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  1. Oct 19, 2014
    Revelations follows master assassin Ezio Auditore as he walks in the footsteps of his legendary mentor, Altair, on a journey to recover five ancient seals that hold the keys to the future of the Assassins brotherhood. It's a perilous path - one that will take Ezio to Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region.
  2. Jun 24, 2014
    9.5 (rounded up to 10).

    Revelations can be summed up in one word: remarkable. For a series that produces entries every year, it is amazing that things are this good. Skylanders is a major cash in and COD has been lacking innovation since MW2, but every Assassin's Creed has been amazing and addictive. Revelations is no exception.

    It kicks off with a beautiful cinematic, that sees an
    aged Ezio travelling to Masyaf to uncover the secrets of his ancestor Altair. Captured and about to be killed, he makes a brave escape and so begins the most memorable first level in series history, which gives us an assassination in the first hour. Once again, story is high priority. The present day sections are very disappointing (first person puzzle levels should be left to Portal), but Ezio is as entertaining as ever. This time he's in Constantiople (the smallest open world in series history, but also the most believable and lifelike) and he's got a few tasks to complete: he becomes embroiled in a war between two factions, is still after the Templars, is managing his duties as Master Assassin, is chasing down mysterious memory discs and is wooing a new woman. Busy fella! The story is longer than Brotherhood's and is more effective, even if there really isn't a main villain and way too many supporting characters.

    The gameplay has barely changed. The economy is simpler, but more refreshing, the combat hasn't really gotten any new features (weapons are all that changes the gameplay) and the free running is still as fluid, even if Ezio is about to pop out a hip bone. The hook blade is a great weapon though and zipping around town is a brilliant experience that thrills. So what is innovated- the brotherhood mechanics mostly. Gathering an army of assassins still feels empowering and levelling them up and giving them new gear is rewarding in its own little way. The base attacks are just plain bad though. The new tower defence mechanics are pretty polished and work well, but why are they in Assassin's Creed? It really feels like Ubisoft was scraping the bottom of the barrel for new ideas before the innovative third numbered entry. Thankfully, I rarely had to do any.

    Multiplayer returns, with new modes, new missions and new characters. It still feels out of place in AC cannon, but at least it is better than those first person puzzles (I really don't like those). Some great moments can be produced, but I'd rather chase collectibles, assemble my factions and complete side missions in the main game.

    Don't believe the reviews because Revelations isn't the weakest entry in AC. It doesn't deserve a 7.5 or a 6, because it is still highly polished, with good graphics, great sound and plenty of content. Enjoy it for what it is, not what it could be!
  3. Nov 14, 2013
    Once again Ubisoft delivered another superb title which expanded after Brotherhood and Assassins Creed 2. I bought this on PS3 once again and gave it a 9.5 out of 10.
  4. Dec 9, 2012
    This game was amazing! Finally a game that's great sequel to AC2 compare to the huge disappointment of Brotherhood. And the addition to backtrack as Altaïr is awesome! And Ezio's new outfit is just perfect.

    The graphics/art style is amazing, towns so colourful artistic. All towns are amazing for free-running compare to Brotherhood where it was more focus on horses. The combat is
    the best yet, and the story is way more understandable and with the addition of Subject 16. The game had a very good fluid experience with the cutscenes. The soundtrack is amazing and I love it. I personally loved Den Defense. I've always liked it anyway, and in Revelations it was implemented so good. This was the BEST ENTRY IN THE SERIES! Expand
  5. Dec 7, 2012
    Ezio comes back - he's much older, more tired and almost weary of the journey that was chosen for him. His path leads to Constantinople, an exotic location but strangely familiar ground. Here, he will embark on another adventure, different and known at the same time.

