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  1. Oct 18, 2011
    I picked up this game right at midnight and have been playing it for almost 4 hours now and I'm blown away. This is by far one of the best looking and action packed games I have played in a very long time. This game has it all and it really lives up to all of the hype that has been surrounding it. The detail is all here in each and every aspect and there is so much content I'm going to be at this one for a very long time. Due your self a HUGE favor and pick up this blockbuster right away and you can thank me later. Expand
  2. Oct 26, 2011
    It is a great game, but not perfect by any means. The combat is obviously the best part, with so much going on but always an absolute joy to play. The story and graphics are all good, as well as the detective elements. The only problems are, first the load times. Any time you retry or load a new area it can take up to 30 seconds just to load up. It can get frustrating when you play on hard and must redo some parts to have to wait so long to load up. The biggest and most notable problem is the platforming. So many times I would look at a ledge or something I had just grappled to it and would not let me for some reason and I would spam the R1 button, because that is your best bet of getting anywhere, and it would spin me around and grapple something not even on the screen. It can be very frustrating. Also I would be standing next to a wall or ledge and it would not let me hang on it or grab on to it for no reason. They could have done a better job with that but great with EVERYTHING else besides a few minor errors and one major one.....great job rocksteady Expand
  3. Oct 18, 2011
    ok , well i have been playing since midnight eastern time and let me start off by saying WOW. i am feeling like i am in an open world interactive batman comic/cartoon. it is that good. the details are top notch, everything from catwoman's hips to the dive bombing/thrust kicking villains. the graphics are beautiful, and there has been very little frame rate issues whatsoever. the controls familiar to asylum's mechanics, but more precise counters and great takedown sequences. the game starts off in a way which was very creative, and the story has been steady since pressing start. playing as catwoman is not only a great addition but the way she is seamlessly running parallel to the story, while taking turns from batman to catwoman. the upgrade/skill point is based on combat combo's and tech which gain batman his exp, doing other actions also will give some xp but combat being points plentiful. then can upgrade armor, techniques etc, categories ranging from gadgets to combat, and even catwoman has a small "tree" to upgrade. the villains are not the smartest bunch but instead of feeling like the a.i is pathetic, i feel like there is no match for batman while im playing him. so they give me feelings of being a bad a** who's moves got moves rather than the feeling of just going through the motions. that wasnt/isnt a easy task. i am one w/ batman. and my weapons are not over powered, if anything they are designed for 2 primary reasons. # 1 stunning / confusing the villain or # 2 used to solve puzzles(riddles) , break through walls and create diversions etc. they do not kill. batman has use his muscle to put enemies on the ground. and my fav is the "DIVE BOMB" lol, coasting around finding villains and pressing the right trigger to dive into a mob never gets old. the campaign isnt long if you go from a to b. but solving all the riddles as well as side quests tacks on many hours, fun hours. and im not usually a big fan w/ a ton of side quests but there are exceptions and its usually when i dont want a game to end, batman is an exception. i dont want the game to finish, and thats what tells me that im playing something special. batman has alot to offer. and it offers them on a silver platter. the only faults ive found is the main villains, in my opinion they did not get enough screentime, they just seemed to be an after thought rather than challenging foes. dont get me wrong, the details and voice acting of the joker, penguin etc were top notch but i just wished their presence made a bigger impact , cameo's is a word that describes my feelings on certain villains. and not knowing how many more batmans are to come, just wished that i had more interaction w/ them in this game because this is the one which is truely as close to a superhero to video game translation ive seen to date, and ive been playing games since commodore 64,lol..
    i took a break to share my thoughts as the game is paused in the background and its been about 13 hours of gaming so far and i cant wait to pick the controller back up.
    i must be honest before i go. i had no true desire for this game. almost switched my pre-order to something else. i must say that i would have made a mistake if i did because this is everything i want in a game and more, this is by far oe of the best games i have played in a while. ive played just about everything, check my psn if you wish. this is one which i will replay and one which i wont want to let go of. i dont think a perfect 10 exists but i have to grade a game which is pretty close. i would rate a 9.5 but considering the games that get scores that high and falling way short in comparison well hey im giving it a 10. the music hits all the right notes , the graphics are sweet and the story is one to enjoy. ultimately this game hits all the right notes and is very worthy of goty contention.

    if you a fan of batman or a fan of getting your monies worth in a game, then this is for you.
    if only rocksteady could call clark kent and have him sign a contract to jump in a phone booth and fly to our consoles. that would be nice...
  4. Oct 18, 2011
    If you love Batman, you're gonna love this game. If you don't love Batman, then you'll enjoy the game too, as it doesn't go over the head of a casual fan's head with the story. Simply put BUY THIS GAME!
  5. Oct 18, 2011
    great game have a amazing history and a great open world to explore, batman have more moves, and a lot of side quests to spend time, a lot of time, dont miss the chance to play this game.
  6. Oct 18, 2011
    One of the greatest games of all time. Rocksteady has not only one-upped Arkham Asylum, they obliterated it. The story is excellent and starts off with an extremely intense arrest. The voice acting is absolutely flawless for the most part. Kevin Conroy knocked it out of the park as Batman (as always), this is easily one of his best performances. Mark Hamill was fantastic as Joker, and Corey Burton was amazing as Strange. Tara had some big shoes to fill by playing Harley Quinn, but she did it, and boy was she good. The weakest voice in the game is the Penguin's. It's not terrible, but it doesn't match the rest of the game's quality voices. Nolan North is very talented, but someone like Ray Winstone would have been better. The gameplay is amazing and extremely fine-tuned, the story is interesting and engaging, the dialogue is insanely awesome and there's just so much content in the game! A definite 10/10 from me. Collapse
  7. Oct 18, 2011
    Excellent game, great open world, 40 hours of great gameplay, addictive. Another masterpiece in the franchise to top an already fantastic first game. A masterpiece.
  8. Oct 23, 2011
    This game has it ALL. You can't just play this game have to play AT it in chunks and bits for WEEKS. Oh, and lookie lookie at this "big WEENIE's score of the game, mac7421" gave it a 4, and gave Gears III a "2" and Mass Effect a "3"...but guess what mac7421 gave a PERFECT 10 for ??? Duke Nukem Forever!! bwahahahahahah I'm crapin' my pants!! bwahahahahahaah His AVERAGE score he gives Triple A games is a "4.7" What a punk, it would have been lower but Duke and Dead Island really pulled it up! Batman is polished, fun, plenty to do, outstanding story, lots of drama...and I don't like superhero games. Pick one up today because they are not going to drop in price for awhile, like Black Ops took a while. And go punk mac7421 because he's a jerk. Expand
  9. Oct 28, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City surprises me, I expected a very good and enjoyable games but instead I faced perfection. I love the game, by far the best game of the year yet.
  10. Oct 25, 2011
    As a huge fan of Batman I am just happy and proud to say that Batman: Arkham City is one of the if not the best best super hero and comic book game of all time. Arkham Asylum itself was a great game but Arkham City just almost surpasses it in every way. Instead of an island we have a whole large city to explore and there is so much stuff to do that once you get yourself into this amazing Batman universe you will not want to escape. This game just makes you feel like you are Batman. They also bring in alot of villians from the Batman universe all the classic villians like Two-face, Joker, Penguin among others are all here that is just pure nostalgia for long time Batman fans like myself. The main mission itself is very long and enthralling and will easily take you around 20 to 25 hours and it is just totally awesome with so many areas that you to stealth and even fight your way through in this game, some sections of the game where you have to put your fun gadgets to good use. And perhaps the biggest improvement in this game is the boss battles instead of mostly having thug battles, this game actually provides good, well designed and fun boss battles all of which are very unique and entertaining in their own. The Story despite being a little confusing and complex at times fits the batman universe and once you beat a mission you will just keep coming back for more as this game just sucks you in its universe. But thats not all there is to it, the game has even more and better challenges than its predecessor, the ability to play as Catwoman and Robin via DLCs, other side missions within the game and even the riddler challenges and trophies are funner to do this time around. The only drawback is that in order to understand the Catwoman's part of the story and get all the riddler's challenges done in the game you have to buy her DLC from the get go which may prevent some players from experiencing the whole game if they cannot afford it. Completing the game 100% will take you more than 40 hours which gives this game a very long lasting appeal along with its already high replay value. The music and voice acting are just excellent, the music always suites the environment and builds the feel of the game and all the actors provide excellent voice overs for all the characters with ofcourse Mark Hamill stealing the show as Joker. The graphics are also awesome, the characters models are well detailed and the environments are just excellent the game itself provides a really great comic book feel. In the end Batman Arkham City is a great achievement on the part of Rocksteady Studios and arguably the greatest superhero and comic book game of all time and a potential contender for the Game of the Year 2011. I am proud to be a Batman fan. Expand
  11. Oct 18, 2011
    The best superhero game ever. One of the best games of all time. This title excels it's predecessor and pushes the boundaries even further for the genre. The story has been slightly improved, with several stories tied at once, making the game feel huge, the combat is even better than Arkham Asylum and has the best combat system ever. The stealth is still very solid, with occasional twists making it harder and more interesting. All the supervillians tied in the game and the game's events fit in perfectly with the story. A flawless masterpiece. Expand
  12. Oct 20, 2011
    Rocksteady has set an amazing example to all other Developers out there, and has shown how sequels SHOULD be made. Unlike other game sequels, Rocksteady has made a huge brand new game with a VAST variety of improvements and things to do. This is the first game that I've paid 60 dollars for, and actually felt like I was getting 60 dollars worth of gameplay. I've been so tired of all these other sequels that the developers put no love into, as they are just trying to get your money by adding in a few small tweaks and one or two new features. and thankfully this is NOT the case with Arkham City. If you look at the people who've put low ratings on the game, you can tell they didn't know what they were talking about (or they just didn't know how to play, and sadly, those people just don't like to read tutorials). Arkham City not only improves the combat and makes it even more amazing, it also adds in a good deal of side stories as well as a huge amount of Collectables to grab (and somehow, it manages to stay fun and not get dull). And of course, the main storyline takes awhile to beat and it has a pretty decent story with it. There's just a lot more to do with Arkham City than Arkham Asylum.. and while Asylum was a great game, this still somehow manages to be even better. So if you haven't played it, then trust me.. go buy it and you will thank me later. Expand
  13. Mar 31, 2012
    This game is absolutely incredible. It is better than the best. The detail and level of immersion is beyond any game I've seen in years and the story is fantastic, voice acting is the best I've ever seen, character detail, map detail and placement of items and quests, it is all 125% perfect.

