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  1. Oct 6, 2010
    I did enjoy this game overall, ie. I don't regret playing it. But, for me, it has to be the most over-rated game of the current generation.

    It is quirky and has some very good levels and sequences, particularly towards the end of the game (I loved the Afterburner-style 'shoot 'em-up' level), so in this regard I at least respect the game, and I can understand why people love it. But I
    just found it, on the whole, rather tedious.

    Firstly, there's the music: I swear that the same song gets played over and over and over and the point where it gets stuck in my head, and haunts me to this day. Music is a useful tool in games for immersing the player and indicating progress and development, both story-wise and gameplay-wise. Having teh same music on repeat makes you feel like you're stuck in some pseudo-disco time vortex that not even Bayonetta's command of space-time can help you escape from.

    Secondly, there are the supporting characters, all of whom are either boring, weird, annoying or a combination of all three. I couldn't work out where they really fitted in, or why they were there. They just seemed like unnecessary extras. The worst of them was the 'New Yoik' Italian-American stereotype who, at the end of each level, you can hear exclaim 'Oh whadda day!' as a sort of ornament/trophy spins on the screen. You have to hear it yourself, because I can't find the words to explain how weird it sounds, and I certainly can't offer any explanations as to what it all means.

    And thirdly - extending from my previous gripe about the characters - there is no story. Well, there is, but I sure as Hell can't tell you what it is. Sometimes, no story is not a problem, if the game is purely gameplay-driven. But Bayonetta clearly thinks story is important given the amount or cutscenes there are. As another user-reviewer has said, they shouldn't have bothered.

    Strip all these away and all you are left with is your standard Hideki Kamiya hack 'n' slash and, save for few exceptional sequences and levels, very repetitive gameplay. Maybe I'm a philistine when it comes to Kamiya's work, but I when stripped down to her bare essentials (pun very much intended) Bayonetta isn't anything special. It's just Devil May Cry with an injection of estrogen.
  2. Aug 30, 2011
    Bayonetta is the game that made me open up a Metacritic account.
    Gamers should know what a piece of trash this game is. Nevermind the PS3 issues, Bayonetta's plot is so incredibly stupid and vague that is offensive, the main character is a tranny, which is ok if you're into that sorta stuff. She's also unidimensional, hollow and her motives are never clear. Lara Croft she is not. Half the
    game is composed of non-animated cutscenes, the other half is: pop some power-ups, dodge enemies and mash mash mash those buttons. Rinse and repeat. And don't get me started on the J-POP version of Fly me to the moon that plays on every battle. Again, it's offensive.
    First game in this console generation that I've quit halfway through. Life is too short to waste on a bad game. As an all-time Sega fan since the beggining, I urge them to seriously consider a change of profession, everything they throw out nowadays in trash.
  3. Jul 25, 2012
    A button masher that arbitrarly raises the difficulty way high so it can seem sooo hardcore. That's what this is. This is not better than god of war. This is a scam that we're supposed to get excited about because it looks so cool. It looks stupid. I guess that was the point. The developers wanted the game to be stupid. And they succeeded.
  4. Feb 21, 2013
    Bayonetta is a over the top action game, and puts the emphasis in "over the top." The graphics feel like there is a foggy texture over everything and are out date. The Xbox 360 version is much better graphically, but nothing else is drastically different between the consoles. The loading times are also a drag, the game loads for everything. Saving, opening up the menu, and even picking up items all require a loading screen. The gameplay makes up the whole game, and I am glad it is so good. The gameplay is innovative, just when you think it is getting stale it throws something new at you. The gameplay is at its best when the screen is filled with enemies and you have to take them all out. The bosses are also fun to fight as they tower over you. The story is sometimes a little too crazy and over the top, but it is original in a unique universe. In the first few minuets of Bayonetta you will see how crazy this game is. If you like the first few minuets, you will enjoy the rest of the game. If you do not like it, I would suggest another game. Expand
  5. Sep 30, 2013
    great game. on the xbox 360 that is. on the ps3, its still a great game. with bad framerates, long loading times. just a bad port overall.

