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  • Summary: Activate the Catwoman Bundle Pack to play as Catwoman in a unique storyline. The Catwoman Bundle Pack is included with the purchase of the game. If the Catwoman Bundle Pack code has already been redeemed by a previous owner, you can purchase a Catwoman Bundle Pack from the PlayStation Store. The Catwoman Bundle Pack also comes with two bonus Catwoman skins: Long Halloween Catwoman and Animated Catwoman. Expand
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  1. Dec 1, 2011
    An essential part of the Arkham City experience you'd be mad to miss. [Christmas 2011, p.110]
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  1. Nov 6, 2011
    The addition of Catwoman into Arkham City was a brilliant move by Rocksteady. This package comes with 4 short main story missions that span less than 30 minutes collectively, 40 Riddler trophies to find in Arkham City, 12 Freeflow Challenges, 12 Predator Challenges, 2 alternate outfits (The Animated Series, The Long Halloween outfit) and 12 campaign missions. I really enjoyed when I actually played her in the story mode but it leaves much desired. Longer missions and new side quests with Catwoman allies or Batman Foes would have made this a 10 rating. You will be spending most of your time doing the combo/predator challenges. If you bought it used and are trying to to decided what it's worth, i'd put it around $4.99. It won't effect the main mission and you will be able to play it later with your main game save from the main menu once you finally purchase it. Collapse
  2. Apr 26, 2014
    If you're planning on playing Arkham City, which you totally should, then this is a DLC I highly recommend you consider. With Catwoman as a new playable character, new riddler trophies to find, and new challenge maps, you'd be hard pressed to find a better DLC for the game. Sure $9.99 may seem a bit steep, but it's worth the price of admission.

    The four unique missions will pop-up at various points in the main game's campaign, including one at the very beginning and one after the credits have rolled. These missions aren't the longest, but they tie in well with the main game and include encounters with characters that wouldn't otherwise have been included. Catwoman's different play style make exploring Arkham City a much different experience, so hunting down all of those new Riddler trophies doesn't end up feeling like more of the same.

    The DLC's main campaign might not be all that long, but overall the DLC adds enough new content to make it recommendable. So if you didn't buy the game new and get the free code it's worth putting down the extra money to purchase this DLC. My total score for the it is an 8.5/10-Great.
  3. Nov 25, 2011
    Catwoman is just isnt that interesting of a character to work well with the game. Combat wise, Her gadgets (only 3) arent that usefull and you generally have to either use stealth or just go in there guns blazing in order to stand a chance. Expand