    Revelations is an ending to the Ezio Auditore da Firenze trilogy, and one must agree, it's a decent one to say the least.
    No only the graphics have been tuned up, the gameplay enhanced and the story re-polished. The game, more than anything, feels - much like Ezio itself - mature, an adventure game in its own right. It's an amazing ending to a meaningful story. Though not free of bugs, they seem to be only minor imperfections and nothing else; Revelations offers excellent playability and a must-have experience to any AC fan. Furthermore, I couldn't agree less with those accusing it of being everything but fresh - after stale Brotherhood, this is the very definition of a fresh turn. Don't listen to mean reviewers - there's nothing tragic, rushed, meandering or dissapointing about Revelations. Expand
  6. Oct 29, 2012
    Perfect game, it can even outshine Batman: Arkham City. There are no flaws, everything works well. Combat is easy but still interesting, story is amasing, stealth is good, parkour knows no equal. And do not say it's a copy-paste from past titles, if the game is good, repetiveness cannot harm it.
  7. Oct 29, 2012
    Look, i ain't gonna troll, i'm serious this time,this game isn't really a 10 but i gave it that score to make up for all the negative trolls on this page, it's one of the best games fromlast year imo, 8.5/10.
  8. Oct 29, 2012
    One of the best games in the series, and can somebody, please, tell me why do people like to troll? Yes, we get it, it's not the greatest finale for the trilogy, but it's good enough, i'm only giving this a 10 because there is too many trolls that gave it a 0, my real score is 9.
  9. Sep 28, 2012
    Those who didn't like previous game won't enlist in the Assassin guild, but it is must-have for fans of the series as it reveals some secrets of the story. Shorter than the previous games, but with a better story, it consolidates the multiplayer mode adding extra variety.
  10. Sep 14, 2012
    From beginning to end, I found myself loving this amazing title. The way I see it, ACR is the best title in the AC series. I was very disappointed because of ACBH, mainly because of the singleplayer story, but ACR includes everything had in AC2 and ACBH, and improves it, along with an awesome story.
  11. Jul 24, 2012
    Assassin's Creed: Revelations continues the upwards trend of the series and ends up being the best AC game yet. It refines the gameplay elements to near perfection, finally hitting the right notes in the main story missions by not pushing you down ultra-linear paths (unlike the previous games). Better still, the campaign is shorter than before, which negates over-repetition and brings more focus to the story. The story itself is much tighter, more coherent and better scripted than the prior games with far more impressive action sequences and set pieces. The only things that don't make the grade are the two newest additions. The first person platforming levels are tedious to play and come off like a poor mans Portal whilst the new tower defense system seems laughably simplistic. The great caveat to these is the fact that aside from the one tutorial mission where the tower defense is introduced, you don't have to play them ever again. They're very much off to the side and out of the way. That small bit of nonsense notwithstanding, Assassin's Creed: Revelations is a brilliant game, crammed to the rafters with great gameplay. Expand
  12. Jul 2, 2012
    Iv'e been an Assassin's Creed lover, ever since the first one came out in 2007. The moment I took that first Leap of Faith, I knew I had found my favourite IP this generation.
    Coming to Revelations, I'll let it drop straight forward: this game is brilliant. However, one thing should be made clear: It is perhaps the worst AC game yet. Don't get me wrong, It is great, but for a title to
    blow the previous iteration away, a game requires innovation, and should not be afraid to take risks. The single-player was, overall, lovely. You know the developer has done it's job properly when it's game's title matches the intent: Revelations. Truly answers all the questions about Ezio Auditore and Altair Ibn La Ahad, and is the deserved, graceful swansong to the lives of two of modern gaming's most complex and beloved characters. The game, in respect to certain scenes, feel very block-buster like: and further assisting us being completely absorbed in the tale are the engine's new capabilities. It may not be too apparent at first, but if you were to play Brotherhood, where Ezio's beard consisted of brown patches, then played Revelations, where every brick stood out, and where each of Ezio's beard hairs were well-defined, you'd note the scope of change. The soundtrack. Never had a doubt Lorne Balfe and Jesper Kyd would fail to deliver, and the amazing music helps suck me in. The multiplayer, was slightly dull compared to Brotherhood's, and followed a general formula, which is a shame because the folks at Ubisoft are known to be more innovative than that. That, though, in no way means it was not fun. You could still have a blast, due to the simple connections, and, as the multiplayer was simple, not only was it easily open to all audiences, but it had a story: giving further reason to playing it. So, all in all, a beautiful must have for AC fans worldwide. But, If you note the lack of changes to the game from Brotherhood, just remember: you have been warned. Expand
  13. May 6, 2012
    Assassins Creed has become a monster of a franchise in less than ten years at the moment , it has a strong/solid story , its awesome and it does right to convince the people. However, if you're willing to throw the cash right on ACR , is not a wrong move , but it isn't the best chapter on the AC hysteria in the same time that it's not fresh as I thought it was gonna be. Anyway, the team at Ubisoft did nicely to present the city of Constantinople , very gorgeous at first glance , packed with a better engine ( that , its the responsible for giving it life ) . the action cutscenes are varied and it's a fun moment to watch and experiment to see more , and more action sequences like for example , Ezio ( with the hookblade ) jumps a rope and then stabs a guard while in mid air is superb. Also the introduction does nice to the franchise by the reason that starts in a bang and differentiate from the previous entries completely . Even with this awesome stuff, there are still problems with the gameplay, undesired deaths comes when the twitchy control schemes gets through your path and makes you smash the game , dumb AI and clumsy crowd gets stuck in the middle of a fight , yet Ubisoft came with the idea of implementing the tower defense , and lets put this simply: Its stupid . Multiplayer wise , though I'm not considering to get my stats flaming like hell because I'm not gonna be focused on that option . But with the knocks and the brawls , ACR still has the glamour for captivation . Expand
  14. Apr 22, 2012
    I couldn't help but notice a lot of the users writing mediocre reviews on this game so i thought i would pitch in and give my opinion. Ubisofts biggest series is back with there 4th installment of the series which ties in the two assassins in the series where Ezio is trying to find library of knowledge of his ancestor Alteir. Im not going to spoil anything so i will continue on saying the gameplay mechanics are the best we've seen in an assassins creed series. The combat scenes are more smooth than we have seen and it makes the game flow nicely. The game is a good mixture of the story line like AC2 and the assassin order concept which debuted in the game brotherhood. Overall the series is one of the best storyline based games out on the market. Even though people are saying the concept is getting old, i beg to differ, because true fans love the concept and want the series to keep producing amazing games instead of taking a risk and possibly ruining the entire series. The storyline of this game is possibly the best of the series with it producing one of the biggest WOW factors. The past 3 games have had amazing endings with this one not disappointing fans. This is also the second AC game with multiplayer. While the game is meant to be played for the storyline the multiplayer is an awesome add on and i look forward to see how they continue with it with Assassins Creed 3 which was recently announced and further AC games to come. Overall, while users can complain about how there aren't any new features and stuff like that, there shouldn't be, the time period of the games is too small for them to make any major advancements and it could tarnish the story if they try that. If i had one complaint on the game i would complain about the new tower defense game added to the game. It was impossible and just dumb in my opinion. But besides that this shows the amazing game that Ubisoft has and i can't wait to see what there still is to be shown for us Assassins lovers. Expand
