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  1. May 28, 2013
    One of the best storyteller game i have ever played. Lots of Easter eggs with story connection, amazing graphics, sounds, and graphic interface. great soundtrack too.
  2. Jun 9, 2013
    Best game!

    I loved the first bioshock and this one, although realllly different, is still just as on par in terms of plot, gameplay, soundtrack etc. some of the voice acting can be annoying but that's just because i'm bipolar and everything is annoying when i'm manic. (anyway). anyway.
  3. Apr 5, 2013
    Scratch beneath the surface of Bioshock Infinite's glossy veneer and your'll find a mind numbing shooter completely and utterly devoid of any innovation or depths. Let's get straight down to business here, this game is not fun to play. Game-play consists of irritatingly stupid enemies running at you, you shoot them, then loot their corpses, repeat for 20 hours. Combat is barely competent. With no cover mechanic, impossible to see enemies will attack from all angles. Increasing the difficulty only increases the level of frustration. There is no tightly woven gaming mechanic to master here you just have to grind through the best you can. The story and characters are obnoxiously shoved in your face constantly, but with no way of affecting events they only serve to annoy further. The only area Infinite scores marks in is the presentation and concept. Columbia could have been a great setting for a better game. But Infinite is just irrelevant. Expand
  4. Apr 14, 2013
    This is my first BioShock game, and I thought it was amazing. Even my girlfiend who sometimes will watch me play games to help out with puzzles commented that "this is the best video game I've ever seen!" The city of Columbia was well realized and I enjoyed the social commentary throughout the game's setting. I played Tomb Raider after this, and my girlfriend said "none of these characters are nearly as interesting as Elizabeth." I truly am not a fan of FPS at all, but the Easy setting let me enjoy the action and story without being too stressed out. Definitely a game I will replay given the chance, and I also look forward to playing the original BioShock. Expand
  5. Dec 8, 2013
    In my opinion this game is pretty good, but not great, the gameplay was kinda boring and columbia for me seemed like it was there so they could slap in a new city, but with those issues it still had a fantastic and believable story, great graphics, and while the gameplay was a litte boring the shooting is still decent, this game is good, just doesn't deserve the reviews it got
  6. Mar 30, 2013
    Infinite meets all of my expectations, luckily, and pushes the FPS genre forward in terms of narrative and gameplay with ease. I've never been a huge fan of the FPS genre as I feel that(making exceptions for games like Bioshock and Crysis) the genre as a whole has not pushed forward in the same ways as what other genres have. Luckily Infinite proves me to be wrong. The story draws you in, keeping you invested without the need of any cheesy cliches, and meets the same standard as what you would hope for a Bioshock sequel. The relationship between you and every other character is constantly changing and keeping fresh. But its not until you meet Elizabeth that the game becomes more than just a great game, it becomes a classic. In terms of story it becomes interesting, but its the gameplay that really benefits from her. Tears become a massive part of the gameplay, just as much as the super-powered vigors, making the battle feel like its constantly changing and becoming more complex. This also is in favor to the enemy types which are impressive as they range in difficulty making you often on edge throughout fights. This becomes more apparent when you consider the sound design as well, which is beyond impressive. Overall this game is an instant classic with plenty of replay value. Expand