    6 on the ps3.
    8 on the xbox 360.

    nope i'm not a microsoft fan.
  6. Dec 15, 2011
    How can I review a game which is so solid, gameplay wise, but is so unbalanced that it just becomes frustrating?. This is the craziest game I'v ever played, though apperantly since I never had the chance to play Killer 7 I suppose that's not saying much. But for anyone that had been playing way too many cliched action games, this one is completly cooky by all standards. Bayonetta has the best control shceme I'v ever seen in a game, I'm not joking. You can control Bayonetta's character whichever way you wish. It's sad to see then that the balance issues and overdone concept bring this game down. The game is hard, very hard, to the point that it becomes cheap. The game shows bayonetta as an awsome invincible character, but when you start playing you realise that it was all lies. The enemies are very tough and you are required to have perfect instincts if you desire to pass a stage without getting the "you suck" award. The characters are in a universe of their own, and the dialog shows it very well. The story develops slowly and getting better near the middle. underneath the flashy cutscenes and odd presentation, you get a solid action "Devil may cry" game that has perfect controls and, most importantly, fun. But the game never gives you the time to enjoy it because as you continue it will become more and more frustrating. I loved Demon's souls, but this game is hard in a stupidly annoying way. If this seems like your cup of tea you should try it, you might find it to be much better then what I'm describing. Expand
  7. Mar 4, 2012
    i thought this game was pretty good. i kinda new what i would be getting out of it before i even started to play. i was right for the most part it is a hack and slash game with a girl as the main character who is ment to tease the gamer with constant scences where she goes compleatly naked with only a black strip covering her body parts im not really into that but i know some people will love this. this game is really easy to just start playing but to master all the techniques there are takes some skill and the fight sequences always look beutiful. that being said the story is also pretty good with great graphics and some pretty good voice acting to back it up, there is also a bit of comedy thrown in at some points so the game does not get stale. although the story is great there isnt much replay value to this game than just playing through it again which is unfourtunate but it is still worth a try and is a decent length so it is worth picking up especially since it is only 20$ now Expand
  8. Oct 30, 2011
    Fantastic game. I love the mish-mash button fighting system and really excites me. Cool storyline to be a part of. The enemies are really hilariously awesome and gorgeously created. The bosses fight are memorable and bayonetta manages to own them all. I only wish the game could be longer.
  9. Jul 16, 2011
    Its late in the day for reviewing an "old" game, but i recently bought this preowned and cheap, and despite for the first 15 minutes i was thinking "Wot the Fiddlyfaddly is this crock of doodah", I have now just finished my second playthrough, and it has got to be up there as one the most enjoyable games I have ever played. All positive reviews say that it is "stylish and sexy", but you really have to experience this yourself as the words do not do it justice. This is Fun with a capital is also kinda crazy and makes little sense .The dialogue and storyline are its biggest let down, they just get in the way of the fighting and action and sumptious backdrops. Another slight minus is the voicing of Bayonetta..a kind of faux "Lara Croft" aristocratic english accent that is NOT sexy, but hey ho you can't have everything.
    This game is a wild, chaotic, beautiful rollercoaster. Ride it if you can.
  10. Jun 5, 2011
    If you're like me and hate games with time limits, you will not like this game. That's even more annoying than the pure button-mashing that is the crux of the game. Very disappointing game.
  11. Aug 5, 2011
    Okay. Bayonetta is.... one character you probably rarely come across as a protagonist. Many protagonists in games these days are quite generice looking, Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Cole in InFamous to name a few. Bayonetta on the other hand is fully dramatised to look extremely tall, curvy, suave and sexy which make her and the game kinda stand out. The game is basically a non-stop combo action game, meaning the star of Bayonetta is using tons of button combinations to execute all kinds of over-the-top attack moves that are cool and beautiful to watch. The game can be very easy (one button automatic combat) or extremely hard depending on the diffulty level you can choose. It offers quite an amount of content which means you'll be replaying stages to acquire cool items such as the many unlockable move sets, costumes, and different weapons. Aside from the gameplay, side characters are kinda weak and the story is not too compelling . It will certainly take time before you can truly understand the concept behind the story of Bayonetta. All in all, Bayonetta is another action figthing game you'd expect from Sega. It's nothing new or great but it can be a fun experience with all the cool combos. And if you're not down with that, well, at least you get to watch how hot Bayonetta is when she fights!! Expand
  12. Dec 11, 2011
    this game had nothing fresh about it when it was released and still is an example of why those who do not play games can make fun of those who do. this main character is a plastic shell of a woman, but hey she has huge **** and gets naked when she goes in beast mode for some reason? ignoring that the story elements and visuals were meant for a horny boy just hitting the very start of puberty, the game has literally no art direction what-so-ever. it is a button masher that relies on combos and steals what little style it has from devil may cry, which wasn't very good to begin with. it is an embarrassment to gaming that this exists, and even more so that people reviewed it well just because they saw some tit pixels. Expand
  13. Jan 14, 2014
    Stunning graphical beautifulness. Still looks amazing 3+ years after its release. I was hooked from the opening 'fly me to the moon' sequence right through to the end credits. Just sit back and hammer the buttons randomly until your enemies are defeated. Just the sort of difficuly level I like on these type of 3rd person jumpy shooty fighting games. There is a story in there somewhere too, but don't worry about it. Expand
  14. Feb 5, 2012
    El juego teoricamente es un Hack & Slash, pero al probarlo me doy cuenta que existen elementos que remiten bastante a Ninja Gaiden y secuencias estilo Final Fantasy con Devil May Cry, quiza se escuche bastante cheesy, y lo es, pero en eso radica la diversion del titulo, elementos que haran que en ocasiones digas WTF, como otras que digas LMFAO hahahah, bueno el titulo es divertido y vale la pena comprarlo como de esos accesorios curiosos japoneses, muy japones Expand
  15. Apr 25, 2012
    Good game, non-stop action, Great game play and pretty decent graphics, also theres so much vareity in combos and weapons! It loads pretty quick once you install it on your HDD.... definitely a must have! I give it personally a 9.5.. this game doesn't disappoint
  16. Nov 25, 2012
    A button-smash game with a pathetic story and character development.
    It sucked.
    Only horny teenagers will like this piece of crap.
    Play other games because this one doesn't deserve your attention.
  17. Jan 25, 2013
    Bayonetta's hack and slash gameplay is solid, sure, but the story is uninteresting in the slightest, made all the more harder to follow by the ridiculous sexualized undertones and provocative cut scenes which seem like a direct insult to ones own intelligence, or more likely, a shameless marketing tactic aimed strictly at pubescent teens. The enemies however are my greatest hatred, as they have very little variety and look incredibly stupid. From the common fodder enemies to the bosses, and whether they are meant to resemble humans or animals, they all have what I can only describe as lifeless, stonehenge-esque "masks" that are so expressionless and irritating to look at that not even destroying them with fancy combos provided much satisfaction, especially not after the first playthrough and having endured the absolutely HORRIBLE J-pop soundtrack over and over again. As soon as I earned the platinum trophy in this game I returned it from whence it came, with no desire whatsoever to ever play it again. Expand
  18. Apr 9, 2013
    So, had this game on my backlog for a while. I played it once when it came out, and for having DMC as my favorite video game franchise, you can guess that I enjoyed that first taste.