  15. Apr 13, 2012
    The only really bad thing I have encountered thus far in Assassin's Creed: Revelations is a glitch that occurs whenever you call your fellow assassins for assistance. After doing so, sometimes, my character will freeze as will his opponents. When I say "freeze", I mean as far as attacking and fighting goes. Visually, they are all standing there swaying and looking at each other like they aren't sure if they should fight or go hang out at the nearest tavern together. LOL The only other MINOR thing I've noticed in this game is that I have already found 3 of the 5 needed keys for this game, and I haven't had a chance to ride a horse yet. Are horses not available to players in this game. The closest thing I've come to is taking control of a stagecoach. But this isn't really the same. And I was also disappointed to see that they were not able to get Altair's ORIGINAL voice actor to come back on board for this one. The guy they got does a pretty bang-up good job though! Other than these items I just mentioned, I feel this game is every bit as good as all the others. Right now, I am giving the game a solid 9.5. But because Metacritic does not allow for half-points, the game gets a 9 since it is NOT perfect in my humble opinion. If my rating changes, by the end of the game, I will write an updated review. But so far, I think my score may end up standing where it is if things continue as they have been. ;) Expand
  16. Apr 9, 2012
    Reveleations is another great entry to the AC Franchise.
    It should not be missed by any Assassin's Creed fans, as it is an improvement over its predecessor, Brotherhood.
    Constantinople is beautiful, and the story, especially Desmond's, is engaging and fun.
  17. Feb 9, 2012
    This game actually deserves a nine, but the score now seems to low. The multiplayer: amazing. Single Player: with its flaws but has a wonderful story which is an emotional thrillride
  18. Feb 8, 2012
    This is basically brotherhood with better graphics theres a few things that stop me liking this game. for starters despite being in a different part of the world the civilians still repeat phrases from italy, and there still pushing this 100% synchronization stopping you from doing what you wanted to do, you don't actually do any assassinations anymore it's just gone all weird and it's ruining the series. Also eagle vision has changed from triangle to L3 and you have to be standing still to enter it and it can be difficult to do it. The bombs are a nice touch but get annoying after a while and despite what ubisoft said there isn't that many variations and they never really come in usefull. They've done a stupid thing by taking all my weponry from ACbrotherhood surely Ezio could have aleast kept the crossbow on his back or his big pouches I spent ages saving up for. I still haven't been able to buy the crossbow which is a ridculous amount of A (the currency). They've seemed to design the world to be awkward to travel around so you can't really smoothly travel the city. The onlines better this time but I'm already bored of it after 21 games (been playing artifact assault). The story is still random but the ending's good sort of, I never played any of the first person desmond missions and I never felt like I was skipping anything your not automatically placed as desmond a screen prompt just tells you a new missions opened up for desmond. The hook blade works well and I didn't hate the tower defense sections they're not as bad as people say. The story really bored me and the fact I had to travel like 10 minutes across the city just to watch ezio write a letter to his sister really angered me, alot. I just was so dissapointed. I don't know what else to say about it. You get the first game on the disc (ps3 only) which is more focused on actually assassinating people which is why the second game is the best, buy that. Expand
  19. Jan 29, 2012
    At the end of the game I stopped and thought what a great game. Actually, this game reminds me of another great game I just played a month ago in the name of Batman Arkham City. When playing assassins creed I thought how eerily similair the two games are. Both third person games, both have the same stalking and gauging the enemy feel vertical gameplay. The combat system has same type of COUNTER ATTACK system. One game studio copied/stole/created similar gameplay of the other.The depth of ASSASSINS CREED is by far head over heals better, vaster. Of course a GRADE A QUALITY GAME STUDIO " UBISOFT" flagship game should be. The building of master assassins the city income sending assassins on away missions to build them up.... I can go on and on. So how is BATMAN ARKHAM CITY what clearly is a lower quality copy, lack of depth, simple teenage game, nominated for game of the year over REVELATIONS? True gamers UBISOFT or ROCKSTEADY? Expand
  20. Jan 28, 2012
    Awesomelly beautiful. Great graphics, memorable gameplay and a great conclusion to the Altair and Ezio storyline. I really enjoyed it's standard graphics. The assassin recruitment has improved nicely like you get assassin recruitment missions. The city of Constantinople was a great location for this game. I really like the hookblade on the hidden blade, it helps for climbing huge long buildings. I especially like the Altair memories and the new Desmond's journey mode. The ending was phenomenal bound to show what will happen next in the series. Constantinople, Masyaf and Cappadoccia are the key locations in the game. Expand
  21. Jan 28, 2012
    A well deserved finale to the series protagonists, Ezio and Altair. Stands up to it's name and builds upon the already solid storyline of the game and keeps us hooked every minute. Even though some might complain it's almost the same as the previous titles. But I don't believe they need to HAVE a new gameplay mechanic in every game. When you have a story such as this, it needs to be told on an annual basis and the gameplay need not be revamped every year. Even then they did have their fair share of improvements such as the hookblades and Desmond's memories. The only thing which they went a bit far with was the Tower Defense minigame, which seemed to be a nuisance to say the least. Other than that, visually appealing as always and well worth the money. I for one hope they don't stray far from their winning formula and don't succumb to adding new gameplay features for each iteration of their game Expand
  22. Jan 28, 2012
    Well, I've been expecting very much of this game. The storyline of the game is quite out of expectations than the other series. Something that shouldn't happen happens, and it injects the sensation into most players. And the word "revelations", is the key for players, but recommend to finish all other series before AC Revelations in order to completely understand the whole story. Altair learned of the past and the future, of life and death through the Apple. And players learn moral values and minds through the game. The real thing is, not only Ezio and Altair conduit the message to Desmond, but also through Desmond to players. Players will have to think deeply and they will get it.

