Bionic Commando PlayStation 3


Mixed or average reviews - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 48
  2. Negative: 1 out of 48
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  1. The gameplay is sheer perfection, the score is superb and the detail for a game this size is plain crazy.
  2. As you squeeze off headshots and sail around the stunningly rendered destroyed city, the game’s only hiccup is in forcing you to read fine-print-sized text about the game’s optional mythology. But don’t let a little reading stop you from enjoying what’s essentially a playable action movie.
  3. 90
    Do not believe the negative hype. I cannot recommend Bionic Commando enough.
  4. 90
    Heavy odds, tricky acrobatics and a whisper-thin health bar combine to make Bionic Commando an action adventure of such unrelenting sadism you'll want to chew your nails out, but also an action adventure that, once you crack it, rewards your labours like few others.
  5. This game looks good, ramps up the difficulty nicely for a solid progressive challenge, and is relatively easy to jump into and play. Ok, the linearity of the storyline is a bit of a drawback, but the game still manages to embroil players in the action and pull them along effortlessly because of the way the action plays out.
  6. 82
    Its skillful mix of old-school platforming and 3D gameplay is unique enough to set it apart from the competition, just don't expect to be totally blown away. [Issue#179, p.74]
  7. 81
    Another fantastic update to a classic franchise from Capcom.
  8. A classy remake of a classic title, Bionic Commando is the undisputed King of Swing.
  9. Bionic Commando goes back and forth between moments of great, navigation-based gameplay and a lot of little touches that don't work as well as you'd like. It makes the final product a little frustrating, because you can almost see a better game trying to bust its way out of its constraints.
  10. 80
    If you can look past the replayability issues that crop up due to the linear play, you'll find an enjoyable adventure that easily re-establishes the franchise for Capcom.
  11. Entertaining, fun action game with a fresh concept, nice graphics and a lot of humor.
  12. 80
    Even multiplayer is a strange blend of inspiration and worn convention.
  13. The game was worth waiting for. The action feels like Robocop meets Rambo with a little extra. Furthermore Bionic Commando features some references to the old game that will give the veteran a nostalgic feeling. The storyline and non linear gameplay spoil the fun a little bit, but in the end the game does exactly what is expected: shoot, stomp and swing.
  14. They already showed what they were capable of when adapting the original Bionic: Commando, and now the guys at GRIN have surpassed themselves translating the original concept to 3D, with a sequel that will please both series followers and newcomers for its approach and visual quality.
  15. Bionic Commando is a great experience for action-fans. Flying around with your bionic arm is lovely and we just love the action which comes out of that. There is a lot of stuff to discover and the soundtrack is superb. The only downfall of the game is that the story is a bit short.
  16. Bionic Commando will frustrate many gamers, but get past the initial swinging learning curve and you'll find a highly entertaining action game that tries to do something a bit different.
  17. Those who want the real Bionic Commando experience should try the original one, or if they are in the graphic and technological mood maybe the Rearmed remake. By the way the new Bionic Commando is a nice action effort, but maybe too cyclic and little bit unresponsive at times.
  18. Bionic Commando is an interesting single-player experience many gamers are likely to enjoy. Disappointingly, the multiplayer experience is entirely forgettable, and not all of the wonderfully tacky elements of the series were well translated this time around.
  19. 76
    In the end the high difficulty will drive away casual gamers so trying the demo first is a must. But between the tough bosses and fast gameplay, this is a worthy successor to the NES original.
  20. You'll have a lot of fun with this new Bionic Commando, but he ultimately plays it safe in his first adventure in twenty years.
  21. It lacks the balance it would take to make it something really great, but what is there is fun, just not as phenomenal as some of Capcom's more recent franchise reboots.
  22. Whether Bionic Commando will be enjoyment personified will depend on one simple thing – having the dedication to master Spencer's Bionic Arm.
  23. 75
    Bionic Commando is the surprise of the year so far. With a game that focuses so much energy on making the experience fun, it’s hard not to get swept up.
  24. Overall, there's some fun to be had swinging around the ruins of Ascension City, but don't be fooled - it's a flawed experience. The game's campaign is fairly entertaining, but lacks any real depth or originality, falling short of living up to the Bionic Commando name.
  25. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    There are some great moments, but they're few and far between. [July 2009, p.80]
  26. 70
    Taken on its own merits it is a solid if unspectacular third-person action game, and about the unkindest thing you could say about it is that it is bland and inoffensive.
  27. 70
    Despite its shortcomings, Bionic Commando has become a nice game. Swinging from building to building in a destroyed Ascension City is a nice experience, and the vast amount of cool action make up for most flaws in the game.
