is ridiculous, just button mash two buttons to kill 50 soldiers, it's boring, unrealistic, and tedious. The story itself is anti-climatic, nothing is tied together, side missions are time wasters, run round to a point they tell you to 50 times for some reward not worth having, press one button to assassinate someone then hide in a bush. It's the most monotonous game play ever. It's an insult to the stealth genre if you can even call it that, it skewers history while being incredibly accurate at the same time. The loyalists and patriots are somehow both enemies but you fight for the patriots, it tries so hard to develop a dramatic back story while indulging us in senseless fiction. Despite all that, the game play and controls are tight, and running around stabbing dudes is mindless fun, which is all it is, but it's nothing more. Expand
  69. Apr 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Personally, I thought that Assassin's Creed 3 was a disappointment. It's not bad, but it's not great either. After numerous updated and patches the game is still incredibly glitchy and the framerate drops all the time. Weird things happen at times too, there have been many times when I was incognito and the guards randomly started conflict with me. The controls can sometimes seem unresponsive but that barely happens. Now on to the good. I liked the new naval missions a lot, it was pretty fun. I didn't like that there weren't a lot of naval missions, I finished them all in no time. I also hated how in some of the naval missions you were forced to just sail to your destination even though it was very far away. The wind shifts in all different directions even when you're forced to sail a long way and it annoyed me beyond belief. I did think that the hand to hand battle was the best out of the series, though. It was a lot easier and faster than the other games, especially 1 and 2. You counter by holding the circle button when an enemy is about to attack you and then it shortly goes into slow motion for you to choose to kill the enemy, break their defense or throw them. The combat was also a lot more fun than the other games. Consequences come with too much killing, though. The notoriety is back from Assassin's Creed 2 but this time it's a lot more strict. Your notoriety goes up a lot faster than it did in Assassin's Creed 2 and wanted posters aren't on your mini map anymore, only town criers and printing presses. The town criers get rid of two levels of notoriety and the printing presses get rid of three levels of notoriety. I didn't like the story as much as I did the other games, mainly because of the ending and Connor being the new assassin. Connor is a very bland character, it's not that he's bad, but he's just bland. Ezio was a much better character. The ending to me was very dissatisfying, for both Desmond and Connor. The ending for Connor was that he just killed his main enemy in the game and he buries some amulet from the first civilization in someone's grave, then you're done as Connor. The ending for Desmond was even worse for me, after five games studying the first civilization and trying to find out a way to save the world, Desmond just dies. You see him touch some sphere to save the world and then he just drops dead on the floor, no other explanation for the story following is given. All we really know is that Desmond saved the world and just died, we don't know anything about what happened to the other characters afterwards or the effect of what Desmond truly did. Assassin's Creed 2 is one of my favorite games, I just hate to see the series go in such a negative direction. Assassin's Creed 3 is most definitely a disappointment for anyone who liked the other Assassin's Creed games like me. It just didn't live up to the expectations. Expand
  70. Jan 17, 2013
    The story of Desmond is concluded, and we gets to say hi to the new assassin named Connor. the game is sprawling with brand new environments, new time setting, and new equipment. the soundtrack is delicious, and that is awesome. but.
    the ending disappointed me, and the cities could have been a little more varied.
    7/10 newcomers to the series may be a little confused, but for you assassin
    fans its a must-buy. Expand
  71. Jan 29, 2013
    A slightly draining story is easily forgivable once you experience the huge multitude of gameplay options. There are so many ways to complete and play this game that multiple playthroughs won't suffice, even if those playthroughs go for hours with sometimes an apparent lack of purpose. Some bad conveyance with objectives or story related plot goings leave the narrative in a bit of a mess, but there's so much to enjoy otherwise that I loved the majority of this game. Combat is improved, but some more stealth mechanics wouldn't go amiss. Weirdly, I enjoyed the Desmond missions a ton in this game, and was a little bummed out by their lack of frequency. The ending sucks too. Expand
  72. Feb 5, 2013
    The gameplay seemed a lot more basic, yet somehow refined and easier than in previous Assassin’s Creed games, yet compared to Batman Arkham Asylum’s and Arkham City’s gameplay and combat system, Assassin’s Creed’s mechanic seemed just a kind of button mash at times, eg Press circle to counter and then mash square, otherwise press x and then mash square. It was just to simple and the game was simple. I was annoyed that Ubisoft decided to do away with the health potion systems, not that it mattered seeing as I didn’t die one single time throughout the game (that’s including all main story missions, side missions, naval battles etc). The only gameplay mechanic that I was impressed with was the climbing mechanic, as with in every Assassin’s Creed game. Ubisoft just seem to be able to pull that off better than anyone else. Climbing on trees was fun, likewise was climbing up cliffs, but in the city’s Boston and New York I found myself staying on the ground rather than climbing up on rooftops and just having an overall more fun experience. In a way there were too many guards I guess on some off the rooftops, which just annoyed me especially when I just didn’t want to be in open conflict and just get on with free running, doing the story or collecting feathers, peg legs etc. Synchronizing view points in this game was different in a way as well, mainly as this time round they didn’t show you the whole map, even after synchronizing all of them in the game. Which was annoying in a way and I can’t understand why Ubisoft decided to do that. I mean of all things to change from pervious games, it was one of the most memorable things to do in the game and also one of the most rewarding (well for me it was, I just loved having 100% of the map unlocked so I could go round and do everything in the game). Not to say that it took away from the overall experiences it just didn’t feel like a proper Assassin’s Creed game to me the fact it didn’t reveal the entire map.

