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  1. 89
    Bad Company 2 as an online shooter is flexible and engaging, offering several features that the competition can only dream of. If you're looking for a more strategic and team-based change of pace, look no further. This is the game for you.
  2. The action is top-notch in both campaign and multiplayer alike. Whether or not you're looking for a new shooter in your life, you owe it to yourself to play Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
  3. Even though the single-player campaign still isn’t where it needs to be, Bad Company 2 is definitely a great sequel that builds on its predecessor in every way, making for one that no shooter fan will want to miss, especially if you go online for your gaming.
  4. The combat is fun, the characters are great, and there is a ton of gaming value shoehorned into this disk. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a worthy sequel to the original.
  5. Not content to settle for second place, DICE throws down the gauntlet with Bad Company 2, delivering its best multiplayer package since Battlefield 2 and a remarkably improved single-player campaign that openly mocks its rival while cribbing from them at the same time. [Issue#203, p.84]
  6. 90
    It's kind of like DICE has trained for a game development biathlon, resulting in its first game where the single-player mode is just as good as the multiplayer -- and that says DICE has what it takes to be among the best in the business.
  7. If you're just fan of shooters in general, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 isn't a game to be missed. I think it's a big improvement over the groundwork that was laid out by the first title and manages to improve just about every aspect, from single-player right down to the multiplayer component.
  8. A highly addicting and energetic title that is satisfying in single and multiplayer.
  9. As a singleplayer experience, Bad Company 2 is mostly forgettable, which is a disappointment considering how entertaining the first game’s campaign was. Thankfully the multiplayer features are so polished and well designed that BC2’s shortcomings won’t matter in the slightest.
  10. 91
    Though it occasionally stumbles, there's one thing that Bad Company 2 clearly demonstrates: DICE has graduated from the, "can only do a multiplayer FPS" class, and is perfectly capable of making a great all-around game.
  11. You'll come for the solid FPS experience, but you'll stay for the delicious helping of online goodness. We just wish that the single-player mode could've been as fun and thrilling as the original. One thing is certain - DICE is providing one of the best online FPS experiences you'll play on a console.
  12. From the new modes and vehicles to the expanded level of destruction and rewarding progression system, it all lends to an open warfare experience that will have you returning to the battlefield for months to come.
  13. All in all, don’t let the rather generic and short single player campaign deter you from picking up Bad Company 2. The multiplayer is a fantastic gaming experience and without a doubt it gives Modern Warfare 2 a run for its money.
  14. The last installment in the Battlefield series offers more action and fun than ever.
  15. Competition has a natural tendency to breed innovation and excellence, and in this case the comparisons between Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are very welcome as they only server to emphasize how excellent both games are, and how, after all their efforts and exploits, DICE and B-Company are now comfortably relaxing in the V.I.P section of the FPS genre.
  16. Whatever the oddities and missed opportunities of its singleplayer mode, Bad Company 2 delivers a fulsome online game that continues to hone a winning formula. [Apr 2010, p.90]
  17. 96
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 is by all intents and purposes a fantastic follow-up to the original game. All of the great ideas that fell short have now come to light, and the return of classic Battlefield online make this the game to own for online shooter fans.
  18. Do you like first-person shooters? If the answer is yes, buy Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If there's a weakness it lies in the slightly brief single-player campaign, but the brilliant, potentially Modern Warfare 2 beating multiplayer more than picks up the slack.
  19. Both single player and multiplayer experiences excel in Bad Company 2, and the sequel is a great step up from its first iteration. This is one of the best and most addictive on-line experiences in a shooter in years.
  20. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 meets its expectations, providing another High profile game for this exciting 2010. Though short, the campaign is spectacular and one of the best multiplayer experiences makes the title essential for all the fans of the genre. On the other hand, EA's shooter doesn't achieve perfection for the lack of any co-op mode, some small technical issues, but especially for the partial loss of the first Bad Company's originality.
  21. The sequel to the first single player Battlefield definitely has its flaws, but the game is fun to play. Bad Company captivates the feel of the authentic 80's action flicks, which is not a bad thing. If the game has explosions, rubble and a lot of unintentional violence, how bad can it go wrong? [Mar 2010]
  22. When the bullets pass by your ears, mortars fall on your hiding spot and tanks open fire on you, you know enough: you’re in a Battlefield-game. Bad Company 2 delivers with a superb multiplayer, perhaps making it the best online shooter currently available. The singleplayer isn’t as polished, but we can forgive the developer.
