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  1. Nov 11, 2012
    "Who is responsible for ruining this once great franchise?" I'm going to get right to the point. This game is by far distances the worst in the series, it's simply not a good game, not only is it a bad AC game, it's just a bad game, period. You see, when there was backlash a year ago about Skyrim, it got a low score from fans here on Metacritic but not because the game was bad, it was because the game was bugged. When MW3 got a low score, it wasn't because the game is crap, it was because it was the same game being released year in and out. Earlier this year when Mass Effect 3 got poor ratings, it was because it had a terrible ending, not because the game was bad. Assassins creed 3 on the other hand suffers from everything those games got scrutinized for, and more. The story and ending are absolutely awful, the story in this series easily went from a very well thought out sci-fi/historical NY times best seller to a high school short story assignment which would have been graded an F, and unlike ME3 which had a great story not including the ending, this game suffers from poor story telling start to finish. The gameplay, there is hardly anything new here, what previous versions of the series did, they did well, here not only did previous gameplay mechanics get worse, but the little additions they brought in were either boring, or handled very poorly, with respect to naval battles. Unlike MW3 where everyone expected it to be the same, and was being sold as such with minor tweaks, AC3 was being sold as a bigger leap from AC2, than AC2 had from AC1, which is a complete and utter lie. The bugs, this game has so many bugs, it may not rival the likes of Skyrim on PS3, but there's a huge difference, Skyrim was actually a fantastic game, this is not. I have been a huge fan of the series since the first game, I've played every single game several times, watched short videos, read comics, played the handheld games. I have been a huge fan, AC2 is easily my game of the generation. AC3 on the other hand is my flop of the generation. It's missing so many core features previous installments had, from the non existent ambient music playing while exploring to the complete lack of stealth. The game is a mess from start to finish, it's really hard to invest yourself in the world or the characters, it's hard to care about them, Connor is absolutely boring, Desmond's story is a joke, the ending a disaster. You get tossed around so much during this game that it makes it feel like you are jumping from one thing to another, there's no clear path to anything, and it's not that there's a lack of hand holding, because that's all this game does for you is hold your hand, make sure not to let go as well, because if you try to approach an objective in a way you see more suitable, you will fail. You have to do it the way the developer wants you to do it, they want you to be their puppet. Well, I'm sorry but I refuse to be one and this will be my last AC game. Whoever was in charge of hiring the team that worked on AC3, forfeit your life savings, get on your knees and beg Patrice Désilets to return because he was the visionary behind this once great series. Even those who worked on Brotherhood and Revelations knew what the game was about, and they had much less time to do it all. This team, given 3 years showed us that they are nothing but a team of failures and their lack of experience really really shows. Heartbroken. Expand
  2. Oct 30, 2012
    AC3 is a all new AC Experience, it has a Read Dead Redemption feeling and the best things that you love on AC series. You watch the trailers, demos and theres no surprise, it is amazing like you saw by Ubisoft. Maybe GOTY 2012.
  3. Oct 30, 2012
    I am gonna get right to the point here. This game is NOT good. It has some redeeming qualities like the graphics and cinematics. But there seems to be a continuing theme for so many AAA titles. They just want so badly to be liked. They put cinematics and set pieces above everything else. This game is no different. It is basically cutscene, 2 minutes of gameplay, cutscene, 4 minutes of gameplay, cutscene, 3 minutes of gameplay. AND then you consider that the gameplay is usually walking around or riding on a horse. This is pretty bad. The game also starts off incredibly slow. Conner, the main character, is not nearly as likeable as Ezio or Altair, and his motives seem at times either predictable or just iffy. When the game picks up though, you notice just how simplistic the combat is. It is clear that they wanted to ripoff the Arkham games, especially if you pay attention to the music that plays during combat. It is nearly the same exact music found in Arkham City. BUT the combat found in AC3 is no where near as fluid or polished or fun as the Arkham games. Not even close. It fails hard. Glitches also plague the combat, as well as the overall main game. Horses glitching out, muskets flying around, enemies teleporting, some clipping issues, and dialogue glitches are forgivable I guess, but freezing camera glitches and getting stuck in terrain forcing you to restart is just pushing it. Add to this, braindead AI that is some of the worst I have ever seen in a video game, and you have a very pretty game that is anything but good. PLEASE don't be fooled by the marketing. This is a failure from Ubisoft. Not recommended. 3/10 Expand
  4. Oct 30, 2012
    I really REALLY wanted to like this game. I felt like this was a step backward in terms of gameplay, story, and well, just about everything. I have no idea what happened during the development of this game. Graphically, its downright gorgeous. Sweeping vistas, open ocean battles, and some of the best snow ive seen. But all of that doesnt mean s@#$ if the gameplay isnt up to snuff, and thats where AC3 falls to pieces. its buggy as hell. I shot up about 60 ft. in the air after jumping a fence. had several npc's floating around above the ground. All that wouldnt be so bad if i wasent for the f@#$ing controls. Ubisoft said they improved upon AC Brotherhoods controls. Well, dont fix what isnt completely broken. Controls have never been this series strong suit, but this is one the most frustrating thing ive experienced since the controls from GTA4. The one area where AC always blew me away is the story. But im 8.5 hours into this thing and im just barely scratching the main the story. If you cant get your main plot points out into the open in the first say 3-5 hours of the game, then something is wrong. The pacing is just atrocious.

    The AI has been ratcheted up in difficulty a few notches. Ive been getting my ass kicked just about every fight i get into. Ive been spotted when i was clearly hidden at least 10 times.

    All this is adding up to a fairly unenjoyable experience. If it as any other game i would just chalk it up as a lose and forget about it. But this is AC3 for christs sake. Its supposed to be one of the hallmark games of 2012. Ive been pumped for this thing for MONTHS. Im just so damned disappointed in this thing it hurts. On a side note, i just dont get these fanboys rating it a 10. A 10 game is perfection. It can get no better. Its at its pinnacle. They maybe come around once a year. Look at this game and tell me there is nothing that can be improved. Your lying to yourself and doing a disservice to your fellow gamers.
  5. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassins Creed 2 and Revelations are two of my favorite games of all time,,, This is not one of those............I found this game frustrating and annoying. The frustrating following and fail missions take away from the potential of greatness. It's also a sloppy mess. Game breaking bugs all over are inexcusable. Some or many of the missions are so linear with one path or fail way to play you wonder how they got away with marketing it as open world. I had to follow a guy in the city, had to start over so many times I cursed constantly at how they could do this to me for my hard earned dollars. Some of the combat is fun, the cities look great. I don't know if I'll play multiplayer as much of it is timed fail missions. I'm sorry, a lot of this game is not fun, frustrating and down right excessively boring... Starting over and over and over is the worst thing in gaming and cant get how they thought that would be fun... Expand
  6. Nov 9, 2012
    Alex Hutchinson. I don't think I need to say more other than he absolutely slaughtered this series and he needs to find a new profession, but I will. He's made so many poor choices that have turned a once AAAA series into a piece of crap. There are so many things about this game that are awful that I simply do not know where to begin, nor do I feel like touching up on all of them as it would take too long, but for those who have been huge fans of the series and have played this game will know what I'm talking about. For those who are fans but are yet to play AC3, be warned that this is no longer Assassins Creed. They gutted it and slaughtered it. Alex Hutchinson had a horrible resume before he began working on one of the biggest endings to a trilogy this generation, whoever hired this failure made a huge mistake, and if he has any involvement in any potential future titles I will not be purchasing them, I'd like to see him removed from the industry all together. I've purchased every Assassins Creed game brand new to support great artists, but from now on, I'll buy used because I'm simply heartbroken over what they have done with this series, and the ending, I find it worse than Mass Effect 3, maybe because I'm more invested in AC than I am ME. Regardless, the ending makes me wish I never bothered paying attention to the story from AC1 forward. Then of course there's the boring protagonist, the flat setting, the lack of ambient music, the horrible main missions, the controls, how they destroyed controls that took nearly 5 years to perfect. Alex promised us challenging combat, lies. Bigger leap on gameplay from 2 to 3 than there was from 1 to 2, lies. Don't believe the critic scores, it's an 85 average which pretty much says, this is the lowest we can score this title without losing advertising benefits. Read the user reviews, the ones from the long time AC fans, not the ones who just started playing this year, the ones who have invested 5 years into the series, they know how bad this game is, and how badly Alex ruined this series with his lack of experience and vision. Ubisoft, fire this man. This game does have some great qualities to it, such as the climate changes, the graphics, the naval battles, but just like a sinking ship, it's hard to focus on anything good when the entirety of the game is drowning in it's many failures. The bottom line is, they made it look pretty, but it doesn't make up for the amount of crap this game spews at you, it's insulting really, Alex Hutchinson, remove yourself from the industry, or go back to making titles with low expectations because you are not fit for the big leagues, and to whoever decided to give Alex this position, it might be time to retire, clearly your judgement is horrible. **** YOU ALEX! Expand
  7. Oct 31, 2012
    First of all, let me be clear, I've been an Assassin's Creed fan from day one. I followed the development of every single game since it's conception. I have all the games, all the books, most of the merchandise. I even did some internshipping at Ubisoft to work on Brotherhood. I would go as far to say I'm a diehard fan. This is why, it pains me to say this. Appart from Revelations and the games on other handhelds, this is the weakest Assassin's creed and a blemish on the overall series. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible and has fun parts, but it's an average game that is part of an overall franchise that stays away from the average. Let me break it down, so you see where I'm coming from and to make it clear I'm not "trolling".

    The Cons:

    The glitches. Oh, the glitches. This game is FULL of them. There have been a few that have made me chuckle, like a horse getting stuck on top of a house or a man stretching out like crazy after I hit him. The ones that really upset me though, where the game breaking ones. Such as guns missing from parts where you need to shoot, being unable to fire, escort missions where the NPC will get caught in a wall, the protagonist just falling though the floor into oblivion, the NPC's shooting through buildings. There's been several times I needed to restart due to a glitch. I'd let some of them slide, but this is an AAA title and there should never be glitches that break a game. This is 2012 for Christ sake. The AI is terrible too. You could be walking down a street, with no notoriety and suddenly five guards will come out of nowhere and kill you. Or you could be super wanted and walk by- even punch a guard- without getting them to attack you. The horse back riding is so bad... oh man. Horses- when shot- will fall over. They'll also fall over randomly when you hit a glich and die. The combat, now different than the other AC's, is like trying to drive a minivan with a popped tire. You'll lose half your health just taking out a group of guys. Guarding and countering doesn't work anymore. And good luck dodging. For some reason Muskets in 1777 are as accurate as sniper rifles now. huh. It starts out slow- I wont say spoilers, but it's about 4 to 5 hours in before you actually get to the meat of the game.