    I have put Rocksteady on my A list. I never heard of them before, but they are the best of the

    I just cannot express how much fun this game is, and that is something that is lacking in so many other games. It isn't just about the graphics (which are superb) or the attention to detail... this game is FUN!

    Thank you for bringing this game to market. I will willingly hand over my money if you continue to make games like this, great story, NOT dumbed down to the Lowest Common Denominator, plenty of game time, original ideas and fight mechanics, it is just a freaking joy to experience this game.

    Thank You!

    Playing this game feels like there is at least one company (besides Valve) that gives a crap what the fans think.

    I'm gushing, gushing, but this game... you just have to play it to believe how good it is.
  14. Nov 29, 2011
    A short review. This is my Game of the year. Compared to Arkham Asylum they've managed to make a great game better. And I'm not even a Batman fan (I enjoy the movies, that's about it). Here Rocksteady have managed to capture a dark, comic book style video game in exceptional style. I think I ran in to ONE single annoying part, where at one place in the game you're supposed to break "something" (not going to spoil anything) and you have to hit it three times instead of just one which in that case is just stupid. Then I once ran in to something of an invisible wall (fell down a roof in a stupid manner). And that's pretty much it when it comes to flaws. Maybe there are a bit too many Riddler challenges and that the ones where you just pick up a trophy feel a bit unessecary but those are quite few (and the challenges based on movement isn't really that fun). Instead Riddler trophies are aquired in really various ways, some harder than other. Oh, and not to forget one thing I acctually hate about the game: throwing a certain something with the short commando is R2+L2 but it almost never works. But you need to do it if you want every Riddler challenge. Only 3 times though, so once you've done it you won't do it ever again. Anyway, terrific games. Great story, great characters, superb side missions that are more like mini stories rather than just time consuming side quests that add nothing or little to the game itself. Instead all the side quests adds a wonderful depth to game and the Batman universe in large. This is soon getting a third replay. Expand
  15. Oct 20, 2011
    A stunning achievement. The Dark Knight has already Risen with the release of Arkham City. Gonna be hard for Christopher Nolan to top this....seriously. Rocksteady Games has delivered on all the promise of to come in Arkham Asylum and released a stellar game stocked full of hours upon hours of gameplay, secrets, unlockables, and godlike awesomeness. If you loved Batman: The Animated Series like I did, then welcome to gaming nirvana. A beautifully rendered world created specifically for Batman (ahem, and *Catwoman*) to prowl and terrorize the weak and evil criminals of Gotham (err Arkham?). Batman is a walking Weapon of Mass Destruction in this game, it's utterly insane how awesome it is to kick ass with the Bat. And Catwoman is rendered PERFECTLY. Playing with her with put a smile on your face EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's heavenly. While the game has a few flaws, the lack of Two-Face who disappears after an awesome intro until the end of the game, NO BATMOBILE (this disappointed me the most because the open world set up literally invites this idea to be in the game, come on Rocksteady add the Batmobile PLEASE!!!), and some minor hiccups along the way that I won't spoil. But the game is still gorgeous, remarkable, brilliant, stunning, and glorious. Every gamer owes it to themselves to play it. Expand
  16. Oct 26, 2011
    Following the in the footsteps of Arkham Asylum was going to be a tall order as nobody expected Batman's PS3 debut to turn out as amazing as it ended up yet somehow Rocksteady have managed to improve on the original and deliver another awesome outing as The Dark Knight. The story takes place 18 months since the events of Arkham Asylum and wow has there been changes in Gotham City. In the heart of Batman's home lies Arkham City a mega-prison which has built to serve as a home to violent thugs and ofcourse infamous supervillains. And on the topic of villains, you'll find yourself coming across quite a few along the way. Right from the very off infact, and the beginning of Arkahm City is fantastic and draws you in straight away. You begin as Bruce Wayne you are are captured and taken to Dr. Hugo Strange who aware of Bats' dual identity and has assumed control of Arkham City and intends to unveil new plands for Arkham City before the night is done... and the game unfolds from their, formidable foe Joker returns and once more is integral to the story as he is apparently carrying a potentially fatal disease. Along the way the you encounter villains such as Two-Face, Catwoman, the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Ra's al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul and some more surprises along the way. It's bigger, braver and better! In terms of gameplay the games system returns with some minor tweaks including now being able to fight two people at the same time as well as being capable of countering two also. Some will complain about it being reptitive and they may have a point but its great fun and highly satisfying wooping some ass! And, following suit like the previous outing there is an upgrade system which enables you to enhance your moves as well as unlock new combo's and weapons along the way that will come in handy in your quest throughout the story, the boss bottles were the only slight disappointment I had with Arkham Asylum but i'm pleased to say that there has been a general improvement on that front, its hardly hardcore and it 's far from the most challenging although i'm sure on harder difficulties the game will provide more difficult advisories however the bosses do deliver some tremendous thrills in what is just an all round stunning package. A new addition is the side missions which adds more game time. Its straighforward in the sense that if once you conclude a mission in a particular part of a campaign the chances are whatever villain's area you happen to find yourself in there will be a side missions of some sort setting you an assignment, its a clever idea and a great addition. The setting is where this game comes alive. Arkham Asylum feels limited compared to Arkham City its so open and there are many area's to explore, it really does blow you away how much Rocksteady have bettered the original in terms of how bigger they have made Batman. Visually its awesome, not the best but nonetheless its still one of the finest looking console games particuarly when you take the environment into consideration it helps generate a dark, gloomy atmopshere as you swing throughout Arkham City. The voice overs are once again sensational. Mark Hamill is outstanding oncemore as The Joker although Corey Burton delivers a brilliant portrayal as Hugo Strange while Kevin Smith is ever dependable as the Dark Knight himself and Castle's very own Stana Katic voices Talia al Ghul. With DLC on the way allowing you to play as the boy wonder, Robin and Catwoman, it only enhances the all round package on offer here and I can assure you that this game is unmissable! On top of that you will find yourself coming back to play the campaign. While Arkham City doesn't quite bring the shocks that its predacessor did the replay value doesn't deminish and to round it off there's the Riddlers trophy's for you to find as well as those sidemissions and the DLC in the coming months. Taking everything Arkham City offers into consideration you really do have to take your hat off to Rocksteady as they deliver not only deliver one of the best games relased this year but also one of the best games ever to grace the PS3, it takes everything that was good about Arkham Asylum and makes it great, pure and simple, the only frustration I had with the game was how quickly I was able to finish the campaign, i'd probably say it ranged from somewhere between 6-8 hours however the frustration is from the fact I just want to keep playing, which is testimony to Rocksteady. For me this game had everything, it just thrives on the anticipation and blows you away with what it brings to the table. You owe it to yourself to sample being Batman because its rather awesome from a superb start to a shock ending which leaves things wide open in terms of where Rocksteady decides to take the series and one things for sure based on Arkham City, the Dark Knight's future is in great hands. An essential purchase and a game you simply must buy! Expand
  17. Oct 19, 2011
    this game is a testament to batman fans from all around the world with great voice acting,excellent graphics capturing the look and feel of batman and with great gameplay.
  18. Oct 18, 2011
    i just bought the game today played it for over 2 hours its so much fun. the graphics look amazing. they look fantastic. real awesome job, the cast does well with the voice overs, as for the story i didn't swell on it alot. i just began but it looks interesting, also there are many cool add-ons, upgrades for the batsuit, action moves, the riddler mazes and stuff. its just a huge blockbuster game that will keep me busy for a long time. i am also looking forward to playing as robin, catwoman and i can't wait to get the many different batsuits. MUST BUY! 10/10 Expand
  19. Oct 20, 2011
    This game just stole my vote for GOTY. From its suspenseful storytelling, to its GORGEOUS open-world, to the many secrets and easter eggs (not to mention disturbing inmates) within this city, this game has astounding replay value. The gameplay and voice acting are particularly noteworthy. Rocksteady has set such a high bar for themselves. This is one game you shouldnt miss out on!
  20. Oct 29, 2011
    As a huge fan of Batman, what can I say?This game is INCREDIBLE! Being the Dark Knight and doing some pretty awesome detective work is always fun. I wouldnâ
  21. Oct 23, 2011
    They say "Don't believe the hype" ... well... you better believe the hype! Sometimes you feel the love people put in something they craft. Uncharted, Mass Effect and also Batman. These developers know there stuff and that shows. This game is a showcase for a lot of developers out there.. This is what a good is all about! Great graphics, good gameplay, a lot of content, puzzles, story, action, and YOU are the batman. Expand
  22. Oct 24, 2011
    This is a very good game. If you liked Arkham Asylum you will like Arkham City. It has a lot of the features Arkham Asylum had, but has a lot of extra features as well. If you did not like Arkham Asylum then you might not like Arkham City because it does not change enough of the formula to have completely different game mechanics. I loved it though. Graphics are great and so is the Gameplay.
  23. Oct 21, 2011
    Pre-orders have fallen by the wayside this year, cancelled due to one thing or another. BAC remained. Please be good, please be good. The is possibly the best game I have played, bar none. Such an improvement on the original in every way. This is how sequels should be done. It's got everything about the original that was great and then some.