    I didn’t particularly like Connor as a character, as he didn’t really show any emotions at all throughout the game and also, the main complaint I have about the game is about the assassinations themselves. You have a total of 5 targets to kill in the game, which isn’t near as much as what was in previous Asssassin’s Creed games, so I was a tad let down by that. However out of the 5 targets you have to kill, you really only kill 2 of them. And by 2 I’m being generous, as in sequence 8, which is a linear sequence as you are in prison for all of it and when you are about to be hung, your mentor frees you, you have no choice but to run after your target and assassinate him there and then with your tomahawk.
    The rest of your targets assassinations are pressing a button during a cutscene when prompted (even through the games main villain, Connor’s father Haytham) which was very annoying for me and possibly for most other Assassin’s Creed fans. Your final target that you have to kill is Chrales Lee, Haytham’s right hand man. The build up to his death is good, the chase to hunt him down is what you’ve come to know and expect from previous AC games, but when you finally reach him, it goes to a cut scene and the game kills Charles Lee for you. I thought it was taking the piss if I’m honest. I didn’t know how Connor could call himself a proper Assassin with only 5 targets to kill and even though he gathers training in the Brotherhood over the years, his movements and combat are the exact same as when you get to play as him as a chilld. It’s quite ridiculous.

    The thing most people were talking about was the naval battles, which were good but were also very short. For me that was the best part of the game and really the only thing that Ubisoft added that managed to improve on from Assassin’s Ceed II, Brotherhood and Revelations. Overall the game was a let down for me, but it was by no means a bad game. I just wouldn’t go back to it and replay it, like I have I with every other Assassin’s Creed game (even AC Revelations). If you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed, then you’ve already bought this game, either given up on it or completed it just because you wanted to see how Desmond’s story ends. For those who aren’t fans of the series, I’d recommend that you just buy Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed II and then Assassin’s Creed III and you might get more value for your money out of the game.
  73. Feb 20, 2013
    For full review, visit

    After three full Euro-set AC games, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III finally broke the mold and made the trip to the New World. And oh, this is such a lofty, ambitious title.. rife with possibilities. It is undeniably jam-packed with content so much so that the main quest almost feels like an afterthought.

    really wanted to love it.. There are so many amazing games out right now and I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to play them all, so giving AC3 a shot despite the negative reviews was a leap of faith on my part. I wish I could say that my faith was rewarded. What I got from my ultimate risk was a game that was fun in spurts, but eventually felt like a chore here’s why.

    CONS (see full review for more)
    -Side quests and item collection doesn’t feel important enough-

    I was focusing on the main missions in my playthrough, but that usually doesn’t keep me from getting ANY item/armor/weapon upgrades in a game. The crafting and item upgrade system was not integrated into the main storyline at ALL, and I actually had to look at a walkthrough to see how to even begin to get a new melee weapon.

    As for side quests, I felt cheated. The end of game references your “merry band of thieves”, but I never had one because i didn’t care enough to assemble them. There was that French guy from the main quest… but one man does not a band make.

    In AC2 I wanted to unlock every weapon and fix the mansion town completely, because I was steered towards the beginnings of those processes. This was not the case in AC3.

    But I must say that my main bone of contention lies with the armor upgrades. Even just for aesthetic purposes! Where were the ancient suits of armor, begging to be unlocked? This omission detracted greatly from the short main story as well I like to get drawn into upgrading my character so that I know what I’m getting for my extra trouble. Then, I can feel powerful in mandatory story missions.

    PROS (see full review for more)
    -Hub world-

    Hub worlds are a lost art. From Demon’s Souls’ Nexus to Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time, they always seem to add an extra dimension to great games. To a lesser extent than those mentioned above, the cave in AC3 has more parts to open up and explore as you advance in the game’s main quest.

    CONCLUSION: Ubisoft is now a big, prestigious studio that has clout, budget and had lots of time to work on Assassin’s Creed III. This many inconsistencies and glitches gameplay failures is inexcusable. It’s just not as epic and grand as the other AC games felt.

    From what I understand, there’s a lot more to like if you have time to sink into this game. Exploration may be a lot stronger without the pressure I felt to complete the main story. Crafting new weapons and armor is interesting and likely very fun. Animus hacks for unlimited ammo, health etc. seem like a great way to extent the games shelf-life as well.