  7. Dec 25, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a brilliant shooter with great gameplay innovations, unique and amazing graphic style and great visuals. The story is original and interesting but with a little but. Spoiler alert! When I finished the game I thought that the story was amazing but when I started to think and ask some questions... the story falls. In the end when you stop that one decision from happening(birth of Comstock) you realise that all that character development and story was all for nothing. Sure Comstock will never born but Booker is still the same person. Booker is still willing to sell his daughter, drunk and gambler. And I have to say that I didn't see the Bioshock1 plot twist coming at all. And I have to say that I am not a genius but in Infinite when you see Elisabeth opening a rift and you see Return of the Jedi movie... Time travel! So I was able to predict some conclusions about the story. The story could have been so so much better because themes like hypertime and timetravel opens so much doors. Expand
  8. Apr 8, 2013
    BioShock Infinite was a game that I was extremely hyped for when it was first announced and it has finally arrived. Was it worth the wait? Yes, if you have not played this game yet I highly suggest you do so. Its a game that is a must buy for any die hard gamer. It features some of the best characters, and storyline in a video game to date and it cannot be missed by anyone.
  9. Apr 13, 2013
    The game play may seem a little old to some, but I enjoyed it. The characters are believable, the game looks and feels great. Audio and voice acting are top notch as well.
  10. Apr 27, 2013
    It's not perfect, but it's still far better than anything on the market. Its been years since a game this good has come out. The graphics are good, but their not mind blowing-good. It has great AI(for an FPS). The game isn't very hard, but that doesn't matter when the gameplay and story are so amazing. There are some changes in gameplay from the other Bioshock games. This one is focused on combat, and has removed hacking to place more emphasis on combat. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is up to whether or not you liked hacking. Personally, I got tired of hacking about halfway through the first game, and hated it by the end. There are also some major changes to the upgrade system. Now you buy upgrades for your guns and vigors using money, and you get passive upgrades by finding gear or tonics. Not of that matters however, because the series's strong point has always been the story, and this game's story is one of the best in any game ever.
  11. Aug 4, 2013
    Game of the year? For what?
    The gaming experience is nothing special and the biggest complaint for this game is it creating an average fun experience until you get to the end of the game where the waves upon waves of enemies are ridiculous, etc. How they make the first 38 levels fine and then all of a sudden bump it to ridiculous lengths is beyond me. And this is on hard, not even the
    hardest level. Soooooooooooooooo dumb. The game is fun; nothing special. Game of the year is hands down The Last Of Us; good game, but definitely overrated as well. Expand
  12. Apr 15, 2013
    From start to finish, Bioshock Infinite has you engaged in the story line and has you waiting till the very end for the awesome ending only Levine could come up with. What I loved about the game is the slick gameplay which reminded me so much of the previous Bioshock games, yet so different at the same time. But the best was Elizabeth's interaction, which was so well thought out. The best female character ever in a game, just spectacular to say the least. I've played the game 3 times over for the Platinum, and can't wait to another run through! Expand
  13. Jul 20, 2013
    "Bioshock Infinite has such an amazing story and a great way of telling it, you'll be a hook till you hit with a unsuspecting plot at the middle and end. Now only if the gameplay was that amazing as the story."
  14. Apr 6, 2013
    Ill keep this short and sweet: Awesome game. Can't wait to play it again. Believe the hype. GOTY candidate for sure. Super fun shooter with a gripping story and beautiful graphics. If you love video games get this!
  15. Apr 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ok lets start with the fact that this game is one of the best games that I have ever played. This game is so strange and unusual that it makes you want explore the world you are playing in. mix that with a brilliant storyline and exceptional gameplay.well you certainty will be hooked Expand
  16. Apr 7, 2013
    Up until this game I didn't consider myself a Bioshock fan. I liked the first one, but I wasn't crazy about it. The second one was good but that was because it delivered almost the same experience as the first one, minus the "Wow" of discovering Rapture for the first time. But this game, this game really got me.