    Detective mode has been improved to the
    degree that you cannot play the whole game with it switched on. This is due to the lack of compass in the open areas in DM along with the fact that you do not want to miss a moment of this fantastic looking city. I cannot remember seeing detail such as what is displayed in BAC.

    This must have been a labour of love. To produce a game of this standard is incredible.
  24. Oct 18, 2011
    I have always loved Batman and this game was the bomb. The combat system amazing, the detective mode also amazing, and theres a lot of side quests so if you get tired of the campaign you can just start playing that. I also loved the new gagets in this game but I'm not going to name any though for spoilers. Over all this game deserves a 10/10 review. Peace out y'all and stop haten and trollen.
  25. Oct 19, 2011
    Any creative venture is subjective. It's an average score of both the love and passion the creator of said piece brings as well as how the audience reacts to it.

    In Rocksteady's case it must be said they've achieved a product whose gameplay, presentation, story, and overall enjoyment is at the highest possible level of quality in video gaming today. It's a reminder of how rare it is to
    play a game that is well conceived and well executed from the top down. It oozes refinement and consideration at EVERY turn.

    I spent the better part of two hours attempting to subjugate a series of five guards armed with guns without being spotted. It had NOTHING to do with the main story and was in but a small defined space in this expansive open environment and I had an absolute blast doing it. The variety, scope, and depth of the gameplay is staggering it really borders on overwhelming. For a developer to not sit on their highly deserved laurels and instead push their craft past the bounds of the "standard," "expected," or "mundane" must really be applauded.

    It's just an absolutely magnificent game.
  26. Oct 24, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City? The game of the year! Everything is just right because of the atmosphere, extent and variety forth. My fear that Arkham City could part the fate of the typical sequels , have been smashed at the begin very fast and runs even more after the end, because the side missions are providing to more fun.
  27. Feb 16, 2012
    This is hands down the greatest comic book game ever made. exceptional graphics and story coupled with engaging and challenging gameplay. I'm Batman :)
  28. Oct 21, 2011
    Just an amazing game. Rocksteady took what already worked well in Arkham Asylum and just immensely improved on it. Arkham City contains a perfect ammount of stealth, combat, and free roam to make it an amazing game. GOTY for me.
  29. Oct 27, 2011
    Amazing game! One of the best games I've ever played. I love it and I'm not even a big comic book series fan. If you like the new Dark Knight movies then you'll love this.
  30. Oct 22, 2011
    Put simply, this game is FREAKING AMAZING! I loved Arkham Asylum and this game definitely did not disappointed. In my opinion this game is basically flawless for two reasons: 1. They did not try to fix something that wasn't broken when transferring the gameplay from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City. 2. There is SO much depth to it, when you are not gliding around Arkham city grappling from building to building, you are engaging in insanely satisfying hand to hand combat, or even solving the hundreds of Riddler challenges that are available. That is assuming you don't spend your time reading all the character bios that the team at Rocksteady have written from scratch! I have only just begun to scratch the surface of this amazing game but I will leave with these words. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND BUY THIS GAME! Expand
  31. Oct 27, 2011
    I am about 10% through this amazing game; it's probably the best game I've ever played even though my tendency is toward RPGs. The things I like about it so far are: the free roam exploration, fine tuned controls, stunning graphics on 1080p, no set path (you can stop the main quest and continue with something else and then get back to it), dexterity and cerebral required puzzles, all the fighting you have to do (I'm surprised about this because as an RPG'er not an action-gamer I liked that they have made the controls easy to use and understand during combat and dextrous rigor required to get through some puzzles) and I could continue but it's hard to explain this game unless you have already bought this game and have "flown around" a little bit; but even you avoided all of the side quests and stayed on the main path you would probably know what I mean that there's so much to do and so little time in which to do it in. However throughout the game I felt this sense of urgency, like you would during a Batman movie when he has go get to something but something more immediate comes up for him to handle. The side quests are innumerable and of varying types. I don't sense anything contrived about it, you the human behind the controller is earning everything he or she gets in this game. You can turn hinting on and off, I turned it off after a while so I could figure out what to do on my own for a sense of real accomplishment. Even if you're not a Batman fan (who's not?), this will either turn you into one or you'll enjoy being a human dressed up as a bat. I am awaiting on Skyrim to arrive on 11-11, this incredible game will fill the time nicely. Expand
  32. Oct 24, 2011
    Amazing game. You really get the essence of a sand-box title with this one. The environment is much larger than Askham Asylum. Traveling is a little easier with the flying TYGER helicopters roaming the city. AI is similar to the previous title, if anything. Voice overs for ever character are spot on. Controls are familiar if you've played Arkham Asylum before. Just recently finished the game and the storyline is well built. Most notable thin I loved about this game, the process of achieving 100% in Normal mode. While there are the options of playing through Hard mode and various challenges they give you. Finishing normal mode and getting 100% is very enjoyable. There's a wide range of villains and their designs are very twisted. With so much to do, you won't regret picking this one up. Not a perfect game but the flaws are minimal, if even visible. Expand
  33. Oct 24, 2011
    Going into to playing Batman: Arkham City, I thought there was no way it could top Rocksteadyâ
  34. Oct 24, 2011
    From time to time a good game comes along with such a unique world, such fantastic characters, and such fantastic gameplay. Batman: Arkham City is one of those games and it is simply a treat to play. The actual city Batman inhabits is very diverse and it's a testament to how much detail Rocksteady studios puts into an environment. Now, the graphics are spectacular, but they are a slight difference from Arkham Asylum. However, the former game had more time for polish, so it's allowed. Now, Batman is Batman, Joker is Joker, and if you aren't familiar with the characters, just listening to them will give you a window into their psychs. There are plenty of side missions to keep your attention after the 8-10 hour campaign. Some are very interesting if you are into the batman mythos, while some may fly over your head. Gameplay is very unique to the Arkham city experience and it's very satisfying to go into a room full of henchmen and just come out on top as THE Batman. There are some faults with the game which range from story wise to just the smallest of details, but all in all it is an extraordinary game (more so if you are into DC Comics and all things Batman) and should at least be tried by anyone who owns a gaming console. You may just be pleasantly surprised. Expand
  35. Mar 24, 2012
    This game is absolutly stunning, technically excelent (amazing graphics!), and very funny.
    The gameplay is OK, controls easy to handle (even with a lot of movements!). The History is good (maybe some details makes it no-perfect) and the music are great too. One of the best games in this generation
  36. Oct 30, 2011
    Really good game. Not a perfect 10 for sure. It is a step better than arkam asylum by the fact you can go any where do anything. The only knock is the fact you got to fly around a huge section in the middle of the world that you cant access until later in the game constantly. I love batman and the world but how is the metacritic score higher than a MASS EFFECT 2? or in my opinion a top 3 contender for game of the year for true gamers "DARK SOULS"? Reminds me of the DARK KNIGHT movie that got some of the highest ratings I have ever seen and was not that good of a movie. I THINK PEOPLE JUST FREAK FOR THE BAT. Expand
  37. Oct 22, 2011
    Batman began as a comic, and as time and technology progressed he moved forward, to television, then movies and now finally games. And for the first time, fans of the hero get to actually feel like Batman in Gotham. With the side missions and dizzying cast of characters, anyone who doesn't think this game deserves the best rating you can give is wrong, period.
  38. Oct 31, 2011
    Batman Arkham City is everything it should have been and better. In 2009 Rocksteady set an amazing bar for action games and arguably set the highest bar ever for superhero adaptations to games. Arkham City builds on the success of Arkham Asylum and againsets a bar that is higher than almost every action game to date. Arkham City has an expansive world that allows for plenty of side missions and an array of collectibles and secrets, the map is not too big but it's not too small either so arguably rocksteady have created a fantastic world to explore intricitly detailed and never dull. The presentaton and graphics in this game are fantastic some of the best seen, however occasionallycan be quite jaggedy here and there.