    There all a lot of cut-scenes. It sorta brings you out of the game and it feels, sometimes, like a movie, but overall it's not that big of an issue. Pros:

    It's BEAUTIFUL. More beautiful than AC2 or Skyrim or fallout. This game will make love to your eyes.
    The soundtrack is amazing too. The ship battles. Yeah, it's a learning curve, but it's not terrible. It becomes really fun later-on

    Climbing on trees and free-running are smooth like butter. It feels fresh and natural. Connor is a very easily controlled character and you'll just have fun running around in the forest, The Protagonist. Shockingly, Connor is a really interesting character. Hunting is fun. There's no better feeling than stealth killing a bear from a tree. I can honestly say, as a "hardcore" assassin's creed fan, I was disappointed. I had very high hopes for this game, and I even expected something better than AC2. I'd recommend you play it, but don't go in with the high expectations of the people and reviews that are giving it 10/10 or perfects. I'd go in expecting an average game and you wont be too let down.
  8. Oct 30, 2012
    a lot of technical error harm this great game the graphics very good and sound tracks impressive and the story not as good as the last 4 games but still very good and must by for ps3 owner
  9. Nov 1, 2012
    If ever there was a series with incredible highs and irritating lows, it's the Assassin's Creed series. There are parts of Connor's story that are my favorite gaming moments of the year, and parts where I wanted to put down the controller and stop playing entirely. Like all AC games, the setting and research are the takeaway win. Ever wanted to play "People's History of the United States: The Game" ? Then again, I'm one of those nerds that actually sits and reads all the animus database history. Seeing that history come to life is why I play these games -- the "Frontier" map in particular is just so much fun to explore, glitches aside, like Skyrim with parkour. And I'll say it, it's really nice to see native people represented as something other than cliches and stereotypes. The research on the social and political structure of the Iroquois nation pays off in droves. The story... well, here's kind of where things start to fall apart. It's very clear Ubisoft bent over backwards to show a sweeping history of the U.S., from the French Indian war through to the end of the revolution, and in order to cover all that ground it takes a loong time. If you're a detail hunter, expect to wait about 10 hours for the world to open up. I'm not even kidding, it takes that long just to don the assassin hood. Each and every new feature has a stretched out tutorial mission, from hunting to tree climbing to basic combat maneuvers (all pretty self-explanatory), as if the developers were afraid we'd miss every single detail. Speaking of details, I'm a side quest fella, and the side quests in AC are always hit or miss. In AC 3 they range from the fantastic naval warfare (which could be its own game) to popular board games of the time (I honestly don't know why I kept playing those). Then there's some truly dull stuff, like exploring underground tunnels. Whether the side quests are fun or not matters immensely, because there's almost no payoff in the actual game. Money/Assassin partners are as useless as always, so all this trading and guild micromanaging is completely pointless and honestly a waste of the gamer's time. I don't want my time wasted, developers, remember this. Most importantly, their attention to detail and putting us in documented historical moments make the main missions feel super scripted, and it's pretty jarring to suddenly be scripted in a sandbox. The main missions are the worst the series has ever offered, just from their sheer dullness and frustrating fail rate based on whether or not I do exactly what the game wants me to do. A lot of the inconsistency in this game is a clear lack of cohesion - the guys developing the homestead "Sims" game was obviously not talking to the guys writing the story, and neither were talking to the naval warfare developers, and there was some nerd in the corner scripting AI for board games and no one knew where he came from. They went hog-wild for this game, and just couldn't wring themselves in. I know they cut "Philadelphia" pretty late in development, so someone must've said "no" somewhere, but the game feels, yet again, overstuffed. There was a lot of talk about their new anvil engine, but aside from a few new movement patterns and great graphical presentation, the game feels pretty much the same. Some of it pays off, some doesn't. Was this the... ahem... "revolutionary" new game in the series we were waiting for? Absolutely not. Is there great stuff in it? Yes.. But this is a troubled game, one I was really looking forward to and enjoyed only when climbing through trees to the top of a cliff and staring down at it all from afar. Expand
  10. Oct 30, 2012
    Another year and another Assassins's Creed game which basically plays itself. Yes, making a game to hard and challenging can frustrate people, yet making it too easy will bore them. Good game design means finding a balance between those 2 extremes. And it's might be just me, yet I take a little frustration over boredom any day in a game. Because managing something that was difficult leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment, finishing something that was boringly easy one the other hand just leaves you bored. And a game isn't supposed to bore you, causing boredom is pretty much the opposite of what a game should do.

    Or maybe you are one of those people who enjoy to cheat in multiplayer games, or usually run through single player titles in god-mode, because in that case this might be a game for you. For those who require a little challenge in order not to grow bored with a game, better look elsewhere.
  11. Oct 31, 2012
    I'm about to laugh at all the negative reviewers because I think they just need to calm down. The introduction of the game is about 2 hours and yes it "forces" you through a lot of stuff, but AC3 wasn't designed for idiots with no patience. AC3 is for those die-hard fans who love the plot, and so these 2 hours are putting you through plot that you MUST endure if you have followed the story previously. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNTIL YOU'VE PLAYED THE OTHERS. And if you're impatient and lazy and stupid then just don't bother. You will love the graphics and gameplay because the devs have put blood sweat and tears into those domains, but the game is mostly for the plot and the love. It's deep and will keep getting deeper. AC 4 LYFE!!! Expand
  12. Nov 3, 2012
    I'm surprised the user review average is this high and the critic review average is that low. This is usually the kind of game, part of a large series or not, that divides people completely. On the one hand, it's beautiful and cinematic and the story/characters feel fantastic. On the other hand, what a dreadful gameplay experience. If you think ACIII is going to be amazing because the past titles were done well enough and you were promised something better, don't feel bad as we all bought the hype. However, Resident Evil 6 was proof that even a high-budget AAA title from a company used to making quality titles could go from releasing super good games to "ugh, what is up with the controls and why did I just glitch through that thing and oh god my system is heating up" disasters. And ACIII is no different. Not only have some of the controls been remapped but the style of combat and exploration has also been greatly retooled for the worse. Riding horses is a nightmare, the new lockpicking minigame is a hassle, you have to chase collectibles, gone is the 'low profile' control set, guns have curiously gotten LESS advanced as time has progressed, and stealth seems to be not only completely optional but totally unnecessary except for those pass-or-fail missions where getting caught means a "try again" cutscene that plays into a loading screen. I loved the first 4 AAA titles in the series and I will complete this game as well because I'm a huge fan of the AC universe. But I will tell you right now, I won't enjoy it nearly as much as I was led to believe. I'm quite a ways into it and it just feels... unfinished and lacking in structure. ACII remains the best in the series by far. Expand
  13. Oct 30, 2012
    A series ends brethren! That's it, no more Assassin's Creed in future. I cannot go into details without spoiling, so I just say they pulled off Mass Effect 3 with this game. What a shame to see a legacy end like this. At least the story of Connor was good, whilst the story of Desmond was not. Funny how Lucy was never mentioned, looks like had no clue how to make a satisfying ending. It just come tumbeling down. Expand
  14. Oct 31, 2012
    I have been playing games and perusing Metacritic for years. ACIII is the first game to disappoint to such a degree as to drive me to comment. Wandering, lackluster, and frustrating. Ubi should be ashamed. This game can only meekly stand in the shadow of its predecessors. Go back, do it again, and get it right.
  15. Oct 30, 2012
    I just started it but so far i hate it. The Gameplay is the only thing that covered everything else. I hate the new system for everything. Animus Messages .. The **** and the gameplay itself is **** it was to fluent and you could barely control what was happening. In the last 5 games (including the one for the psp) the game felt stabilized and calm but in this ugh..... I wish they didn't change that up the game is honestly a sack of **** and i Loved this series sooooooo much but the control's like changing the counter button to be and the camera angles when you're in combat is why i hate this game. Also the menu. OMG it's to ****ing retarded the way how you have to use the right stick ad thing's like that, this is a bad way to end a series. Expand
  16. Oct 30, 2012
    Ok after playing a good half hour of it I can safety say that this will probably be my game of the year. Without spoiling much, the game seems to be much more cinematic that the previous titles. Even the theme song is epic and seems like something pulled put of a movie. Same goes with the intro mission of the game. It feels grand. The score really does it for me though. Its just epic. Anyone who's having second doubts, just buy it. Anyone who's new to the series, a great place to start although I would recommend playing the previous ones (maybe skip ac1 ) Expand
  17. Oct 31, 2012
    Well, I can say I have been really looking forward to this game! I have been a huge fan since I first played AC. I have played AC3 for 2 hours and my first impressions of the game ... the game play isn't the same (they have been working too hard to make it realistic in my opinion), the usual "AC feeling" is gone (you know, a cool assassin, good story, great locations). They've put too much time into making the game realistic (and complicated). It should have been a better idea to spend more time on debugging ... I've spotted several bugs already. It still is a good game though, but no AC game ... I liked the previous AC games more than I like this one. Expand
  18. Nov 9, 2012
    This is the worst game in the series. I have more frustration than fun playing this. First is the performance, the texture pop-in is ridiculous in the city. Second thing is the counter system, the new counter system doesn't work, if I counter a guy with a hidden blade, it should be instant kill. Why the f can they counter me?! NO! Just no! The third thing is the main character, Connor is just some generic angry guy, Altair and Ezio were much better main characters. Fourth thing is the lack of customization, there's no armors to buy for Connor, combine that with the broken counter system, the combat is frustrating and not fun. Fifth and this is the reason that made me quit playing the game and give this game such a harsh score, the fking Thomas Hickey chase! I hope your bonus is tie in someway to Metacritic scores, whatever team that designed this mission, you deserve to get your bonus reduced for this damn mission! In all other AC games, you're a damn assassin, you run faster than the target you're chasing, but I've been playing for more than 15x, still Thomas Hickey runs faster, wtf?! This is with patch 1.01 btw, so if anything, the patch should've fixed well known issues like this. Don't buy this game, save your money and watch the ending on YouTube, that's what I plan to do. F this game. Expand
  19. Oct 30, 2012
    I just got the game tonight, and so far it's my favorite AC, even beats 2. New animations looks slick and smooth, graphics are pretty good, and game-play is your typical AC-game. Connor is on par as a character with Ezio for me. I also liked the first naval battle, it was something fresh for the series. Also the scenery is really nice in the game, I've already grown tires of Italy, so that's also +. I highly recommend this game. :) Expand
  20. Oct 30, 2012
    If you're a fan of the Assassin's Creed series, you'll feel right at home with AC3. Ubisoft has breathed new life into the series with a Revolutionary War setting in colonial America, and its just as authentic as you've come to expect. Every aspect of the game has been improved, free running is faster, easier, and more fluid and combat is an absolute joy, although the controls have been slightly tweaked so it may take a battle or two for fans to get accustomed to. As usual the story and realism of the environment is what really stand out here, developers have outdone themselves this go around. It all culminates into one spectacular experience that players won't soon forget. Expand
  21. Oct 31, 2012
    Before I begin, just want to state that I have NOT finished the game. Have spent a good chunk of last night and this morning playing the game, and wanted to share my views thus far. First off, the game is utterly beautiful. The landscapes, cities, character models... all are exquisitely detailed and captivating. You may find yourself just standing still and taking it all in. But lets face it, that has always been a major part of the AC universe. The storyline is grand and sweeping, and I was shocked to start not only as Desmond or Connor, but as a new character. If you are curious how much time this game is going to take.... it took me one hour of play just to get to the opening credits after going through the prologue. Four more hours until I got my first glimpse of Connor.