    I decided to take a risk with this one and buy it without watching or
    reading a single review, I even avoided watching any video released after the gameplay of E3 2011 just because I wanted to discover things by my own. I finished it a week prior to writing this review and definitely the feeling is still in there: I LOVED IT! It lived up to all my expectations. It is definitely one of the best experiences I have had as a gamer.

    The gameplay was totally satisfactory, specially the sky-lines parts which were fast but easy to navigate; Elizabeth is just the most useful AI companion I have encountered in any game, in the beginning one may think that the player will have to take care of her, but it ends up being the other way around, she gives you ammo and medikits, creates objects for you to cover and interact with, and she is the one responsible for bringing you back to life when you die, it is an amazing change for the typical story about rescuing a "damsel in distress". It is also good to have a FPS character who speak throughout the game.

    The visuals and music are gorgeous, and the story is just excellently executed but keep in mind that, just as the others games in this series, it is mandatory that you listen to the voice messages to see the whole picture.

    This is going to be a great year for gaming, we already have "Ni No Kuni" in the RPG front and now "Bioshock Infinite" in the FPS'. Still have to wait to see what "The Last Of Us", "Beyond: Tow Souls" and "Grand Theft Auto V" will bring to table for the action-adventure, adventure and sandbox genres. This is going to be a very hard to choose GOTY.
  17. May 7, 2013
    This game made me feel there is still hope for the generation that is actually making themselves dumb by having almost to actually none variety with their swag, yolo, stupid internet hypes and admiration for overly repetitive and empty shooters. Acting (or even worse, actually being) dumb is the new cool and that's even worse than having hipsters, who at least were culturally seasoned.
    Bioshock Infinite goes back to how games were not even 10 years ago before being dragged down by the financial crisis: a story that (quite literally) immerses you into the world you're playing. It trusts you and suddenly it stabs you in the back for being a threat to that wonderful place of comfort. The action pushes you forward constantly which is only in favor for the pace of the plot. There is philosophy and science (which Bioshock 2 lacked imo) and the game itself is a perfect statement on the illusion of choice, not only in games but also in real life. Do you really want to Eventually, you will, or won't, whether you like it or not. It shows a perspective of fatalism where most would see heads, but others see tails. The fact that the ending is inevitable and surprises you just as much as The Usual Suspects did when it first came out shows that plot twists still can be original and not a cheap trick of the industry to turn a half-baked story into something of more value just because you tricked the viewer.
    If anyone still doubted games are purely entertainment and can never be thought of as a piece of philosophy, a statement that cuddles with art only to eventually embody art itself, wash away your sins and rise anew with Bioshock Infinite.

    I will state right here that most who gave this game a poor rating either don't even care about this aspect of the game and probably are the type of persons that would rather be playing Modern Warfare or Black Ops, don't care about philosophy and/or those who say the game doesn't explain itself probably didn't even care to collect all the voxophones or watch the Fink rotoscopes. There are of course the fans whose delusion is that a sequel only declines in quality, but as many franchises have showed us that a weak sophomore usually gets made up by an excellent, and sometimes even exceeding the original, third installment. Gladly I can conclude this is only a minority.
    However minor faults in the gameplay are present, playing this on an original PS3 definitely made the change when a friend let me play it on his PC and the difference shows why computers are still the best console: the graphics are alot better, gameplay is more fluid, no loading whatsoever (shorter ones when leaving/entering areas), no "glitches" (getting stuck on the stairs for instance). If you have the choice, choose PC for the perfect experience. For every gamer this is a MUST PLAY.

    There is alot more to talk about within this game, like the Luteces, how fantastically Elizabeth is engineered or even how you never have an actual boss fight in this game but there is always YouTube for that.