    The sound and voice acting in the game is impecceble, with the likes Mark Hamil reprising his role as the fantastically interpreted Joker. Although the Joker is certainly the stand out act the Dark knight himself and other voice acting within the game from various charaters more then meets it's intended target. Pros: Expansive Enviroment, Intricitely designed, new gadgets add variety, catwoman sections add further depth and variety, hand to hand combat mechanics unrivalled by any other game on the market, excellent voice acting and story telling mehtods

    Cons: Sometime getting around Arkham City can be a clunky, dull affair, Occasional Grpahical issues but not that noticable, Feels like some of the villans characters within the game were under developed

    Presentation: 10
    Graphics: 9
    Sound: 10
    Gameplay: 9
    Lasting appeal: 9
  39. Oct 31, 2011
    As a huge Batman fan, it's possible to say I am a little biased into liking this game more than I should, but it should help to know the only reason I am a Batman fan is Batman: Arkham Asylum. Before that game I had a lingering curiosity for Batman comics and like everyone else enjoyed the old movies as a kid and now greatly enjoy the Chris Nolan Batman movies.

    After Arkham Asyulm I was
    hooked. So when Arkham City was announced, there was very little to keep me from squealing like a school girl. The few weeks before it's release the sinking feeling crept into me, what if its not good? What if it contains a similar lack luster ending? Well now that it here and I have played it for a week I can safely say, This is single handedly the best game I have played all year and a glorious follow up to 2009's Arkham Asylum.

    Every aspect has been improved upon. Combat now flawlessly incorporates gadgets and new combo moves while feeling as fluid as ever. The player starts with just about every gadget from the first game and is able to upgrade them throughout. By the end, every gadget has multiple functions and juggling which way to tackle a new objective or puzzle is dependent on your knowledge of your equipment.

    Stealth action is back and can now be even more challenging than the extreme challenge maps from the first game without feeling frustrating. A player could get through the entire game relying on tactics from the first game, but new gadgets and moves make combat and stealth much more exciting and diverse.

    While the story missions are the primary draw and are given a great deal of effort and detail, its the side missions that really shine. Anyone who blows through the main game and skips the side missions are really missing out. They encompass everything from investigating a serial killer, to tracking an assassin, and working with former enemies. Fans of the comics will get the most out of these missions as they contain debuts of lesser known Batman villains. But non-comic readers will also enjoy these as they may also contain hints about possible sequels.

    On to the story. While the side missions tend to focus on one Bat-villain each, the story is packed so full of foes you would think they would be stepping on each others toes. But each villain has a purpose. Some might find these cameos not as fleshed out as they should be. A few well known villains are given very little screen time, But I think each character is handled expertly. Only being involved in the story in a natural way, never feeling jammed in or forced.

    What really pulls it all together is the voice acting. As usual Mark Hamill's Joker steals the show. But other voice actors from the Animated Series make their way in. Kevin Conroy continues to prove that he is the greatest actor to don the cape and cowl. Even the original Mr. Freeze voice actor returns adding a chilling calmness to my personal favorite villain in the game. The 5000 character limit isn't enough to go into detail about how great every character featured in the game is, but if there is one more worth mentioning it is the Riddler. After his defeat in Arkham Asylum Edward Nigma is back with a vendetta against the Bat. He now less resembles Jim Carrey's Riddler from the movies and is more reminiscent of Jigsaw.

    The first game contained Riddler trophies and riddles adding up to a whoping 240 collectibles. Well Rocksteady upped the ante with a staggering 460 trophies, riddles, and breakable objects. And each trophy is no easy snatch-and-grab affair. They are all part of some puzzle that needs to be solved before claiming your prize. Each trophy I came across felt like a portal puzzle only instead of only orange or blue, I had a utility belt full of possible solutions. Not to take into account that I may not have acquired the necessary gadget to solve the puzzle.

    The climax of the game is where words cease to be able to convey its quality. If the ending was the first games greatest shortcoming, then the ending is the sequel's crowning achievement. It would be unfair for me to try to explain, as words fall short of how to describe the final minutes before the credits roll. So I won't, but I urge every single person who calls themselves a gamer or a Batman fan to play this game.

    So far Batman: Arkham City is easily my top choice for game of the year. It encompasses the best aspects of every other GOTY contenders. Portal 2's puzzles, Uncharted 3's action adventure and great story telling, L.A. Noire's character detail and voice performance all while tying it up in a neat Batman bow. Don't mistake my meaning for this being some kind of Frankenstein monster of gaming. These are just the best aspects of the great games this year, just all done in one game.
  40. Oct 23, 2011
    Batman is easily the coolest superhero and definitely my favourite but all the games featuring superhero always manage to be a huge letdown until UK based Rocksteady studios released Batman Arkham Asylum and if you haven't played asylum you should but you don't need to have played Arkham Asylum to fully enjoy Arkham City the grimy gritty horrible location being Arkham City is fantastic I love the idea. The story of Arkham City is great but could have been better it only needed a few more villains in it Firefly flying about committing arson for example I love the free roam of the game but wanted more, and I only hope that Rocksteady release some campaign DLC and not just the challenge maps and predator maps I only hope at least. maybe some more catwoman episodes or some robin episodes instead of just challenge maps. All in all Batman Arkham City is amazing all the best things about asylum with plenty of new aspects the new gadgets are good but could have been better the fighting is brilliant I would have liked to play the whole campaign as Robin though but alas I have plenty of challenge maps and The Riddler campaign which are just linked challenge rooms but offer a nice change of pace. New Game + is brilliant if only the original had it too. Final Thought buy this game if A) Your a Batman Fan, B) You like stealth based free roam beat-em-up or C) If you want to play a truly brilliant game that is a game changer. Expand
  41. Oct 29, 2011
    I just beat it today and was absolutely amazed by the graphics, sound, gameplay, and DEPTH this game had. Including the Catwoman's DLC there are a total of 440 Riddler secrets which will keep you busy for a while not to mention about 12 side missions to complete as well. If you've played Arkham Asylum you will find everything about this game familiar but greatly added upon in every way. Definitely the best 60 bucks I've spent on a video game all year!! Can't recommend this enough! Expand
  42. Oct 28, 2011
    Simply put, Batman: Arkham City is awesome.