    Now, the downside of what I have noticed so far. The controls are greatly improved, but are still lacking in many ways. Part of is my slavish insistence to use the old controls, hard to break that RT + A free run habit. Once you do, the paths are pretty smooth and Connor is not as Clunky as his predecessors, though unfortunately a lot less likable than the affable Ezio. I have not yet noticed a difference in Combat. It doesn't feel all that smooth, but it could be that it was intentionally this way for the young Connor and the older character played at the start. Hoping this improves as the game goes on.

    My biggest frustration this far has been with the AI and some of the button mashing sequences. The AI has seemingly been ramped up(again it could be due to the character progression) and can be ridiculously frustrating. It seems, at times, for being such a master Assassin that stealth isn't an option. The guards in the early Boston missions are hyper-alert and spot you no matter what you do. It seems the hiding spots are sparse and because of the open map plan you typically get spotted before being able to use them. One mission I completed while at level 3 notoriety because after 5 attempts I couldn't get to the mission markers without being spotted and chased by hordes of baddies. While I enjoy the combat sequences, I also enjoy the stealth aspect just as much, and it is aggravating having to replay missions over and over again because you can't disappear into the crowd as easily as previous titles. I like a challenge as much as the next guy, but lets face it, there is such thing as TOO MUCH.

    Other frustrations come from in-game sequences such as lock-picking and on rails fight sequences. To pick a lock, you have to rotate LS to a certain point and hold it, then rotate RS to a point and hold it, and then Mash RT repeatedly. If you let up on the sticks at all, you have to start back at square 1. Almost threw my controller 3 minutes into the game. I am not a fan of "Button Mashing Sequences" (Press A then Y then X repeatedly, etc). These flash so quickly up onto the screen that you tend to miss the direction. You can figure out the pattern, but it is frustrating to be sure. The missions themselves are passable, but they seemingly set you up to fail the sub-challenges. I enjoy trying to get full sync on the missions, and there are times on this game where that feels impossible. On one mission, for example, you aren't supposed to kill any guards, but you have to collect a map from inside a tent. One guard stands directly in front of the tent and patrols a 3 foot path across the entry. If there is a way to distract him and send him away, the game didn't tell me. After multiple replays (again, the guards have an uncanny ability to spot you(and in this stage you are playing as a supposed "master"), I had no choice but to assassinate the guard, failing 2/3 sub-challenges on the mission. I had NO desire to go back and replay. On another mission you are supposed to make a river rescue without touching the water... Connor immediately jumped straight into the water after the cut scene.

    I have voiced my concerns, but don't feel like I am saying the game is inherently bad. It has some frustrating aspects to be sure. The thing is, the game is still fun and exciting. I still enjoy traversing the environment and the story. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Time will tell as to how I ultimately feel about this game. Right now I am enjoying it, but have had some very frustrating moments. I love the challenge of games, but to me it isn't fun having to replay missions over and over again. If it continues, it may turn out that this title ends up collecting dust on my shelf as I move on to BO II or other titles coming out. So far it is worth the investment... but I would caution buyers that you need to be patient with it. If you are not willing to work your way through the lengthy intro to get to the main character... this game may not be for you.

    *Note- I had this nicely spaced out and paragraphed... MetaCritic forces it into a Wall of Text. FAIL.
  22. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassins Creed has always been one of my favourite games, that was until Revelations came along which was a blatant cash in offering nothing new. The highlight of the series has been Brotherhood in my opinion. So here is Assassins Creed 3.

    I won't spoil anything but this game takes ages to get going, I'm talking hours I'm all up for setting the scene but to be honest its dull, I don't
    want to have my hand held I want to be treated like I have the intelligence to do things my way not be punished if I go off the path. The environments are beautiful - especially the Frontier which is alive with dense forest, animals going about their day and deep sparkling snow. The cities in comparison are alive but feel "generic" . Cut scenes are everywhere which really dig into the immersion as do the messy menus which lift you out of the game.

    At the start for reasons you'll discover you can't climb the trees and this drip feeding of abilities is like Gran Turismo saying you can't get out of second gear until you have proved you can go round a corner without crashing.

    I hope it picks up I really do but I can't help but feel this has run its course now.
  23. Nov 8, 2012
    AC3 is one of the more bizarre games i've played recently. A schizophrenic experience of ambitious new features like the Homestead, Naval battles and teh Frontier added to the traditional Ac formula. Despite a grand premise the game falls flat. Firstly,the pacing is atrocious - you'll spend most of the main story doing 'tutorial missions' which ironically do a poor job. Next, Connor is a wooden void of a character drivng a story that hops about without any sense of purpose with interesting characters like his mother cast aside so you can meet a who's who list of American historical figures who are mostly bland. Even though all the new features are beautifully done, they feel detached and unimportant to the main game. and it's the main game that has had the least care given to it. Even improvements like the combat and animations have issues. Tho Connor feels faster and maneuverable on the ground the parkour has worsened; despite being simplified it feels sticky and unpredictable. The Ai is still painfully erratic, and the mechanics clunky, making stealth at times borderline-broken. Pop-in and gliches abound, horses are simply awful and combat is so easy, it's a superior strategy to take on a fort of 30 gun-and sword weilding soldiers in a straight on fight than attempt a stealthy infiltration. AC3 is in many senses a great achievement, in others a painful, bloated mess, that could have done with Ubisoft addressing core issues that have plagued the series before they decided to add so much on top. Expand
  24. Nov 8, 2012
    This is the worst Assassin's Creed in the series (I think is even worse than Revelations...). The story of this game is absolute boring, specially the past part wich is the 80% of the game, but the Desmond story was even worse... Specially the ending which is specially bad, not to mention all the bugs that game haves, it feels like an unfinished game. If you want a real AC experience just play AC2 and AC:B instead of this game... About the online part, at fist looks good, but it doesn't have many variety on places to play, and most of them looks the same. Also all the customization parts for characters are overpriced, I already have played like 70 times online, I'm in level 31 and I still doesn't have enough credits to allow me to buy character stuff, only skills.. obviously they want us to spend real money on it, also the rewards (videos) for leveling up on the online game are not good as the ones in AC:R.

    So, I'm afraid this is not an AAA title anymore. Not buying another AC on the release.
  25. Oct 30, 2012
    Bad game. Terrible game. This is the fifth AC game to come out it and it still plays and looks the same. I was excited when the previews said that this is by far the best yet but that is sadly false. This game is identical to any other game in the series. I would politely say pass. I got it from Gamestop and had to return it right away. I thought I was actually playing AC2 again because GS gave me the wrong game. Expand
  26. Nov 1, 2012
    Let me start of by saying Assassins Creed II was one of my favorite games because it was such a step forward from Assassins Creed 1. . I Hated brotherhood and revolution because i felt like they where the same game. And they didnt change much at all compared to AC2. I was worried that this might happen for AC3. Apsolutely not.! the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is amazing and they are after changing alot of things about this game. i would mark it a 10 but i find one thing wrong with this game. it sometimes lags a bit ! but other than that. Perfect Expand
  27. Oct 30, 2012
    I was worried at first about the setting but its really turned out to be a great experience. The graphics first off are great. Landscape and buildings are good enough to interest you in walking around old america to see the original cities. Combat is fun as expected and guns dont damage it nearly as bad as id expected. Theres plenty of cutscenes to keep you fully interested in whats going on and who it involves so you always want to keep playing just to see more story. It really is an amazing entry to the series and i find myself hoping to see more games come out involving this knowing i walked into this game uninterested and not wanting such a jump in time setting to saying hey this game is a 10 was a shock to me. But i do love it thats for sure. It was well done Expand
  28. Oct 31, 2012
    I'm going to give it a 9 out of 10 just to let you know this game is awesome! i love the AC games and to me this is the best so if your looking for a fun and awesome game get Assassin's creed 3
  29. Oct 31, 2012
    This is so disappointing, missing audio, floating rifles, people disappear in the middle of a battle, assassinate mission where the target is missing... Never, and i mean never have i played a more flawed game, Ubisoft should be kicking themselves for delivering this piece of garbage...
    How can you release such a flawed game and still demand money is beyond my comprehension...
    What a do-over -_-
  30. Oct 31, 2012
    Just reviewing these reviews..I can't believe there's a negative review @ all..I mean to each is own, but to say this game isn't creative brilliance is just ridiculous..If u are a fan of AC series, then you'll be happy to know, that it has everything you love about it, times 10!!!!...I'm not going to spoil it for anybody, but with the size of the game and the wealth of content, its probably the best bargain in video games this year..AC games are meant to be played patient and methodical, just as their protagonists if you're not playing the game the way it was created, then its an injustice to the franchise...Great game in every facet Expand
  31. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassins Creed 3 is a true evolution of character & era, personally the greatest thing about the AC franchise has always been the movement of your character. The movement feels much smoother throughout every AC and in AC3 it feels as smoother then it ever has been from a light feint step to simply sneaking into bushes and quickly climbing trees, the agile free running feels effortless with the press of one button held down and the combat feels as fluid as ever. The presentation and animation seemed like they were improved too a new height for the franchise and the visuals are stunning and brings along a strong value of exploration for vast amount of side missions while displaying some beautiful scenery of America on your journey throughout the game. The minor downfalls would be the odd dull dialogues which made me doze of at times as well a slow pace of story throughout the game which takes a bit of patience for those who await some action, the technical sides are not a big deal to me but the odd long loading screen does get annoying and the odd glitch and frame rate do appear at time. Another minor con would be the camera angles at times. The highlight system for me personally has always annoyed me in all the ACs but it tends to develop into your style of play. The greatest achievement for Ubisoft is the fruition of ideas being well thought of and carefully implemented into the game as well as creating a great plot from our human history and illustrating a great movie like title with Connor being the star of the show. Nothing bad to say about AC3 but it falls a bit short from a masterpiece and almost equals AC2 in terms of satisfaction and game play. Expand
  32. Nov 4, 2012
    AC3 is the best experience i have ever played. Tree climbing pushes the limits and really feels next gen, The Combat has improved tremendously and is now more challenging. The side missions have a lot of effort put in to them. The story of Connor is the most compelling i have played and he is now my favourite assassin. The story of his village and community and how he becomes an assassin is the best yet. Expand
  33. Nov 10, 2012
    What the hell did they do to this series? Whoever was the lead director of this game is a complete fool. Shame on Ubisoft for allowing the Assassin's Creed brand to get **** on so hard. Long time fan, but this is it. I'm done with the series. That ending, are you F'n kidding me? What a joke, this is what we waited so long for? The game is boring, the pacing is horrible, it feels like the majority of the game is just a tutorial, the atmosphere is a bore compared to previous titles, the main character just lacks any sort of personality, the music, where the hell is the music this series is known for? ugh, the game sucks, if your a fan and just want to know how the story ends, then watch cut scenes on youtube or at least wait for a price drop and buy used, it won't be long, trust me. But prepare yourself for a huge let down, from gameplay to story, Revelations which was considered a cash in by many but was leaps ahead of this game in terms of being an Assassins Creed game. This, well this just stinks. This game isn't a 0/10 to be honest, it is fun at times, but I want this series to either end, or go back to what it was known for, and that was being a great franchise, not a polished turd. 1/10 Expand
  34. Nov 2, 2012
    It's sad really, it's sad how people troll games that compete with thier favourite games, Yes, this game isn't perfect, Yes, Connor (the protagonist) isn't really that good compared to Ezio/Altair, but it's the best game this year along with Max Payne 3 and that is obvious imo, if you deny that you're simply a biased fanboy for another series, i gave this a 10 to counter all those negarive 0's from trolls, my real score is 8.5/10. Expand
  35. Oct 30, 2012
    OK Im a fan of the franchise but Ill try and be honest here. From what I've seen of the game so far impresses me. Im not sure why its getting such negative feedback from others. Maybe because they played it before launch day and missed the patch. Have played for several hours and not seen any of the mentioned glitch. One thing I will say it that its SLOW to start and maybe that's why its turning people away. Yes its a bit controlling at the start and holds your hand alot but I guess that's just Ubi making the franchise playable to new people.