  23. 90
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a great shooter and ranks among the top of this time. The multiplayer is reason enough to buy this great game.
  24. The campaign could use some creative spark, but it’s the staying power of the multiplayer that wins the day. If you look to get the most out of your money with video game purchases, you can’t go wrong with Battlefield Bad Company 2.
  25. Bad Company 2 does not redefine the FPS genre but confirms the series as one of the most solid shooter experiences out there. The single player experience is not always convincing while multiplayer is dangerously addictive.
  26. But what's really special is how good Battlefield sounds. [Apr 2010, p.102]
  27. The visuals are top notch, the gameplay is solid from beginning to end, and the experience is exactly what you would want from a Battlefield game.
  28. 88
    If you're a fan of military shooters like Modern Warfare, and/or are looking for an extremely solid multiplayer game, look no further.
  29. There's no denying the appeal of Bad Company 2's multiplayer. DICE is still expertly nailing down what it pioneered all the way back in 2002, and the experience remains far from stale. However, poor design in the single-player makes for a campaign that's not only lacklustre throughout, but cripplingly buggy at times as well.
  30. 93
    Alone it's alright, online it's bordering on genius. Bad Company 2 is quite possibly the best online shooter on PS3 today. [Issue#190, p.66]
  31. Not only has the technology behind the Frostbite engine been improved but the multiplayer shows major signs of improvement and a willingness by DICE to push the boundaries further. The single player campaign, despite feeling like an added component to a 100% multiplayer focused experience, is much more streamlined and interesting this time around. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a great game but it also does what many games with a ’2’ next to their name fail to do; improve.
  32. An immensely entertaining shooter that demands your attention. Single player doesn't measure up to multiplayer (a potential deal breaker for the loners of the world), but taken as a whole, this is a gun firing, tank crushing good time.
  33. Employing some of the best game mechanics in the genre, terrific balance, terrific multiplayer fun, and a technical package you can appreciate, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is an FPS you need to play.
  34. The single player mode, although excellent in its own right, never really goes anywhere and many of the segments felt repetitive and uninspired to the very end. Bad Company 2 definitely gets its biggest strengths from the multiplayer mode, but that too is jarred with technical issues that could hamper how you play.
  35. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is definitely an improvement over the original. With solid graphics, great sound, and gameplay that engages you in either single player or multiplayer flavour.
  36. A mediocre campaign, elevated to greatness by superb online play. [Apr 2010, p.88]
  37. Bad Company 2 is a great improvement over the original, and also one of the best FPS of this console generation. The single-player campaign is quite good despite a few minor issues, and the multiplayer will keep FPS fans playing for months on end.
  38. Brilliant multiplayer carries the Swedish sequel which contains a Modern Warfare 2-damaged single-player experience that ultimately feels like a big letdown.
  39. The most flattering way to look at Bad Company 2 is as an intense online shooter with a slightly dodgy singleplayer mode included as a free bonus.
  40. 'Battlefield: Bad Company 2' comes armed with a heavy arsenal and some bad attitudes, and delivers another solid shooting experience that will please fans of the original, and dare I say it, the “COD” clan as well.
  41. The campaign is very solid, well established, and full of surprises and delicious moments. Bad Company 2 is one of the great surprises of the year, and promises to take many hours of sleep to all players and clans looking for online tournaments.
  42. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 improves on its predecessor in every way imaginable, just like any good sequel ought to.
  43. This really is one of the best looking console shooters I've ever played.
  44. The modern military FPS genre is as crowded as a mess hall at chow at chow time, but BC2 has managed to inject plenty of freshness into its firefights with an engaging single-player yarn and a host of defining online features. [Apr 2010, p.74]
  45. At the end of the day, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 feels less like a true game of the series and more of the spin-off that it is, trading the methodical and tactical pacing of the franchise mainstays for a more fast-paced and action oriented shooter.
  46. Overall Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a sequel worthy of taking your attention away from other shooter out there.
  47. 100
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is as complete a package as you could ever ask for. Multiplayer-heavy titles can be a fickle beast, but we’re pretty sure we’ll be playing this one for quite some time to come.
  48. If you appreciate the way Battlefield has done this kind of open, spacious warfare in the past, you're going to love it. Fans of the previous game's campaign mode, however, will probably feel a little disappointed.