    While worth a playthrough and undoubtedly better when you delve into more side-quest distractions, the main game of Assassin’s Creed III leaves a lot to be desired and was largely disappointing.
  74. Jan 8, 2014
    Although this is not my favorite Assassin's Creed game, it is still a very well made game. AC3 brings players to America during the revolution and does so very well. It tells the personal story of Connor and how he becomes one of the Assassins.

    The gameplay is relatively similar to past AC games and does deviate in any worsening direction, but they could have improved the game much
    more. The background music while traversing the great lands of America is not present like it was in past games when going around Istanbul or Venice.

    Graphics-wise, this is the most appealing game I have ever seen on an Assassin's Creed game. So the bottom line is, get this game when you see it in the Bargain Bin.
  75. Apr 6, 2013
    There is no doubt about it. This game has supremely high-production values, especially when it comes to the story or the graphical fidelity. In the sense of gameplay, not so much. See the developers stuck so heavily to the script most of what gameplay consists of is mundane story missions where you tail a fixed target. It's repetitive and boring, providing no innovation at all. The combat is still fluid, albeit easy but it's nice to see how inventive they were with some of the ways you can kill your enemies. The animations and the game world is breathtaking, with the mountain regions being implemented in the game for a new, dynamic free-running system. This for the most part, works very well but it's a shame you're discouraged to explore the rooftops so heavily with the amount of guards that are conveniently up there. The side-missions and other activities lack any real engagement or reason to care about them, they just feel tacked-on. The naval missions though are a welcome addition to the series and fit the era the game is depicted in. The story and voice-acting are good but the new protagonist lacks any personality, he just feels like some guy. Oh, and don't even get me started on that s***** ass ending which is obviously intended as sequel bait. Lastly, the 100% synchronization is supposed to be a set of additional objectives in a mission but the missions are so linear and centred around the story anyway that you probably won't notice or care about it. Overall, it's a good game but I feel like the series is spiralling downward more and more, going onto the path of the endless Call of Duty sequels. Expand
  76. Apr 29, 2013
    Assassins Creed III... was one of the most disappointing games of 2012, it was NOT a bad game, but it sure did not live up to the hype it was getting. Lets start with the pros: Good graphics, good gameplay, great environment, and interesting multiplayer. The Cons: Uninteresting characters, Connor is nowhere the level that Ezio was in character development, there were also a huge number of bugs on release day. That may be fixed now, but it is still not acceptable to release a game with a number of bug and glitches. Overall, Assassins Creed III was a good game and i enjoyed it. Expand
  77. May 25, 2013
    AC3 could have been so much better, it is ruind by all gliches and the fact that its not eaven finished. Not to forget the gameplay mechanics are not the best one either that i came up with a solution on very quickly. But now AC has become COD anyway so i don´t care anymore
  78. Dec 15, 2012
    I liked brotherhood and number one, but jeese this is ridiculous. Its technically horrible and honestly probably the least interesting. I am finding everything frustrating, multiplayer is good though and probably the best part of this one in opposition to brotherhood. A horrible thing is the missions baby step you until a certain point then pull of the training wheels so quickly you have no idea what you are doing. Mechanics with this series have been a terrible problem but in this game they are to heavy to ignore. Expand
  79. Mar 29, 2013
    The sad truth is that one of the most hyped games of 2012 just wasn't very good by any stretch of the imagination. Assassin's Creed III is by the far the worst entry in the series to date and its greatest achievement include making the American Revolution boring, creating a boring protagonist, having one of the worst endings of 2012, and owning some hilarious bugs. I guess I will say the positive things first. Maybe I should say thing. The graphics are really great and the game actually looks beautiful. At least when you aren't slipping into holes in the geometry or clipping through walls that is. You play as Connor, or his true name Noonecares. I didn't much care for Ezio, but Connor has got to be one of the dullest personalities I have found in recent games. Despite having more character development than Ezio, he still falls short when compared to Ezio. The rest of the story somehow manages to be boring too. Many of the exciting moments take place in cutscenes and then you just walk from one cutscene to another. Sounds fun? You're right it doesn't. There's also a 6 hour tutorial. Yep! You don't even play as Connor then either! I know right?! Look just wait for this to drop to 20 dollars. If you must play you may find some enjoyment, but don't expect a godsend. A fantastic game this is not. Expand
  80. Nov 13, 2012
    ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW--- could have been epic, but instead let down by a dull story, repetitive gameplay and sadly ( a first in the franchise) boredom! Looks fantastic and HAD SO MUCH PROMISE but in fact comes out dry, limp and really unrewarding. Bugs yes, travelling lots, terrible characterisation- indeed, but none of that makes it a bad game; it's the promise of greatness & subsequent mediocrity that is the real bummer here!! What a missed opportunity, what a shame. My last AC purchase - and if you don't agree play red dead redemption for an hour- it's superior in every way when this Ac could have been the icing on the cake. Oh for shame ubisoft, a huge drop kick given the excellent premise and buildup. By the way I had this game 2 days before the rushed reviews came ou and mine is 100 per cent complete full synch. I speak from experience. Sad times Expand
  81. Apr 11, 2013
    I have played all the Assassin Creed games and was looking forward this one so much, but when reading other reviews was a little worried, so waited until the price dropped before buying! A good choice, while the game is nice to look at it, it is very frustrating and the characters are pretty dull. I have played every game through to completion and enjoyed collecting all the trophies that go with it, but for the first time I can't be bothered with all the side missions, this game has really disappointed so far(up to sequence 5), I hope the further I get it improves! Expand
  82. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassins Creed has always been one of my favourite games, that was until Revelations came along which was a blatant cash in offering nothing new. The highlight of the series has been Brotherhood in my opinion. So here is Assassins Creed 3.