    I actually started by playing multiplayer and thought it was great. Now Im a COD fanboy too but this beats COD by a long shot. You actually have to use tactics and observations. Yes, your target might be right in front of you but killing them might reveal you to the bloke hunting you. Being the hunter and the hunted at the same time give a new kind of thrill.

    The single player game looks great. Graphics are very nice so I can only assume PC will be even better. I think Ubisoft should be congratulated for trying something new. Yes it isnt going to pleas everyone but I think we were all getting a bit sick of Ezio
  36. Oct 30, 2012
    Best assassins creed game by far! Graphics are superb with minor flaws and glitches but nothing unfixable. The story is in my opinion the best I. The series as well, plus with free roam it makes it a must own game for newbies and fans alike! If you have never played AC it doesn't matter you can pick right up no confusion since you get a backstory in the beginning. Highly recommend this game to anyone and everyone! Expand
  37. Nov 20, 2012
    Slightly better then Revelations but this will be the last AC I ever buy. Declining story, bugs and broken mechanics. I really thought it was going to be turned around with this latest installment but I was very disappointed.
  38. Oct 31, 2012
    I'm a little over an hour in and it's nothing what I expected, I'm some what very disappointed, I wanted to give it a worst rating but I think 5 is very fair. So far it feels nothing like the previous assassin creeds, it's filled with way to may cut scenes and loading every few minutes, the controls are a little funny and different. It kinda reminds me of some one trying to copy assassins creed and doing lousy job at it, like I said I'm only in a little over an hour so I hope it gets better, and I'm no expert but I am a Serious assassins creed fan, I played over thousands of video games and buy 9/10 of every new release that comes out so take this advice from a true gamer. Expand
  39. Oct 30, 2012
    One of the best game i have ever played. EVERYTHING with this game is perfection. Those things that Assassins Creed have been lacking has been fixed. It really feels like it's a new IP but at the same time it has the AC feel. AMAZING game. No doubt GOTY 12
  40. Oct 30, 2012
    this game is no doubt game of the year. i little slow start though but a very interesting start. the environment of the game is completely insane. it looks so extremely fluid and the new AnvilNext is just AMAZING.
  41. Oct 30, 2012
    I think there are people who low ball video games scores just to keep them from being perfect.. This in my top 5 games 10, story 10, game-play 10, controls 10... see me in 8 years for game of the decade...masterpiece!
  42. Oct 31, 2012
    Unfortunately it looks as if its left to Dishonored and Far Cry to impress me. I was TO MY SURPRISE, taken aback with the level of polish in assassins creed 3, or lack there of. this game does not deliver what its theme leads you to expect. what is happening to video games. this is not a stealth assassination game. It IS a poor looking action game with some pretty outdoor areas (pretty outdoor areas are my favorite in any game). however even the beautiful scenery and attention to detail do not make it an enjoyable way to spend your time beyond the initial OOOOOOOOs and AAAHHHs. Why does the industry keep assuming that we only want action, and hyped up trailers with ill-fitting hip-hop/pop music. for a game with an M rating it feels shockingly insulting to my intelligence. for being such a GROUND BREAKING game and all, shouldn't I want to actually finish it? then why do I just want to put dishonored back in and wait for far cry 3? I wont go into details about the game its self, there are plenty of critic reviews to get an idea of whats there. another sign of the industries plunge into greed, gamestop's logo is printed plainly on the cover art of my copy of AC 3 yay......... Expand
  43. Jan 6, 2013
    Honestly this game should likely be considered a good game, but after AC2 set a high bar, AC 3 just falls flat on its face. The graphics are as sweet as they might get on the PS3 but also glitchy at times. The game is glitchy in many aspects. The camera is shaky and keeps you from seeing you targets, the controls are ofte off and not intelligently placed on the controller (e.g. stopping a slow horse is the same button as spurring a horse that has picked up some speed), the missions are too unevenly balanced - too easy or way too hard - checkpoints are placed badly and the freerunning system that had been the staple of AC is more often than not the more complicated way to get somewhere - you DO NOT EVEN WANT to climb buildings and run around the roofs in some cases. Why would you spoil the trademark of your game?
    As mentioned above the real problem is that this feels like a good game that you would want to play, but the small problems amass and mar your gaming experience, oftentimes leaving you frustrated wanting to punch someone - most likely the programmers at Ubisoft. I get why people would rate it as a good game, but I can't help but wonder if they played a different game when grading it above 80 %.
  44. Nov 1, 2012
    Assassin's Creed 3 is a good game, it's probably the best in the series. The game looks great and the controls are smooth. I found a few bugs,but nothing too serious. It pretty well improved on almost every aspect. Although they improved on many things, it still feels like the same game as before,which isn't a problem but it's more of a been there done that. Then again it's hard to find originality today anyway. This game reminded me a bit like Red Dead Redemption, and I shouldn't have to explain why, then again it's not a bad thing. The game still looks great,sounds great and plays smooth, I give it an 8 because I have played better games than this which are more fun. This game IS fun but I do not think it deserves a perfect score. The negative reviews on this game do not make any sense. A game where it controls bad,looks awful and isn't fun, should get a low score. This game has all the elements for a good game,there is nothing wrong with it in terms of playability. I found the game to be a little ont he easy side, but then again, most games today like to cater to the casual gamer anyway. It is really a personal preference, but by no means does this game deserve a 0-6 or even a 10. It's just a solid game and it's worth a look. If you loved the other AC games, then you will love this one even more. If you did not like the other AC games, then you wont like this one either.... 8/10 - Great! Expand
  45. Dec 28, 2012
    The good stuff: Sprawling environments with entirely new architecture for freerunning (trees), animals and hunting, naval missions, a commerce system which requires attention, side quests galore, and dynamic weather which actually affects missions. If it were just the stuff they added to the game, I
  46. Oct 31, 2012
    I think to put it most simply, if you like this series you will like this game. Its better in almost every way, its not perfect but its about as close as a game gets now a days. A lot to do, multiplayer is fun, story is engaging, set pieces are cool... over all I got what I thought I would out of this game, a fun and well put together experience.
  47. Oct 30, 2012
    This game is an amazing new iteration for the Assassin's Creed saga, a worthy successor to its awesome predecessors, and an epic tale where you can enjoy the incredible amount of work that Ubisoft surely invested on it. Here the American Revolution feels alive and fresh, and it comes with a multifaceted and human hero: the memorable Connor.
  48. Nov 25, 2012
    This title is my Game of the Year. While a few bugs do exist, they were expected knowing that this is a brand new engine. However, none of the glitches are "game-breaking" which is definitely good news. Quite frankly, there is so much to do with this title, it's bound to keep you busy for weeks, if not months. Graphics are gorgeous. Controls work well. And running around in Revolutionary America is a whole lot of fun. You cannot go wrong with this game. Expand
  49. Oct 31, 2012
    People need to stop trolling, it's really makes me sad seeing trolls giving this game 0's without even stating one valid reason, this game isn't perfect but it's the best this year, way better than other rushed games that surprisngly, got better scores than this for some reason. :/
  50. Nov 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, I wanted to write a short review, but there's too much to say about AC3. There must be said that it was one of the most hyped games of the year, so the expectations were high, leading some to disappointment. There must be said that Ubisoft took chances introducing new characters and gameplay mechanics in a well stated franchise. And, above all, it must be said that people don't know what they want. If a game is pretty much the same than its predecessor, people complain saing that the developer lacks ideas and only want to milk the gamers. If the game differs too much, people complain as well stating that they sacrificed the good points in the previous game and replaced it with bad points.
    That said, I must say that, indeed, AC3 was a bit disappointing, but it doesn't fail to deliver a fun gameplay, engaging story, sweet graphics and an overall really great experience. The game starts slow. This is a point that, for some, may drag down the experience of the game as a whole. But that slow start server to the purpose of introducing the story. You'd be lost if weren't for the first "slow" hours of the game. You're introduced to the new gameplay features in the first hours too. So, you can't skip it.
    As the story develops, you come across several sidequest, as in the previous titles. In the city, among the woods, farms, etc. The addition of the naval missions was the highest point in the game, in my opinion. It works so well and it is so fun and smooth you can't stop playing. They almost reached perfection simulating sails and stuff. The game is smooth like butter when you're exploring the woods. Climbing the trees, hiding in bushes, hunting, everything works just fine. I don't know about other players, but I found the gameplay in the cities very glitchy. The parkour is sometimes confusing and you end up climbing or jumping in places you don't want to. This is serious, once almost the entire game is based in parkour. I failed several missions because of a failed jump or a ledge. I don't even have to mention riding a horse in the cities. Not only in the cities, actually. It's painful. The horse just get stuck for no reason, and controling it can be a pain. Plus, there's the guards sometimes starting to chase you for no apparent reason, even when you are incognito. Besides, there are moments when animals or people get stuck in trees or walls. It's kind of funny a AAA game such as Assassin's Creed shouldn't have such silly glitches.The combat has changed a little from the previous titles. There's now a counter button, when an enemy attacks you. But it seems sloppy, because Connor hits the air so many times I can't count, but still the enemy is damaged. It's an aesthetic glitch, and I don't like it.
    About the graphics, there's nothing to complain. Is simply amazing. Everything is absolutely gorgeous. As I said, the framerate in the woods is smooth. In the city, there's occasional drops and screen tearing, specially in the pursuits.
    Now, the disappointing part. The Assassin's Creed series got me so engaged because of its complex story, involving history, religion, apocalypse, and so many other interesting things mixed up together. AC3 was supposed to be the climax of the story built upon the 4 previous titles, closing it up in a unbelievable way. Well, in fact, the ending wasn't what I expected, and it isn't a good thing. They put too little effort closing the story and (BEWARE OF THE SPOILER) just killed everyone. I think with myself that this was the inevitable way that the story would end. The first civilization, with all their powers and resources did not prevent the world from "ending", who would say the humans would do. But it seems like the effort from the assassins throughout the games were pointless. I say it again, I don't think that prevent the end of the world was possible, but I expected something far more dramatic and elaborate, just like the whole series.
    Assassin's Creed 3 is a kickass game, and as a fan, I can assure it's a great game. But the glitches prevent you of enjoying the game in full. The ending is not so bad in my opinion, but could've been better. Perhaps Ubisoft will release patches fixing the glitches in the next weeks or months. When it happens, the game take a 10 from me. Right now, it's a 9.
  51. Oct 31, 2012
    Boring game... 0 Gameplay... Every little part is automatic. I hope, for the next episode, to have an automatic control, so i can only watch the game and don't play it.
  52. Oct 30, 2012
    I think that this game is huge, slow start but awesome gameplay. The naval mission are awesome, I love the new weather system are animations are as smooth as ever. I'm not done yet but this game deserves as much attention as every other AC game!
  53. Nov 1, 2012
    I literally am writing this review because of the people that thought this game deserves a 1 or a 0. All i'm going to say is that this game is an amazing achievement. I understand you may have a couple of issues with certain things in the game, but in no way does it deserve a 0 or 1. The only good thing about you doing that, is that now we all know who not to listen to. Thanks...i guess
  54. Nov 1, 2012
    This game was a big let down. They made the mistake of promising a new AC game every year, and made a bigger mistake of actually fulfilling that promise. This game isn't finished, a AAA title should not have the amount of bugs or AI problems that this game has. The AI is absolutely terrible and incredibly inconsistent, there are times where the guards will spot you from a mile away, even when incognito, and others where you can kill a guard 3 feet in front of another one, and he just stands there. The guards also get stuck on objects often, making it difficult to escape undetected.

