Battlefield 1943 PlayStation 3


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 40
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  1. 85
    I love that we can download great looking first-person shooters that support 24 players online these days. Battlefield 1943 is an impressive package that sets a new standard for digital titles. You won't find anything new in terms of gameplay, but the seven-year old Battlefield formula remains a lot of fun today.
  2. This multiplayer-only slice of the Battlefield series packs plenty of thrills into a downloadable package.
  3. Game Informer
    While the game lacks the feature depth of other Battlefield titles, 1943 is a fairly priced, solid core to build around with more downloadable content. If EA introduces weapon packs and additional maps from the franchise’s storied past, I’ll be playing right up to the release of Bad Company 2. [Aug 2009, p.89]
  4. Despite a lack of depth found in other full-fledged FPS offerings (even from what's found in the Battlefield franchise itself) and a number of initial coding missteps, Battlefield 1943 is an arcade offering you really shouldn't miss. The $15 price tag and the overall quality make this a great purchase for anyone interested in shooters.
  5. DICE did a great job of refining the Battlefield formula into a cohesive package that should tide fans over until Bad Company 2, or may create a whole new fanbase in itself under 1943's small-but-strong design philosophy.
  6. 90
    The formula it's created may be multiple years old, but DICE isn't just cashing in here; it's distilling its concept down to the core of what's important: fun.
  7. Battlefield 1943 is an impressive feat - it's a fun and gorgeous-looking downloadable game. If its rigid online structure can somehow be made more user-friendly in future patches, it'll be even more of a sure-bet that many of us will be playing for a long, long time, especially if this type of co-operative unlocking of features becomes a standard in future content.
  8. GamePro
    With satisfaction always within reach, Battlefield 1943 makes for an addictive online experience. [Aug 2009, p.79]
  9. 84
    Battlefield 1943 focuses on multiplayer, and achieves a great level of quality. Classic, well-made and fun as soon as some friends join in, it is a sure bet provided we are going to have war partners.
  10. 83
    New for some and familiar for others, 1943 will once again keep players up well into the night for just one more round. Before long, the greenhorns will be wily vets, experts on the ins and outs of all three maps, and eager for more.
  11. 88
    Battlefield 1943 is a prime example of why online gaming is so addictive. The concept is simple, the content is limited, but the fun is nearly endless.
  12. 1943 is a great effort from DICE to change the format of the series. Maybe there is nothing especially new in its concept, but it´s as amazing as its previously released Battlefield counterparts.
  13. Battlefield 1943 is a great game if you’ve got a half hour or an hour in between something else and you want to play something but not get too deep into it. It, unfortunately, doesn’t go deeper than that, which is a shame because there are plenty of things here that could be done to open the game up even further.
  14. Battlefield: 1943 is a terrific example of the fact that games don’t have to be expensive or 10 GB in size to be fun and provide hours of entertainment. At 1200 Microsoft points ($15), Battlefield: 1943 is one of the best gaming values going right now on the Xbox Live Arcade.
  15. Despite the lack of game modes and a bare bones class system, Battlefield 1943 differs enough from the competition to make it a worthwhile alternative to the likes of CoD, Halo, Gears of War, Killzone 2, Resistance and the rest.
  16. 100
    What makes this game interesting is the speed of play and the sheer, as mentioned before, chaos of it all.
  17. 85
    For only 13 euros this is a really cool experience. If you want a great multiplayer shooter, then you should definitely buy this game!
  18. Dice took everything we loved from Battlefield and added more action packed gameplay. Battlefield 1943 offers a great multiplayer experience and total destruction, but tends to get repetitive because of a lack of modes.
  19. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    The only thing counting against all this is the overall size of the package. [Sept 2009, p.102]
  20. 83
    It’s an interesting, stripped down version that still has a lot of fun packed in. This comes with the proviso of playing alongside decent players, of course.
  21. You can buy this title without any concerns. Very well done and entertaining!
  22. Play UK
    Yes it's essentially Battlefield for idiots, but who cares when it's this good? [Issue#182, p.83]
  23. For a tenner this is an absolute no-brainer – an utterly wonderful online fighter and one that shouldn’t be missed by anyone.