  49. Will the multiplayer be enough to prise flocks of fans from Modern Warfare 2’s steely grasp? Possibly, because it’s really quite good. It’s primarily the use of destruction that distinguishes it from Modern Warfare 2, because in many other ways it’s very similar. The destruction, however, and its dynamic impact on the maps is a massive point of difference. In almost every way Bad Company 2 technically outclasses the original, but that’s to be expected. We just miss the mischief. [Apr 2010 p.68]
  50. There’s little doubt that DICE has secured its game a spot as the best shooter of the first half 2010, hurdling the impressive MAG by a few dozen yards.
  51. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a high-octane thrill ride that delivers everything you could possibly want from a first-person shooter.
  52. Though the storyline and outcome of the single player campaign is a little predictable, it is action packed and full of adrenaline pumping moments, whereas the multiplayer combines mechanical brilliance with an epic scale. The result, which is helped along the way by the brilliant visuals and sound, is exceptional.
  53. The humor of Battlefield Bad Company 2 makes you laugh and the thrilling action makes you shiver – Great game.
  54. While the core gameplay isn’t perfect, the scale and grand design of the title prove to be a huge success.
  55. 89
    This new part is just like the first one in the singleplayer a lot of fun. The squad where you’re in is the most idiotic squad of the US Army and that means that you can expect a lot of humor. The singleplayer is pretty cool, but the real power is in the multiplayer. We found it better and more fun online than Modern Warfare 2.
  56. Great graphics and sound, a solid single-player campaign and a overwhelmingly good multiplayer experience (dedicated servers!) make this a must-have for every shooter-fan.
  57. Despite many improvements Battlefield: Bad Company 2 single player campaign still doesn’t serve up a truly great playing experience, its perfectly playable, solid and even quite enjoyable but just lacks something special. However, the games weaknesses in this department like so many other great shooters can be overlooked by an absolutely brilliant multiplayer experience that is simply unmissable, if you like intense online action you could be in worse company, than Bad Company.
  58. 90
    In spite of its sluggish opening, Battlefield: Bad Company goes on to produce one of the most entertaining first-person shooters since last year’s Call of Duty 4. Bold and bright in tone, it’s blockbuster fare that combines DICE’s first-person expertise with a small sprinkling of innovation that’s enough to ensure it’s a perfect way to shoot the summer breeze.
  59. Although the singleplayer campaign is entertaining enough, it is in the multiplayer that this game really shines. Almost perfectly balanced, the vehicles, destructible buildings and team-play make this game a joy to play and a must for any fans of the genre.
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  2. Negative: 10 out of 94
  1. Aug 12, 2010
    An incredible game to say the least. The Single Player Campaign is the best in its class and the Multiplayer has some of those epic 'Battlefield' moments. And, the way that you can customize your 'classes' in a multiplayer game is much better than those of Call of Duty. It is definitely a better game than the first Bad Company and is worth the purchase. I could not disagree more with JohnD, as if one side has something such as a helicopter it can get frustrating getting killed over and over but it puts you into a hard situation that YOU have to deal with. Also, if you level up or unlock something in-game you get to change and use it, in-game. For a basic summary, best in it's class and I have played EVERY Battlefield game to date. This is incredible. Full Review »
  2. Apr 21, 2011
    What a hell of a ride,DICE managed to put one awesome game and a original multiplayer. The story is very good innovative perhaps awesome ,well designed levels, many places where it develops like Russia< Bolivia etc ,. The multiplayer is very awesome many options, big maps, just what the tittle said Battlefield and is always Epic much better than a lot of other multiplayer if you want a war zone multiplayer, this is the pick . Full Review »
  3. Mar 22, 2011
    Don't know why the word "Bad" is in the title of this game because I can assure you that their is nothing remotely bad about it! Well maybe the AI amongst your squad as that's telling after a good few hours gameplay but overall this is a tremendous FPS. It's a game that doesn't get the credit it deserves and we all know why (CoD anyone?) but when CoD achieved what it did with MW its easy to see why especially comparing CoD to the first Bad Company. But I can safely say EA, well DICE, have rectified that. The graphics are a huge step-up from the original, especially in the forests in Bolivia. The sound however is what immerses you in the action, its terrific and captures the moments. The single-player focuses upon finding a scalar weapon currently being rebuilt by a Russian general who intends to destroy America. The missions are enjoyable, unfortunately like most not long enough although Bad Company 2 isn't as bad the likes of MW1/2 selling you short. However the real area where Battlefield excels is online. It is near unbeatable. Add to the fact its addictive as hell and allows you to decide which class you wish to take, as well well as that you can build up your prestige and upgrade your weapons. This is on par with CoD, and a worthy alternative and in many ways beats its adversary. Imagine just how good Battlefield 3 will be!?! Full Review »