  28. Bionic Commando could have been more. All its problems results in an inability to set the game in a superior quality level. However, many will face the desire to continue playing and, even through all the problems, wont stop loving it.
  29. While the combat is a bit of a letdown, the high bar for difficulty is certainly more addictive than it is frustrating, which compensates for the title's shortcomings and fittingly punctuates a solid piece of work.
  30. Despite the not-so-bad first impressions, Bionic Commando is a disappointing game. Linearity is not a drawback by itself, it's more about the way it has been pushed into the game, which often delivers loads of frustration... Long and frequent loading times, lousy A.I., and inaccurate controls just confirm that this is not a Capcom game, but more a Grin one. Let's hope Capcom itself will be on the next RAD Spencer incarnation: all it needs is some polish.
  31. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Patchy fun, but lack of polish and predictability betray its lack of reach. [June 2009, p.68]
  32. I personally could not overlook a number of glaring flaws, most importantly the horde of control issues, in addition to the annoying load times.
  33. Game Informer
    It's hard to forget the unresponsive controls, ludicrous story, and questionable combat encounters. The game is uneven and inconsistent enough to scare away even eager fans who have patiently waited 20 years for another swing. [June 2009, p.83]
  34. If the level design did a better job of integrating exploration, platforming, and environmental puzzles, it could have overcome its deficiencies on the combat front. As it is now, Bionic Commando is only worth a rent or bargain bin purchase.
  35. Pelit (Finland)
    Being a Bionic Tarzan while swinging from building to building has its thrills but the core action is repetitive, unimaginative and constraining. [July 2009]
  36. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    As long as you're not expecting anything more complex than the ancient side-scroller that inspired it, Bionic Commando offers plenty of fun. [June 2009, p.100]
  37. Bionic Commando has some enjoyable moments, but consistent fun always seems just out of arm's reach.
  38. Even these best intentions cannot hide the fact the game never consistently hits the epic feeling most will feel it should.
  39. A flawed, yet incredibly enjoyable, history lesson.
  40. 60
    Crappy story and occasional boring moments aside, Bionic Commando is a good game, akin to a summer popcorn flick. It won't stick with you, but it'll certainly entertain you. When the action amps up it feels awesome; it's just too bad that those moments couldn't have comprised the game's entirety.
  41. If you dig the swinging and master the controls, you might find this sequel worthy of its legendary name. Other players, however, will discover a linear game banking on a gimmick.
  42. Despite the high budget Bionic Commando never manages to swing high enough, mainly due to the steep learning curve and troublesome controls. It's still quite a good game, just not as fantastic as we'd hoped.
  43. 58
    It does a lot of things right (great looking graphics, fun multiplayer, and quality voice work), but it's constantly held back by unfortunate design decisions that replace satisfaction with frustration.
  44. It's not a horrible game, and it does provide some fun for the 8 or so hours of gameplay, but it's not particularly exciting or noteworthy either.
  45. Try as I might, I can't think of anything that Bionic Commando offers that one would expect from a modern full-priced game.
  46. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Despite BC's visible level of technical acumen, questionable design decisions combined with an outrageous game ending have produced one of the most frustrating and disappointing games in recent memory. [July 2009, p.74]
  47. The blue stuff could be an analogy for the game at large – unexpected, cool to look at, but utterly, maddeningly infuriating and with little resemblance to what the forces that birthed it set out to achieve.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 62 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 20
  1. Feb 7, 2011
    This game is great and did not deserve poor sales. I think the "official" critics got this one wrong. GRIN did a very good job here and I'mThis game is great and did not deserve poor sales. I think the "official" critics got this one wrong. GRIN did a very good job here and I'm glad some of the staff went on to form Fatshark and have now put out Bionic Commando Rearmed 2.

    Bionic Commando for the PS3 is a lot of fun, especially finding all the secrets. It takes a while to get used to the game, but it is worth learning how to swing around the levels - awesome. It's the kind of game I know I will play again.
    Full Review »
  2. MasonicInc
    May 27, 2009
    A refreshing game that tries something new and gets a beating for from journalists that clearly don't know how to play a game. This is a A refreshing game that tries something new and gets a beating for from journalists that clearly don't know how to play a game. This is a game for gamers and not just some mainstream product in a long series of uninteresting games. Full Review »
  3. HeikkiRepo
    Jan 21, 2010
    Not bad at all! In fact, it is very addictive and cool looking sci-fi adventure that has unique game mechanics and great atmosphere. Game Not bad at all! In fact, it is very addictive and cool looking sci-fi adventure that has unique game mechanics and great atmosphere. Game deals good amount of sudden deaths, but it wasn't game breaker for me. Positives rule out the negatives. If you see this game sold out cheap, get it! Full Review »