    "The Ocarina of Time of our generation"
  18. Mar 29, 2013
    most over rated game of the year. its not that great but maybe good and not even THAT good but also not bad for an FPS game. tbh, FPS is not my type of games but with all the hype and 10/10 scores here and there I decided to give it a shot maybe I'll like it and I was wrong. I wish I saved my money for other games like Resident Evil Revelations or The Last of Us... now there are def my type...
  19. May 20, 2013
    I always knew that reviewing BioShock Infinite would be a challenge.
    Normally, I’d follow the usual formula, talking about the game’s high points and low points, and slapping a score on the bottom.
    But BioShock Infinite isn’t formulaic. Here’s a game that in two weeks has already prompted more smart commentary than most games will ever see. It has a reputation for being that kind of
    game–the one you approach intellectually, despite its grisly facade of smashed skulls, burnt bodies and cartoonish gore. The same was true with the original BioShock, and with the spiritually-related System Shock series before that. BioShock Infinite wants you to have your mindless fun, but it also wants you to ponder.When evaluated on traditional grounds, Bioshock Infinite isn’t perfect. As with the previous BioShock games, it requires far too much resource scavenging from dead bodies and abandoned cabinets. It has strayed farther from the role-playing roots of its spiritual ancestor, System Shock, and combat feels too constrained as a result. Some of the game’s early ideas, like prolonged boss encounters and story-altering decisions, seemed to be abandoned partway through. None of that stopped me from being sucked into BioShock Infinite’s world, and then being floored by its conclusion. It’s the kind of game you want to think about and talk about long after the credits roll, which is why the pile of thoughtful critiques keeps growing. You should play it, and join the conversation. Expand
  20. Mar 30, 2013
    Bioshock infinite is amazing. The level of detail in this game is beyond the words of a reviewer, and the story is perfect for the time we live in. This is one of the best games I have ever played
  21. Apr 2, 2013
    For the life of me, I wanted to give this game a 1 on here just to try and aid to the lowering of the overall score, but my morals don't allow it. I will however give it what it deserves in my opinion... A 6. I fell into the hype and reviews that the game was getting, so I ended up buying it. It is beyond me how the game has such a high score.
    Gameplay: Incredibly generic and repetitive.
    I was expecting something rather unique and different than usual, but all I got was a dumbed down version of the first bioshock. The game is completely smooth and does what it needs to do (be a shooter), but that got old after the first 2 hours of play.
    AI: Hm.. To make a long story short, it's terrible.
    Visuals: Throw my back to 2010, and I'd have to say it looks pretty amazing. The colors are vibrant, graphics are very nice and it has a warm feeling. We are, however, in 2013. I've seen so many games in the last 2 years that blow me away, and have an incredible amount of substance and options more than this game. The attention to some details (or lack thereof) is quite annoying as well.

    All in all I find it hard to play the game for more than 40 minutes at a time... And from what I've heard, the ending is a mind blowing experience. Shame I'll have to actually finish the game to get to it. For being a shooter, it's as basic as it gets. Take the first bioshock (Completely unique and amazing to this day) shred it down to please the masses, and you have Infinite.
    I seem to say a lot of negative about it... Only because 80% of you reviewers along with critics praise it like it's a cure for cancer, tricking me into being all-to-excited for this next installment. I do have a strong desire to go back and play the first Bioshock though. That much I'll thank Infinite for.
  22. Jun 2, 2013
    In a word...Amazing! The game is a little short (which is why I had to deduct a point), but overall I was very satisfied. The game play is great, but the story is what I came for and it did not disappoint. I do not want to give any spoilers, but it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend the game to anyone that likes to play games!!
  23. Jun 5, 2013
    Se isso que se passa por bons jogos hoje em dia, então meu coração sangra por esta geração. Este jogo foi uma tarefa ao fim, ea única coisa que tornou suportável era a história e os atores de voz. Eu não vou nem comparar este jogo para o primeiro, porque novo e merece ser avaliado em seu mérito real. Mas tudo Brincadeiras parte, este jogo não pode segurar uma vela para os dois primeiros. Gamep