    The soundtracks are also awesome as usual. Some are spiritual inspiring and some are cultural feel.

    The environment of the world is slightly different than the other series. For example, you get near to a soldier, they won't simply push you away. And if you pushed somebody accidentally, they would apologize too. And with Assassins and Templar Den, this cause a war that never ends in the game. The features are also slightly different. You can choose primary and secondary weapon to use them without wasting time. It also has variety of new combat techniques and slow motion camera. What makes a disappointment is that the Animus Virtual Training program has changed into a worse way. The training only allow you to play with specific requirements, unlike in AC Brotherhood that has lesser limitations. And there's no horse riding available in the game. It's worth if you are very interested with the story. But it would be better if you learn something in it, either changing to a better mind or combat.
  23. Jan 28, 2012
    Brilliant story based on real life and history - best franchise ive ever played!!!! the only people who think it is repetitive is those who don't understand the story - you would have to play all the other previous games in the franchise to understand it though
  24. Jan 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is full of beauty and eccentricities, is the perfect closing for Ezio's and Altair's story, and starting of Desmond's final journey in AC3, is, for me, the best game i played this year. Expand
  25. Jan 9, 2012
    What can be said about assassin's creed Revelations?

    Well to start don't listen to the negative reviews people are giving this great game,this is the best entry in the series yet, with an improved multi-player and better graphics to a great story,you really can't go wrong with the kind of action game you will be playing.there is allot of content here and you can tell that Ubisoft spent
    allot time and money on this game which is a good thing.however I will agree that tower defense is a complete joke and waste of time and that's why i gave this game 9/10 if it was not for tower defense I would of given a perfect 10.but in the end this truly is a master piece in the series. Expand
  26. Dec 31, 2011
    The game is full of beauty and eccentricities, is the perfect closing for Ezio's and Altaïr's story, and starting of Desmond's final journey in AC3, is, for me, the best game i played this year.
  27. Dec 29, 2011
    Having played all Ac games I think AC1 was the Most boring one. This finale provided a good closure to both altair and Ezio. The story flowed quite well and the small missions were fun to play. Ezio as a character also grew richer through his throughts being expressed by the letter writing. Overall it was a great game to play!
  28. Dec 28, 2011
    An amazing game, it captivated me more than any of the other AC games, fun in every aspect and they even included a fun castle defense mode, living through Altair's last memory's is extremely depressing and its an amazing send off for the legendary Assassins, i don't understand the negativity this game gets, the hookblade made traveling that much more fun and the multiplayer was more crisp as well. Expand
  29. Nov 29, 2011
    This game is really great, not the best AC yet, i still think AC2 is better, but a great addition to franchise. If you are a big AC fan definitely buy this. The multiplayer is a big improvement from AC Brotherhood, it actually fells like your accomplishing something
  30. Nov 27, 2011
    Since Assassin's Creed 2, this series are one of my very favourites, I couldn't wait to know what will happen to Ezio. I had some very high expectations on Revelations, but it didn't disappoint me. Sure, the gameplay didn't change very much, but with a story and characters like that it doesn't have to. This game is a great finale to both main protagonists of the series.
    First, the city of
    Constantinople is just amazing. I can even say it's the best city in all of the series. It's huge, absolutely beautiful and it has a fantastic atmosphere. Also, travelling though it is a lot more fun, thanks to the Hookblade. The second thing I always loved in AC is the soundtrack. Once again, Jesper Kyd made an amazing job. As I said before, the story is fantastic. It could've been longer but still. In the end, I was kinda sad it's the end of Ezio's story and I still can't imagine a new Assassin's Creed without him. His story won't be forgotten by me and will be always one of the best I've played in a game or watched in a movie. Expand
  31. Nov 27, 2011
    So far this is the best Assassin's Creed game i ever played. It was awesome feeling to play Altair again and see how his Story continues. The ending was stunning, it could not be better for last game with Ezio.
    Waiting for next Assassin's Creed to see how the Desmond story continues!
  32. Nov 25, 2011
    Great game, for a great series, I have no idea why critics award it anything below a 9 since It is more deserveing of a good score than modern warfare 3
  33. Nov 23, 2011
    I was fairly satisfied with the game. There were some pros and cons like any other game though. Most of the little parts and changes in the game is what made its value go down. The preorder collectors set was ok, but it would have been better if you got the Ezio action figure with the flying machine to top it off and if you got the soundtrack with the game. I found it to be in a way moronic when I saw that the first Assassin's Creed was in the disc of Revelations. I thought to myself you must be getting a lot of turn downs from the first game so you try to lure people into the franchise by having them to buy two games for the price of one in one disc so you can get more people in the franchise. That is my opinion about that though.
    Now for the game. The storyline was really great. It took me around the same time or longer to complete it like the other games with side missions and the challenges (7 to 10 days near consistently). Some little things I was, however, dissappointed in and that I noticed in the game were different 3D effects making people in the game look completely different, different voices for some characters, terrible progression of better looking armor. Only one was great and if you played it I think you might know which it was and agree with me. Another part in the game that was not much was answered with Desmond's story. Though Ezio's story was finished and ended greatly and you see some side missions with completing questions about Altair with his love Maria and his sons and how Altair dispersed the assassin order. Those are answered, but if you are looking for answers about the gods (not many answers) or Desmond then you don't get too many. The main Cons of the game were Low quality imaging of Desmond, Ezio's armor, different voices for some characters, not enough of Desmond in modern time, Den Defense is not that great (More pointless than anything), prefer double blade look but hookblade abilities, needing more secret locations, Mediterranean Defense where it needed to be complete with one city when reached 100% to work on other cities to achieve it like a completion side mission, too many different weapons in the sense of category where it got dull after a while, not an open space free roam on the map like in Brotherhood where the outskirts were, not enough Treasure Chests to give more time to the game to find them and get them, highly varying in money capacity in the chests (keep fixed rate for a certain region difficulty), not machines to try out like in AC2 or ACB (bring back the flying machine), and no virtual training with completions.
    The main Pros were great storyline and side missions, took good ammount of time, answers to the dispersion of the assassin order and time gap of Altair and Ezio, new combat kill moves (It was the best part of the game and whoever thought of them and made them should get fat Christmas bonuses.), great landscaping of the area, and great free roam.
  34. Nov 23, 2011
    Amazing game. Awesome campaign. Multiplayer is great. Overall the game is great. No horses from Brotherhood but you get the hook blade to enjoy free running even more. Bombs are a great bonus.
  35. Nov 21, 2011
    Revelations continues on the greatness of the previous installments.
    While AC2 really shined out as the pinnacle of the series, Brotherhood was somewhat of a letdown.
    The Story wasn't quite as gripping as Part 2's and it once again ends in a cliffhanger.
    But Revelations has a gripping story, the same great gameplay, and an ending that makes you want to play Assassin's Creed III, if it is
    released in 2012 as rumored. Expand
  36. Nov 21, 2011
    This is a tricky one; on the one hand, Revelations does not seem to be doing a great deal new from Brotherhood, but on the other hand I became so absorbed by sidequests, city-renovation and general arsing about that I'm not even halfway through the story and I've beaten most of the secondary content!

