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  • Summary: It's tackle football like never before. Backbreaker is taking sports video games to a place where the action is never the same and every hit looks and feels as realistic as a Sunday afternoon. Utilizing NaturalMotion's euphoria motion synthesis engine, the same technology featured in "Grand Theft Auto IV" and "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed," you'll never see the same tackle again. For the first time in a sports game, this mix of technology, biology and tenacious attitude is turning the gridiron of past, full of canned animations and repetitious gameplay, into a dangerous form of self expression. Every unique tackle in the world of Backbreaker is an artistic exercise in hard hits and athletic skill. It's time to show your friends just how painful art can be. Through a combination of biology and robotics research, euphoria uses the CPU power of next-generation consoles to simulate the nervous system, muscles, and biomechanics of the football players in real-time. This is the first time this technology is being employed for a sports game. While conventional football games can only load a finite number of animations from a disc, Backbreaker's real-time technology will never allow the gameplay to become stale. Forget about prim and proper, Backbreaker presents a fast-paced, gritty gameplay experience that's more Burnout than Madden. [NaturalMotion] Expand
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  1. To be honest there is very little that Backbreaker does wrong. Its only real drawback is that it is not an official NFL licensed game and misses out on the major draw of taking a team to the Super Bowl.
  2. 70
    Backbreaker fails to offer anything truly special to sports fans and feels like a fun-to-play tech demo. [Issue#193, p.97]
  3. Although it can't be defined as an absolute masterpiece, Backbreaker proves to be a well crafted game, capable of assuring a fun and engaging experience to both fans of the genre and potential newcomers. If you're looking for some hardcore action and you're not afraid to get hurt, this is surely the game for you.
  4. Forget the rest of the game, Tackle Alley is where it's at. Rent the game for that and you may find an accessible, different take on football as a bonus, but by no means should you purchase this as a football game first.
  5. That doesn't mean it is completely unrewarding, it just can't hang with the competition. In the end, this is a distinct take on football that is worth playing as a rental, but even at its discounted retail price isn't worth the price of admission.
  6. 50
    As it stands, this game feels more like a beefy Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network release searching for its identity than something that belongs on retail store shelves.
  7. But among the worst of it all is the lack of presentation. Nearly every football player looks the same. Their uniforms look like they're made from plastic. Referees have been transformed into Jumbotron cut-scenes. There are no coaches or players on the sidelines. And the crowds are comprised of the same four people copied a million times over.

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  1. Jan 12, 2011
    This game has over 60 teams. It has a season mode and also Road to Backbreaker. It also has tackle alley the hit iphone game. The only thing that could make this game better is an nfl license. This is a must buy. Collapse
  2. Aug 20, 2010
    This game after the patch is the best football game out. Everything from the tackling and blocking is spot on. There are many people online that have created the NFL roster and logos so the NFL license is not needed. If your tired of madden or NCAA is game is at least worth a rent. The developers of this game are also very interactive with the community and you can tell that they arent just about the money. This technology there using is the future for sports video games Expand