    But for whatever reasons that I'm not sure of, I never really finished it. So, yeah, after the the DmC release I got frustrated, saddened and angry for what was done to my favorite video game, and quickly
    searched for a replacement.

    And boy oh boy am I happy that it did. It's everything that I was EXACTLY looking for. The story silliness is nothing but refreshing to all that grimdark 2edgy4me that took all over the marketplace. The soundtrack is amazing, I adore "Fly me to the moon" and kicking angels asses by the sound of it was interesting at the last. I felt pressured whenever the game embraced that "serious" tone some chapters, to suddenly feel my blood pumping with joy whenever FMTTM kicked in again.

    And who cares if she gets naked? Or if the game has tons of sexualization? Well, let me tell this; character sexualizations works for both ways. Just like, let's say, Dante. Who has the looks of a greek god himself. And who cares, when they just have this huge charisma that only make us glad to be on their skin? I had this big stupid smile plastered on my face through pretty much every cutscene. They were simply a joy to watch.

    I didn't even got started in the gameplay! It’s so fast paced that sometimes felt like a cutscene that I was in control! It has such a large variety of combos, when I hadn’t even unlocked all of the weapons. The fact that you can pretty much cancel all of the attacks just opens a huge door to our creativity regarding combos. And they’re not even easy to pull it off, when the enemies have this pretty smart AI who’d wait for our opening and shove THEIR OWN combos on us. I never really saw that in an hack’n slash, where the ENEMY would use a combination of attack on us whenever I’d let myself get caught, leading to the loss of 5/10 my health on NORMAL. And I loved that. I have this huge collection of stone awards, that I’m not even ashamed of!