    Let's just make this simple; everything Brotherhood did right, Revelations does right.
    Where Brotherhood had problems (particularly in Multiplayer), Revelations by and large fixes them. The "Alert Meter" now represents Templar awareness and, rather than getting the city watch mad at you, it now represents the odds of Templars attempting assassinations against you, or even ransacking one of your Assassin Towers! Your recruits seem more talented now, with special "Master Assassin" missions available as you level them up, and the "missions" minigame has had further refinements.

    In terms of the new gear, it's all solid. Bombs provide some interesting new options for play, such as dropping a smoke bomb as you flee (vital now that the enemies are faster and stronger than before) or hurling a poison bomb to wipe out an entire patrol covertly. The Hookblade is also a nice touch, and performing assassinations via a Zipline, or using a Hook & Run to escape a fight is really enjoyable.

    However, I cannot be a hypocrite here, so I have to make something clear; this is NOT a Revelation. This is still, at its core, the same game as Brotherhood. You renovate Constantinople the way you renovated Rome, you find, train and deploy Recruits the same way (some of whom have special recruitment missions, yes, but it's still at its core the same), the sewer system is still used for Fast Travel and the same three factions help you out.

    On that note, there is a rather disappointing lack of faction missions. The Romani (Courtesans), Thieves and Mercenaries each have ONE mission, and whilst your recruits provide fourteen of their own I would have liked to see more use in your allies.

    Please do not misunderstand me here; if you liked Brotherhood, you will LOVE Revelations. It's the high point of the whole series, and the sections where you play as Altair provide fantastic insight into the backstory of the game. However, don't go into this expecting something radically new.

    FINAL VERDICT: 8/10. Absolutely solid, and as close to flawless as the series has come to date... but ultimately it feels too much like an Expansion Pack for Brotherhood than a true sequel. Nevertheless, this is a MUST BUY for fans of the series.
  37. Nov 20, 2011
    This game was excellent. I am an assassins creed fan boy but this game really delivers. Once you start the game make sure you have a lot of time because you won't want to turn it off. The ending to Altair and Ezio's stories was a masterpiece. Most people think they should've added new gameplay mechanics but if its not broken why do you have to fix it.. The hook blade was a pretty cool new gadget to be roaming around the city with too. The story improved a lot in this game and has an awesome cliffhanger at the end of it. I also like how they improved the multiplayer from brotherhood. Expand
  38. Nov 20, 2011
    This game is great. I don't know why people are complaining about it. Yeah it plays just like assassin's creed because it is an assassin's creed game. Minor changes from brotherhood, but after that they have such a great system in place why would they change it. I'd be more upset if they did change it too much. Combat and running and sneaking are all near perfect. I don't know how you could improve. besides maybe adding customize-able grenades, oh wait they did that! which at first I didn't really use them, but now I am using them all the time and they are super helpful and fun. the hook-blade helps you climb faster and swing further. Zip lines are only here and there so they are fun because it's not over used. I think the story is great and a good wrap up to the series. Not as great as when I played 2 but stories do die down and going out I guess isn't very fun in itself. But still thought it was great! not terrible. Also The city is huge! don't listen to people saying it's small i have no idea why some are saying that. Yes they have the "dungeon" parts which we are used to by now and i think they are big and gorgeous and as always nicely varied. Also lots of side missions, that I love. Some said the side missions are like chores, if you think they are chores don't play this game. I think they are fun and I love doing every single one. They have added new things to do too so it's not even (all) the same old side missions. I am a huge fan of this series and have platinum trophies for all the previous titles (only other games I've done this for is uncharted series). I love the style, the gameplay, the enviornments and the story. it is more of the same but that's what I love so much about it. if you love the previous titles you'll love this one. That's all for now I gotta go climb up a huge castle after killing a ton of guards and it's only a side mission. Expand
  39. Nov 20, 2011
    First off let me start by stating the Pros of this last chapter for Ezio and Altair, The new addition of the sub weapon wheel is refreshing, Constantinople is easier to navigate than Rome from Brotherhood, Fighting Mechanics has some nice small improvements(You can steal money while countering), The Hook Blade is nice, thought it was only going to have a navigation utility but it used for combat as well. Now on to the cons, The games bomb crafting seems more like a chore than actually something fun, Some of the missions seem a lot easier than brotherhoods though I welcome less of the (Dont be Detected) missions, Den Defense is alright but should not be essential for in game, it should be only used in multiplayer or be made optional in the story, some of the characters faces seem odd (Desmond being the most obvious, and Ezio having bright yellow eyes) The game in all is a nice addition to the series and really psychs you up for the imminent AC III, the cons were not too drastic to make me want to score it any lower than a 9 and I am happy with my purchase. I hope people go out and get this great game Expand
  40. Nov 19, 2011
    If you do not mind, I would like to start this with a brief retrospective (no spoilers). I first got recommended Assassin's Creed back 2009 around the time Assassin's Creed 2 was announced. There were very mixed opinions amongst my friends with it being one of those hit or miss titles like Mirror's Edge, and I'm not going to lie, the first game did have a repetitive nature with it's information gathering side missions, but personally, it didn't bother me any, I found it useful with planning out the method of performing the different assassinations and actually made me feel a bit more like an assassin. I think the first game is probably second best in the series (to me anyway) with Revelations being first. Still with me? good, on with the review, I will try to avoid being biased as well as possibly...I said try, not always successfully though.
    This is one of the best told stories in the series that I've seen since the 2nd installment. It is divided between Desmond, Ezio, and Altair, bringing closure to Ezio and Altair's stories and presumably setting up a game all about Desmond. Ezio and Altair's stories were woven together perfectly throughout the narrative, and unfortunately the same cannnot be said for Desmond, at times it just feels like what it's always been, just a framing device. Though you are able to learn more about Desmond's past by going through some puzzle segments, but more on gameplay later. Now I have two minor nitpicks, the game uses pre-rendered cinematics, which may not sound like an issue, it only bugs me because the series has not up til now used them for the story itself, and this would be less of a problem if there were not only two of them total and one is recycled footage from the extended trailer. It is well known that after beating the game you are allowed to use the animus and usually it has a reason behind it, however, Revelations does not explain why you are back in it, and that just bugs the hell out of me.
    The gameplay is largely the same as the gameplay from Brotherhood and has improved on nearly every aspect. Combat still contains the combo system from Brotherhood, but it has a far less predictable pattern to it and the enemies are far more capable in a fight, and personally I appreciated the challenge this game had brought. The Brotherhood aspect has also been improved and flows really well with the story, more so than Brotherhood, strangely enough. I am most certainly not the only person who was skeptical about the use of bombs in Revelations, but thankfully the game put this skepticism aside, it actually helps with stealth more than I could have imagined, not to mention the ability to customize them to your liking. Parkour flows better than ever as well with the addition of the hookblade, making vertical and horizontal travel even more fluid than it has ever been.
    Many of you who have been paying attention to this franchise may have noticed an increase of quality with the soundtracks, animations, and graphics throughout the series and gratefully this increase has remained consistent, the game looks gorgeous, improved textures as well as better lighting effects and draw distance. I know graphics don't make a game but they can always help.
    you would be insane not to buy this, and here's to the hope that the next game doesn't ruin the entire franchise! I am very skeptical about a game entirely about Desmond.
  41. Nov 19, 2011
    While the game does have its fair share of flows, most notably the glitches, frame rate drops and den defence, the positives outshine them. The story and improved climbing really show and this is by far the best Assissins Creed game. Really good Buy. PS Desmond is useless as always
  42. Nov 18, 2011
    Completly namakana the game to me and he is there as ecio paci stvoreny completly paradna game my years doing this to me najoblubenejšia taketo games haven't yet said anything just a fest of good game.
  43. Nov 17, 2011
    I can't believe I even see negative reviews on here! Every AC has imporved on the last and this one is no different. I love what they did with the apprentice system. Some have complained about the den defense mini-game, but I enjoy that too. The flashback missions as Altair are a great way to show what happened to him after the first game and are really fun. I'm glad Ezio and Altair got such a great ending. This game really gives me great expectations for the next game. If your a fan, buy it. Expand
  44. Nov 17, 2011
    If you like AC2 or Brotherhood you will enjoy this game, simply put. It follows much of the same formulas as the previous installments while adding new features that add variety. I always thought just platforming in the open worlds (rome, istanbul etc) to be great fun, so no need to change this, however, with ziplines, there is added excitement. The major changes for me this time around is the multiplayer, which is really great.

