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  1. Oct 28, 2013
    DICE proves once again that destruction is a valuable strategic addition to competitive combat, even when it's a little ugly, and that battle reaches its full potential with two killer Commanders are bringing out the best in their squads. The campaign, on the other hand is a disappointing, but functioning and familiar game with overwhelming action and remarkable spectacle.
  2. Oct 28, 2013
    Even on current-generation consoles, this game looks great. The sheer amount of on-screen action is astounding for this aging hardware to be capable of producing. Character models are easily the sharpest that they have ever been; the weapons look accurate and clean, and character animations flow through the environment without looking stiff or forced.
  3. Nov 11, 2013
    So there you have it, the current-gen version of Battlefield 4. To be honest, it’s not a huge leap forward over Battlefield 3. It looks slightly better but performs slightly worse.
  4. A good game, but one you’ve played before. The single player is sorely lacking innovation, but the online side is strong like bison, even if the power of PS4 is sadly missing.
  5. Nov 4, 2013
    The multiplayer is the life and soul of the game, and lives up to and improves upon what Battlefield 3 had to offer. There’s greater variety of vehicles, maps which push off into new and interesting directions with changeable elements thanks to Levolution...Yet finding a score is tricky. The single player is quite frankly poor.
  6. Oct 29, 2013
    While Battlefield 4 isn’t perfect, but it’s a much better, more refined experience in comparison to BF3.
  7. 80
    With a campaign this good and plenty of graphically astounding action in single player and multiplayer, Battlefield 4 is a complete shooter package.
  8. 85
    Battlefield 4 sends off the current generation of shooters in prime form. There's prowess across the board, from narrative to action, and technical hiccups can't derail a game that is simply great on PS3.
  9. Oct 30, 2013
    Battlefield 4 is like a big, jovial belly laugh. It’s intense, flashy, amusing, and explosive, and it doesn’t bother about having a brain. It doesn’t need one, either, as the multiplayer is dense, involving and ultimately enjoyable from top to bottom. Still, I refuse to completely disregard the campaign, which, as entertaining as it often is, remains a disappointment for me.
  10. Nov 7, 2013
    A fantastic online multiplayer mode and a disappointing singleplayer? Sounds like Battlefield, all right. Don't expect any huge graphical leaps either, just a fabulous and highly destructive - Levolution is a blast! - online experience.
  11. Nov 12, 2013
    To blow COD out of the water, they will need a more polished game than this. Perhaps the next-generation will provide it.
  12. Nov 1, 2013
    Battlefield 4 arrives to current gen platforms with a slight improvement of what we saw in Battlefield 3, but with enough innovations in the multiplayer modes to keep players in front of the screen for long hours once again.
  13. Nov 8, 2013
    The really unfortunate thing with this Premium nonsense is that the greater body of players are made to feel like they're travelling in economy class, so that the core fans can be milked. I'm not anti-DLC, but the way Battlefield Premium constantly thrusts at you just feels grubby. It's not a nice way to treat paying customers, and it's a pity to see it besmirch such a great game.
  14. Nov 1, 2013
    The single-player component is an uninspired yet enjoyable enough aside, while the multiplayer component - however great it may be - hasn't really enhanced the series in any tangible way. Great fun, of course, but more of the same. Good news for Battlefield fans, if nothing else.
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  1. Oct 29, 2013
    To all those saying this game is rehashed or the same as BF3... Let's see:
    Levolution: THis basically getting a map switch mid-level, and YOU
    To all those saying this game is rehashed or the same as BF3... Let's see:
    Levolution: THis basically getting a map switch mid-level, and YOU do it! or don't, that's up to the players, every map is almost two maps and it looks immense.
    Interactivity: Raise vehicle barriers, trap opponents in lifts and trains, destruction is overwhelming. EVERYTHING can get messed up and it is so much fun!
    Commander mode.. Play on the commute on your tablet? Hell yeah. You can even speak into your tabvet mic and people hear you in-game :D amazing!!
    64 vs 64..... no more need to be said here...
    Different classes and specialization trees: these are not minor tweaks, but sweeping changes
    I can go on and on but I am nearly off the train from my lunch break.
    Wake up haters, this is SO so much more than a reskinned BF3, this is a genuine evolvement and until you can show me a better FPS I am firmly in the 10 camp here.
    COD fans must be terrified, and it shows with these bogus, baseless reviews from people that clearly haven't even played BF4 yet.
    DICE FTW, take a bow guys.
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  2. Oct 29, 2013
    This game was obviously nothing but a money grab for dice/ea. Very few progressive concepts were introduced, and plenty head scratchingThis game was obviously nothing but a money grab for dice/ea. Very few progressive concepts were introduced, and plenty head scratching changes were made...

    Gunplay has been dumbed down since BF3. Less bullets til death, hit detection is bad, kill cam is bad and a ripoff of COD, all weapons do the same amount of damage, the guns don't have the "real" feeling that they had in BF3, mags get dropped when reloading. Absolutely pathetic changes across the board.

    Maps are too big for 24 players and terrible for infantry type players. Campfest and not my idea of fun.