    Not only a spectacular follow up to its predecessor but Rocksteady raises the bar again for what we all should expect from a super hero game.

    From using real deductive reasoning to solve riddles to perfectly timed critical hits that clobber you enemies, this game will keep you on your toes for hours on end and allow you to feel like the
    Dark Knight has indeed returned.

    If you like Batman, you must play this, if you like a good TPS(third person shooter), play this, if you own a current gen consul you need to play Arkham City!
  43. Oct 19, 2011
    Probably one of the best games I've ever played. The controls work perfectly, with most abilities being simple, yet complex at the same time. Combat works perfectly after a bit of practice and gliding through the city never touching the ground is an amazing experience. Gameplay balances out perfectly between variation based combat, stealth and exploration. There is so much bonus content from Riddler trophies, side missions and the new challenge mode. Catwoman offers a nice distraction during the story but is not 100% vital to the experience.

    The voice acting is of course amazing with the biggest examples being Batman (Kevin Conroy) and the Joker (Mark Hamill). The rest of the cast do pretty good as well like veteran Tara Strong as Harley Quinn. The story may seem a little TOO big at times but every twist and turn feel real in the universe. The ending alone was worth every penny I spent on this game. Fair warning that you may not understand character relationships and back stories if you're not a Batman fan.

    The graphics, while not mind blowing, look good and fit with the tone of the game, having both gritty and bright characters and locations. The music is epic and goes well with what goes on during gameplay. The amount of banter and dialogue recorded for this game is insane. Every group of criminals you come across, every hostage you rescue and every guard you chat with ALL have original dialogue.

    Overall Batman: Arkham City is amazing and 100% recommended for fans of Batman or action/adventure games.
    9.8/10 or 10/10 for Metacritic.
  44. Oct 23, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City does an amazing job of letting the player feel like they are the Dark Knight himself. The world is expansive, the combat mechanics are sublime and the sheer amount of content is mind boggling. All packaged in with one of the best sound design and score I've heard in any entertainment genre and you have a fully realized game of the year contender. Rocksteady has made a brilliantly satisfying game and I can't wait to see what they do next. Expand
  45. Oct 24, 2011
    When I got this game my expentation were skyhigh, and I did NOT get dissapointed.
    I loved and still love Arhkam Asylum. It had amazing graphics, amazing combat, brilliant voice actors and so on. What Rocksteady did is that they took all that and made it even better.
    The combat in Arhkam City is absolutely fantastic, it's so smooth and looks amazing. The stealth is the same. It so much fun
    switching from combat to stealth.
    The voice actors are brilliant, they did an amazing job. The story is also great.