    Multiplayer is similar to Brotherhood but is very much expanded with more game modes and of course maps. The new modes are fun and add variety, but I think the overall gameplay experience is well balanced and is much smoother. I feel much more accomplished in this game when I play well were there were a lot of times I got frustrated in AC:B. There are still frustrating points, but you can appreciate it much more when you succeed or understand what you did wrong. The story so far (~half way through) is similar to other games, as is the city building, but the small tweaks add to the already great experience. If you enjoyed improving rome, you will enjoy it more in Revelations. The new tower defense mini game that you can get is fun, albeit it would become repetitive if done too much. Sending recruited assasins off on missions is much better (also similar to old brotherhood) in that you see progress in the cities. Small but I enjoyed this a bunch in brotherhood and its better this time around.

    Also, the hookblade does just enough to change your fighting style to add to what is already a great fighter.

    Overall, if you enjoyed the exploration and fighting of previous games, that base of an experience is built subtly better with this installment. Nothing major or game changing, but as I said if you enjoyed previous versions, that is a great thing. Graphics: 9.0 (small glitches, new style is great- platforming still realistic with each holding modeled)
    Gameplay: Story: 8.5 Multiplayer: 9.5
    Sound: 9.5 Really strong, immersive and better than previous games, good music choices.
    Overall: 9.0
  45. Nov 17, 2011
    I haven't played the game yet but I've seen a few videos and it looks amazing! I wouldn't recommend this game for PC though. Why? Well, in my opinion Assassin's Creed games fit best for consoles. The reason to this could be the ability to relax on your couch and play from a distance instead of staring at the screen from two inches away and missing all the incredible landscapes (as they look better from a distance). Definitely getting this game sooner or later! Expand
  46. Nov 16, 2011
    Great for fans of the series it's a solid way to end the stories of Ezio and Altair. Critics don't like the new den defense system, but I think it's alright. People who are new to the story of Assassin's Creed might want to play the previous entries before playing this one.
  47. Nov 16, 2011
    Ezio y Altaír lo asesinos mas famosos de los videojuegos concluyen con Revelations sus miticas historias, una historias que destacan por ser mejores que cualquir videojuego, por ser realistas, posibles y sacarnos una sonrisa y un escalofrio de alegria mientras lo jugamos. Si algo se puede criticar en el titulo es que TENGA UN FINAL para unos personajes tan iconicos y bien logrados.

    Empezemos por la JUGABILIDAD:

    - Una historia epica y con un argumento inteligente, y es que lo mejor es la NARRACION es perfecta, despues de haber jugado todos los titulos y evidentemente comprender su argumento va a ser dificil que te impresionen otros, es el famoso efecto de "es buena, pero no supera a la de assassin creed"

    - Los controles se adaptan perfectamente tanto en el mando como la infalible combinacion teclado y raton y sus mecanicas tambien rozan la perfeccion.
    - Es adictivo, y influyente este juego, te produce como el efecto "toy enamorao" porque pensavas en el juego antes de probarlo, piensas en el cuando lo estas jugando y sigues teniendolo en la cabeza despues de acabarlo un efecto que pocos juegos consigyuen hoy en dia.