    The bugs and AI are actually not even the biggest problem with the game. The first 5 sequences are way too long, they could have cut 2/3s of the game play out and you would have gotten the same story. Its basically a very long tutorial, which in the 5th iteration of a game isn't needed. Especially when you can learn all of it from the animus tutorials. In previous Assassins Creed games it felt that the story missions were leading you to the climax of the story, in this game it feels like they are only there to kill time before you get to the end. The story also seems as though it was written by a group of people who didn't communicate with each other, they just wrote their own parts and stapled them all together, its just too random in parts. Much of the game is just filler, you listen to the historical characters talk for longer before a mission starts, than the time it takes to actually complete the mission.

    Now the controls, this is a personal pet peeve of mine and im sure not everyone had the same problem. After you make four games with basically the same controls, why would you change the combat controls for the fifth game. Why fix what wasn't broken, I agree combat was very easy in the previous games, but you didn't make it any harder you just annoy the people who are used the the old controls until they get used to the new ones.

    Another annoyance I had was that the had Conner speaking Iroquois too often in the early parts of his story. This wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't have him and the others speak 5 words per minute. They didn't have Ezio speak Italian often, which is spoken quickly, and they rarely had Altair speak Arabic, which is also a quickly spoken language. I actually had to skip a few cut scenes which luckily they allow you to do, because they were painful to sit though.

    This game wasn't finished, but they released it anyway, guess thats what happens when you give out the release date 6 months in advance. I prefer Valves way of doing things, delay until its done right.
  55. Nov 1, 2012
    It is a great game not as good as Assassin's Creed 2, but it is a great new addition. The only problems that makes it from being a perfect game are the small glitches like people disappering into the background and when Conner free runs he'll grab objects I don't want him to and at one point some lip syching takes away from the experience. But don't let these small problems keep you away from enjoying this big, beautiful game it is a must buy. Expand
  56. Nov 2, 2012
    I thought this game was brilliantly done! I loved the beautiful detail in the graphics. I also loved the story line of Connor. The fighting, personally to me, was a tad bit harder in this game which is a good thing because ACII made it too easy to fight and kill everyone. I don't to spoil anything, but I loved the background stories that you able to interact as Desmond which explains some of the unanswered questions in the second one, and opens up things that could happen in the next game. I think one of my only complaints is that it was glitchy at times, and sometimes the targets would glitch out and disappear, or you were unable to kill them. Other then that, this game is defiantly worth it, and the good does outweigh the bad things about it. Expand
  57. Nov 3, 2012
    Way too many glitches in this game to take it seriously. People you are supposed to defend just freezing up, horses that are harder to drive than tanks, and glitchy enemy AI that can see through walls and never loses your trail. If you are a person that likes to 100% games, this is definitely not for you. Something as simple as "do not get damaged while crossing this path" is impossible as there are no warnings to locations that are hit, and "do not get detected" is like threading a needle with an elephant. I would not recommend anyone to play this game as they would likely end up as I am, ready to throw my controller through the tele. Expand
  58. Nov 4, 2012
    This game is amazing from the start I could see that this was Ubisofts most innovative and daring Assassins Creed game yet, and it paid off. There were many things in this game that should be commended such as the great new combat system and the new open frontier area that opens up so many possibilities and introduced along with it the "fun" ability to climb trees. Amazing story, great gameplay and awesome characters all together make the best Assassins' Creed game to date. Expand
  59. Nov 4, 2012
    Story was, by far, the worst of the entire series.

    Conner was a mental midget who spends the entire game acting like a petulant six year old.

    On the flip side, actual game mechanics were mostly solid, with some improvements over previous games in the series. Unfortunately, I love(d) the AC story, and Conner's story was so bad, and Desmond's "end" was so bad, I have to give AC 3 a 4.
  60. Nov 9, 2012
    99% of the 10's are just Ubisoft employee's. The game isn't much of a step up from the last 3 AC games. That being said, its a waste of money. I'd rather spend that hard earned money on a hooker or drugs rather than Assassin's Creed 2.4

    Please Try Before You Buy!!!! Don't listen to the reviews here! Have a nice day. Its up to you to form your own opinion after trying it, personally I
    thought it was appalling. Expand
  61. Nov 15, 2012
    Take what has made the series great so far, and give it a face lift, then tweak the combat. Toss in a killer multi-player, and sprinkle in some good story points and you have this game. Its not without faults. I have had a few visual glitches with the environmental as well as a main character talking in a cut scene without there lips moving. But over all, the combat is what shines thru. The enhancements to the flow just feel right. I so far have greatly enjoyed this game and would recommend even if you have skipped a few or not played any at all. Expand
  62. Nov 22, 2012
    Wow. Having owned (AND STILL OWN) every Assassins Creed since the beginning, this is especially disappointing. AC2 was perfection... Brotherhood and Revelations were obviously re-skinned cash grabs, so I was hopeful for AC III. But, unsurprisingly, it has been the worst, robbing me of EVERYTHING I loved from the series. And at this point I honestly, wholehearted WISH they would've just re-skinned AC II AGAIN. No freaking wonder Patrice Désilets left such a garbage company. You don't deserve the rights to his game. I hope the same series that saved you from bankruptcy drives you right back down into the ground when your "fans" realize you're robbing them. Expand
  63. Nov 27, 2012
    This game is absolutely AMAZING!!! After the second game, assassin's creed kind of went downhill but now its right back on course. I wasn't particularly impressed with brotherhood and revelations but this time I got that fresh feeling I got when I played ACII for the first time. The graphics are awesome and there is so much to do. So many side quests. I also found the story better than the previous games. Connor is the best protagonist yet with a sense of honor and his story threads are very thoroughly explored. All in all, Assassin's creed III is the best assassin'screed yet and definitely (in my opinion) the best game of 2012. It is a must buy for any TRUE assassin's creed fan Expand
  64. Nov 6, 2012
    Assassin's Creed 3 is the best game I've ever played in my whole entire life. That's all I really have to say about this title. You can see details from other reviews.
  65. Nov 1, 2012
    This game is incredible. To all the people writing negative reviews, are you playing the same game? Or is it that I just don't get mad at things they changed? I think some people stopped playing and just said it was crap after twenty minutes. But moving along the story of Connor from beginning to end is great and I connected with him more than any other character in the series. Granted this isn't going to win any Oscars but the story I think is the best of the series. He frustrated me at times and in the middle it fell flat for a bit but then picked up again. Overall very good. And the prologue was great, it was a fun lead into the story, predictable but still a nice long intro and set up with a little shock and awe to throw you into the game. I loved it so sorry to those who don't. Definitely did not ruin the game. Now graphics because this one is easy, They are gorgeous. Incredible work on the faces of people, mostly noticeable in cut scenes cuz when else are you looking at faces. The faces are a bit shiny tho, minor nit pick. The Levels are huge, and multiple areas like in ACII. I ran through the main story and left side missions for after and I bet I only uncovered 1/3 or less of the areas, especially frontier. And also gorgeous not only in looks but design, the cities have always been great and the two new ones are no less, the docks are one of my favorite views with all the big ships. And frontier is great with lots of vertical and variation on the map. Really got lost in the woods many times, like skyrim almost, not as large as that of course. That leads into the weather, it just adds that extra layer which I really liked. you are in the same places but they look different and snow slows you down a bit which is a nice touch. Now Gameplay, they have stripped this one down I feel, but I feel for the better, they kept what was good and made it work especially combat. no sprinkle fillers like all the grenades in revelations that I never used. Free running took a bit to get used to with the only one button this time and with all the automated corner peaks and so many things to climb on you will run into frustrations climbing the wrong way or jumping off when you didn't mean to etc but nothing more than in previous games. Running in trees and such in the frontier is super fun, especially I was chasing guy on horseback stood up, jumped into the trees air assassinated and stole a bad guys horse, stood up and jumped into the trees again and rope hung the second guy. That was memorable to me. Then the boats! Oh I love the boats!! freaking pirate style and so much fun. People can complain about them if they want but I personally love every single part about the boats. To wrap it up as I am getting lengthy the only bad things I would say is i which they took stealth a step further, like a crouch/sneak i felt would have helped in some situations. The sneak missions i found to be the most frustrating but once you figure out a path then it works you just might have to try a few times. or twenty. but minor gripe because I did feel accomplished once i finally got the missions done, more so than when i just had to run and kill someone, that's easy! So overall a great game and a great experience, oh music, voice acting and sound 10/10 almost forgot that. But so great in fact i'm going to go play some more, maybe jump into multiplayer which i haven't had a chance to do. By far my favorite in the series and a must buy for any fan. and definitely look into if you are just looking for an amazing game worth more than the $60 you put into it. or more like me i got the limited edition just so i could hang the flag on my wall, and it looks awesome! Expand
  66. dpc
    Nov 2, 2012
    To say this is not a good game is ridiculous. There are a few technical issues to be sure, which hopefully will be addressed in a patch. But the setting is incredible, the character development is excellent and it is freakin' fun as hell. The beginning is slow, being an excuse to act as a tutorial of sorts, yet the story and action are still very compelling all the same. So I, at least, can forgive that. Once you get to Boston, things pick up. In reality, I'd give it an 8.5, which is still excellent overall. I wanted to offset the idiots who are saying it's a "0". Come on. But being honest, it's also not exactly a 10 either. What it is, however, is a truly unique experience with an amazing chance to play in the world of colonial America. If you're a prissy fanboy tool, don't bother getting it. Everyone else using a 10th of your brain or more will love it. Expand
  67. Nov 3, 2012
    Hey, what is it with everyone??? This is BY FAR the best AC game and I've played all of them at least twice. I'm really having a very hard time here trying to understand why anyone would give this game a negative review... The story is magnificently compelling, the graphics and the engine, seasons and all that stuff is mind-blowing and the character is an all-new, very different and interesting and fun character. I finished the game two hours ago and I still have stuff to do enough to make an entire game out of... This is superb AC experience... Yeah, there are an unusual amount of glitches and bugs which aren't as important as some people think. Besides, it caught my eye that these bugs lessen when you progress. Anyway, this is a magnificent game which is, in my opinion, Ubisoft's geatest work. Finally, the ending still left a lot of questions and also many new ones, regarding the outcome of the game's events. I think we're definitely going to be seeing a lot of AC still and most likely connected to this ending. Expand
  68. Nov 2, 2012
    I was quite disappointed with this game to start with, conversations were quite scruffy with two people talking at the same time and once someone was talking without even moving their mouth!!
    However, once you get past the early part of the game and you become Conner this game really shines.
    Graphics are amazing, I spent nearly an hour just walking in the woods looking in wonder at
    stuff! Its a new game with a new lead, and therefore comparing this with earlier Assassins creed games is unfair. AC2 is my fav game ever & its true AC3 is not quite as good, but the standard was very high. If, like me, you love assassins creed then get this game, Its beautiful, with an amazing score and I nearly cried with laughter when Conner tried to sit down on that old chair! Expand
  69. Nov 1, 2012
    This is probably The best game of the series. I loved how the start was, because its so important to the story itself, and after two hours it was done. Two Hours isnt that bad, when you think it an tutorial and a story point, I wasnt bored, i just saw it as and introduction the whole new Era you are playing in. Anyway. The free roam is Awesome! Almost like Red Dead Redemption, and the new mechanics is fun and really creative, Plus the Naval battle is the best Victorian naval simulator i have ever played! Grapichs is Really, really good, but at some points it pretty bad (But acceptable).