    Something that blew my mind is how much effort Rocksteady put into each side mission (and there are a **** of sidemission). Each sidemission has it's own little story with an exciting ending.
    I also love the amount of riddles in this game. 400 riddles! There will be 440 if you have the Catwoman code. That brings me to the next thing.
    Catwoman. It works perfectly to play as her, she focuses more on stealth rather than combat but she works great with combat also.
    I can't really think of anything bad with this game.
    Go get it, NOW!
  46. Oct 29, 2011
    Arkham City is a fantastic successor to Asylum. It surpasses the game in almost every way, with a deep world and atmosphere, varied and interesting characters, and an outstanding story. Boss fights are more varied and more fun (except they were a little too easy) and combat was immensely satisfying. The story and side missions will take a while to finish. Even just gliding around the city is addicting. Arkham City is an amazing game that ranks as one of the top games this generation. Expand
  47. Nov 2, 2011
    This has to be the very best game I have ever played. The combat feels amazing. The stealth sections rival the greatness that is Metal Gear Solid. This game also features a shocking story with a brilliant climax that took me completely by surprise. The voice acting, especially by Mark Hamill is as good as it gets. The graphics and detail in this game are beyond most games of this generation. Is this game of the year ? Yes. Is this a perfect game? Probably. Expand
  48. Oct 30, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City is the first game I ever owned that featured Batman... or any other superhero for that matter. And may I say this... the game is absolutely phenomenal. Combat gameplay is smooth and slick, the simplicity of the controls is balanced by the hordes of enemies that you have to face, and the feeling of kicking the ass of a horde of enemies outnumbering you 10 to 1 in a minute is oh so satisfying. Movement is just about top notch. Batman in flight controls how I wanted and expected him to control (and remember, this is my first Batman game ever). Then the graphics... the graphics of Arkham City are superb. This game has very detailed textures and excellent lighting and shading. I think it has the best graphics of any game released year-to-date. Sound is equally as superb. As for replay value... New Game + and all the collectibles will keep me going for a long time. If you like action games, you owe it to yourself to at least try this one out. Expand
  49. Nov 1, 2011
    I liked Arkham Asylum, but this just puts it to shame. The last Arkham got off to an incredible start and stayed strong until the last couple hours. This game however blows the lid off the awesome jar from start to finish. It deserves every bit of this 10 and the only even slight gripe I have is I wish 2 face would be in it more, but when I'm complaining about something like that among all this badassery, I know it's a GOTY candidate. The pacing is pitch perfect, the side missions are incredible and do their villains justice, and the story takes you to places that even Batman hasn't been to before. Rocksteady improved the traversal to feel less stiff and made the boss encounters much more epic. Gotham is not some lifeless open world for you to travel from A to B. Every inch of this map is packed with content from side missions, to riddler trophies, to groups of thugs. If you're a Batman fan and haven't played both Arkham games, then you are not a Batman fan. If you aren't, you don't have to be to enjoy a great game. This is what licensed games should be and what I hope they become. It captures everything this character has ever been; combatant, detective, ninja, flyboy, and savior. Expand
  50. Nov 5, 2011
    This game is a must have for whoever owns a console. This games beginning to the end is really engaging and it really outdoes itself in every aspect of gaming from puzzles,combat,replayability and fun factor. The camera really focuses on what you character does every step of the way and doesnt get you sidetracked or lost. The controls are set correctly like its predecessor which if you havent played you must pick it it before you get this one. The amount of bosses you fight in this game outdoes the first game. The side missions are fun to do before or after you beat the game. My complaints have to be the pass in order to play catwoman and her involvement in the campaign. Like the robin and nightwing challenge modes. I think it would have been cool if they had there own campaign seperate from batman and meet up with him in certain areas to get gadgets or clues from him to strengthen the storyline. But this game rocks and it exceeded my expectaions and deserves to be Game of the year. Expand
  51. Nov 9, 2011
    Bigger and better than Arkham Asylum, Arkham City once again brings you the ultimate Batman experience. And I HATE DC Comics, and I'm not a very big fan of the Bat, but I LOVE this game. The 3D is really cool, if you have it. This game is worth every penny!
  52. Nov 10, 2011
    I have too much to say about this game, and it's not even because I'm a huge Batman fan. This game makes me believe the characters are real and inspires me in different ways. It is enormously addicting.
  53. Jul 19, 2012
    With a stunning opening, deep storyline, intense action, impeccable detail and memorable ending, this is a very beautiful and well done game. It's is everything people hoped it would be, as it massively improves on Arkham Asylum while keeping its core gameplay and engines. Not only is the story mode a blast, the challenge maps will keep you busy for months after completing the story (you'll probably end up playing through it at least three times). Although the story had some plot holes towards the end, it kept me guessing because of all the wonderfully crafted twists that it pulls off. The story is a little on the short side, but it's a compelling roller coaster ride that will keep you hooked until the shocking ending. Not only is this a must have for batman fans, it is a must have for any gamer. Expand
  54. Sep 4, 2013
    being able to play batman in his prime beyond epic while gliding through the streets of Gotham beating thugs and stopping criminals masterminds mixed with superb gameplay and narrative what more would you want in a game, the superhero game we deserve
  55. Jun 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My time playing Batman: Arkham City were some of the most amazing hours of my life (30+ in fact!) In this amazing sequel, the caped crusader must battle many villains that weren't from the last game, including Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Ra's al Ghul, Penguin, Two-Face, and even Deadshot, although I do miss the Scarecrow segments from the previous game. In this game, hours upon hours of gameplay will be spent trying to solve riddler puzzles, track mysterious phone calls, and defeat Gotham's most wanted criminals. The fighting in this game is amazing, the puzzles are challenging, and the strategising is incredible. If you loved the first batman game, you're going to love this beautiful sequel, to an already beautiful game. Expand
  56. Nov 7, 2013
    As far as superhero games go, it doesn't get better than Batman Arkham City. People will try to copy, there will be more sequels, but this here, this is the real deal. Haven't played it yet? Where are you from, Mars?
  57. Aug 23, 2013
    Goddamn these graphics are amazing. Some amazing stealth worthy of Metal Gear mention. A great story and some awesome gameplay. Best game of 2011 indeed. No game that year came close (it was a great year for video games, by the way). It improved on an already great game.
  58. Jan 24, 2012
    This game looks awesome and it is fun to play. the developer keeps the success story from arkham asylum witch was a really awesome game. The game looks sleek, it runs smooth, the missions and quest are fun and you will spend some serious time getting the riddlers riddle`s done. The game is overall awesome and should be in every gamers collection.
  59. Nov 27, 2011
    Batman: Arkham City is an absolute masterpiece. The graphics are incredible, with every square inch of the world looking detailed, dark and moody, and the characters big, well animated and very realistic. The sound design is some of the best in any medium, with perfect voice acting for every character, great sound effects, and a soundtrack that is at once haunting, dark, and sad and at the same time heroic and hopeful. Gameplay-wise, the game hits a perfect balance between hand to hand action and stealth, with varied enemy types and situations that not only constantly keep the game interesting, but also make you change up your strategy to overcome the many challenges you face as the Caped Crusader. But the real reason why this game is such a triumph is its story, which starts off exciting and then ratchets up the tension to such heights that you will not want to put down the controller until the credits roll. It is also a very dark, incredibly emotional story, filled with many characteristic moments for its hero and his villains, and one scene in particular that will definitely bring a tear to your eye. Every friendship, alliance, rivalry and hatred is handled perfectly and, combined with the gameplay and the side missions, this is the game that will truly make you feel like you are The Dark Knight in all his glory. Overall, Arkham City is a game that everyone should own. The gameplay is exciting and well-paced, the presentation is top notch and the story offers more fan service, thrills, action and emotion than any other work of art released in a long time in any medium. This is truly the definitive superhero experience. Expand
  60. Nov 27, 2011
    Having now played my 3 most anticipated games of the year (Zelda, Uncharted 3, and Batman) I can say with full confidence that this one was the best. This was the one which matched and exceeded my expectations. This was the game most eager to please, and by far the most successful. Where other games became bogged down by their attempts at epicness (Uncharted), pacing (Zelda), or spotty controls (Uncharted, Zelda), Batman excels with it's developers deft touch; light enough not to be obtrusive, and heavy enough to keep things moving in the right direction. Skyward Sword is one giant fetch quest. Arkham City makes those fetch quests optional, and guess what: they're way more fun because of that. Rocksteady empowers the player and finds ways for them to succeed, not ways to slow them down or annoy them. Expand
  61. Aug 19, 2013
    Even if you haven't played Arkham Asylum (which is incredible in its own right) you owe it to yourself to pick up this game, period.
    Perfect combat, great and surprising story, impeccable voice acting, amazing graphics and tons of content.
    This is one of the reasons why we play video games in the first place!
    A benchmark of excellence! A+++
  62. Oct 29, 2011
    After spending roughly 40 hours completing everything (as Batman) and getting the platinum trophy, I can say that this is a worthy follow up to Arkham Asylum but some things about this game felt "too much". Rocksteady perfectly captured what I'd always imagined it would be like to be Batman in an open city. Being a sequel, it lacks the freshness of Arkham Asylum but they did a lot of work under the hood. The game environments are bigger (but do suffer from noticeable screen tearing and longer loading times), the voicework and music are fantastic and there's tons of new moves/gadgets to use. With all of that said, it seems like many things were added to this game without much consideration. Even as an experienced Arkham Asylum player, it took me quite a while to get adjusted to all the mechanics of this game. The new moves and gadgets aren't as fluid in combat as those in the last game were and I frequently found myself doing things that were downright clumsy. And with so many enemies on screen during combat, it's very easy to get blindsided which can be frustrating. You'll still spend a lot of time in Detective Mode but at least they've fixed it so that it's informative without providing any explicit answers. The solo campaign falls a bit short compared to the first game and some of the additional content feels tacked on (saving political prisoners and destroying TITAN containers to name a few). Catwoman is playable and has her own episodes (included with new copies, otherwise it'll cost you $10) which play a very small part. Her character and moves are captured well but she's simply not as fun to use as Batman though it is a nice change of pace. Again, let me say that this is a great follow-up but feels a bit messy and convoluted at times. And although it is a must play game, in my honest opinion, Arkham Asylum was simply a better experience from start to finish. Expand
  63. Nov 2, 2011
    I`ve been waiting for this game very long. I hoped that this will be awesome, and it was. I though that they can`t improve anything after the Arkham Asylum, but Rocksteady showed us that they can suprise us. New gadgets, very interesting story line and side mission make this game awesome. From my view this game could be a bit longer ( i mean the main plot ) but this is just a small minus in whole part. This is game which you have to buy and play. Expand
  64. Oct 29, 2011
    i played Batman Arkham Asylum and it was a great game for me. i didn't hear anything about a new batman but when i saw the good reviews from the new batman i had to give it a try. And now playing it, it can't be any better for me.
  65. Oct 28, 2011
    Arkham City is a bigger and better game than its already excellent predecessor. game does not have disadvantages, though no one is THIS CARD! but all the other delights of the game covering all flaws! BEST GAME OF THE YEAR!
  66. Oct 28, 2011
    This game is a wonderful experience. The only downside I found was the lack of the much lauded multiplayer I had heard about for months. Other than that, it's as good as it gets. The best part is easily the amazing gameplay. To take the gameplay I loved so much in Arkham Asylum and open up the world into a full scale city. It's just an amazing idea. This is my favorite game in years.
  67. Oct 29, 2011
    Well i am a big batman fan and trust me if you are also then this game is a treat for you. Each and every thing of this game is par excellence and by far this package is simply awesome. From compelling story to great visuals,outstanding voice over and soundtracks,and amazing gameplay makes this the best superhero game. It also surpasses arkham asylum in many ways.Rocksteady nailed every aspects of the game and the lasting appeal of the game is worth your money 40 hours of gameplay makes this a worthy package. So guys what are you waiting for grab this masterpiece for amazing holidays. Expand
  68. Oct 29, 2011
    this game has everything from story, graphics and gameplay it simply excellent
  69. Oct 29, 2011
    great game have a amazing history and a great open world to explore, batman have more moves, and a lot of side quests to spend time, a lot of time, dont miss the chance to play this game. Many games get scores of 10/10 because gamers simply love them. This game is one of the very few that earns its 10s by the sheer quality and perfection of its design. This game is not only a 10/10 because of the fun factor. Its a 10/10 in nearly every single area of design. It ends up to be a game that simply everyone should play. Not only gamers, most of whom will love, it, but NON-GAMERS as well, to show the 'normal people' just how amazing games can be. As for game designers, and industry people, this is a masterclass in game design. Arkham City is a well balanced, well paced, brilliantly realised masterpiece. It brings atmosphere, character, story, cinema, action, MORALITY and gameplay into a near perfect recipe. It takes a great first game and makes it better. It makes a game that looks GREAT and plays PERFECTLY across all platforms. Its not finally perfect in every single detail, but so what! Games are the result of extremely complex processes of co-operative labour. It's totally shameful that a game this good, could presently stand with 42 green and 11 red user scores. As if there were a genuine 20% of players who found THIS GAME 'bad'! Nonsense, these are TROLLS. I'm going to rewrite a long review for this masterpiece of a game when I have the time. Right now, more important is something I realised: the metacritic user review system is itself fatally flawed. Reviewers in here should not be able to spam accounts and hide behind anonymous user names. It's not acceptable for industry people to dump zeros on rival studios. If they even try they should be exposed (and slapped about). Designers giving their own games 10/10 is fine, so long as they name themselves and give reasons, and are limited to ONE account (not multiple spam accounts). You are allowed to love your own labour, but not cheat by inventing 10 user names to distort the facts. Other users should know when a game designer has written a review so they can safely ignore the review if its not convincing enough. It's totally putrid that a few agents deliberate spoiling could create the false impression that this game is merely good, rather than the stand-out great it is. How metacritic finally cleans up the user review process is their problem, but one they better solve soon, because its getting WORSE. One key is to strip away user anonymity. I have nothing to hide, and no secret aggenda with this or any review. if anyone has any problems with this review or any others, you can address the author directly: . I will respond to replies and don't mind a bit of heated disagreement. If you have a strong case I may concede and change my scores if you can make a strong enough case to convince me. Also useful if you are an industry employer looking to hire someone with my obviously superior discrimination. I am not posting this 10/10 and running away to giggle and hide. I stand by it, and look forward to argue it with anyone who has a serious REASON to Expand
  70. Oct 29, 2011
    has a great story, keeps the same combat for Arkham Asylum with some new things added to it it like multiple simultaneous counter attacks. the addition of side missions keeps you playing and the side missions are surprisingly entertaining making you want to do them.
  71. Oct 30, 2011
    This game is without a doubt one of the greatest games to come out this year, decade, and even within the history of video games. This milestone that the developers at Rocksteady have accomplished is the best by far of any a video game has tried to reach. Not only for Batman fans but gamers alike, have been shocked by the immense and deep storyline, game play, and graphics to die for. This game definitely showed that video games can be fun sit down and enjoy for more than 5 hours unlike most games with an unbearable waste of time campaign. Every thought that went inside of creating this monumental game was unmatched and so unparalleled, that most of these game companies and developers should play this game and take some major notes on how a video game should be. Expand
  72. Oct 30, 2011
    This game is awesome. Even moreso than its predecessor and numerous Batman films before this (not comparing this to the comics), it represents the Batman and all the villains featured here amazingly, perfectly. It starts off brilliantly and, without going into detail, has a bittersweet ending.