    -La diversion claramente que esta, eso se nota CUANDO TE INTERRUMPEN MIENTRAS LO ESTAS JUGANDO Y DICES "DIOOOS NUNCA ME HABIAN ENTRADO TANTAS GANAS DE MATAR A ALGUIEN" eso es porque te relajas y eso soo pasa con los Game of the Year.


    - La IA es notable aunque hay algunas cosas que podrian mejorarse, pero TRATANDOSE DE UN SANDBOX es lo normal y ademas son cosas a las que no hay que dar importancia.

    - las fisicas y particulas son geniales dignas de Ubisoft Montreal, y hay elementos destructibles cosa de agradecer, interaciion con el escenario cosas que lo hacen mas tecnologico, y la iluminacio ha mejorado mucho y el humo ESPLENDIDO.
    - Las animaciones muy humanas.

  48. Nov 16, 2011
    I think this game is great. It continues the adventure and adds a few extras along the way. The graphics look amazing and the sound is on par. It is similar to the previous games because the whole series is good. I dont know what more they could have changed to please the critics and still keep it the game we all know and love. If your a fan of the previous games, this should be able to entertain you for hours. Expand
  49. Nov 16, 2011
    Im a big fan of the assassins creed series and this game didn't let me down, fun new gadgets and improved animations and graphics make this game well worth the full price, the campaign is long enough to keep you occupied for a few days and then you have the entertaining and tense multiplayer to try, its just a great overall package, the one downside is that there is a few frustrating missions but they are never to force you to quit. Expand
  50. Nov 16, 2011
    This game is perfect......Is the game of the year and will have a 10.
    the story of Ezio is still going strong

    Congratulations to Ubisoft.

    obs: From Brazil.
  51. Nov 16, 2011
    Alltogether it again is a complete and epic new title in the franchise, sad to see that some ac haters give it a 0 or 1 instantly through which the average, which I see here lies definitely at a 9/9.5
  52. Nov 16, 2011
    Excellent game. There is no game that combines third player action, swordplay and a great story with the same elegance. And I really (really) enjoy the Isatnbul settig, the awe inspiring action moments, etc, etc. I could have done without the den defence though. On the up-side, I did enjoy Multiplayer a lot, so that is a bonus.
  53. Nov 16, 2011
    Without a doubt, the best Assassin's Creed yet. Some critics scores are very low because the gameplay hasn't change a lot compared to Brotherhood. But is this a bad thing? Why change the winning team? So, yes AC: Revelations gives you the same gameplay but it's placed in a better setting, slightly better graphics and a cool story. The setting is one of the best yet, Constantinople gives a vibrant world with NPC's that react 'smarter' than in Brotherhood and with a lot more animations. Also the draw distance of the game is increasingly better compared to Brotherhood. One last thing that I want to mention: The reviewers who give AC: Revelations a low score (due to the 'same' gameplay of AC: Brotherhood) and if they give COD: MW3 a high score, well they are not credible reviewers. They 'punish' one game with a low score because of the same gameplay, but the other game gets a 9 while it has the same 'negative' criticism. So please, don't miss AC: Revelations because of the 'strange' review scores. Read first a lot of reviews, not only the negative ones. And then decide if you want to buy this game or not. Expand
  54. Nov 15, 2011
    The final entry in the Ubisoft's Trilogy is the Best Assassins creed yet.There are rumours about its similarity to its precedors interms of gameplay which seriously i think is the heart of assassins creed,I do not see any reason for Ubisoft to have changed the gameplay we use to know in assassins creed series.Even hit titles like CALL OF DUTY and ELDER SCROLLS series have been repeating the same gameplay for year(thats abvoius in 2011 for sure) then why blame Ubisoft.The series main protagonist Ezio has come to a satisfying ending which literally left me in tears since i was kinda obsessed with ezio character in assassins creed.Constantinople is a huge map with beautiful eye catching scenery some superb animations and awesome orchestral score(jesper Kyd does it again).the hook blade is a new annovation in acrobatics along with bomb crafting n tons of side missions which i found extremely absorbing.The story is not long but ends the Ezio trilogy successfully...WILL MISS U EZIO AUDITORE :( Expand
  55. Nov 15, 2011
    I LOVE this game and i love this series. Best Assassins creed ever. The story may not be as great as the 2nd or 3rd but the visuals are amazing. Everybodies saying only the hook blake (totally awesome btw) is the only new feature, but what about the thrill of parachuting and ziplines, and the fight sequences are so kicka$$. Everything is better in this installment into this thrilling series. Constantinople is HUGE, and very beautiful. Everything is different (in a good way) from the map, to the side missions, to the items you find throughout the massive city of constantinople, and the graphics just when you thought they couldnt get any better, they did. The bombs are also another awesome new feature. The multiplayer is so much better from brotherhood as well, from new maps to new and better game modes. I have no idea why this game is not getting better reviews from the critics because it is hands down the best assassins creed yet. Forget about mw3 and all of the other new games recently released (besides skyrim) this is where its at. Whether you've been a huge fan of assassins creed or have never played any of the installments in the series, you must play this game. Worth every minute of your time. 10/10 definitely Expand
  56. Nov 15, 2011
    Every Assassin's Creed games have offered a huge improvement from earlier. Revelations follow in their footstep, and is no exception. Revelations is beautiful, big and interesting to the end. The great triology about Ezio Auditore gets its well-deserved ending. It is a very long wait to the last Assassin's Creed game with the final on this dooms day topic (Assassin's Creed III releasing someday before 21.12.2012) :D Expand
  57. Nov 15, 2011
    This is another quality entry in a quality series. This game remembers to be an Assassin's Creed game so you will fall in love with it just as much as the games that came before it.
  58. Nov 15, 2011
    This is the best AC EVER, and the game can not be punished for is similar to its predecessors, because Uncharted and Call of Duty are too. Again UBI give to us a vacation on distant worlds, beautiful worlds, and Ezio is amazing in his final journey, I will missi him so much, but now I wanna AC3.
  59. Nov 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (not including multiplayer) Assassin's Creed has been one of the great new IPs of this console generation, with its unique take on parkour and mixing that with a historical tale, and good combat. But has the constant iteration of this franchise led to the stagnation of the franchises quality? Or has this led to a constant evolution which benefits the gamer and is worth your buck.
    Story: With its beginnings set in the crusade era, moving from Florence to Rome and now Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) it is difficult to say that Ubisoft have a repetitive setting and gives the gamer a new world to explore. Revelations begins almost directly after the events of Brotherhood, the Borgia Templars are no more, and Ezío has succeeded in his lifelong revenge. Now his eyes set eastward to discover the lost Masyaf keys left by his ancestor Altaír to uncover its secrets. This seems quite similar to AC2's move to unlock his armour but in a broader sense, the main attractiveness of the story is not the keys themselves but the change in his character, we see a new Ezio, forever lost is the young charming Firenzian bachelor that we saw is AC2. This breaths a sense of fresh air on the characters and the batch of new accomplices add to the depth of the story. The addition of flashbacks to Altaír give some fan love to the story, and the confusion yet interesting story of Desmond's predicament add great variety and continuity to the story.

