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  1. 100
    Not only a success as a licenced game, Batman: Arkham Asylum is a modern classic and an essential purchase for anyone looking for a solid, enthralling adventure.
  2. 100
    Batman's trip to the asylum has hardly any flaws. The controls fit perfectly and the missions will entertain you every second you play this game. Buy it, play it, love it.
  3. I can’t recommend Arkam Asylum enough.
  4. 100
    One of those games that comes along every few years that will have gamers talking about it long into the future. It is this year's BioShock, and I for one could not put it down from start to finish. If you enjoy great narrative, interesting boss encounters, fresh gameplay and of course everyone's favorite detective then Arkham Asylum will not disappoint.
  5. 100
    Rocksteady have proven that they’re a company that really care. They actually ‘get’ Batman, they’ve looked at the character from every conceivable angle and strived to make this everything anybody could possibly want from a Batman game.
  6. Batman: Arkham Asylum is the ultimate Batman experience, hands down.
  7. 100
    This action-adventure is so smart, so well-written, and delivered with such an obvious love for its source material, I daresay it is both the best licensed game ever made, and arguably the best game of its kind in our current console generation.
  8. Yes, this is the Batman you've been waiting for...It's a wonderful experience, beginning to end, never taking the easy or familiar route, and infusing each shift of the story with original ideas that cut no corners. [Oct 2009, p.70]
  9. It's excellent in nearly every aspect, and certainly one of the best games you'll play this year, let alone the best licensed game I've ever played (sorry Riddick). If you've been on the fence about this one, I highly suggest you pick it up, there's nothing here that'll disappoint, and like I mentioned, the gameplay is so great that you don't need to be a Batman fan to appreciate how great the gameplay is.
  10. Batman: Arkham Asylum can be easily compared to classic games like Eternal Darkness and Bioshock, a game that no one expected to be good and turned out to be one the most impressive, immersive and breathtaking games ever released. The grim set-up mixed an incredible voice-over work and great storytelling makes of Batman: Arkham Asylum, not only the best Batman game ever published but also the best comic-book/superhero videogame so far and a very serious “Game of the Year” contender.
  11. Batman: Arkham Asylum is not just the best comic game ever, the game actually managed to rank high in our best games of all time list. Whichever system you own and regardless of your gaming budget, the Dark Knight’s latest adventure is not one to be missed.
  12. Batman: Arkham Asylum is this year's "BioShock," not just from the connection established with the world, but from its ability to innovate where new ideas are needed, and moreover, deliver an adventure unlike any other. [Sept 2009, p.82]
  13. A top contender for Game of the Year and beyond.
  14. 95
    Fans of the Dark Knight must not miss Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game is everything one would want a Batman game to be and I cannot recommend it enough.
  15. With the beauty of this game, the amazing sound, script and voice-acting, this is definitely one game you would be –ahem- batty to not buy.
  16. Rewarding and engrossing in equal measure, the entire production reeks of quality from the stellar voice work to the jaw-dropping visuals and intuitive control system. Truly this is the Batman game that everybody’s been waiting for.
  17. Don’t waste another second hanging on the fence about it. Buy this game.
  18. Arkham Asylum is not only the best superhero game you will ever play but in my opinion it is also a huge contender for game of the year. The story will pull you in and the mixture of stealth, combat and intrigue will keep you there.
  19. Batman: Arkham Asylum would be a terrific third-person action game on its own thanks to the excellent combat engine and well-designed levels. But coupled with the Batman license the game becomes a must-play.
  20. 93
    The greatest comic book videogame of all time. This is an adult Dark Knight story that is well-told, packs some truly fun gameplay elements, has topnotch voice talent, and feel like it's part of Batman cannon.
  21. There have been many different Batman games over the years, but none quite so polished as this one. Batman: Arkham Asylum combines the best elements of the classic Batman mythos with the modern-day interpretation of the hero. The end result is a game that outshines its flaws and is quite simply a blast to play.
  22. Without a doubt, Arkham Asylum is one of the best games of the year, and from the solid single player experience, amazing voice acting, rewarding challenge maps and a slew of nearly dozens of unlockable bios and collectibles, any fan will be hard-pressed to not give this game a try.
  23. I can say with confidence and cannot stress enough, Batman: Arkham Asylum is, without a doubt, the best Batman game ever created. It does more than give you the Batman game you want, it gives you a video game that you could play repeatedly, even if it didn't have the caped and cowled Dark Knight in it.
  24. Here’s something that came out of the blue – a superhero license that's brilliant! Arkham Asylum is a great mixture of exploration, brawls and sneaking. With a good story, great cast and style it's also thoroughly polished. [Aug 2009]
  25. An incredible adventure in an amazing setting. Only weak detective bits and boss battles let it down.
  26. 92
    It’s hugely atmospheric and engrossing, its blend of combat and stealth balanced superbly to deliver an experience that’s easily as engaging as the Metal Gear series.
  27. It is not only the best Batman game ever, but also one of the best action titles of the year.
  28. It's tough to put down when you start, and even when it's over you'll be back. The Challenge Missions, all the collectibles, and guaranteed DLC means this one will be spinning up in your console for months to come.
  29. 92
    A game that is better than everyone thought. Great gameplay, perfect audio and high quality graphics and also a lot of unlockables. One of the best licensed games ever.
  30. The gameplay is diversified, the graphics are great and the combat-system is one of the best we have ever encountered. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a definite "Must-Have" on any platform and more then worthy to wear the famous name of The Dark Knight and Worlds greatest detective.
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  1. Mar 22, 2011
    This was without doubt the biggest surprise of 2009. No one expected to great things but what a shock they were in for. Batman Arkham AsylumThis was without doubt the biggest surprise of 2009. No one expected to great things but what a shock they were in for. Batman Arkham Asylum was one of, if not the game of 2009. And rightly so, it was a genuinely excpetional piece of gaming. It done exactly what the Dark Knight done for the Batman franchise on the big screen, except on a video-gaming level! Visually it is great, they capture the Asylum to a tee and the voice acting is top notch. The single player mode is fantastic. It deals with the Joker being returned to the Asylum but he is set free and begins to cause havoc meaning they turn to Batman to intervene and restore order. Of-course there are other boss battles along the way before the showdown with The Joker (voice acted by Mark Hamill.) The combat system works really well and is is to get to grips with thats not to say its to easy, at times it may seem that way but one wrong move and Bats is out! Bane, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow are the villains you come across and thats were the only disappointment is boss battles at times are too easy, bar Poison Ivy who is at least a bit of a challenge and the showdown with Joker isn't what a final battle should be especially one at the end of such a great game like this. There's other challenges to, The Riddler finding his clues for one then ofcourse there's always online! So basically Arkham Asylum is just a wonderful game, and even now there are very few who can match it. An essential purchase for all PS3 owners. Now for Arkham City... Full Review »
  2. Jan 17, 2011
    Even if you don't like Batman, this is an awesome game and the best game about the Dark Knight. Great voice acting, great visual and sound,Even if you don't like Batman, this is an awesome game and the best game about the Dark Knight. Great voice acting, great visual and sound, great batman and comic details... definitely: a VERY GREAT game! must have! Full Review »
  3. nezj
    Jan 18, 2010
    This is the best game I have played for ps3 hands down I've played uncharted 2 and it was awsome but I'm sorry guys it can't This is the best game I have played for ps3 hands down I've played uncharted 2 and it was awsome but I'm sorry guys it can't beat batman I wish there was a higher ranking so I could give it a 20 Full Review »