    I won't spoil anything but this game takes ages to get going, I'm talking hours I'm all up for setting the scene but to be honest its dull, I don't
    want to have my hand held I want to be treated like I have the intelligence to do things my way not be punished if I go off the path. The environments are beautiful - especially the Frontier which is alive with dense forest, animals going about their day and deep sparkling snow. The cities in comparison are alive but feel "generic" . Cut scenes are everywhere which really dig into the immersion as do the messy menus which lift you out of the game.

    At the start for reasons you'll discover you can't climb the trees and this drip feeding of abilities is like Gran Turismo saying you can't get out of second gear until you have proved you can go round a corner without crashing.

    I hope it picks up I really do but I can't help but feel this has run its course now.
  83. Nov 8, 2012
    AC3 is one of the more bizarre games i've played recently. A schizophrenic experience of ambitious new features like the Homestead, Naval battles and teh Frontier added to the traditional Ac formula. Despite a grand premise the game falls flat. Firstly,the pacing is atrocious - you'll spend most of the main story doing 'tutorial missions' which ironically do a poor job. Next, Connor is a wooden void of a character drivng a story that hops about without any sense of purpose with interesting characters like his mother cast aside so you can meet a who's who list of American historical figures who are mostly bland. Even though all the new features are beautifully done, they feel detached and unimportant to the main game. and it's the main game that has had the least care given to it. Even improvements like the combat and animations have issues. Tho Connor feels faster and maneuverable on the ground the parkour has worsened; despite being simplified it feels sticky and unpredictable. The Ai is still painfully erratic, and the mechanics clunky, making stealth at times borderline-broken. Pop-in and gliches abound, horses are simply awful and combat is so easy, it's a superior strategy to take on a fort of 30 gun-and sword weilding soldiers in a straight on fight than attempt a stealthy infiltration. AC3 is in many senses a great achievement, in others a painful, bloated mess, that could have done with Ubisoft addressing core issues that have plagued the series before they decided to add so much on top. Expand
  84. Nov 18, 2012
    When I picked up this game I played it for quite a while. It was a great game the combat had been changed and it took a while to get used to but so far it was a good game. No normally when playing a game like this I play another game at the same time so in this case I played batman arkham city . which I personally think is one of the best games this gen and if you haven't already I would seriously suggest picking it up. Anyway I suddenly thought how similar the two games were. AC3 new counter system is identical to arkham city's only arkham city's is a lot better. The story is much better in Arkham city as well. When I cottoned on to this I noticed that the whole hunting thing was almost entirely ripped off the Red Dead Redmption. So to some up this game is really good but everything this game does has come from another game but that game did it MUCH better so instead if paying full price for this go get Arkham city or Red Dead redemption which you could probably buy both of them for less than you did for AC3 Expand
  85. Nov 1, 2012
    If ever there was a series with incredible highs and irritating lows, it's the Assassin's Creed series. There are parts of Connor's story that are my favorite gaming moments of the year, and parts where I wanted to put down the controller and stop playing entirely. Like all AC games, the setting and research are the takeaway win. Ever wanted to play "People's History of the United States: The Game" ? Then again, I'm one of those nerds that actually sits and reads all the animus database history. Seeing that history come to life is why I play these games -- the "Frontier" map in particular is just so much fun to explore, glitches aside, like Skyrim with parkour. And I'll say it, it's really nice to see native people represented as something other than cliches and stereotypes. The research on the social and political structure of the Iroquois nation pays off in droves. The story... well, here's kind of where things start to fall apart. It's very clear Ubisoft bent over backwards to show a sweeping history of the U.S., from the French Indian war through to the end of the revolution, and in order to cover all that ground it takes a loong time. If you're a detail hunter, expect to wait about 10 hours for the world to open up. I'm not even kidding, it takes that long just to don the assassin hood. Each and every new feature has a stretched out tutorial mission, from hunting to tree climbing to basic combat maneuvers (all pretty self-explanatory), as if the developers were afraid we'd miss every single detail. Speaking of details, I'm a side quest fella, and the side quests in AC are always hit or miss. In AC 3 they range from the fantastic naval warfare (which could be its own game) to popular board games of the time (I honestly don't know why I kept playing those). Then there's some truly dull stuff, like exploring underground tunnels. Whether the side quests are fun or not matters immensely, because there's almost no payoff in the actual game. Money/Assassin partners are as useless as always, so all this trading and guild micromanaging is completely pointless and honestly a waste of the gamer's time. I don't want my time wasted, developers, remember this. Most importantly, their attention to detail and putting us in documented historical moments make the main missions feel super scripted, and it's pretty jarring to suddenly be scripted in a sandbox. The main missions are the worst the series has ever offered, just from their sheer dullness and frustrating fail rate based on whether or not I do exactly what the game wants me to do. A lot of the inconsistency in this game is a clear lack of cohesion - the guys developing the homestead "Sims" game was obviously not talking to the guys writing the story, and neither were talking to the naval warfare developers, and there was some nerd in the corner scripting AI for board games and no one knew where he came from. They went hog-wild for this game, and just couldn't wring themselves in. I know they cut "Philadelphia" pretty late in development, so someone must've said "no" somewhere, but the game feels, yet again, overstuffed. There was a lot of talk about their new anvil engine, but aside from a few new movement patterns and great graphical presentation, the game feels pretty much the same. Some of it pays off, some doesn't. Was this the... ahem... "revolutionary" new game in the series we were waiting for? Absolutely not. Is there great stuff in it? Yes.. But this is a troubled game, one I was really looking forward to and enjoyed only when climbing through trees to the top of a cliff and staring down at it all from afar. Expand
