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  • Summary: Liberation is set in New Orleans between 1765 and 1780, in the period between the end of the French and Indian War, up to the middle of the American Revolution. The game tells the story of Aveline; a female Assassin of mixed French and African heritage. Brought up in a world of privilege and contrasts, Aveline becomes a strong willed woman and an avid opponent of slavery. Expand
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  1. Jan 26, 2014
    Definitely worth a purchase even if you have the Vita original, and worth a look even if you’ve never played an Assassin’s Creed game, like me. This is one title that may make you a fan.
  2. Jan 31, 2014
    Players looking for the full Assassin’s Creed experience will be better off with Black Flag, but anyone looking for a more streamlined, less daunting game will find a lot to like here.
  3. Jan 20, 2014
    Quotation forthcoming.
  4. 60
    The fact that this was designed as a portable game ultimately is this version’s weakness and why the handheld version remains superior.
  5. Jan 27, 2014
    The PlayStation Vita version is faithfully ported to the PlayStation 3 and, as it turns out, does not make as much of an impression on the big screen. Ubisoft tweaked the free-running and combat aspects of the game, though didn't bother fixing bugs and other shortcomings. Graphically, it's a totally expected letdown.
  6. Jan 20, 2014
    Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD offers a number of improvements over the Vita original, some of which enhance the experience by facilitating smoother gameplay, yet many of the title's weaknesses are amplified on the larger screen.
  7. Sadly, Liberation can’t escape its limited gameplay, technical unevenness and poorly told story. While Black Flag kicked the series on, the past holds no glory for Aveline.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Mar 8, 2014
    I gave this game a high rating because I love Assassin's Creed. The stories are always great, but I love it specifically for the gameplay. There is so much freedom, and the controls are an art that is well thought out. If you like previous Assassin's Creed games, then there is no reason why you wouldn't like this one. It is classic AC. Aveline has her own badass kill animations with the hidden blades that are far cooler than Edward's, in my opinion. I had a blast playing this game. I got about 30 hours out of it, collecting everything and getting 100% sync. Expand
  2. Jan 16, 2014
    This game suffers untimately from the graphical power and gameplay AC4 had, but it's far from a bad game. It is enjoyable and due to the female protagonist and the setting offers a different approach with a great atmosphere. Of course from time to time one is reminded it is a Vita port but I actually was quite surprised how good it looks. For 20 dollars a really good game. I give it an 8 Expand
  3. Jan 18, 2014
    Most reviewers are treating this game as it should have been a sequel to the amazing black flag, like it should have gone beyond the scope of Assassins Creed. What he keeps forgetting is that ITS A BLOODY REMAKE. Its not supposed to do anything different except fix the bugs and improve the visuals which this game did. I will admit, the vita version was no very good. But this game has improved on it in so many ways. The vita version had hundreds of bugs and glitches from broken trophies to even one broken mission I encountered. In this game, they were no where to found. The ONLY glitch that they hadn't taken out(which really annoys me for some reason) is the butter knife glitch where Aveline looks like shes holding a butter knife the wrong way when she does double counters with her machete. Everything else is fine. While the story has plot holes, their mission wasn't to add more to the main story! And they even helped out the player by reminding them what was going on from time to time in an un-interruptive way. There are literally 2-3 tailing missions. And you don't get detected right away, they give you a good amount of time (at least 20 seconds) to hide. The missions in this game have a good pace to them but there are some plot holes that leave you wondering. The combat system is the same as AC3 and AC4 except the sound doesn't glitch off all the time like in the latter. It has all new amazing sword moves as well, only the machete moves are copied from connor. This game has also brought back stealth, which is the strength of the AC series.

    The slave and lady personas have also been improved as they have new mechanics that help you blend in plain sight. I think they should have implemented them more in your efforts of releasing slaves (lady pays for their release, slave sneaks in and releases them, assassin fights slavers etc..) but there are moments in the game when you do this!

    The checkpoints are also spread out in a moderate way as well. They aren't great, but they definitely aren't horrible. I honestly think it deserves at least an 8.5 for:
    +Amazing protagonist
    +improved combat
    +Improved graphics
    +Improved mechanics for the personas
    +improved tailing
    +A variety of new soldiers from the vita version that provide more of a challenge when fighting
    +Sound is VERY much improved
    -no new ways to use personas to liberate slaves besides hiding in plain sight
    -some boring side missions
    -Graphics aren't up to par with AC4, though they are on par with AC3
    -plot holes
    -Some bad voice acting
    I strongly recommend you get this game. I think this game will be worth your while. I loved this game.
  4. Jan 17, 2014
    From the perspective of someone who just finished Black Flag, and experienced what an Assassins Creed game can really be, it is possible to see Liberation's port as a bit of a letdown, but don't let the word "port" -or the title's humble beginnings- be a deterrent.

    Comparing the graphics of Liberation HD to the original Vita version and with AC 3, it is clear that it benefits greatly from the facelift. The city of New Orleans (as well as the other areas) received new, bustling life that took it from seeming like a ghost town to being more on par with AC3's Boston, though slightly smaller.