    The PS3 version however has some frame rate issues, as well as an unnecessary loading screen time. I highly recommend you to install the game before starting, causing most of the problems to cease.

    If you're a fan of the hack'n slash game, or just want a fresh start this game is a MUST BUY.
  19. May 25, 2013
    Although I certainly like the theme and it does have some awesome moments, its battle system is according to me not better than DMC as the they acclaim. It does not motivate you to create your combos enough and in the end it jus gets to to much dodging and precreated combos. New features like the Witchtime and dodge offsets are smart, but they don´t ad much to combos.
  20. Aug 20, 2011
    I so wanted to like this game. Sadly though, this was the most disappointed Iâ
  21. Mar 8, 2013
    Altough not that bad, there are better action games to play.
  22. Feb 10, 2014
    Varied and focused play was not sufficiently rewarded by the combat system, rather I ended up using the same simple combo (punch, kick, punch) for much of the game. It's too bad since the dodge function adds a lot to the gameplay, and it is a reminder of how similar all the attack combos are in effect. I also didn't get enough game currency to buy most weapon and technique upgrades, instead I barely had enough to buy potions and bigger health bar. So after one 12-hour playthrough, the game still seems a bit out of my grasp, and yet the gameplay is largely so repetitive I don't have the appetite for a replay. But the 3d models and concept work stand out compared to other games, and the campaign is filled with creativity and original inspirations. The puzzles and mini-games deserve special mention, as they are of extraordinary quality for what is usually seen in action games. After completion on normal, a gallery of 3d models unlocked and I took a few minutes to study the work, which was impressive. Also, although I didn't like the main character much, the supporting characters were surprisingly memorable and entertaining to follow. Expand
  23. Sep 26, 2012
    Solid combat and very stylish but just couldn't get into it.
  24. Jul 16, 2013
    I have to say that I really liked the game. For the first instance I had to go through one hour of wtf-moments, but then the game got better and better. There is a fatel flaw though: The beginner mode is way to easy and the normal mode is to hard imo. You have to play with perfect timing to reach the end in the normal mode. After loosing a boss battle for the 10th time, it gets frustrating. But that's because of my level as a player and not the games fauld. Nevertheless, it would have been good to have a difficulty setting inbetween. Expand
  25. Aug 4, 2014
    First off this game is fantastic.....when played on an Xbox 360 (and soon also on Wii U).
    That said, Platinum made an extremely stupid decision not caring how the PS3 version of this great games turned out.

    To be fair, Nex Entertainment were the team who ported this to PS3, but for Platinum and Sega to have allowed this to be released in the state that it was in is ridiculous.

    Thankfully they seem to have learned from this stupid mistake with Vanquish and MGS Rising
  26. May 16, 2014
    Bayonetta is a fast-paced hack and slash game. It is very reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series, but has more visual flair when it comes to weapons and combos. There are a few similarities to other games in the genre, such as roaming around to search for items, collecting treasure, using finishing executions, etc. However, the "Witch Time" gameplay mechanic is what truly makes
    this game standout from most titles. It is performed by dodging enemy attacks right before they connect. While in "Witch Time," time slows down and you are able to inflict more damage than usual. It adds some complexity to the gameplay, while implementing a fresh mechanic to the hack and slash genre.

    In Bayonetta, you play as the title character, who is an Umbran Witch. She has been awake for 20 years, but is unable to remember her past after a 500-year slumber. She has "one half of the eye" in her possession, a pendant that is vital to witches. Her informant, Enzo, learns that the other "half" is located somewhere in Europe. She arrives in the fictional city of Vigrid, where she fights many enemies, including the Cardinal Virtues. Bayonetta's story is decent, however, the presentation is horrendous. Every character, other than Bayonetta, has little to no character development. The cutscenes do not add to the game, but merely serve as a way to confuse the player even more. By the end of the game, you will probably be asking more questions, rather than know all of the answers.