  86. Dec 27, 2012
    I love the Assassin's Creed series. Although Brotherhood and Revelations were simply rehashes, I enjoyed playing it but AC3 was a disappointment, even when I didn't expect much. I really didn't like the idea of jumping to the 18th century but that wasn't the main problem. I spend half the game walking around pointlessly by foot or horse in a arduous journey to reach my objective. The combat system is annoying and a big let down. If anymore games AC games release that follows AC3, I will definitely not buy it. Expand
  87. Mar 14, 2013
    First impressions of Assassin's Creed III is that it's amazing. It's beautiful. The intro although a bit too long lays the foundation for something epic. But that's about it story wise. And for a series that depends so heavily on a story, this is devastating for AC3. I spend the entire game waiting for that extra gear to kick in, for something to happen that takes this game to a new level. But it never happens. Instead we are served this rather bland and predictable story that doesn't really grabs a hold of you. There are no interesting plot twists. It's such a shame. What AC3 is missing is an overlook, something or someone to tie all the knots togheter. You have this beautiful setting but they could have made better use of it. The now famous naval missions are great but irrelevant for the story. There's a protagonist who's rather boring when he could have been so great if the writers would have just tried harder to mediate the feeling of "whatever I do I'm doomed" or something like that. A lot of elements in AC3 reminds me too much of the pointless collecting from AC1. A lot of stuff is utterly pointless in AC3. Collect various trinkets for no really useful reason. And the ending is horrible, a cliche unworthy the AC universe. Was this the best they could come up with? Expand
  88. Jan 21, 2013
    Much like The Dark Knight Rises film, I really wanted to love this game, it had the hype, the marketing and the media frenzy surrounding it to be epic on every scale. I would consider myself a hardcore AC fan, after the disappointing Revelations, I was still optimistic that Ubisoft would pull back with a superior and brilliant title to the other four entries in the franchise, brilliant?Yes, superior? No, not quite.
    There was concern way back early last year when Ubisoft announced AC III, a brand new era, location, protagonist, and much larger in size to the rest, many had grown to Ezio, Italy, and the vibrant Italian cites during the Renaissance. But I for one was excited by the prospect of the Frontier, sprawling countryside, snow, trees, the lot.
    Without giving away too much, our new protagonist, Native American/British Conor Kenway, doesn't fully 'suit up' until the fifth sequence in the game.
    The story, while attempting to place our new Assassin into the historical events which led to the Revolution of the United States, feels rushed and sometimes empty compared to AC II, the characters are forgetful and bland, and I think Ubisoft may have tried just too hard to place Conor at the centre of EVERYTHING.
    Without delving too much into Desmond's story, some may have seen his finale as quite useless, but I for one am glad that closure was finally brought to his chapter, leaving room for a new idea.
    This game did simply just feel incomplete.
    But the reason it still has a high score is because it still has an excellent backstory, the combat is simplfied again but equally as excellent, the vast array of miscellaneous tasks here are brilliant, whether you're going to loot a convoy, build a homestead, or just plain old assassinations, there is plenty to do here in New York, Boston and the Frontier. Connor feels very assassin like, he's hell bent on revenge and has no problem being alone throughout his story.
    The graphics are good, but not great, the game just couldn't capture the beauty of Red Dead Redemptions sprawling countryside. I found the frontier particularly annoying, the distant hills looked extremely cartoon-like, the game was also, at several times, glitchy to the point of many items not appearing and sound being out of synch with the person speaking during cutscenses. It also still bothers me that there is still loading times between cities/countryside, get used to seeing Conor in a bright white loading screen, you're going to see plenty of it.
    It was obviously great to see another instalment this past year, but the changes simply aren't enough to justify an annual title, the improvements are there but more needs to be done to break the mould and to put up with AC II as being a breakthrough game of the generation.
  89. Nov 24, 2012
    Could have been better but this game just never would have been able to live up to the hype that was surrounding it. I personally do not think that Conner was as good as a character as Ezio was and the guy who played Conner sounded so robotic throughout the entire game. The story was pretty good but the ending was very melancholy and not what I was expecting. But, if you've been playing the AC games like have up to this point, then your already going to give AC 3 a shot. Just temper your expectations going into this one. Expand
  90. Nov 24, 2012
    I wanted to love this game so bad. I really wanted to get into an Assassin's Creed game to see what all the fuss was about, and I've only played about 5 hours of AC2, so this one was definitely on my radar. Beautiful graphics, great voice acting, decent story, and decent controls, all ruined because it falls into the old gaming mechanic of trial and error. See what used to be ok with past games such as Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, and other stealth games, is no longer considered ok, as was proven in games such as Dishonored, Deus Ex, etc. Now we want choice on how to fulfill an objective, not just told it can be handled one way, and if you don't do it correctly, we'll throw endless waves of enemies at you until you figure it out. This is unfortunately AC3, where if you don't follow the way the devs want you to accomplish a goal, they make it as difficult and as frustrating as possible, until after much trial and error, you find that path they wanted you to take. Not fun.