    With that said, the amount of time it took to complete the game was much less than Batman:
    Arkham Asylum. The story felt somewhat shorter but I assumed that was because I skipped virtually all of the side-missions; I wanted to keep going in this engaging, awesome story.

    I really hope this becomes an ongoing series, introducing more villains and places.
  73. Oct 31, 2011
    Incredible game. Story seemed a bit weak early on, but it seems that was only the case because it wasn't clear what was actually happening. I thought it concluded brilliantly. Gameplay was fun as always; I particularly loved flying around the open city.

    My only gripe was how frustrating it was to systematically destroy a predator scenario, then feel like an idiot for not being able to
    find my way out of the room! A little better direction would have been appreciated, but maybe that's just me.

    Outstanding. Will play through again.
  74. Oct 31, 2011
    It is AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, ADICTIVE, the best game of superheroes and the best game of this generation.
    And serious candidate of GOTY. Im very happy for this game, thank you Rocksteady.
  75. Nov 1, 2011
    Believe the hype - so much depth and polish and hours and hours of adventure to be had. This really steps up from where they were with the last game, and expands the Batman universe - Just a brilliant, brilliant game.
  76. Nov 1, 2011
    Loved this game but the side mission structure was weird where not all of them were available by the time I beat it. And I took it slow and did a LOT of side stuff before playing story missions. Wish that was different, but all around an amazing game.
  77. Nov 1, 2011
    Rocksteady sets the bar high for video games this year and possibly the next 3 years until the new generation of consoles come to light. This game is a masterpiece in both story and design. The Batman mythos engulfs this game with such effort and such passion that it suceeds in almost every aspect to it's previous iteration, Arkham Asylum. Content that will keep you playing this game for months if not years, the lasting appeal of this game knows no bounds. Rivalling only Uncharted 3 in score, a deserving and renowned 10/10 . Expand
  78. Nov 2, 2011
    Batman Arkham City is a game that has to be experienced. It has a mind blowing ending and an incredible combat engine. Did I mention that it also has some of the finest graphics in gaming and one of the most detailed open worlds ever? Yeah. Get it NOW!
  79. Nov 2, 2011
    I'm not sure what crazy drug Dragonslayer007 is on. Graphics are fantastic. I think where the series has always lacked is in Boss Battles. They're always far too predictable and no where near rewarding enough, especially for how well written the characters and story are. I say leave it to Metal Gear Solid. Other than that, it is a magnificent game, worthy of all the praise it has received. Graphics- 9.5

    Sound- 9.5

    Story- 8

    Gameplay- 9

    Replayability- 8.5

    8.9/10 (but let's round it up to 9 to reward Rocksteady's effort)
  80. Nov 2, 2011
    This game is one of my favorite games of all time. I enjoyed the gameplay, though it gets a bit repetitive at times. Voice acting is exceptional and the open-world setup is a nice move on Rocksteady's part.