    The storyline does feel a tad bit... fast at times, but I personally did not see it as a detriment to the title. The lack of jarring modern-day sections (which were awful in 3 and greatly improved in 4) is a welcome addition to the series, with the entirety of the gameplay taking place within the confines of the narrative. The only incursion is the "hacking" of your copy of the game by the entity known as Erudito, whose goal is to show you the unaltered memories that Abstergo changed to show the templars in a better light. A fantastic twist on the typical modern day setting.

    Aveline handles well with a controller, though suffers from the same niggling problems that plague all AC protaganists; there were a few times when I found myself swearing at Aveline for jumping into a tree instead onto it, but no more than any other characters, either. The combat system has been reduced to two buttons, but let's REALLY be honest: How many players really used anything more than "Counter"? The chain kill mechanic is a nice way to step back from the action and allow a chance to get quality kills, though the opportunities to use it didn't seem to be there as often as I would have liked.

    On the subject of Aveline, the persona system was an excellent idea, which, if fleshed out just a little bit more, could have been an AMAZING idea, but as it stands it still did its job, which was to expand the character of Aveline into more than simply a puppet you can use to stab people.

    Storywise, it IS much shorter than its other console brethren, and there are unfamiliar textual summaries of events which took place off-screen (or, baffingly, sometimes on-screen). Mission-wise, there was a nice mix, with a few new mechanics thrown in for good measure (puzzles? I liked them!). It felt like Assassins Creed 2 in regard to the missions, still basic in a way, and not laden down with unnecessary fluff like later titles. As I stated above, it did seem very fast (it took me maybe 7 hours to complete the main storyline) but at a third of the cost of a major title (or less with the season pass for Black Flag) it is hard to throw too big of a fit about the length of the story. (And with all of the collectibles and an achievement/trophy for actually completing the game 100%, you'll get more out of it than just that time).

    Admittedly, it IS possible to tell that this was a handheld game first; there are a few areas (mainly in Chichen Itza, and parts of the bayou) where the models for the trees or rocks seemed incongruous with the HD setting, but for the most part this was easily ignorable. A few animations suffer from the jump, most egregiously swinging with the bull-whip across gaps (which is still a lot of fun, it just looks really STRANGE).

    The characters with which you interact are some of the best in the series, including the brooding, moody Assassin mentor Agate and the smugglers Aveline befriends in the bayou. It is a shame that so many negative reviews by players who expected more (for 20 bucks how much do you really want?) will ultimately lead them to be undiscovered.

    Solid Title with decent concepts
    Beautiful look at French Louisiana
    A third of the price of a retail game
    Series first female protaganist, who is clever and not afraid to use her position(s) to her advantage.

    A few modeling issues
    Storyline that is short by console standards (though without modern-day fluffery)
    One mission where you have to put up with Connor's terrible, bland voice-acting.

    If you are looking for a decent game for 20 bucks, and are a fan of the Creed series, definitely pick this up. It's more of the same, admittedly, but it isn't AC3, and that in itself counts for a lot. It doesn't hold up next to the likes of Black Flag, but it is a fun little game and it shows that Ubisoft isn't afraid to experiment with the AC formula. If you played this on the Vita, it's up to you whether you play it again since it is still the same game (though all the bugs of the vita version have been fixed).
  5. Feb 4, 2014
    Meh... Not really a full game, but it is still Assassin's Creed and still fun. I wouldn't look for a whole AC experience, but you should be content with your purchase if you are a fan! Expand
  6. Feb 16, 2014
    Ok so first off let me start by saying im a HUGE assassin's Creed fan. That being said, i have played this game twice now once on vita and now on PS3 and the game is good but not great. Some of the flaws from the vita have been fixed(Touch screen controls gone!!!) Some are still there( why am i in plan sight and NO ONE noticed that i killed that guy??) But for the most part its a good game, once again i say good not great. The problem with most reviewers is that this was released after AC4 which is amazing. However this game was made as a side game for AC3. So the vast freedom of AC4 and awesome high seas missions are non-existant. They also introduce a class system of sorts, Avalene can change her "persona" between slave, lady and assassin. Slave is similar to assassin just low key, lady restricts running on rooftops and a lot of your weapons. If i have to explain assassin your buying the wrong game. Ok bullet points time

    STORY: 7/10- Its good just not AC3 or 4 good. Its has a lot of boring missions but they come together nicely in the in.
    GAME PLAY: Everything works, not as good as later game of course but they work and they are improvement over the vita version.
    Sound: Has an odd but appropriate score I'm not really a fan of it but it sets the mood.
    Replay: Well they removed mutiplayer so unless your trophy hunting dont bother on a second play through unless you just want to ya know play it again let we did in the 90's.
    Overall: 710 good but not great worth a look if your a hardcore fan like myself if not honestly just but Freedom cry for your liberation needs.
  7. Feb 17, 2014
    I was never a fan of Assassins Creed, until 3 came out. Liberation of course, released along the same time as a Vita exclusive. Its important to remember this. The graphics are a little disappointing but the gameplay is tight, the voicework/sound is good and the game is fun. If you are a fan of Assassins creed then you'll love this game, but if you are expecting anything similar to Black Flag then you will be disappointed. Remember the timeline, this game released over a year before Black Flag and it is noticeable graphically. Expand