    Character movement is so slow! Another horrendous and inexcusable change from BF3.

    The controls have been turned upside down! Please fire the person/persons who thought this was a good idea as they certainly need a new line of work.

    levolution cool, I guess, but it doesn't add anything useful to the MP experience. I guess dice thought this would make up for the core gameplay failures?

    My copy is being returned and I feel like dice may have killed the battlefield series with this atrocious attempt. Like I said earlier, this game looks like it was nothing but a cash grab for dice...well, you aren't getting my money! The lead developer for BF3 wasn't part of this game which may have led to this outcome, IDK. It really sucks because I enjoyed BF3 so much and was looking forward to this game, but they turned it upside down and made a complete mess out of it. This sort of gameplay simply isn't for me.

    I'll be playing BF3 until I find my next shooter
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  3. Oct 30, 2013
    I'm not even gonna talk about the solo gameplay, boring and disappointing, I'll focus on the important thing. THE MULTIPLAYER.

    First off
    I'm not even gonna talk about the solo gameplay, boring and disappointing, I'll focus on the important thing. THE MULTIPLAYER.

    First off I'd like to point out that I played and liked BF 3, reached colonel level 10, I know is not that much but is enough to be familiar with the game. I've been playing the multiplayer all day and got nothing but stress, around 6-7 hours of gameplay.

    BF4's multiplayer is not bad, it has potential, but the problem is that I consider it very inferior from BF3's multiplayer, I'll let you know my reasons.

    Vehicles: I'll start with the general problems regarding vehicles: First off, they changed all the controls for them, how hard is to put an option to drive/pilot them with the BF3 regular controls?, not hard, but they didn't the most similar setting is "veteran" but even so, the triggers of the controller are completely changed even between helis and planes, maybe is no bif deal since you'll get used to them soon or later, but there was nothing wrong with the old controls. ALL of the air vehicles are slower, VERY VERY SLOWER, they feel strange kinda like if you were driving a cloud, you don't feel the same weight and control that you had in BF3.

    Helicopter: it feels I don't know how to describe it, is slower and is like moving a cloud around, you don't feel the weight or the mobility from BF3's chopper, is not really that bad really, but you'll get down far more easy than in BF3.

    Jets: They completely ruined the jets for me, they are horrible, they are very VERY VERY slow, they have more maneuverability, but is completely eclipsed by the big mistake that dice did, you can no longer fly away from the map, that's right the main map is all the space you have to fly, this transforms the jets into a completely useless machines, they only fight other jets, oh and what other jets? well JUST 1, that's right in every map there are only 1 jet per team, I mean I wasn't a flying ace in BF3 but I enjoyed the feel I had a 4 star in the jets I may not be the best but I do know how to fly them, and let me tell you, jets in BF4 are broken, really they doesn't matter they don't do any difference, because, you feel inside a cage, they wouldn't be so bad if the space was bigger but no, the lack of space in the map transforms the jets into useless machines.

    Ground vehicles: they're more or less the same, but they have more power towards air vehicles, with the veteran config you'll manage to drive around like BF3 but with the triggers inverted. Otherwise they're the same.

    Professions and footsoldiers: you gonna die in this game, A LOT, they changed the feel and the accuracy of the weapons, its the same problem you don't seem to have good control on them, they feel heavier, some do more damage and less damage, talking about the professions they broke support profession, you can get the C4 as the last gadget, that let you with claymore and a lot ot useless crap, since the bullet box isn't aviable from start. Medic, is harder to revive allies, you need to actually get down to do it, and you get only 20 points per revive, plus you don't start with the defibrillators, they "long ranged" weapons doesn't seem to be as effective as in BF3.

    Maps: the main problem with the maps is that they are too big and open or too small and narrow, there's no middle point, either you're always in the open or you can't seem to find or see anyone, the "levolution" thing is not as impressive as you thing... you trigger some little changed that sometimes ruin the map like flooding a narrow map... yeah, becaue everyone likes to swim everywhere, a ship crashes into an island... yeah but that doesn't change anything, you don't even noticed, in the big maps takes you forever to find someone and in the narrow maps you get frustrated because the lack of space... every map of battlefield 3 is better than the maps of BF4 that's all I've got to say.

    General Dissapoint: there are some minor things that are annoying, that you simply can't understand why they did that. for example, in my soldier settings you can no longer manage your vehicles and soldier weapons and stuff you need to be inside a match to do it, why? beats me, when you're trying to find a match you CANNOT longer choose the map you want to play, I mean WHY?, what was wrong with that?, I pre-orderd the game to get china rising before, and guess what?, around 8 hours of multiplayer gameplay and I DIDN?T PLAYED IN THE FRIGGIN MAP EVEN ONCE, what was wrong with choosing the map? maybe you want to train jets or helicopters or like a map in specific well you're because the map is going to choose the map for you and there's nothing you could do about it.

    Anyway, I highly regret preorder this game...but there's not a lot I can do now. My advice?, stick with battlefield 3, until some changed are done BF4's multiplayer is nothing against its older brother. maybe you don't believe me, if you want prove RENT IT FIRST. I'll be playing BF3. See you there.
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