    If you're looking for a good buy this holiday season, this game is great (as well as Uncharted 3!) and should definitely be on your list.
  81. Nov 4, 2011
    This game is phenomenal. It has amazing visuals, amazing story, amazing gameplay, and a mind-boggling story. Stop reading reviews and just buy this game!
  82. Nov 4, 2011
    Who in the living hell gives this game a 0/10????????? LOL at this site. This is by far the best licensed game ever and one of the very best action games out there.
  83. Nov 4, 2011
    This game has Game of the year all over it. In fact, do some research and you will find that Rocksteady packages the game with a little bit of coke to make the game extremely addictive.
  84. Nov 4, 2011
    the Batman series was dead but thanks to batman arkham assylum resurrected the Batman franchise. and this game is still better than arkham assylum I recommend this game stunning graphics and good gameplay.
  85. Nov 4, 2011
    I been playing this game since the day it released and Rocksteady Studios has made the best superhero game or maybe one of the best games I ever played. But it is a little bit overrated in Metacritic for the critic scores. I recommend you go buy this game right away.
  86. Nov 8, 2011
    Simply stunning. An absolute joy to play, for Batman fans this is akin to porn. This took everything that was good about Arkham Asylum and improved upon it. Well done Rocksteady.
  87. Nov 8, 2011
    Very fun and addictive game. Enjoyed every minute of it! Really liked the new features (New game + mainly) which adds just that much more to an excellent game!
  88. Nov 8, 2011
    Batman Arkham city, for me, is the best game of the year. The key selling point for me is that you are Batman, the world's greatest detective, the caped crusader. The feeling of being him is perfect and a key part of that is Arkham City itself. Dripping in detail, no it's not the biggest of open worlds but every inch seems painsatkingly hand-crafted. Even down to the location of the next main story mission. The bat signal appears in the sky, not only for mindless fanservice but it marks your next main story mission. Rocksteady seem like they're masters of integrating game mechanics into the Batman world and making it feel completely authentic. Even on par with Bioshock by telling a story through the enviornment. It does feel a bit overwhelming when you're first thrown in to the mega-prison itself, but when you get over that obstacle its amazing. Gameplay hasn't changed mush since Arkham Asylum with the brilliant freeflow system. Some critics that said the combat system isn't deep enough and if they didn't like it they won't like this one. But for me the simplicity is key to the feeling of being Batman that it's as simle of a press of a button to take out an enemy. The detective scanning system, however, seems a bit gimmicky and tagged-on. The main story, once you get into it, is amazing and engaging and boss battles are largely improved from AA and feel fun and especially the MR. Freeze battle which tests your skills as Batman. But side missions are also amazing, spanning several hours each, and pack alot of (rather obscure) batman characters into it. I've spent several hours just gliding around the city and exploring it getting riddler trophies determined to unlock the next hostage and saving them and once you save them and hear the next rally of utter disbelief from the Riddler you feel like Batman once again. Catwoman (if you have the dlc) adds another dimension and view on Arkham City, she has her own agenda and motives. She's quicker, faster and alot of fun. You get a choice later on, as Catwoman, and I urge you to take the 'wrong' decision. The ending and beginning of the game are the most gripping and best begginings and endings I have ever experienced and are clear WOW moments. So, overall, Batman Arkham City is THE Batman game and builds on all the foundations that Arkham Asylum built, but is bigger, bolder and better. For me, this is the most confident game/sequel of the year. Bravo Rocksteady. Expand
  89. Nov 8, 2011
    simply put if this does not win GOY then all that means is Skyrim ended up being far better than anyone expected it to be. Arkham City is one of the best games i have ever played. MUST BUY!!!!
  90. Nov 9, 2011
    this is a great game.the story is nicely told with interesting characters from batman unvierse showing up.the voice acting is spectacular like uncharted 3.this game also looks beautiful with huge amount of detail and street lights reflecting off of the wet's a sweet sight on a console.the combat is as good as it gets on ANY console ,and the predator challenge mixes up the gameplay and save it from being repetitive.the enemy is very intelligent and during the predator challenges they shoot the gargoyles if the spot u on's an awesome game in everyday. Expand
  91. Dec 31, 2011
    Arkham City is truly a great game. The core gameplay is tight, polished and just feels right. soaring the sky of Gotham is both visually stunning and satisfying. Story is strong, but at least for me, near the end it started losing some steam. Nevertheless, it's a great story, and the story telling is strong, thanks to supreme voice work. the story itself is abut 10-12 hours, both gameplay wise, and story wise. the plot happened in supposedly one night, and that is one of my problems with the game. when you have a open world to explore and side quests to take part in, it just doesn't feel like one night. it screws up the feel of time, and it just doesn't make any sense. the side quests are good, but because they are usually lengthy, it hurts the feel of time too. most of the side quests are great, with outcast batman villeins. besides the feel of time, the game just feel right,. combat is defiantly a highlight, with amazing animation and brutal take downs. stealth plays a key role too, it's a blast, but near the end it starts to get repetitive, since the stealth doesn't evolve a lot beyond it's core mechanics thru the game. The game's formula is very similar to The Legend of Zelda. The city is kind of an overworld. and the buildings are dungeons. the problem with these "dungeons" is that near the end they sorta get predictable, you will know what to expect from almost any given room, and basically combat-stealth-combat in different orders, with the occasional puzzle . That's not a real problem, since both are mighty fun, but it would have been nice to have a little more then that near the end. Arkham City is a massive game, the story is relatively short, but cool lengthy side-quests, over four hundred riddler trophies insures that the game will stay in your system for weeks to come. In short Batman: Arkham City is an incredible game, one of the very best of the year, and perhaps this generation. Do yourself a favor, pick this one up, you won't regret it. Expand
  92. Nov 25, 2011
    Not only is this one of the best games of the year, but one of the greatest games of all time and outperforms its predecessor in every way and no other game or movie makes you feel like the dark knight other than this one.
  93. Nov 25, 2011
    If you haven't bought this game yet, then something is wrong with you. It has something for everyone. For Uncharted 3 fans, it has great voice acting. For Skyrim fans, it has an amazing open-ended world. For Zelda fans, it has neat Riddle puzzles. For Saints Row the Third fans, it has great looking animations and a lot of sex appeal. For Assassin's Creed fans, it has a lot of sweet cutscenes. Expand
  94. Nov 28, 2011
    Batman Arkam City is said to be one of the best games of the year but is that true? Let's find out. Batman Arkham City is an action game made by Rocksteady. The story is about Batman, who has to save Gotham from Hugo Strange, whose got a '' super prison '' in his control. It's a good story but i think some of the boss fights are useless, because most of them could have gotten they'r own game. The gameplay is almost the same that it was in Arkham Asylym (which is not a bad thing) but it's improved. The game focuses on two main things: stealth and fighting. Stealth is very well done. It reminds me of Splinter Cell: Conviction and it's very good in that game. Fighting uses a mechanic called free flow. The fighting for me is the funniest thing to do in this game. It's just really fun to smack somebody in the face and then just kick some other guy and so on. You can also play as Catwoman which is fun and you can download Nightwing and Robin dlc packs. There's also a lot of side mission, challenge maps, riddles and trophies to find so there's a lot to do after you've finished the story. Graphics are also very good in this game. It has the same art style that Arkham Asylum had but the graphics are improved. There might be couple of texture bugs but they are so small that they don't ruin the game. So now we can clearly say that Arkham City is a great game. and one of the best games that I've ever played. Now go buy this game!

    Story: 9.5
    Gameplay: 10
    Graphics: 9.5
    Final score: 9.5 '' Great ''
  95. Nov 30, 2011
    Best single player game I have ever played. I LOVED IT! I would prefer the combat challenges to be a bit more difficult but all in all, very few flaws in this game..
  96. Dec 6, 2011
    this game is very, very, good. no denying that. you could release this game in 12 years and it'd still be good. however, there is something missing from this game. it feels perfectly formed, large, never boring, and the gameplay is as good as asylum.

    however, following up asylum is a hard, hard task. the original was nigh on perfect, having great progression, great scenes, set pieces, and
    a sense that where you went next was up to you, but that following the story is the best option.

    city is like this, but the ridiculous scale that it is on dampens things a bit. there is little feeling of enclosure, no fear, no sense of danger, and following the story seems less meaningful, even if it is a well thought out one. it has no wow factor anymore either. the items you had at the end of asylum are still here, and there is little new, aside from the ridiculous scale of the game.

    there is also no real incentive to come back. you play it and it is hard to persuade yourself to turn it back on. i have found this with other people, who simply have no desire to find out what happens next. some games like zelda, uncharted and arkham asylum did, but for some reason, this just doesn't.

    not to say its a bad game. not whatsoever. but i would reccomend arkham asylum over it. its not a dissapointment, but unlike arkham asylum, something feels missing. and that is the most depressing sensation you can have in a videogame.
  97. Mar 13, 2012
    On my Christian gaming channel ( ), I actually gave this game an 9. You DEFINITELY got PLENTY of game for your money. And it was actually a quite memorable game with its EXCELLENT game play and extra side-missions and other game types available.

    If you wish to view all the details, please check out my Christian game review:
  98. Apr 3, 2013
    This game is the best game to be released EVER! It can't be beaten. If anyone challenges that then we will have to have a little chat. Great gameplay, great story, GREAT DLC and the HOTTEST CATWOMAN EVER
  99. Apr 13, 2013
    if I could give this game more than a ten I would this game is amazing the combat is fluid and easy to learn the story is fantastic and playing as catwoman is so much fun this game is a must have for any real gamer
  100. May 1, 2013
    When I first started Arkham City I didn't know what to expect. I had heard it was good but I was never a huge Batman fan. That didn't matter at all because from the opening sequence I was hooked playing through a game with a great story, brilliant gameplay mechanics with the most responsive combat system I've ever used and having more fun collecting all 400 of those riddler trophies than i've ever had with collectibles in a game. Arkham City is a great world to explore with good side missions. An awesome game!!! Expand
  101. Oct 18, 2011
    One of the greatest games of all time. Rocksteady has not only one-upped Arkham Asylum, they obliterated it. The story is excellent and starts off with an extremely intense arrest. The voice acting is absolutely flawless for the most part. Kevin Conroy knocked it out of the park as Batman (as always), this is easily one of his best performances. Mark Hamill was fantastic as Joker, and Corey Burton was amazing as Strange. Tara had some big shoes to fill by playing Harley Quinn, but she did it, and boy was she good. The weakest voice in the game is the Penguin's. It's not terrible, but it doesn't match the rest of the game's quality voices. Nolan North is very talented, but someone like Ray Winstone would have been better. The gameplay is amazing and extremely fine-tuned, the story is interesting and engaging, the dialogue is insanely awesome and there's just so much content in the game! A definite 10/10 from me. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 42
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  1. Arkham City is the best reflection of the Batman-comic books ever. Not because of the sheer amount of famous enemies that challenge our hero, but thanks to the amazing atmosphere that oozes from every pore of this remarkable action game. [Nov 2011, p.70]
  2. Nov 29, 2011
    All in all, outside of a few minor issues, I couldn't ask for a better Batman experience. If Arkham City was a graphic novel, it would be considered a classic.
  3. Arkham City should be celebrated as a shining achievement for the action-adventure genre for its masterful execution. [Holiday 2011, p.70]