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Summary: Batman: Arkham Origins features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline set several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, the first two games in the franchise. Taking place before the rise of Gotham City’s most notorious criminals, the game showcases a young, unrefined Batman as he faces the defining moment of his early career and sets his path to becoming the Dark Knight.
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Rating: T
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Developer: WB Games Montreal
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Fantasy, Fantasy
Cast Credit
Nick Jameson S.W.A.T Officers
Matthew Miller Senior Systems Programmer
Steve Blum Voice: Electrocutioner
Joseph Nasrallah Lead Gameplay Animator
Jeremy Price Art Director
Daniel Aberin Contract Gameplay Animator
Philippe Malenfant Senior Systems Programmer
David Massicotte Senior Technical Artist
Benoit Richer Game Director
Reid Schneider Executive Producer
Marc Bouchard Senior Technical Artist
Michael Yeomans Senior Level Artist
Eric Holmes Creative Director
Masasa Moyo Candy
Jerry O'Flaherty Contract Camera Designer
Jay Evans Lead Character Artist
Gabriel Charest Senior VFX Artist
Gabriel Pare Senior VFX Artist
Pierre-Richard Malvoy Lead Level Designer (Lead DLC Level Designer)
Randy Humphries UI Artist
Henry Wojcik Senior Cinematic Animator
Yannick Couture Senior Level Artist
Sebastien Bergeron Senior Gameplay Animator
Roger Craig Smith Voice: Batman
Philippe Bernard Senior Technical Artist
Ben Mattes Senior Producer
Sebastien Bouzac Lead Level Designer
Alexandre Belanger Lead VFX Artist
Eric Gagnon Senior Concept Artist
Francis Beauchamp Lead Level Designer
Adam Alim Pre-Production Lead Level Design
Claudio Alvaro Senior Cinematic Technical Animator
Corey May Writer
Simon Habib Senior Cinematic Animator
Alice Bernier Audio Director
Annika Bernhoff Senior Level Artist
Lee Church Senior Level Artist
Guillaume Voghel World Team Producer
Velislava Nikolova Senior Cinematic Animator
Francis Theoret Additional Programming
Ans Beaulieu Special Project Producer
Mathieu Raymond Supervising Producer
Simon La Salle Level Designer
Nezam Jinnah Senior Lighting Artist
Manuel Vallelunga Associate Cinematics Director
Matthew Mercer Voice: Anarky
Chris Fries Lieutenant Howard Branden
Alain Dessureaux Additional Programming
Said Fellah Semlali Senior Gameplay Programmer
Serge Menard Senior Gameplay Programmer
Peter MacNicol Voice: Mad Hatter
Maurice LaMarche Voice: Mr. Freeze
Josh Keaton Voice: Robin
Chris Cox Voice: Deadshot
Steven Miller Contract Gameplay Animator
Mark Rolston Voice: Deathstroke
Nick Vallinakis Contract Storyboard Artist
Martin Jarvis Voice: Alfred Pennyworth
Troy Baker Voice: Joker
Michael McIntyre Gameplay Director
Ryan Lewis Senior Technical Artist
Patrick Carroll Senior Technical Level Designer
Pierre Tremblay Senior Level Designer
Pierre Tremblay Senior Level Designer
Remi Couture Associate Level Artist
Frederic Ouellet Senior Technical Level Designer
Bill Money Conception Gameplay Director
Joel Dos Reis Viegas Contract Concept Artist
Pierre-Luc Foisy Lead Game Designer
Erick Bilodeau Lead Cinematic Technical Artist
Eric Allard Senior Systems Programmer
Mike Yazijian Conception Art Director
Patrick Martel Senior Lighting Artist
Guillaume Dubeau UI Programmer
Pierric Gimmig Senior Systems Programmer
Christian Lanz Bane's Lieutenant Bird
Eric Hein Level Designer
Roxanne Blouin-Payer Technical Designer
Sebastien Boulay Level Artist
Colin Barre-Brisebois Lead Rendering Programmer
Liam Flookes Additional Programming
Rosa Salazar Voice: Copperhead
Megan Berry UI Artist
Dooma Wendschuh Narrative Director
Stephan Carmignani Level Design Director
Olivier Pomarez Lead Programmer
Jonathan Lim Special Project Producer
Diana Torrejon World Team Producer
Bryan Theberge Character And Cinematics Producer
Stefan Leblanc Cinematics Director
Lloyd Colaco Cinematic Animation Director
Ludger Saintelien Presentation Art Director
Brent George Consulting Gameplay Animation Director
Ryan Galletta Writer And Senior Narrative Designer
Matthew Kadai Lead Gameplay Programmer
Dave Shannon Senior Game Designer
Gregory Belacel Senior Game Designer
Nicolas Monteilhet-Labossiere Senior Game Designer
Clark Jiayang Yang Senior Level Designer
Jean-Francois Boulanger Senior Technical Game Designer
Anurag Banerjee Senior Gameplay Programmer