    estava chato
    Não há nenhum elemento servil. Isso delegada este jogo em um jogo de tiro sub-par lá. O que sorrateiramente pode ser feito desajeitado e sempre prova menos confiável no final. A AI inimigo tão esperto, ele vai ser capaz de derrubar você dentro de um segundo, independentemente de onde você está ou se pode ser visto. uma corrida típica e atirador de pistola com alguns poderes especiais que eu mal utilizados. O jogo fácil, mesmo no Hard. Eu estava esperando que isso permita-me sentir como se eu estava lutando por minha vida, ou arrecadar materiais, mas este jogo dá-lhe Saúde na proliferação. Eu nunca tive necessidade, e isso não faz o jogo parecer real. Era barato. O jogo dá-lhe tudo em uma bandeja de prata. Eu rapidamente desligou todos os itens do HUD que lhe dá o caminho mais fácil, mas eu ainda achei o jogo fazendo isso. A parte que mais me decepcionante foi o nível de maquiagem. Enquanto belo (em um grau), o jogo está usando todos os atalhos clássicos. Bad polígono contagem, terrível mapeamento de textura sério, o motor Unreal mais velho do que a Deus, podemos colocá-lo para a cama agora? Obrigado. os níveis são basicamente como o jogo FEAR abetos. Atire alguns caras, viagem para a próxima fase, matar alguns caras, pequeno monólogo de Elizabeth, lavagem, enxágüe, repita. uma fórmula que não permite muita exploração. Sobre todo bom encontro no jogo roteirizado e isso chato. Onde estavam as lutas contra chefes? Eu nunca tive nenhum problema até que ele veio para os trabalhadores manuais, e, em seguida, se você sabe o truque, eles são fáceis demais. Os bandidos não me fez odiá-los. Eles não eram vilão. Pensei em Booker como mais um vilão do que eles. Vou dar o crédito jogo onde devido. Ele fez ma
  24. Jul 31, 2013
    The hype kill me with Bioshock Infinite, I keep thinking about what I'm agree with Meristation analysis. All the time I kept thinking about "what could have been" So many things that came out in 2011 NOT LEAVE trailers.

    For example Elizabeth trying to cure a horse and suddenly I remember doing a tear to help I figured I would get electric horses and real horses they would do some
    empathy with Elizabeth, but no cigar out electrical horses.

    Well, neither helps give Elizabeth beyond ammunition, items or open tears out there. In one of the trailers I remember her into a sort of ball made of objects and water, and then Booker's electrified and thus the throwing. I remember that in fact it toward a kind of storm. None of that happens. In that scene I think it came out well and was one helluva Handy Man. None of that happens at the end.

    Another thing I did not like is that in the trailers of 2011 showed us a much more vivid Elizabeth, talking more, interacting more with expressions for each situation that made her look more realistic. In the final game has passed that I can be frightened by X situation, the Songbird or I know, and right next second have the face expressionless as a doll. In the trailers when startled by Songbird remained scared and then he was passing the shock naturally as you speak. Here it happens all at once, a second is scared and the next like a doll expressionless. It is pretty seedy and the script is quite noticeable, quite contrary to what they showed in the trailers.

    I remember that we saw in the trailers also played with a head like a puppet and was coming down to see different things. The behavior is similar in the final game (without the puppet scene) but quite far from what one imagined with what is shown. In fact sometimes approaching objects and is watching them, or tells you that there is no such object, but it plays with nothing, gets nothing. I also hoped there would be more dialogue. Dialogue with Elizabeth is bad, but I expected much, much more.

    All this was perfectly possible, there was no technical impediments or anything. What I think is that they did not want to spend more time putting more Scripts Scripts put more dialogue or the character to do more things. Because that is what is most required time. Perhaps the intention was to put all that Irrational at first, but a matter of time left him out and in the end we left with a half-Elizabeth.

    At the end I am left with the feeling that it's a mediocre game, artistically not impressed me, but neither is a "God" of games as many people have seen you preach or like myself thought it was coming along all the trailers they were going to launch.

    Bioshock Infinite is mediocre, no NOTHING brings neither in terms of narrative, nor in terms of gameplay, everything has been done before and BEST.

    I'm a big fan of bioshock 1 for me is the masterpiece. On 3 disappointed me for many reasons, one who has completed Hype crushing the AI ​​as I find Elizabeth is just kidding, it's nothing we have not seen before, gives ammunition! that breakthrough. To me it is an empty and dull game, with secondary characters and personality lacking animation, AI talk about Elizabeth, as you will have given it to her for all the other characters are without power, you see the population static and made of porcelain, in the same position all the time, no life, walk into a bar and shoot and no one moves, an AI shameful recently credible around you. All highly mechanized, automated, directed, did not feel at any time the sensations of BioShock 1 a moment if only in the moment you return to Rapture.