    Im only half way, but im having a blast!

    10 for me, because it deserves a 9 in all, so im just trying to push the rating up!

    Nice done Bioware!
  70. Oct 31, 2012
    It is an incredible game. probably the best open-world game I've ever played. Graphics are great, the world is extremely large and incredibly detailed, and the gameplay has seen massive improvements over Revelations. I can't find any major or game-breaking problems in this game so far. This, along with AC 3 Liberation on the Vita, are probably candidates GOTY 2012 for me atleast.
  71. Oct 31, 2012
    Assassin's Creed III takes everything that worked well in previous titles, sprinkled in a touch of Red Dead Redemption, tweaked thecombat to be as smooth as Batman: Arkham City, borrowed the cinematic and character development of Uncharted 2, and polished it all off to be one of, if not the very best, game of 2012.
  72. Jan 5, 2013
    The first couple of quests at the start where you play Naytham or whatever were so boring and dull I almost sold the game back right away. Then I pushed ahead to where you become rukhanheketon or whatever his name is and the game became bearable for a while longer. After about 10 or so hours I stopped all sidequests and just grinded thru the main story so I wouldn't feel bad for selling it without finishing it. Expand
  73. Nov 1, 2012
    This is one of the biggest and best games I've played this year. I have been a big fan of the series since it started. I've heard a lot of people complain about this game, but from what they said it pretty much represented the first two hours where you have to go through a very slow paced and linear part. This is just to get you into the story and the initial feel. Once you're through that, you are free to do as you're pleased really. It's a game that really doesn't disappoints. I've been amazed by the sheer scale of that game. It's incredible. The story is very interesting, the gameplay is fun and feels right. I was afraid of setting assassin's creed in america because I thought it would be impossible to beat a game that was set in the renaissance era. As assassin's creed 2 was a giant leap from the first one, assassin's creed 3 is giant leap from AC2. To me it is a big contender for Game of the year. We'll just have to wait and see for there are still other games that need to be released before giving the final judgement. But all in all, it's an amazing that I don't think anyone should miss! Expand
  74. Nov 10, 2012
    C'mon, I really cannot believe you people are judging this game this bad. Okay, AC3 is not the best game in human history, but is not that far away from being such. Gameplay is awesome, combat is fully improved. Now, gamers do not depend in the story of the series- which, by the way, is still pretty awesome - to continue playing the game. The old "counter-to-win" style is not more so significant. The confrontations are more dynamic and the different kinds of missions make the game one hell of a good choice for the GOTY. The few things that can be said about this piece of art are definitely related with its bugs, loading screens, lack of involvement with some characters, and not-that-good ending. AC3 does not follow ME3 terrible ending model, as its almost certain the existence of a sequel for the game, but.... all fans that waited anxiously for the third episode of Desmond's saga won't be truly satisfied with its conclusion. Expand
  75. Nov 12, 2012
    It takes a little while to get into (the story doesn't really "start" until you're halfway through, which is a little odd I admit). But once Connor's story starts rolling, and the game is finally opened up, boy is it great. It's easily (very easily) the best AC yet.

    I've heard some people say they don't like Connor which baffles me. Sure he is a little one-note, but the guy epitomizes
    courage and an unwavering determination. The difference between him potentially dying, and doing the right the thing, doesn't exist. If something needs to be done, he's going to do it any way he can. I suppose that isn't really a unique trait in a video game hero, but because this story is so steeped in history it dawns on you that a guy not unlike this probably did exist.

    Branching off that, the biggest draw for me is the story (and always has been with the AC series). It's wonderful. The overarching story is great, and how it connects and parallels the modern day Desmond story is really very clever. I wish I could put this into my own words but GameInformer managed to say exactly how I felt about the main story as it's truly one of the best I've played in any game. "The storytelling that weaves through these many threads is stellar. Rather than hiding from the complex themes of freedom versus control at the heart of the series, Assassin
  76. Dec 31, 2012
    What is Assassin's Creed 3's core mechanic? Is it stealth? No, because if one enemy spots you, all enemies are instantly aware of your position somehow. Even though there's an indicator for how much an enemy can see you, and it's plenty fun to sneak up behind an enemy, sometimes my character would do something stupid because I didn't press the buttons contextually enough for the games liking, and most of the missions don't involve stealth but when they do it's controller- snappingly obtuse. Is it hack and slash combat? Maybe, because there are plenty enemies in one vicinity at once and jumping in there taking them all out Arkham-style is really fun, but the game wants you to be unnoticed, you know, with the big inconspicuous hood and all, so killing everyone that looks at you funny isn't the optimal solution. Is it the naval missions? No, they're awesome in their own right and I love them, but they only appear in two of the story missions. Well done! You've done a story mission! Now you have the pleasure of being able to do something absolutely **** tedious. So no, AC3 has no core mechanic and remains an unfocused and buggy game throughout. The sidequests are dull too, with the hunting not being rewarded with anything but being pretty cool despite that. Let's just take a look back to Assassin's Creed 1, where it's core mechanic was Assassinating, hence the title. It was repetitive and you spent too much time faffing about, but at least it was a game about assassinating with just a set of tools and a target so you can find your own way to take out the enemy, whatever way you would like too. Over the years, the series has added so many more useless gimmicks that the series has become completely unfocused. I guess I should give credit where credit is due, the combat system being fast, fun and intuitive, the graphics are incredible, the aforementioned naval missions are extremely engaging and I really loved them, the new Assassin's Armour is the best one yet, the overall historical accuracy being, well, historically accurate, the writing is excellent, even though the story is conveluted and barely connected to the original Assassin's Creed story-line, the menu's are really well designed, the free-running is the best I've seen in a game, even though it does get a bit too contextual at times, and it's a fresh departure from the series that takes away the scrambled **** from the previous games. However, the scrambled eggs it took away from the previous games that made them less intuitive and focused, it completely dropped the assassinating bit, so this just becomes an unfocused generic action game, whereas its predecessors were quite original at the time and remained fun whilst also being a bit too easy. This one suffers from being a bit too easy as well, I died most of the time because Connor did something stupid. For an open world sandbox game, this needs to be less contextual, because it gets on my nerves when I cant climb up a wall unless the contextual 'Climb up the wall' button shows up. This was a problem with the previous games as well, I just want to be able to run freely without needing to press the correct button at the correct time. As an Englishman, I felt uncomfortable killng my own men, but I just got used to it over time. See, this is also a problem about the game, its set in a war that's only interesting to American Patriots and to no one else. Connor brutalising Englishman because he's not wearing the same colour as them makes Connor look like the biggest monster of them all, especially when you can't exactly demonize people sodding off later on because they couldn't be bothered any more, or maybe I'm just biased. The French renaissance would of been a much more interesting setting, because in 1775 America, there aren't any big buildings to go free running on and the whole running part is a lot less fun. But at the same time in France there are heads being chopped off, the peasants vs. the Aristocracy, there's a much more believable side you can take without being gung-ho American patriot or gung-ho French patriot. Civil wars are much more interesting, oh, what about the American civil war? Where enough time has gone by for there to be cool buildings to jump around on, war is becoming industrialised, and it's the brutal slave-owning savages of the south vs. the freedom fighting civilised north, and there's a war on so there's plenty of killing for your liking, and hey, they could of had mid-19th century Connor bump fists with Lincoln. Sure, the north outnumbered the south 2:1 but it's better than the boring old redcoats. This game is overall a pretty mixed bag, and if you do consider playing it, don't go in with your expectations too high, like I did. If you go into it with the knowledge that it's an average game, you'll come out feeling satisfied. Expand
  77. Nov 9, 2012
    This game has amazing atmosphere and is the best one in the series in my opinion. The problem with this game for me is that the story is very boring for the first half of the game and I tried to stick it out, but the game is just ridiculously long.
  78. Nov 20, 2012
    Hours and hours of gameplay, great history, great naval battles, Great characters, and hunting... VARIETY!! Of course it will not please everybody, but... HEY!! IT'S VERY FUN!!
  79. Nov 3, 2012
    Being a hardcore AC fan, Assassin's Creed 3 was a true shift in the wind. Not only is combat different, but the feeling of the game changes drastically as well. You'll find yourself actually worrying about other characters and the regular populace, completing more side-quests than you normally would. Notoriety is also a bigger part of the game, as once it reaches level three, it becomes impossible to navigate the city roads or rooftops without attracting attention. The characters are well-developed, I find myself hating the Templars as much as I love them. Overall, it depends on your point of view and how you're affected by change, as there is a lot of it in this game, give it a try, get used to it. 9/10 for a few glitches, some weird lip synch and for the general length of the game, which is insufficient. Expand
  80. Nov 1, 2012
    10 is a masterpiece, this is as close as you get. From my view, this is definiately the most immersive Assassins Creed experience in the series. The opening 2-3 hours are epic, and its just the start of an epic adventure through the young america. The controls are more fluid than ever, the graphics are beautiful (especially if you have the pleasure as I do, to play it in 3D) and the story grips you tighter than ever. Expand
  81. Oct 31, 2012
    Assassin's Creed 3 is a great game and although full of bugs, the new gameplay mechanics lets you forget about all that and in turn becomes a fun experience.
  82. Nov 1, 2012
    This game is very good. It has got a few bugs but that can be forgiven by the enjoyable gameplay and very engaging story as well as the fact that there is so much to do in this game. I find it quite ridiculous how most of negative reviews are by people who have only played a maximum of three hours of the game and have concluded that it is a 'terrible' game. how can you jugde a 20 hour game in 3 hours. Shows they don't know what they are talking about and yes it does get better after that. Expand
  83. Oct 31, 2012
    What I'm going to say is that a 10 score is not for it being a perfect game. It saying that it is well worth my money that I bought this glorious game. For those who reviewed the game in only a couple hours and yet to do everything is not a fair review. Here is a fair review why I think Assassin's Creed 3 is a Glourious game.
    *A SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN REVIEW and some spelling errors*