Francois Leblanc Senior Gameplay Programmer
Guillaume Guay Senior Gameplay Programmer
David St-Hilaire Gameplay Programmer
Marie Mejerwall Associate Gameplay Programmer
Stephen Yu Senior Gameplay Animator
Sherwin Barraquio Gameplay Animator
Tom Beirnes Gameplay Animator
Eric Bresse Senior Technical Gameplay Animator
Gerardo Astudillo Contract Gameplay Animator
Martin Daraiche Contract Gameplay Animator
Winterbell Lee Contract Gameplay Animator
Jean-Noe Morissette Lead Systems Programmer
Jimmy Beliveau Senior Rendering Programmer
Stephane Zaouak Senior Systems Programmer
Stephane Beauchemin Senior Audio Programmer
Amaury Evra Audio Programmer
Sebastien Turcotte Rendering Programmer
Simon Sirois-Deschenes Associate Rendering Programmer
Charlie Hann Senior Build Master
Etienne St-Onge Intern Systems Programmer
Marc-Antoine Desbiens Intern Systems Programmer
Vincent Gallant Intern Systems Programmer
Abdelmadjid Hammou Additional Programming
Yassine Riahi Additional Programming
Patrick Dubuc Lead Level Artist
Pierre-Luc Boulais Lead Level Artist
Roy Tuazon Lead Level Artist
Vincent Robichaud Lead Level Artist
Matheiu Laurin Lead Level Designer
Cedric Schmitt Assistant Art Director
Daniel Kvasznicza Senior Concept Artist
Daniel Kvasznicza Senior Concept Artist
Meinert Hansen Senior Concept Artist
Virgile Loth Senior Concept Artist
Christopher Brooker Senior Level Artist
Christophe Prelot Senior Level Artist
Ketan Lad Senior Level Artist
Louis-Maxime Gagnon Dumas Senior Level Artist
Louis-Philippe Durand Senior Level Artist
Nicolas Painchaud Senior Level Artist
Olaf Quinzanos Kroth Senior Level Artist
Rainer Ricq Senior Level Artist
Yik Lun Chan Senior Level Artist
Jacques-Patrick Audain Senior Level Designer
Jacques-Patrick Audain Senior Level Designer
Daniel Goupil Senior Technical Artist
Alexandre Labranche Level Artist
Emmanuel Pappas Level Artist
Evan Yovanovich Level Artist
Jason Tonks Level Artist
Julie Durocher Level Artist
Nabil Zakher Level Artist
Nicolas Sieniski Level Artist
Emmanuel Richer-Cloutier Level Designer
Julien Prince Level Designer
Emilie Beauchamp Associate Level Artist
Gabriel Loignon Associate Level Designer
Sophie Leal-Bolea Associate Level Designer
Nicolas Ferrand Contract Concept Artist
Ricardo Rambarran Contract Level Artist
Mathieu Houle Lead Lighting Artist
David Boileau Lead UI Programmer
James Nelson Desousa Pimentel VFX Artist
Jean-Marie Petit-Homme VFX Artist
Louis-Joseph Sabourin VFX Artist
Pierre Olivier Roy Lighting Artist
Luc Abran Senior UI Artist
Francis Tremblay UI Programmer
Tomas Pawliuk UI Programmer
Carmen Chiang Contract UI Artist
Vincenzo Spina Contract UI Artist
Steve Bouliane Senior Cinematic Animator
Samuel Eniojukan Senior Cinematic Animator
Alexei Bresker Cinematic Animator
Benoit Galarneau Cinematic Animator
Dominic Beaudoin Cinematic Animator
Melanie Vachon Cinematic Animator
Ludovic Pinard Senior Character Artist
Maurizio Memoli Senior Character Artist
Yanick Desrosiers Senior Character Artist
Christopher Cao Character Artist
Jocelyn Zeller Character Artist
Eduardo Sempe Technical Designer
Maxime Chapleau Technical Designer
Julie Cazzaro Associate Cinematics Producer
Daniel Payette Contract Storyboard Artist
Tapani Knuutila Contract Storyboard Artist
Thierry Labrosse Contract Storyboard Artist
Adrian Leblanc Contract Cinematic Animator
Dimitrios Aspros Contract Cinematic Animator
Emile Ghorayeb Contract Cinematic Animator
Hilary Boarman Contract Cinematic Animator
Hugu Au Contract Cinematic Animator
Kosta Dracopoulos Contract Cinematic Animator
Sianoosh Nasiriziba Contract Cinematic Animator
Yasmine Vesalpour Contract Cinematic Animator
Frederic Tardif Contractual Audio Designer
Kely Hu Voice: Shiva
Crispin Freeman Voice: Firefly
JB Blanc Voice: Bane
Brian Bloom Voice: Black Mask
Troy Baker Voice: Joker
Nolan North Voice: Penguin
Khary Payton Voice: Killer Croc
Steven Jay Blum Voice: Electrocutioner
Chris Cox Voice: Deadshot
Josh Keaton Voice: Robin
Martin Jarvis Voice: Alfred Pennyworth
Maurice LaMarche Voice: Mr. Freeze
Mark Rolston Voice: Deathstroke
Michael McIntyre Gameplay Director
Steven Miller Contract Gameplay Animator
Pierre Tremblay Senior Level Designer
Pierre Tremblay Senior Level Designer
Ryan Lewis Senior Technical Artist
Patrick Carroll Senior Technical Level Designer
Nick Vallinakis Contract Storyboard Artist
Rosa Salazar Voice: Copperhead
Peter MacNicol Voice: Mad Hatter
Jon Polito GCPD Commissioner Gillian Lobe
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