  24. The greatest shooter to hit the PlayStation Network.
  25. Battlefield 1943 sets a high standard for the quality of downloadable games, and at only a tenner is an almost essential purchase for any online FPS fan.
  26. What BF:1943 lacks in depth compared to earlier Battlefield games, it makes up for in a simplistic and challenging multiplayer game. Twenty-four person matches feel fantastic and except for the odd laggy match, it’s a seamless and fun experience. If you can get together a squad, there isn’t a more fun FPS online experience for your money.
  27. For the money, it’ll be a challenge to find something more entertaining than Battlefield 1943.
  28. Battlefield 1943 is exactly the kind of game we like during these hot months -- not deep enough to play for an entire year (and at $15 a pop, would you expect to?) but definitely entertaining enough to tide you and your friends over until the fall's A-list releases.
  29. Battlefield 1943 is an all out multiplayer experience and one that fans will surely be hooked to for quite some time. Although only three maps are available at this time, EA is constantly holding contests to unlock new maps for each system and the inclusion of ranks and awards will only encourage players to continue fighting.
  30. PSM3 Magazine UK
    This well polished, if slightly limited, multi-player game is a steal. [Aug 2009, p.62]
  31. Battlefield 1943 is proof that the increasing complexity found in some shooters gets in the way of the fun instead of enhancing it.
  32. An intense, replayable multiplayer shooter that's fully worthy of both the Battlefield name and the price of entry.
  33. But this scant digital download carries a massive payload of fun.
  34. I really do enjoy the game, but you should definitely try out the demo and only spend the cash once you're bored with the other online mainstays on the PS3 and 360. Once you do, you'll find some genuinely good fun and action in Battlefield 1943.
  35. It’s a miniature version, a smaller, quicker Battlefield, and one that is better suited for a downloadable title. Even with its faults, 1943 is absolutely worthy of a purchase. You’d be hard pressed to find a better downloadable game thus far in 2009.
  36. Battlefield 1943 is the best multiplayer shooter for XBLA and PSN, but only by virtue of having no formidable competitors, except for the crippled CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars.
  37. A decent remake of a great game, the only thing missing is more content.
  38. Battlefield 1943 may not be the most extensive multiplayer shooter available but none the less at its price it reflects tremendous value as it provides one of the best multiplayer experiences around, without doubt a must play title for any shooter fan.
  39. This remake of the now classic Battlefield: 1942 offers high paced and fast action straight out of the virtual box. The entertainment value is enormous, even though it lacks some variation in gameplay and has minor design flaws in private game sessions.
  40. Despite the really small amount of content you get when purchasing this game it's really hard not to like it. The audio and graphics are really good and the destruction made possible by the frostbite engine really lifts the game. The only thing that's really missing is a couple of free downloadable maps.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 101 Ratings

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  1. Jul 24, 2013
    One of the best online shooters ever and only a $15 download. Realistic physics unlike other shooters. Romp around in fighters, jeeps andOne of the best online shooters ever and only a $15 download. Realistic physics unlike other shooters. Romp around in fighters, jeeps and tanks like Rambo. Only 3 maps and locked in weapon options. This is a cheap arcade multiplayer shooter, too bad they do not make the full size $60 shooters this quality. The quality and fun factor dwarfs most $60 shooters. Definitely worth checking out if you like multiplayer gaming. Full Review »
  2. Sep 27, 2011
    The best PSN game. Absolutely brilliant fight on land, sea and air, too. Conquest game mode is outstanding, and the maps are excellent.The best PSN game. Absolutely brilliant fight on land, sea and air, too. Conquest game mode is outstanding, and the maps are excellent. Vehicles are nice, and soldier kits are well balanced. Sounds are good, graphics are little cartoony but so nice. Take it. It cost nowadays only 10 euros. It´s a very addictive. Full Review »
  3. May 30, 2017
    I played Battlefield when it first came out and expected a nostalgic visit to that old formula. But today, I mostly saw a simpler version ofI played Battlefield when it first came out and expected a nostalgic visit to that old formula. But today, I mostly saw a simpler version of other BF games available on PS3. Repeating the same objectives was always a part of the series, but I got bored playing the four maps included in '1943'. If I had to boot up a BF game in the future, it wouldn't be this one. Full Review »