    The game starts you off right after revelations where after Desmond seen the truth behind the 2012 incident years ago. Desmond and his crew went in the vault inorder to save the world but only to find that there is a series of power keys you need to find in order to open the pathway to something far beyond in the inner depths of the world. Desmond fall into a stasis and went back on the animus to find out that during the 1700's, he had other ancestors that related to the vault he was in. You start to play as Hathym(SP), an grandmaster assassin, trying to find the exact vault that Desmond is already in with a huge twist in the beginning. Sooner later You start to play as another ancestor, Connor Kenway(Ratohnhaké:ton) from child to teenanger, trainy, then a full pledge Assassin. There is some Desmond story throughout the hours you put into the game and talking to the crew: Shaun, Rebbecca, and William(Desmonds Father), though most of it is talking then taking small missions to obtain the power cells. Ubisoft made it more intriging to know the characters better as even a interative talk gives the characters more meaning and life. Some characters are brought back for explanation like Ezio, Altiar, Lucy, the alien gods, and Subject 16 with some new ones as well.

    The graphics of this game is outstanding. To facial animations, little small animations that gives you the feel that your in the world, the detail on other characters and the world, setting and rich atmosphere of snow, rain, spring,etc. The 5 years that Ubisoft took on this game shows though the fire can be abit better. During when i was playing through Conners child missions, going in the burning village was really awesome but the fire kinda look like water colored with red,orange, and yellow. With some minor bugs that I experince with didn't ruin the game for me, but it can be silly to look at sometimes like a bayonette musket floatin in the air.

    The gameplay is changed dramaticually in this game, making it more simpiler than the others. People who can't seem to adjust to the controls should have expected it because of the content in this game. There is hunting,running, fighitng, stealth, boat battles, uses of inventories, etc. It's endless and I can see why people think its all clustered. To me, i thought it was pretty played out well, except the few minor experinces with the parkour free run when I didn't meant to run up some walls but gladly they didnt bother me. The AI in the game is kind of wonky with me in where I was literally infront of the redcoats while in the bushes and I stook out like a sore thumb yet he didnt' notice me.Gives me that flawed Assassins Creed AI feel to me which is great actually. Combat is alot better with vaired of weaponary in uses which how you want to dispose the enemy, either tomahawk them to death, use the dagger?hidden blade, bow, dart ropes, swords, musket, flicklocks,etc. This combat made me feel more impact of the feeling of actually hitting them kinda like Uncharted and Batman since they give you the feel of acutally being in the fight. You can mash buttons but come on, alot of people do that. The sound of the game gives life to it. The crowd of its screaming, conversations, pigs, dogs, anything you see in real life is pretty much what it feels here. The voice acting is astonishing with Benjimin Franklin, George Washington, the natives, Conner. its all top notch thought the Indian Native language voice acting seems abit off sometimes but still give that cutural feeling. Gameplay sound is good, sounds more clear than the pervious games though sometimes the audio is cut out( I only experinced it once).

    You can see that i greatly enjoyed the hell out of this game. I put over hours of this game and still loving it. I highly recommend to pick this game up. Even if you are or not an assassins creed fan.
  84. Oct 31, 2012
    Simply the best Assassin's Creed ever. I'm really enjoying it! Thanks to Ubisoft for this masterpiece. Great job to everyone that worked on this.
  85. Nov 1, 2012
    I have been a fan of the series since it first released and was excited for the final chapter in the series. I was extremely impressed with Connors story as I have been with Altaïr and Ezio's as well. Though those stories were strong, the 'main' story following Desmond was really weak and disappointing. I feel like Desmond's story has been neglected since the first game and I feel we as gamers were robbed of the development of Desmond and having another great character in the series. You could take his story completely out and it would not bother me one bit. I wish more time would have been spent on developing Desmond but otherwise the series has ended strong. The new game mechanics are impressive, especially combat. It used to be combat was a breeze and you could take down multiple enemies in seconds, now it is more challenging and adds more depth to combat with the gun play since most enemies carry guns. The sailing was also well done, to my surprise. The ship was easy to control and also offered a challenge by having to gauge winds but lowering your sails. The game overall was impressive and I will definitely have another play through. Expand
  86. Nov 2, 2012
    Game isn't perfect, few are. Combat system is different than past AC titles and a bit more annoying to get use to. audio between npcss can be annoying as well, as the files seem to be a little corrupt at times. For those complaining, again, about Lucy storyline not being told, you obviously haven't played this game, there are many conversations involving her this time. Most of the negative reviews seem to be from people trying to rush through the game and skipping side quest stuff and not allowing themselves to be fully emersed with the conversations with npcs. As for it feeling different than the other AC titles...of course it is, it would be ridiculous if the eras felt the same dont you think?? Beginning of the game is kinda boring and ver cinematic, however, give the game till you're using Connor fully before you make a full opinion on the game. Expand
  87. Nov 1, 2012
    I love the AC series, and although I was iffy on whether or not this one would manage to tie in well enough with it's predecessors, I was very excited to receive it yesterday. That is, until the gameplay started. The visuals alone save this game from an abysmal rating from me. They are truly amazing, and the developers managed one of the best looking games I have ever seen. Unfortunately, the greatness ends there. The rest isn't all horrifying; some of it is just boring. I like games that I enjoy watching others play. I loved Ezio and his story; Connor, while new and slightly interesting, seems to fall a little flat in comparison. I think I payed attention for the first half-hour of gameplay when we got it yesterday, and then I tuned out. Cut scenes, while nice, need to be limited. I don't think it's necessary to spend 5 minutes of a 12 minute mission watching the characters do their own thing. The new controls are not a favorite of mine; granted, mostly because I don't particularly like change in things that work well for me, but part is due to the fact that you are continuing a tradition containing 4 predecessors. Lock picking has to be my #1 pet peeve for this game. It is irritating and redundant. And the glitches!! Why show peg legs on my map when while trying to get them i fall off a cliff, land in a black spot with no way to get out, and have to commit suicide to get unstuck? How is it possible to get a AAA for this subpar, painfully flawed, and obviously half-finished pile of s***? Seriously, I hate to give up on this series, because until now it has been a great ride, but I pray that they're smart enough to end this joke. Expand
  88. Nov 1, 2012
    Just finished the game and all I have to say is this game is beautiful. Yeah there are glitches here and there , but thats about the only problem IMO. It literally improves on everything and then some.
  89. Nov 2, 2012
    Es sin duda el juego más grande al que he jugado. Además lo tiene todo: buen multijugador, una excelente historia, buenísima jugabilidad y gran variedad de misiones. Hay muchas cosas nuevas con respecto a los otros AC, como los increíbles combos, la escalada por rocas y árboles y el estimulante contraste entre estar en las ciudades y la frontera. Los gráficos, como era de esperar son increíbles. Su duración es enorme, así que recomiendo este juego antes que otro shooter más, ya que te dará variedad. Es sin duda un juego que no puede faltar en la estantería. Expand
  90. Nov 2, 2012
    This game in all was beautiful. The story was incredible and the fighting and free running was so epic and flowing. I dont think ive ever played a game as amazing and groundbreaking as this. The only downfall it had was a few glitches and the horses were disappointing. But those could all easily be fixed with a patch which id expect to be out soon(:
  91. Nov 3, 2012
    Despite some glithches some people are complaining about (only found 3 so far that didn't interfere with the game play) this game delivers awesome graphics and an awesome eviroment to explore, the frontier just doesn't get old.
    I was so immersed in the game that i actually felt annoyed by the Desmond Intreruptions. Buy this games and you will not regret.
  92. Nov 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Okay so the Assassin's Creed series is one of my favorite game series. I am a huge history nerd so these games were always perfect for my tastes. But it wasn't even just the history aspects but Desmond's story as well that I enjoyed. AC3 had some great aspects to it but also some rather disappointing setbacks. To soothe my disappointments I am going to start with the bad. So my biggest problem with AC3 was that it wasn't as epic as it could, or should, have been. The game felt like a big tease. Connor was an interesting character but I found myself not caring about (or not noticing) character development. Throughout the game it felt like he just knew something or was doing something with no real explanation. Also it took forever to actually get the story moving. You really don't even start until Sequence 5. I also hoped for more interaction with historical figures and events but there weren't. There is occasionally a sense that you aren't doing anything important. You are just a minor piece in these battles where as in past AC titles you may have been more behind the scenes but you were a crucial part. Sure AI says they wouldn't have been successful without your help but it feels shallow. Also the further you go in the story the motivation for Connor's quest seems to diminish and not makes sense as much. Like with Charles Lee, it is no longer a revenge quest when you find out he didn't kill your mom. He is just a Templar now but you still hate him like he killed your mom. Now on to Desmond. I have always been invested in his story because it is modern and the most easily relatable. You get to some significant playtime as Desmond in this one and they are actually quite entertaining (some of my favorite missions in fact). You get to learn more about the end of the world and the First Civilization and it is all really interesting and you feel like it is going to lead up to something great but when you get to the end it kind of fizzles out. there is so much build up but then the ending just kind of deflates it. Some of us who have spent five years playing these games were expecting something huge to reward our dedication and hours spent playing the games. But alas 'tis not so. Granted it is kind of a twist ending which in a way is cool but I don't think it is the ending this series deserved. Gameplay for AC3 is streamlined. In some places, like free running, it is welcome. In others, like combat, it sucks. To me Brotherhood had the best and simplest combat system. It didn't need to be fixed. Revelations tweaked it a little but not much but AC3, in its attempts to make combat easier, made it more difficult. Combat is supposed to be more fluid but the you might just find yourself dying trying to string together a "fluid" kill streak. The slow motion countering makes you bored, there is no blocking per se buy there is parrying which is okay buy maybe a little too much effort, and fights that often start with three dudes turns into like 50 in a matter of seconds. This leads me to glitches. Like in any AC title there are bound to be some. Most of them in AC3, like in past titles, are easy to live with. But there are a few that will annoy you to no end. You may be totally incognito and then you are suddenly attacked for no reason. Being spotted when you are clearly hidden is also a problem. I had to restart some missions because for some reason the mission would not progress even though I had completed the objectives. Now it might sound like i hated this game so far but remember I gave it a 7. AC 3 has saving graces that make the game good. First off, like all AC games, the visuals are incredible. The frontier is beautiful and it is fun to just "tree fun" and explore the vast wilderness Ubisoft created. While the cities may not be as big or as grand as say Rome or Florence, they are still still amazingly detailed and historically accurate. I was constantly comparing them to their modern counterparts and thinking, "Wow, this is New York?" it is kind of weird but awesome. Also while not always as consistent as it could have been, there is great story telling. Certain parts have potential to cause huge emotional reaction. The new naval battles are surprisingly a lot of fun as well. They take a little time to get used to but they are worth the learning curve. Finally Connor is an interesting character. He may not be as well-liked as Ezio but he still has his moments. While at times very naive and idealistic, he is truly a champion for justice and equality. He is what most people want to be like morally and how we view the founding fathers as (which the games shows they weren't). So while AC3 had its fair share of disappointments and didn't quite live up to its predecessors, it still far exceeds most games. It had potential to be the greatest of the bunch but just because it isn't doesn't mean it is a bad game. I plan on playing this for may more days to come. Expand
  93. Nov 4, 2012
    I loved all of the previous AC games and was really looking forward to this one.