    Graphically, Bayonetta is an average game. The game runs poorly on the PS3, with constant frame rate drops, screen tearing, and excessive loading screens. However, the developer offered a solution post-release. At the the menu screen, there is an "install" option, which will install the game onto your hard drive. Unfortunately, the install is 4GB in size. If you don't have enough memory, you will be stuck playing a terrible port. It is Absolutely Unacceptable to release a game in this kind of condition! The game is not unplayable, but the issues WILL be noticed. I know I've been harsh thus far; but I would be lying if I said the game didn't have amazing art direction. Bayonetta's style is impeccable! From Bayonetta's combo animations to extravagant boss designs, creativity was not spared throughout the development process! Bayonetta is very unique in comparison to most video games.

    -Challenging Game
    -Fluid Gameplay
    -Unique Art Direction
    -Creative Special Executions

    -4GB Install. If you don't have enough memory, you will be playing a game filled with constant screen tearing, frame rate drops, and loading screens
    -Horrendous Storytelling. Little to no character development, bad cutscenes, and confusing storyline

    Bayonetta is a good game, unfortunately, it has many glaring issues on the PS3. Buy the 360 version if possible. Casual gamers should stay away from Bayonetta since it is a very challenging game. Fans of the Devil May Cry series should definitely buy this game! If you are looking for a difficult hack and slash game, Bayonetta is your best option!
  27. Jun 13, 2014
    A very good hack and slash game, the story is alright, but tends to get abit akward at times, the characters are however good and i felt that Bayonetta was a real bad ass lead, and that Luka was a really good supporting character.
    The game holds a really cool combo system which and im sure any hack and slash fan will find it interesting.
    I however felt that the game had to many endings.
    Don't get me wrong, there is just one ending, but there where at least 3-4 four times i believed that the game was over and that i've finally beaten it, just to show that there is another boss awaiting just after the cut scene, the game can be quiet unforgiving even at the "Normal" setting, but anyone who likes a challenge should be up for it. Expand
  28. Aug 12, 2014
    Enjoyable but not to my personal taste. Baffling story and eroticism with plain weird characters/enemies littered throughout the game. It's completely over the top, but sometimes those liberties are taken too far.
  29. Sep 20, 2014
    bayonetta puo essere tranquillamente il nuovo sinonimo di sopravvalutato è un titolo mediocre spacciato per capolavoro con una trama inesistente e una protagonista ODIOSA e stupida meglio dedicarsi ad altro.
  30. Sep 20, 2010
    Bayonetta is one of the greatest examples of fantastic game design. The game does stuff that is just my boggling to think about. There are many things to gripe about when it comes to this game. Stuff like, the story is to wacky, or as a friend of mine said, that game look a little GAY, Which most are true, this game is pretty gay. But once you start playing the game nothing can touch it. The combat is very in-depth, itâ Expand
  31. Oct 5, 2010
    Bayonetta is an impressive game that is rich in gameplay, story and graphics. The superb features that are in this game are flawless. I reccomend this game to everyone who is thinking of buying it, it is a truly indulging game all-together.
  32. Oct 12, 2010
    When getting this game I wasn't sure what to expect, but it blew me away! The game play ran smoothly and the story was a good-paced 9-10 hours of excitement. At first the story didn't seem like much, however as I passed through more and more of the story I saw that it was so much deeper and I really got sucked in to the crazy plot and dazzling characters.
    One of my complaints is that the
    loading times were quite long and were a bit of a pain on the PS3 version, but the game itself is fantastic and should have sold a lot better. The customisation lead to different combo techniques and the different items and moves you could purchase was a great addition. The graphics were also beautiful and lead to the thrilling experience. The most impressive feature of the game was probably the boss battles. After the first I thought they couldn't get better but the last was one of the finest bosses I have ever played in a video game. This game is hard even in normal which is the highest difficulty you can start in and some of the alfheim portals are very tough, but this just makes the game even more dazzling and addicting.
    I recommend buying this to any fan of action games as the experience is incredible and as ludicrous as the story and characters are you really enjoy the twists along the way.