    Gameplay: Gameplay in this series has come under criticism with the new iteration for not evolving quick enough to warrant a new $60/£40 purchase, but it is hard to argue with Ubisoft that a great deal of effort has been made to correct these complaints. Though the same brilliant parkour gameplay we grew to love with the first game. The change of setting is more than enough to allow for the fun exploration of these areas, this fact alone seem to give the parkour increased value, even with the included hardly exploited hook blade feature. The hookblade as mentioned gives Ezío and increased jumping range and allows the player to adapt. The combat is probably the highest issue over the years, as many criticise its old R1/RB and wait for them. Brotherhood was the first game to attempt changes to this with a more combo filled action but provided less of a challenge. Revelations tries to remedy this with the inclusion again of the combo system, where if one enemy is killed a timed strike on another will immediately defeat him. However this time around the inclusion of enemies that can withstand these combos adds a higher difficulty to the combat, which forces the player to adapt as there is only a scarce few enemies you can kill counter, you must make good use of the other features in combat. This gives an overall sense of immersion into the combat and the rise in challenge definitely shows. Assassin's Creed is hardly known for it set pieces and the quicktime events of the last game haven't seemed to expanded (thank you Ubisoft), but in this game I was trully amazed by some of the settings Ezío and Altaír would visit, not as blockbuster as MW3 or Uncharted but adds a mellow methodic feeling to the story which adds great value. Along with this the long enemy free parkour scenes the fans wished for returns in a spectacular fashion with the discovery of the 5 keys. In Revelations we see the first inclusion of their take on tower defence with the Templars and Ezío taking areas of the great city. The annoying camera angle feels unnecessary but it adds to the variety of the missions which has been a major complaint. The missions themselves still follow the regular escort, kill, disrupt method but have some greater variety this time, especially with a dress up scene, where you must become a guitarist (joke at older annoyances) and infiltrate a crowd. The addition of a new game mechanic with Desmond allows for the creation and movement of first person movement, much like Portal this seems a lacklustre feature but again just adds to the variety and does not intrude on overall gameplay. The gameplay and design of this series has evolved, there are some discrepancies on my end with annoying cameras and lacklustre features, but it is inarguable that AC:R has seriously added to the franchise.
    Presentation: The engine itself is beginning to show its age but the beautiful city and areas all but make up for its age. Animation has really been AC strong suit over the years in its combat and parkour, and this is still present, though the visuals of the water in the game really do pull any scene involving it back from its visual premise. No doubt AC: R is a beautiful game with great mechanics, but the ageing engine needs a serious update if the franchise is to sustain its stance in the market.

    AC:R does brilliantly to end Altaír and Ezío's story and the gameplay and presentation just give the gamer more value.
    Story - 9.1
    Gameplay - 9.5
    Design - 9.1
    Presentation - 8.8

    Overall - 9.2
  60. Nov 15, 2011
    A well deserved finale to the series protagonists, Ezio and Altair. Stands up to it's name and builds upon the already solid storyline of the game and keeps us hooked every minute. Even though some might complain it's almost the same as the previous titles. But I don't believe they need to HAVE a new gameplay mechanic in every game. When you have a story such as this, it needs to be told on an annual basis and the gameplay need not be revamped every year. Even then they did have their fair share of improvements such as the hookblades and Desmond's memories. The only thing which they went a bit far with was the Tower Defense minigame, which seemed to be a nuisance to say the least.

    Other than that, visually appealing as always and well worth the money. I for one hope they don't stray far from their winning formula and don't succumb to adding new gameplay features for each iteration of their game.
  61. Nov 15, 2011
    great game for those who are actually good at this game BUY IT i personally think it should be better than mw3 and the assassins creed games in the previous years.
  62. Nov 15, 2011
    This game is amazing. But let's start off with the bad thing, gameplay wise, it's almost exactly the same as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. The only real new thing, is the hookblade, with which you can travel a little bit faster through the (btw incredible) world. Constantinople is an amazing city, with beautifull landmarks. Who doesn't want to freerun through Constantinople and be an assassin, using the crowd to get to his target? The story isn't amazing, but it does the job to end the trilogy. There are a few little bugs, but that is overshadowed by all the good things. Expand

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. Jan 19, 2012
    Assassin's Creed Revelations will satisfy those who are looking for more of the same but if you're expecting some major innovations, prepare to be disappointed. Revelations isn't a bad game, but the experience no longer feels fresh.
  2. The story is so meandering. [Jan 2012, p.76]
  3. Jan 3, 2012
    In the end, Revelations mostly feels like a step backwards that was probably rushed to market just to satisfy the need for a yearly installment.