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  • Summary: Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the halls of Rapture once again echo with sins of the past. Along the Atlantic coastline, a monster has been snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city of Rapture. You are the very first Big Daddy as you travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers and your own survival. Multiplayer in BioShock 2 provides a rich prequel experience that expands the BioShock gameplay. Set during the fall of Rapture, players assume the role of Plasmid test subject in the underwater city that was first explored in the original BioShock. Players will need to use all the elements of the game's toolset to survive as the full depth of the BioShock experience is refined and transformed into a unique multiplayer experience that can only be found in Rapture. [2K Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 62
  2. Negative: 0 out of 62
  1. The weapons are better. The plasmids are better. The enemies are better. At some points, even the storytelling is better. What's most amazing and surprising about BioShock 2, however, is that by diving deeper into Rapture's tortured history and exploring more of Rapture's haunted world, it actually manages to make the original BioShock better, too.
  2. It's definitely a great game and will likely be on top ten lists at the end of the year. It's just not a perfect 10.
  3. Rich, philosophical story...that's not as clever as the original story.
  4. 90
    BioShock 2 is the sequel of the fantastic BioShock and this time you play a prototype Big Daddy, a few years after the original BioShock. The gameplay isn't much improved and the graphics are a little bit the same. It sounds negative, but the game is at every perspective of high quality, thanks to the new plasmids and weapons.
  5. A conservative return to Rapture, but full of quality.
  6. 85
    The graphics and the sound in BioShock 2 are well done, but the gameplay hasn't changed much since the first title. The story and the atmosphere in Rapture are still the best part of the game and therefore the main reason to buy this work of art.
  7. The game didn't do enough in my eyes to improve on what made the first game so great.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 56 out of 67
  2. Negative: 4 out of 67
  1. SR
    Feb 20, 2010
    Playing this game actually made me better at BioShock 1. On the Survivor (hardest) difficulty mode in the first game I couldn't make it past finding the first plasmid (since I would just keep getting outflanked by splicers and shot in the back of the head) but now I am cruising through and I am maxed out on med kits and EVE hypos (I think because Bioshock 2 forced me to prepare more carefully in the scenarios where you have to defend little sisters while they are getting EVE from corpses). I really wish I had a webcam so I could put on Youtube the first time I defended a little sister successfully (in Bioshock 2) because I did it on the hardest dificulty level with only the wrench, rivet gun, electricity plasmid and no med kits (I just kept getting wrench headshots on splicers which I had bottlenecked in a doorway). The next time I successfully defended a little sister on the first attempt just by using the hypnotize (enrage) plasmid on all the splicers and they just all killed each other for me. Something about the gameplay in Bioshock 2 just seems to make more sense to me than it did in the first game, but it's clearly applicable to how you approach the first game. I think the thing is that Bioshock 2 is a little more obvious about how it forces you to visualize how you are going to approach encounters; maybe it just gives more obvious clues than the first game did. Or maybe Bioshock 2 just isn't as good at keeping its secrets as the first game; either way I feel like I understand (and love) both games much more now than I would have expected (and I can't believe I was actually on the fence about buying this game or Dante's Inferno last weekend!). Expand
  2. evap
    Feb 9, 2010
    I just picked it up and havn't beaten it yet but i can tell you that this game is about the best sequel you can hope to get from a company that has to follow an epic game like bioshock. Im just voting now because i cant believe these critics are docking this game the score it deserves because the story isnt as solid. hmm, this reminds me of another sequel that got really high scores even though it had almost no noticeable differences at all from the first...hmm what was that game called? oh yeah modern warfare 2. it gets a 94, a 94...and the game is hardly different from the for those of you who actually judge games because of what the critics DONT listen to them on this one. playing this game is most fun i've had in a long time and all i can say is fuck the critics, pick this one up every gamer should. Expand
  3. Jun 7, 2013
    Bioshock 2 continues what seemed to be the very best FPS I've ever played in my life, but now changing part of the core of the previous game, placing you in control of a Big Daddy, and in an atmosphere much different, now 10 years later. The game stands by the same principles, but now innovating much in gameplay, showing extensive levels with much to explore and different ways of challenges with new Plasmids and new enemies.
    However, it didn't totally improved in all therms, although it is difficult to find a story as good as the one in the first game of the series the story in this game felt some times with a hole or two, and giving you a strange felling that something should have been mentioned in Bioshock 1. Despite some slight issues such as the graphics that should have been enhanced, other details make you feel a part of innovation at the gameplay and at the very scenario itself.
    It didn't improve as much as it should but it also did not crushed expectations, it really felt like a new game that tried to make new things but had some backdrops.
  4. KostasI.
    Feb 20, 2010
    Let me state this off the bat. This game is not nearly as good as the first one. Partly because the magic and wonder is not here any longer, part because of its uninspired corridors, part of the lack of belief that you are a big daddy (yeah a big daddy whos ass can be wooped by 2 splicers with a wrench) and lastly partly because the games world is not meant to be experienced with a trigger finger. Despite these problem however this game is awesome. It has a great story, great set pieces and solid action mechanics. To call it Bioshock 2 however is missleading. This game could easily be Bioshock extended or 1.5 or whatever or even a lengthy episode on top of the first one. Its still worth a look but i suggest you rent before you buy. Expand
  5. Feb 3, 2014
    Story: 7 out of 10, Graphics: 9 out of 10, Fun: 8 out of 10, Controls: 8 out of 10, Ease to Learn: 8 out of 10, Length: 8 out of 10, Re-play: 3 out of 10, Value: 7 out of 10 Expand
  6. Oct 10, 2011
    BioShock 2 is a great shooting game i only paid £5 so i didn't pay much i like the horror part of the game mix with the powers you get i give it 7/10 Expand
  7. Aug 23, 2014
    This game should have just been a DLC instead of a full-blown sequel. The story is ridiculously short and boring, not to mention poorly voice-acted. And by far the worst sin is that no new plasmids were added, some were tweaked ever so slightly or given new names, but no real new ones were added for the second game. The weapons were also extremely similar to the original game. Some may see this as staying true to the original, but I see it as lack of originality, inspiration, or imagination. It seems as if the makers of the original Bioshock just got really really really lazy and decided to not change anything because the system worked the first time. Any new plasmids or weapons would have been a welcome addition, not a significant change to the game. Overall, the game just should have been a DLC and I have rarely been so disappointed in a game. Expand

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