    Must buy for action fans !!!
  33. Feb 13, 2011
    This game is pretty nuts. Platinum has done a LOT with such an old genre. The gameplay is wall-to-wall action punctuated with a compelling main character, good plot, excellent graphics and control. I only have two gripes. One, some parts of this game are unnecessarily frustrating with cheap boss fights and checkpoints that are a too far from them. Two, the prerendered cinematics are PS2 quality (if that.) Not sure why the rest of the game is so awesome looking but the prerendered stuff looks bad. Besides these two points, the game is a must-buy at the current 20 dollar price point. It's fairly long what what it is and you'll have your hands full for a while. A must-have for your collection. Expand
  34. Nov 30, 2010
    An amazing experience meant to played by those who enjoy the Devil May Cry series and maybe even the Ninja Gaiden games. The ps3 may be the inferior product when compared to the 360, however the patch released make this a more enjoyable port. Overall, fast-paced, intense, epic, and a must have on any gamers' shelf.
  35. Jan 1, 2011
    I didnt know about Bayonetta until I played the demo. Was blown away and the game was no exception. I love the presentation of different dimensions and I thought the five hunfred year old witch story, though not original, was still pretty cool. The real high point of this game are the play mechanics. The player does high jumps, shoots, slices and dices, then lands on her feet to do it all again on the ground with great fluidity. Enemies attack from all angles and Bayonetta uses her sleek yet very deadly combat styles to dispatch them all. Her finishing moves awaken powerful demons that launch devistating attacks against larger enemies and bosses. On the down side, the load times are really annoying. The screen has to load every stage and every time you enter and exit a menu. Sometimes, not very often, the screen has to load mid level, but this is only for a second. But the weapons and items can be accessed while playing so theres no need to always bring up the menu. Another thing is the difficulty. Bayonetta has a dodge that when timed correctly, slows down all the enemies temporarily. But miss the dodge and you get hurt badly. Most enemies won't have one attack and you will be hit four five times before hitting the ground. And like how Bayonetta can move all over the screen, they can to. But with pratice, Bayonetta can be mastered and that brings a powerful feeling to take out ten enemies without taking a single hit. For players who like hack and slash games where style is key, this is the definitive vide game. Expand
  36. Aug 11, 2011
    This is a must-own PS3 game before you die. I definitely love the adrenaline and the heart-pounding smokin' hot Bayonetta. She's got more weapons than BloodRayne and Dante combined. I can't stop loving the new features: a slow-motion dodge system called "Witch Time," incredible killer moves, and some fatalities that could make Mortal Kombat running for their own money. Can't wait for a sequel as soon as it announces in the future. But for now, Bayonetta is pure sexy and pure crazy. One of my favorite games of 2010. Expand
  37. Jun 5, 2012
    I had that game catching dust on my shelf for a while when I decided to pick it up again. In the beginning, this game does give a "been here, done that" feeling, resembling DMC in many aspects, such as the overall "demonic" theme and the shooting/sword-fighting mixed game-play. Then again, the game does not deny that one bit. In fact, it deliberately takes things from DMC and makes them...better. The game-play (meaning moving Bayonetta herself) is pure fun and highly addictive. Once you get familiar with timing and movement, fighting goes smooth, flashy and makes you feel like you are in control. Some of her moves are so over the top that they made a small miracle to actually make it perfectly playable. Defy gravity, transform into animals, kill opponents with your hair that turns into a giant raven or dragon. Apart from the moveable camera that can be confusing sometimes, there is nothing about the game-play that should be considered other than brilliant, hit detection and avoiding enemy attacks is near perfection, even though as mentioned earlier I did need some time getting used to it. You have witches, demons, VERY intentionally lame jokes and fantastic level design plus millions of bad guys to defeat that come in a great variety. Several additional weapons, costumes, moves and accessories to buy will keep you busy for a while. If you are into Hack'n'Slay and Action, this game is a must. Expand
  38. Feb 24, 2012
    Great game, fun to play, good combos, very good graph's, interesting charactere and story.