    Naval battles are boring and don't add anything to the story, nor does it fit properly in the context of the fiction. Side quests are pointless and not worth doing. Eavesdropping mission is easily one of the worst game mechanics I have ever experienced in my years of gaming. Overall the game was not that good. Has it's moments, as the fighting is fun and taking down an leader with an aerial kill is always exhilarating, there just isn't enough moments to make me want to keep playing after 20 or so hours.
  91. Oct 30, 2012
    Bad game. Terrible game. This is the fifth AC game to come out it and it still plays and looks the same. I was excited when the previews said that this is by far the best yet but that is sadly false. This game is identical to any other game in the series. I would politely say pass. I got it from Gamestop and had to return it right away. I thought I was actually playing AC2 again because GS gave me the wrong game. Expand
  92. Dec 31, 2012
    What is Assassin's Creed 3's core mechanic? Is it stealth? No, because if one enemy spots you, all enemies are instantly aware of your position somehow. Even though there's an indicator for how much an enemy can see you, and it's plenty fun to sneak up behind an enemy, sometimes my character would do something stupid because I didn't press the buttons contextually enough for the games liking, and most of the missions don't involve stealth but when they do it's controller- snappingly obtuse. Is it hack and slash combat? Maybe, because there are plenty enemies in one vicinity at once and jumping in there taking them all out Arkham-style is really fun, but the game wants you to be unnoticed, you know, with the big inconspicuous hood and all, so killing everyone that looks at you funny isn't the optimal solution. Is it the naval missions? No, they're awesome in their own right and I love them, but they only appear in two of the story missions. Well done! You've done a story mission! Now you have the pleasure of being able to do something absolutely **** tedious. So no, AC3 has no core mechanic and remains an unfocused and buggy game throughout. The sidequests are dull too, with the hunting not being rewarded with anything but being pretty cool despite that. Let's just take a look back to Assassin's Creed 1, where it's core mechanic was Assassinating, hence the title. It was repetitive and you spent too much time faffing about, but at least it was a game about assassinating with just a set of tools and a target so you can find your own way to take out the enemy, whatever way you would like too. Over the years, the series has added so many more useless gimmicks that the series has become completely unfocused. I guess I should give credit where credit is due, the combat system being fast, fun and intuitive, the graphics are incredible, the aforementioned naval missions are extremely engaging and I really loved them, the new Assassin's Armour is the best one yet, the overall historical accuracy being, well, historically accurate, the writing is excellent, even though the story is conveluted and barely connected to the original Assassin's Creed story-line, the menu's are really well designed, the free-running is the best I've seen in a game, even though it does get a bit too contextual at times, and it's a fresh departure from the series that takes away the scrambled **** from the previous games. However, the scrambled eggs it took away from the previous games that made them less intuitive and focused, it completely dropped the assassinating bit, so this just becomes an unfocused generic action game, whereas its predecessors were quite original at the time and remained fun whilst also being a bit too easy. This one suffers from being a bit too easy as well, I died most of the time because Connor did something stupid. For an open world sandbox game, this needs to be less contextual, because it gets on my nerves when I cant climb up a wall unless the contextual 'Climb up the wall' button shows up. This was a problem with the previous games as well, I just want to be able to run freely without needing to press the correct button at the correct time. As an Englishman, I felt uncomfortable