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  1. This typical arcade racer will never truly surprise you, but offers a lot of racing fun. It's a pity that the AI will always keep up with you, to the point where they almost seem glued to your car and it's a shame there's no online multiplayer. [July 2012, p.93]
  2. This isn't an offensively bad game, merely a game with no purpose. [Sept 2012, p.115]
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  1. Jun 28, 2012
    Nothing original here, same old top down mini cars racing game. That is not necessarily bad if it brings at least something new, like better graphics or some creative level design. Unfortunately this one looks like a PlayStation 2 game, with ugly cars and bland tracks. This is exactly the type of game you can buy with 1 buck for your iPad only on PS3 they charge you 10. Full Review »