    But the trailer for 2011 has killed the end game, because that was pure interactive show which nothing remains in the final game. In my judgment, that is to trick players.
  25. Dec 30, 2013
    I think bioshock infinite is the most overrated game of this gen it's truly a nice game specially the storyline but still farbehind TR,TLOU,GTA V and even DmC
  26. Aug 30, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a great game. Not better then the original and the game feels like some other game but still feels like Bioshock. The Voice acting is superb. I mean it's excellent. I think the game is a little over rated. I mean yes it's great but it's not really amazing. Still a great game though.
  27. Oct 16, 2013
    Beautiful world with an engaging story, but I found the gameplay to be rather lack luster, with fun moments too far and few between. I've played the other two Bioshocks as well and so far my opinion on them remains the same, worth renting and playing through once, then sending it back on its way. To me they just don't have any replay value, it's a great one time experience though.
  28. Nov 7, 2013
    - Lovely characters
    - LOVELY soundtracks
    - LOVELY Visual

    - Gameplay felt boring and repetivive

    - I have not played any other bioshocks but i felt that this game was a very strong start to get me into the franchise
  29. Nov 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bioshock Infinite opens very well. The set design, voice acting and atmosphere are incredible out of the gate.

    Of the three, only voice acting continues to thrive by the half way point. Set designs move from vibrant and interesting to the same green-blue and black grittiness of the original Bioshock. The sets coupled with miniscule enemy variation lead to monotonous battle sequences for pointless plot progressions.

    Much of the game is making excuses not to follow up on the theming we were promised. We fetch a key from a mad man to set up Booker's remorse, run around some factory in an extremely drawn out fetch quest that never really culminates, we run around chasing a ghost to open a box that ends up being pointless and then the American exceptional-ism and classist commentary get dropped for disconnected sequences that feel like a retreat to vagaries.

    Characters are likable but the game is sort of a slog.
  30. Dec 25, 2013
    I have finished the first bioshock and the second. i found the first game to be a great concept that was realised immaculately. There was very little to fault and i played it through several times on different platforms. The second bioshock gave me the novelty of playing as a an all powerful big daddy, and although at times you felt a bit over powered it was still a great game. I have been waiting for 3 or 4 years for infinite, excited about what the dev team would come up with this time round, expecting greatness. Well i have to say I'm glad i didn't buy the game straight away and decided to wait till it was cheaper because this game is awful.

    To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement, this cookie cutter, glossy shooter is no better than a retarded cousin of bioshock one. Excuse me if that sounds politically incorrect. I can relate the disappointment infinite has brought to the appointment i felt playing Fable 2, after having played fable 1 many times over growing up thinking fable 2 could only make the franchise better; how wrong i was.