killng my own men, but I just got used to it over time. See, this is also a problem about the game, its set in a war that's only interesting to American Patriots and to no one else. Connor brutalising Englishman because he's not wearing the same colour as them makes Connor look like the biggest monster of them all, especially when you can't exactly demonize people sodding off later on because they couldn't be bothered any more, or maybe I'm just biased. The French renaissance would of been a much more interesting setting, because in 1775 America, there aren't any big buildings to go free running on and the whole running part is a lot less fun. But at the same time in France there are heads being chopped off, the peasants vs. the Aristocracy, there's a much more believable side you can take without being gung-ho American patriot or gung-ho French patriot. Civil wars are much more interesting, oh, what about the American civil war? Where enough time has gone by for there to be cool buildings to jump around on, war is becoming industrialised, and it's the brutal slave-owning savages of the south vs. the freedom fighting civilised north, and there's a war on so there's plenty of killing for your liking, and hey, they could of had mid-19th century Connor bump fists with Lincoln. Sure, the north outnumbered the south 2:1 but it's better than the boring old redcoats. This game is overall a pretty mixed bag, and if you do consider playing it, don't go in with your expectations too high, like I did. If you go into it with the knowledge that it's an average game, you'll come out feeling satisfied. Expand
  93. Nov 9, 2012
    This game has amazing atmosphere and is the best one in the series in my opinion. The problem with this game for me is that the story is very boring for the first half of the game and I tried to stick it out, but the game is just ridiculously long.
  94. Nov 20, 2012
    Slightly better then Revelations but this will be the last AC I ever buy. Declining story, bugs and broken mechanics. I really thought it was going to be turned around with this latest installment but I was very disappointed.
  95. Nov 9, 2012
    To me it seems as the Assassin's Creed serie has lost their charm. The serie has been going downhill ever since Revelations. Assassin's Creed III does not offer much new, the story is not as touching as the other AC games before it. It lacks drama. You don't get attached to the assassin Connor as you do with Altair and Ezio. The gameplay needs to be polished I have experienced a couple of bugs during fighting and climbing. Expand
  96. Jul 1, 2013
    The game is very glitchy (floating NPCs, missions that can't be completed...) even after the last official patch. The game itself isn't too far from the previous AC episodes and the ONLY breath of fresh air comes from the sea battles/sections. The secondary quests are more or less "go there and press a button", almost every single one of them. The ending sucks. I give ACIII a 6 just 'cause it isn't total garbage. Expand
  97. Oct 30, 2012
    I really REALLY wanted to like this game. I felt like this was a step backward in terms of gameplay, story, and well, just about everything. I have no idea what happened during the development of this game. Graphically, its downright gorgeous. Sweeping vistas, open ocean battles, and some of the best snow ive seen. But all of that doesnt mean s@#$ if the gameplay isnt up to snuff, and thats where AC3 falls to pieces. its buggy as hell. I shot up about 60 ft. in the air after jumping a fence. had several npc's floating around above the ground. All that wouldnt be so bad if i wasent for the f@#$ing controls. Ubisoft said they improved upon AC Brotherhoods controls. Well, dont fix what isnt completely broken. Controls have never been this series strong suit, but this is one the most frustrating thing ive experienced since the controls from GTA4. The one area where AC always blew me away is the story. But im 8.5 hours into this thing and im just barely scratching the main the story. If you cant get your main plot points out into the open in the first say 3-5 hours of the game, then something is wrong. The pacing is just atrocious.

