Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. When you’re chaining combos together, switching between weapons, and punishing otherworldly opponents, Bayonetta is the epitome of its breed. It isn’t so much an evolution of the genre as a well-tuned and highly polished culmination of its history.
  2. It's such a fantastic game to start off the New Year with, and while I haven't been fully in love with Platinum Games previous efforts, they really knocked this one out of the park for me.
  3. 91
    This is as good as action games get. It controls like a dream, is extremely well balanced (not terribly difficult on Normal and incredibly challenging on Hard), has tons of variety, features great retro game references, contains tons of unlockables and challenges to keep you busy after you finish the story, and when it comes down to it, is the best game Sega has published in years.
  4. Bayonetta is truly a masterpiece of the action genre, a fresh, funny and spectacular stylish game also very deep in its gameplay. Platinum Games has definitely made a title that put Devil May Cry and every other action game in shame. Must Buy, period.
  5. It’s an almost flawless exhibition of gaming greatness, which can effortlessly make even the most ham-fisted of gamers feel like they’ve got elite skills. Bayonetta is already an early contender for GOTY for 2010.
  6. Visually stunning and beautiful, full of imagination and charming details, and excellent gameplay-wise, Bayonetta is a dream come true for those who consider Devil May Cry a milestone of the past generation.
  7. 90
    Bayonetta is the kind of game that makes me appreciate why I love videogames. It really defines a time when things were not taken too seriously and the focus was more on style and gameplay than anything else.
  8. 100
    Bayonetta is a stunning orgy of sadistic mayhem that surpassed even my unreasonably high expectations, and proved that violence can be beautiful.
  9. Bayonetta is a step further in the hack 'n slash genre, a genuine explosion of fun in which Hideki Kamiya discovers his feminine side: a witch killing angels and dancing to the beat of Fly Me to the Moon. In other words, we love you, Bayonetta.
  10. A superb design, compelling gameplay (easy to learn but hard to master), and a good storytelling make Kamiya's return much appreciated. Rest in peace Dante, we all fell in love with a (much more) beautiful witch.
  11. Some people may label Bayonetta as nothing more than Devil May Cry with breasts and pass on this title, but they would be missing out on an absolute gem of a game.
  12. A positively over-the-top beat 'em up -adventure. The battles are simply stunning - sexy, bloody, brutal and above all: fun. [Jan 2010]
  13. The worst things in Bayonetta are the long and often appearing loading times you are confronted with. Thank god the hero of the game, Bayonetta, is a hack of a women that knows how to fight using awesome combos in this great presented game.
  14. The story and world of Bayonetta don’t make sense in any way, but that’s the point. It’s a chain of strange, spectacular moments in incoherent surroundings. It’s a parody of other action games, but it also sets the new standard for those same games. It’s that good.
  15. Bayonetta is about as gloriously silly as PS3 gaming gets. [Christmas 2009, p.108]
  16. 93
    The most over-the-top, unremittingly silly, astoundingly inventive, consistently thrilling, overtly sexual, guility enjoyable Japanese action game we've played in years. [Issue#187, p.70]
  17. Bayonetta is an assured, impeccably well-crafted game overflowing with enough offbeat ideas to fuel a million action games, and if we were doling out medals of our own, we'd award Platinum Games with the highest possible accolade. Simply put, Bayonetta is worthy of nothing less than pure platinum.
  18. Nothing short of a hardcore gaming masterpiece.
  19. It’s only January and this game easily chalks itself up as a heavy contender in 2010 for Best Action Game. If you’re even remotely interested in action games, this is a must-have. Bayonetta is candy for the eyes and a pleasure for the thumbs.
  20. At the end of the day, Bayonetta is easily one of our most original gaming experiences that we have enjoyed in a long time and even though at times, it feels like a bad 70’s action movie, the story, characters and quirkiness of the gameplay is pure ingenious.
  21. Overall Sexy, epic and wonderfully ridiculous - a slick action game.
  22. Bayonetta is a fantastic game. Aside from a difficult late game and a wacky, confusing narrative, it manages introduce a deep, fun combat system that is silky smooth and easy to learn.
  23. Bayonetta is an unique title that exhales life back into the action hack-n-slash market.
  24. Bayonetta is a completely OTT game with singular vision, containing ideas that make sense only in the mind of Hideki Kamiya – the game’s creator. It’s an insight into what he thinks games should be about, and a love letter to the uniqueness of the medium he works in – with no misgivings to end-users that do not share his mindset.
  25. You can have a very different gameplay experience depending on how you develop your character. [Feb 2010, p.68]
  26. Bayonetta is the perfect evolution of Devil May Cry. The controls are awesome and we love the combo's. And let's not forget the bosses, which are perfect examples of the quality of the game!
  27. Chaotic, violent, and deliriously detailed. Only a handful of technical quirks and its cocky nihilism mar the experience. [Jan 2010, p.68]
  28. 95
    An unrivalled showcase of imagination and creativity, Bayonetta is potentially 2010's game of the year before 2009 has even ended. [JPN Import]
  29. Bayonetta is a superb action title that gets props for still being very challenging for the hardcore action crowd, but accessible enough for less-skilled players to play – the forgiving systems in place allow for minimal frustration, which usually leads to said player becoming much more skilled than they were before.
  30. Despite some incomprehensibly overwhelming battles, you will quickly become addicted to Bayonettas witty dialogue, additive gameplay and eye-popping production values.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 304 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 80
  2. Negative: 7 out of 80
  1. MichaelH.
    Jan 12, 2010
    Why a 5 out of 10? because it's a sloppy Ps3 port. Hey SAGA it's 2010 do something right or don't do it at all.
  2. SavannahH.
    Jan 10, 2010
    i really enjoyed playing through this and i am soo happy i finished it. i love the variety of moves and enemies so it never gets boring. when i really enjoyed playing through this and i am soo happy i finished it. i love the variety of moves and enemies so it never gets boring. when i heard it was by the same makers of Devil May Cry i believed they would not be able to top Devil May Cry. I have it on the PS3 and the Loading times were not as annoying as everyone said they were but it does make me a little upset that they got lazy when converting it to the PS3. the bosses were crazy but awesome and i would recommend this for anyone. i will defiantly play this game again and try and get all the trophies. Full Review »
  3. Sep 30, 2013
    great game. on the xbox 360 that is. on the ps3, its still a great game. with bad framerates, long loading times. just a bad port overall.great game. on the xbox 360 that is. on the ps3, its still a great game. with bad framerates, long loading times. just a bad port overall.

    6 on the ps3.
    8 on the xbox 360.

    nope i'm not a microsoft fan.
    Full Review »