    its a shame that you can't start a new game with old charactere with points, stats and bought items.
  39. May 2, 2012
    Bayonetta could be easily and mistakenly summed up by:"it's devil may cry, but you play as a woman". They are quite similar on the surface, but Bayonetta takes the "stylish action" from dmc and takes it up to eleven. From start to finish this game felt always fresh with a story that goes from point A to point K with unexpected twists. As long as you proceed into the game, you'll gain new abilities or powers that bring new gameplay mechanics. If you think you'll survive just pressing the square button you are very wrong, you will learn pretty soon to master the "dodge" mechanic that slows time for a couple of seconds. The main character is funny as hell, charismatic, even though at times she goes too far in terms of profanity, making the viewer uncomfortable. The biggest downside for me was the presentation, cutscenes were a little difficult to follow trying to mimic a motion comic (if you are not english it's difficult to read the subtitles and get what is happening on screen). Occasionally this game looked like it came from the ps2-era, fortunately I do not base my judgement only on graphics so it really didn't matter very much. In the end Bayonetta is a must buy if you like fun and compelling games, the artistic direction can be divisive, though. Expand
  40. Mar 7, 2012
    I feel this game is a little over rated. All I hear is that this the Female Version of Devil May Cry. It is true in some ways and not true in most. But the game is generally fun but feel like it could've been improved more. It's basically your typical hack and slash game with some customization to your weapons. It has that over the top action sequence and it was very enjoyable. If you're a trophy hunter like me, I found that most of them are fairly difficult to get unless you play this game many times over and over again to unlock weapons. Overall its an enjoyable game and should be played if you're into this type of game. Expand
  41. Sep 29, 2013
    How to describe Bayonetta? Crazy over the top action. Satisfying, diverse and yes crazy gameplay. It hooks you! Story ain't so great but strong protagonist keeps you entertained. Music fits the game perfectly. If you are looking crazy action game this is for you I mean think about it bayonetta's hair turns in to demons.
  42. Mar 26, 2013
    This is one of my favorite hack and slash type of games. The graphics are pretty solid, the gameplay is simple enough to quickly learn and have a handle of, but complex enough to always be learning new things.

    The game has a ton of personality, the over-the-top sexuality in the game is beyond hilarious at times. The music has a great feel to it, at times being very humorous given the
    situation that it's in.

    This is a great hack and slash that also brings a ton of personality, something that can often lack in. The mix of charm and gameplay is a mix you can't go wrong with.
  43. Jul 8, 2013
    The good: - Great character design and a fun story - Great music and sound - Very good environments and attention to detail - A lot to do (challenges, collectables) high replayability - Often very smooth combat, better than most other games in this genre The bad: - Sometimes very frustrating, hard and unforgiving - Quick-time events are just horrible and frustrating - Frustrating platforming sections later on
    - A few bad framerate problems later on, but nothing awful.

    Overall, I'd say it's an 8.2. If you like these kind of games, I'd say buy it straight away! But if you're easily frustrated or don't like button mashing, you might want to borrow or rent it first. I'd say it's worth checking out even if just for the brilliant style and for Bayonetta herself, who is one of the most finely crafted and hilarious characters I've ever seen. Apart from a couple of flaws, I really enjoyed it.
  44. Mar 16, 2013
    While I'm not a huge fan of hack and slash, this game did a pretty good job of holding my interest. Despite the issues with the PS3 port, the game overall handles well in the control department, and the action itself is of a very solid quality. The plot is occasionally predictable, but it's held up well by the characters being likable overall. There are quite a few unlockables, which I'm sure make the game more interesting for completionists who like to do new game+ style run throughs. They announced the sequel will be a Wii U exclusive, which makes me excited to know mine will eventually be more than e very expensive decoration. The cutscenes that weren't animated at all were a drag, I'm not sure if that was intended style or just lack of money, but I'm excited to see what they pull off with the sequel. Expand
  45. Mar 18, 2013
    Awful game design decisions (platforming sections that break the flow of combat, quick time events, lengthy cutscenes you have to open a menu to skip, etc.) and occasional lag keep Bayonetta from being the 10/10 sterling action game it deserves to be. Still highly recommended.
  46. Jul 6, 2014
    After fixing the frame-rate issue by installing and the loading by updating,no doubt one of the best hack'n'slash,quite old already tough,but still in 2014,i really like playing,really fun and sometimes challeging,graphics is a bit exceeded,but the characters,enemies and bosses,still look great to good,,thing is,if you compare a bit with devil may cry,it's quite a button smashe,with dodging at the right time