    The AI has been ratcheted up in difficulty a few notches. Ive been getting my ass kicked just about every fight i get into. Ive been spotted when i was clearly hidden at least 10 times.

    All this is adding up to a fairly unenjoyable experience. If it as any other game i would just chalk it up as a lose and forget about it. But this is AC3 for christs sake. Its supposed to be one of the hallmark games of 2012. Ive been pumped for this thing for MONTHS. Im just so damned disappointed in this thing it hurts. On a side note, i just dont get these fanboys rating it a 10. A 10 game is perfection. It can get no better. Its at its pinnacle. They maybe come around once a year. Look at this game and tell me there is nothing that can be improved. Your lying to yourself and doing a disservice to your fellow gamers.
  98. Oct 31, 2012
    Well, I can say I have been really looking forward to this game! I have been a huge fan since I first played AC. I have played AC3 for 2 hours and my first impressions of the game ... the game play isn't the same (they have been working too hard to make it realistic in my opinion), the usual "AC feeling" is gone (you know, a cool assassin, good story, great locations). They've put too much time into making the game realistic (and complicated). It should have been a better idea to spend more time on debugging ... I've spotted several bugs already. It still is a good game though, but no AC game ... I liked the previous AC games more than I like this one. Expand
  99. Oct 31, 2012
    Unfortunately it looks as if its left to Dishonored and Far Cry to impress me. I was TO MY SURPRISE, taken aback with the level of polish in assassins creed 3, or lack there of. this game does not deliver what its theme leads you to expect. what is happening to video games. this is not a stealth assassination game. It IS a poor looking action game with some pretty outdoor areas (pretty outdoor areas are my favorite in any game). however even the beautiful scenery and attention to detail do not make it an enjoyable way to spend your time beyond the initial OOOOOOOOs and AAAHHHs. Why does the industry keep assuming that we only want action, and hyped up trailers with ill-fitting hip-hop/pop music. for a game with an M rating it feels shockingly insulting to my intelligence. for being such a GROUND BREAKING game and all, shouldn't I want to actually finish it? then why do I just want to put dishonored back in and wait for far cry 3? I wont go into details about the game its self, there are plenty of critic reviews to get an idea of whats there. another sign of the industries plunge into greed, gamestop's logo is printed plainly on the cover art of my copy of AC 3 yay......... Expand
  100. Oct 31, 2012
    First of all, let me be clear, I've been an Assassin's Creed fan from day one. I followed the development of every single game since it's conception. I have all the games, all the books, most of the merchandise. I even did some internshipping at Ubisoft to work on Brotherhood. I would go as far to say I'm a diehard fan. This is why, it pains me to say this. Appart from Revelations and the games on other handhelds, this is the weakest Assassin's creed and a blemish on the overall series. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible and has fun parts, but it's an average game that is part of an overall franchise that stays away from the average. Let me break it down, so you see where I'm coming from and to make it clear I'm not "trolling".

    The Cons:

    The glitches. Oh, the glitches. This game is FULL of them. There have been a few that have made me chuckle, like a horse getting stuck on top of a house or a man stretching out like crazy after I hit him. The ones that really upset me though, where the game breaking ones. Such as guns missing from parts where you need to shoot, being unable to fire, escort missions where the NPC will get caught in a wall, the protagonist just falling though the floor into oblivion, the NPC's shooting through buildings. There's been several times I needed to restart due to a glitch. I'd let some of them slide, but this is an AAA title and there should never be glitches that break a game. This is 2012 for Christ sake. The AI is terrible too. You could be walking down a street, with no notoriety and suddenly five guards will come out of nowhere and kill you. Or you could be super wanted and walk by- even punch a guard- without getting them to attack you. The horse back riding is so bad... oh man. Horses- when shot- will fall over. They'll also fall over randomly when you hit a glich and die. The combat, now different than the other AC's, is like trying to drive a minivan with a popped tire. You'll lose half your health just taking out a group of guys. Guarding and countering doesn't work anymore. And good luck dodging. For some reason Muskets in 1777 are as accurate as sniper rifles now. huh. It starts out slow- I wont say spoilers, but it's about 4 to 5 hours in before you actually get to the meat of the game.

    There all a lot of cut-scenes. It sorta brings you out of the game and it feels, sometimes, like a movie, but overall it's not that big of an issue. Pros:

    It's BEAUTIFUL. More beautiful than AC2 or Skyrim or fallout. This game will make love to your eyes.
    The soundtrack is amazing too. The ship battles. Yeah, it's a learning curve, but it's not terrible. It becomes really fun later-on

    Climbing on trees and free-running are smooth like butter. It feels fresh and natural. Connor is a very easily controlled character and you'll just have fun running around in the forest, The Protagonist. Shockingly, Connor is a really interesting character. Hunting is fun. There's no better feeling than stealth killing a bear from a tree. I can honestly say, as a "hardcore" assassin's creed fan, I was disappointed. I had very high hopes for this game, and I even expected something better than AC2. I'd recommend you play it, but don't go in with the high expectations of the people and reviews that are giving it 10/10 or perfects. I'd go in expecting an average game and you wont be too let down.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Mar 6, 2013
    The Assassin’s Creed formula of fighting and parkour is starting to get old, even with the ability to climb trees now. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness of the series, or maybe it’s just less interesting to toss crates of tea into the harbour than to hunt and kill corrupt bishops.
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    This review is getting long-winded so let's wrap it up. Assassin's Creed III is the biggest and most ambitious Assassin's Creed title yet, but a few missteps leaves it short of being the series' best. In spite of my excessive nitpicking, Assassin's Creed III is great game and a must-have for any Assassin's fan.
  3. Nov 26, 2012
    A great continuation of the Assassin's Creed series because of the strong visuals, gameplay and story. Though it must be said that the story gets somewhat boring towards the end, which leaves a sour taste.