    Unfortunately, this game is bad. If it were the first in the series it would be the only one made.

    Like most of the previous games, they changed the combat controls. Where these changes previously made combat more fluid and enjoyable in previous titles, the combat in this game is clumsy and unrewarding.
    The stealth aspect has also been changed for the worse- the cues you get as to whether or not you're in stealth are minimal, and the open world areas are simply annoying- once you finally get to them after playing a third of the game. Getting to that point feels like a chore, however, since there are so many cutscenes that you aren't really playing the game as you are spending a couple minutes fighting a horrible camera and clunky controls until you stumble into the part of the game that triggers another five minute long cutscene. I'm not kidding. The first third of the game is more cut-scenes than actual game play.

    The things that made the previous games great: the fluid combat, the entertaining side quests, and the open-world parkour-like climbing have been replaced with large open areas where you just run forever along boring repetitive flat ground, and then they threw in some QTE sequences and the ability to... kill bears, deer and beavers.

    The graphics are not as good as the previous games in the series, and the plot is so boring that a third of the way through I honestly stopped caring if any of the characters actually lived or died.

    They took all of the annoying parts of the previous games and built an entire game around those then threw in a water-thin plot and a horrendous camera then changed the controls to make them even more cumbersome and called it a day. Rather than buying this game, you should just play the earlier titles in this series and hope that if they make another AC that it's actually good.
  94. Nov 9, 2012
    I love the AC series, but this one was a huge disappointment for me. The graphics are good, i like the large map, and running around the outdoors and seeing the wildlife i loved, but when it came to the game play i hated it. The game starts off really slow you don't play as Connor for 3-4hrs and you get to him at Sequence 3 or 4. There are glitches everywhere in this game! When i was in the lake near the Homestead i saw Achilles' cane floating above the sunken ship. What pissed me off with the game play was just sucked. The whole "press O" to do a counter or break defense i couldn't stand it and a lot of times it different work. Ubisoft should've left the controls the way they originally were. I thought the Revoluntionary War was going to have a huge part in this game, but it doesn't to the point where you forget that there's even a war going on. What was the purpose of having that as a trailer? There are a couple lags where someone is talking, but their lips aren't moving. Stealth is horrible. When a guard detects you, you hide, and of course they come over to investigate, instead of going away right way they stand there for forever. Horse riding sucks, the horses run really slow (they were way faster in the previous ones) and when you get shot at the horses fall over. In my opinion its faster to get to places on foot. What's the point of recruiting assassin's? They're completely useless and i hate the way of getting them. You have to do 3 missions just to get them and for third mission the icon DOES NOT appear on the map. You have to go look for them yourself which is a pain in the ass. Viewpoints.....doesn't uncover a huge chung like it did in previous games and even when you do all VP's the map still isn't fully uncovered! can have NO notoriety and then out of nowhere guards attack you for NO REASON! It's hard to escape them because there are guards on every corner. I should'nt have to walk/run down the street worrying if guards are going to attack me or not. If you're into getting Full Syncs its like almost impossible to get them in this game. One for example: in the last sequence you're chasing Charles Lee and their optional objective is "Stay under 50m" from him. IMPOSSIBLE! How can i do that when the guards, who are blocking you from catching him, shoot an explosive barrel that makes you fall over? Or if you don't get hit by the blast the guards will just push you down and Connor takes forever to get back up. The story is ok, Connor is a bore and is too serious all the time and i really wanted to like him, but i kind of don't. Oh yeah and sometimes Connor acts like he can't climp up a damn ledge. I personally say don't listen to G4 or whoever that are giving this game a 10/10 because it definitely is not. 5/10 Expand
  95. Nov 9, 2012
    Unlike previous installments, this one doesn't really tell a story, it's just a series of strung together missions with minimal transition between. The numerous gameplay and graphical glitches make it a chore to play, and I find that I am forcing myself to play through and just not enjoying this game like I did with the previous installments. Even the original AC was easier to swallow than this because it had a cohesive storytelling mechanism, but this lacks the thought and polish of even the original installment. Had Ubi put even a modicum of polish into this installment that they had in any of the previous ones, or taken the lessons learned from any of the prior 4 major console releases, this would have been a masterpiece, but in its current state, this is almost a big a steaming pile as Duke Nukem Forever. Collapse
  96. Nov 11, 2012
    NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW Well, thanks god I'm not the only one who sees that this game is really bad. As more people here, I've been an AC fan since first day, I've all cómics, books and games, even the little ones for Android and IOS, I've beaten AC1 ( my favorite ) 18 times, AC2 12, BH 8 and Revelations 3 and I have all superior editions ( Black, Códex, Animus and Freedom ). Not much people can say that they love AC as I do, but this game, AC3 is such a s**t. It's like Ubisoft got all the ingredients, but they didn't know how to cook it, this game could have been the very best AC, they had the history context, they had the graphics, the maps, the varied missions, the best combat in all the saga, and they have screw it up. AC is not famous for his combat or varied missions, it's famous for the story that it has, one of the best stories ever on videogames industry, it's almost as epic as Metal Gear Solid ( which I love even more than AC ), but this game has ruined that history, I wish this game didn't exist, what a boring and EMPTY story, the "epics" moments in this story are empty, that's the main problem of this game, If an important character dies, it doesn't hurt, not like previous games when I almost cried, and the whole history has holes, it's not narrated properly.

    So... I've been talking about Connor's story, but Desmond story is horrible too, I don't want to spoil you, but seriosly, what a bad story, It's ruined. And the bugs in this game are really upseting, fast travel points that desapear, NPCs that doesn't walk, NCPS popping in front of you as you walk on the city, game freezes, lot of secondary missions bugged, it's really horrible, please don't buy this game. I'm realy disappointed with UbiSoft, they did the worst work ever, they are really important developers and they have lost all my respects and all really fan's respect. And... you know what? The worst thing they did, it's that they have lied to all of us. They said that they would end Desmond's story and they didn't. When I was at the end of the game, I was like, well, after 5 years, finally I'm gonna give and end for this amazing story, but It doen'st end. If you say that this game is good, you have no idea about what you are saying, I can't handle a 7, but no more than that, this game s**ks, thank you so much UbiSoft, you have ruined one of the best sagas ever.
  97. Dec 7, 2012
    This game would have been excellent if the amount of bugs didn't wreak havoc on the game play. Seriously, I couldn't play an hour without having to reload the game, or exit to the Animus, or restart at a checkpoint because I fell through the ground, or a hay horse drove me through the wall of a building, or I got stuck in a falling animation without falling. Some more? Cannon Balls stuck in the air, sound dropping out during an important scene, music stopping. Raiding forts and killing the captain just to realize the "dead" captain is still displayed as an objective and having to exit the fort and restart from scratch. I'm sorry, this game should've never been released. Get a new testing team or more of them. The game is unplayable crap and this will be the first one I did not finish. What a waste of 60 bucks. Expand
  98. Nov 9, 2012
    Unlike previous installments, this one doesn't really tell a story, it's just a series of strung together missions with minimal transition between. The numerous gameplay and graphical glitches make it a chore to play, and I find that I am forcing myself to play through and just not enjoying this game like I did with the previous installments. Even the original AC was easier to swallow than this because it had a cohesive storytelling mechanism, but this lacks the thought and polish of even the original installment. Had Ubi put even a modicum of polish into this installment that they had in any of the previous ones, or taken the lessons learned from any of the prior 4 major console releases, this would have been a masterpiece, but in its current state, this is almost a big a steaming pile as Duke Nukem Forever. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. Mar 6, 2013
    The Assassin’s Creed formula of fighting and parkour is starting to get old, even with the ability to climb trees now. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness of the series, or maybe it’s just less interesting to toss crates of tea into the harbour than to hunt and kill corrupt bishops.
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    This review is getting long-winded so let's wrap it up. Assassin's Creed III is the biggest and most ambitious Assassin's Creed title yet, but a few missteps leaves it short of being the series' best. In spite of my excessive nitpicking, Assassin's Creed III is great game and a must-have for any Assassin's fan.
  3. Nov 26, 2012
    A great continuation of the Assassin's Creed series because of the strong visuals, gameplay and story. Though it must be said that the story gets somewhat boring towards the end, which leaves a sour taste.