    Now the story likes some others games(a least in my opinion) takes some time to trigger and get interesting,maybe because there is quite loose ends,and get time to get understandable,now like survivor horrors,they are files and other stuff you can get,explaining more of everything,thing is,not everyone has the balls to read i guess,what help is the characters, that overrall have a good charisma,mainly bayonetta herself and luka,also jeanne is a good character,also the game has a good sense of humor,making you laugh sometimes,for mans,well no doubt they are those who will literally fap to bayonetta,her ass gets in the cutscenes a lot,and it's perfect,
    as for the gameplay,not much secret,like devil may cry,just walk straight,make combos on enemies,what is good is that the gameplay is varied,with diferent types of stages,bosses,with tecnically speaking,no puzzles,i got a bit lost only on the airplane stage,had to look around a bit to get to the right place

    if you are a fan of hack'n'slash,this a must buy,if you lke games with a story that starts well and end well,you have to think about a bit,the characters are overral good and have a really good charisma,that makes the story quite more interesting,if you like a female protagonist that has sex appeal quite big,and OP,well bayonetta might be your home
  47. Apr 18, 2014
    not a bad game, in homage to "GRArcada" the game is "Stufective", Stupid concept and everything but yet effective.

    It looks great, making the difference between the dull and gray human world and the colorful and impressive other worlds or "purgatory" as its called in game, where most of the battles are.

    The Story is very simple with clear villain with a simple and somewhat cliche
    motivation, and presented though the also cliche "amnesia" plot (seriously, if you find the story of this game too complex, you have a lot to learn).

    So while it looks gorgeous and amazing, its too amazing for its own good, for what the game is and offers, the realistic aesthetics it chooses to be doesn't help, it would be more awesome if it was a bit more stylized, then is can had more "over the top" scenes and "over the top" reactions that would help a lot of moments in the game, but what we get is enough to enjoy the game so... meh.

    The Game play is fast, aggressive, sexy, and visually impressive, but if you play for prolonged sessions it becomes repetitive, same enemies same ways to beat them all, and once you get the weapon of your choice, you don't need anything else in the game in terms of upgrades, maybe something to improve your mobility and health but that's about it, sometimes it feels like a button smasher rather than an action game, and as many in its genre, you go in a level, gets stuck in a "room" with a bunch of enemies, kick their asses to continue and repeat, but the different combos add that "itch" of experimentation to make it feel less repetitive, even when it still is repetitive, just enough to want to play a further more, that and try to execute all the "climax moves" on every enemy, those move feels amazing when executes on enemies. The only big problem with some fights and moments in the game are the QTE and instant death moves from some bosses, the QTE need a bit more time to announce themselves and allow the player to put the command in the controller, and the instant death moves should be announced differently so the player can be prepared a bit the first time facing them, at least in normal and easier difficulties, for the hardcore players its ok.

    The audio is immersive, it has passion and goes with the tension or the spectacular visuals it is played, is sexy as the protagonist, and emotional. Said that, there's some levels where is little to no Background music when there is no battle, and the common battle theme repeats to much with the common enemies, making these fights repetitive and often boring. Its only the Climax or torture attacks that makes these common fights enjoyable, seriously, it feels sooo satisfying.....
  48. Oct 2, 2014
    Bayonetta is fun. That is pretty much the best way to describe it. Pure, stupid, anime style **** fun. Before i write the bulk of my review i need you to understand that this is a game i suck at. I suck at the game, yet i love it. While the story is... Odd to say the least, it sort of vanishes from your mind when you sit down to play the game. The game is simply a time waster of the good kind. You can spend hours just beating everything you come across in the game into a pulp, yet it will feel just as challenging and fun as the start of the game. The fact that they throw new skills, combos and weapons into the mix as the game continues only makes it even more fun. Sadly the game is not perfect. The obvious oversexzualisation of the main character can be ever so slightly annoying at times, yet she is an entertaining character to play as. The side characters are mostly entertaining aswell. Overall the game is fun as a simple beat'em up. It has challenge, combos, entertaining bosses and fun characters. If you are a real sucker for good story lines i can't recommend the game to you, but if you are just looking for a good time, beating the sh*t out of everything in you path this is the game for you! Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. 90
    Bayonetta is the kind of game that makes me appreciate why I love videogames. It really defines a time when things were not taken too seriously and the focus was more on style and gameplay than anything else.
  2. Bayonetta on the PlayStation 3 is simultaneously gratuitous, ludicrous, and great, but it's unfortunately held back from its potential by a number of technical issues.
  3. Bayonetta is a refreshing and somewhat surprising addition to an already extensive catalogue of action games. A must-buy for any anime gaming fan, and an excellent representation of the genre.