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  • Summary: Bayonetta is a stylish and cinematic action game directed by creator Hideki Kamiya. A member of an ancient witch clan and possessing powers beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, Bayonetta faces-off against countless ethereal enemies, many reaching epic proportions, in a game of 100% pure, unadulterated all-out action. Outlandish finishing moves are performed with balletic grace as Bayonetta flows from one fight to another. With over-the-top action taking place in stages that are a veritable theme park of exciting attractions, Bayonetta pushes the limits of the action genre, bringing to life its fast-paced, dynamic climax combat. [Sega] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. It’s an almost flawless exhibition of gaming greatness, which can effortlessly make even the most ham-fisted of gamers feel like they’ve got elite skills. Bayonetta is already an early contender for GOTY for 2010.
  2. Some people may label Bayonetta as nothing more than Devil May Cry with breasts and pass on this title, but they would be missing out on an absolute gem of a game.
  3. Bayonetta is the perfect evolution of Devil May Cry. The controls are awesome and we love the combo's. And let's not forget the bosses, which are perfect examples of the quality of the game!
  4. Bayonetta is about as gloriously silly as PS3 gaming gets. [Christmas 2009, p.108]
  5. Bravo, PlatinumGames. You've made a game and created a heroine that gives Dante a reason to cry.
  6. An action game fan’s wet dream. Despite a derivative structure and a few technical stumbles—like occasional slowdown and frequent screen tearing—Bayonetta takes everything that’s good about every other combo-heavy action game, cranks up the intensity, fine tunes the combat, and bundles it in a single, sexy, “au naturel” package.
  7. Unfortunately, most of the kind words I have for Bayonetta are reserved for the Xbox 360 version, as the PlayStation 3 version suffers from crippling performance issues. Load times are bad, even popping up when you're simply cycling through options on your inventory menus, but what really kills it is the way the game stutters and chops through the action, dropping frames and bogging down at an almost constant rate.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 53 out of 73
  2. Negative: 7 out of 73
  1. SavannahH.
    Jan 10, 2010
    i really enjoyed playing through this and i am soo happy i finished it. i love the variety of moves and enemies so it never gets boring. when i heard it was by the same makers of Devil May Cry i believed they would not be able to top Devil May Cry. I have it on the PS3 and the Loading times were not as annoying as everyone said they were but it does make me a little upset that they got lazy when converting it to the PS3. the bosses were crazy but awesome and i would recommend this for anyone. i will defiantly play this game again and try and get all the trophies. Expand
  2. RomuloD.
    Jan 10, 2010
    Bayonetta is sexy and stylish. I never thought I would like a game so much.
  3. Mar 26, 2013
    This is one of my favorite hack and slash type of games. The graphics are pretty solid, the gameplay is simple enough to quickly learn and have a handle of, but complex enough to always be learning new things.

    The game has a ton of personality, the over-the-top sexuality in the game is beyond hilarious at times. The music has a great feel to it, at times being very humorous given the situation that it's in.

    This is a great hack and slash that also brings a ton of personality, something that can often lack in. The mix of charm and gameplay is a mix you can't go wrong with.
  4. Oct 2, 2014
    Bayonetta is fun. That is pretty much the best way to describe it. Pure, stupid, anime style **** fun. Before i write the bulk of my review i need you to understand that this is a game i suck at. I suck at the game, yet i love it. While the story is... Odd to say the least, it sort of vanishes from your mind when you sit down to play the game. The game is simply a time waster of the good kind. You can spend hours just beating everything you come across in the game into a pulp, yet it will feel just as challenging and fun as the start of the game. The fact that they throw new skills, combos and weapons into the mix as the game continues only makes it even more fun. Sadly the game is not perfect. The obvious oversexzualisation of the main character can be ever so slightly annoying at times, yet she is an entertaining character to play as. The side characters are mostly entertaining aswell. Overall the game is fun as a simple beat'em up. It has challenge, combos, entertaining bosses and fun characters. If you are a real sucker for good story lines i can't recommend the game to you, but if you are just looking for a good time, beating the sh*t out of everything in you path this is the game for you! Expand
  5. Dec 15, 2011
    How can I review a game which is so solid, gameplay wise, but is so unbalanced that it just becomes frustrating?. This is the craziest game I'v ever played, though apperantly since I never had the chance to play Killer 7 I suppose that's not saying much. But for anyone that had been playing way too many cliched action games, this one is completly cooky by all standards. Bayonetta has the best control shceme I'v ever seen in a game, I'm not joking. You can control Bayonetta's character whichever way you wish. It's sad to see then that the balance issues and overdone concept bring this game down. The game is hard, very hard, to the point that it becomes cheap. The game shows bayonetta as an awsome invincible character, but when you start playing you realise that it was all lies. The enemies are very tough and you are required to have perfect instincts if you desire to pass a stage without getting the "you suck" award. The characters are in a universe of their own, and the dialog shows it very well. The story develops slowly and getting better near the middle. underneath the flashy cutscenes and odd presentation, you get a solid action "Devil may cry" game that has perfect controls and, most importantly, fun. But the game never gives you the time to enjoy it because as you continue it will become more and more frustrating. I loved Demon's souls, but this game is hard in a stupidly annoying way. If this seems like your cup of tea you should try it, you might find it to be much better then what I'm describing. Expand
  6. Sep 30, 2013
    great game. on the xbox 360 that is. on the ps3, its still a great game. with bad framerates, long loading times. just a bad port overall.

    6 on the ps3.
    8 on the xbox 360.

    nope i'm not a microsoft fan.
  7. Sep 20, 2014
    bayonetta puo essere tranquillamente il nuovo sinonimo di sopravvalutato è un titolo mediocre spacciato per capolavoro con una trama inesistente e una protagonista ODIOSA e stupida meglio dedicarsi ad altro. Expand

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