    Anyway, whats specifically wrong with bioshock infinite is the confused storyline, and the terrible gameplay. The AI is stupid enough to leave you sighing at every battle, there's rarely a challenge, the guns are boring and combat feels clunky. This game is literally grinding through boring uninspired battles, and things start to get repetitive all too quickly. I stopped half way through my first play through as i could actually feel my life being wasted by dumbed down game play. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone and i want my money back.
  31. Jan 22, 2014
    The original BioShock is a true masterpiece. I did not think that it could be topped in any way. BioShock 2 gave me some hope, though it did not satisfy me the same way that the original did. But, with Infinite, Irrational has truly given an equal to the original. This game truly has next to no flaws. The gameplay is so smooth, with the 8 Vigors and the different guns mixing seamlessly to provide combat that is as satisfying as you would expect from an Triple-A game. The story, though a bit confusing near the end, still drew me deeper into Columbia, a city that, just like Rapture, feels as though it is reality. The issues of racism and exploitation of the working man are drawn in a sharp picture, that leaves you thinking for hours after the credits roll. Ken Levine and Irrational Games have done yet another video-gaming masterpiece, that, along with the original, can be shown as prime-example of video games being more than just 'shooting people'. Expand
  32. Mar 3, 2014
    First half of the game was a joy to play, fun to explore and great to experience. However, the second half of the game feels like a completely different game and becomes repetitive and tedious. After just a few battles after the transition into the more generic run and gun gameplay sections, it like more of a chore and less of a pleasure to carry on playing. The story was the only thing that made me carry on until the end. Won't be playing this game again any time soon. Expand
  33. Sep 2, 2013
    Not sure why all the fuss about this game. I got the game and I think it's OK nothing special. The gameplay is pretty plain and the game in general is just not exciting. I wouldn't recommend this game to people there are many other games that are spectacular. Avoid.
  34. Jun 17, 2013
    good game
    A good game but during the attachment in their tracks same mistakes !
    Repeat many in the murder or duplicate the style of play
    Boring sometimes
    Fees are very good
    Very beautiful colors
    The story related to blasphemy and acute
  35. Aug 23, 2013
    A story that keeps you hooked till the jaw-droppingly deep ending, gameplay that's so deliciously violent and graphics that don't always look great, but it's sure fun to look at. I'm serious. That ending will leave you in deep thought for days.
  36. May 3, 2013
    It might be a little early to say but this might just be my game of the year, maybe even my game of the decade. It really is that good. It does exactly what a sequel should do, it expands upon what the previous game or games have offered and creates an experience that feels totally new, yet delightfully familiar. Once again Irrational Games has created a world that will suck you in. The narrative and setting both are near perfect and couldn't have been done better. You'll want to explore every nook and cranny of Columbia, and the game rewards you for doing so. Whether it's a voxophone recording or a power up exploring the local bar or store is always worth your time. The gameplay is fantastic, the excellent combination of gunplay and Vigors (aka Plasmids) makes for an extremely fun experience. I can't talk about this game without giving praise to the Elizabeth AI. From the moment I knew she would be with me I was worried that this game was going to turn out to be one long and irritating escort mission. Thankfully I couldn't have been more wrong, throughout the entire game I never once had to make sure Elizabeth was safe during a firefight. She's able to take care of herself and even helps you out during combat by giving you health and ammo when you're low. She also is able to "tears" which give you access to things like cover or turrets. I was glad that she was by my side when I was playing this game. BioShock Infinite is a rare kind of game, it hooks you right from the beginning and makes the FPS genre feel fresh again, and does it without multiplayer of any form. It makes you feel and is absolutely an essential purchase. Mix in the fact that the PS3 version of BioShock Infinite comes with a free downloadable copy of the original BioShock already installed on the disc and you have no reason not to go and pick this game up right now. That is unless you just hate having fun. Expand
  37. Jul 24, 2013
    Just have to pull the user score up. This game becomes fantastic, especially once you get to the ending. It may sound strange, but the ending make the game over all from well done, to "something we'll talk about in 10 years".
  38. Feb 28, 2014
    My honest opinion is this game has a unique setting. It doesn't have many huge differences from bioshock infact it lacks some of the great customizable skills or atleast to me all the skills seem exactly the same with new visuals. The AI is terrible I know everyone said how great the AI was but to me she always got in the way and tells me to take crap at the most inappropriate times and if you don't do it right away she forgets about it. It would be nice if i could finish killing the guys before being bothered for crap like that. I've ran into too many enemies that stand infront of you and do nothing. Including many times when unlocking safes/doors where she would run in the wrong direction then teleport to the safe. The guns feel bland and nothing special unlike previous games. The only good thing about your companion is her talking/story to keep you from shooting yourself from boring game play. The entire skyrail feels like i'm playing batman.. since its the only good use for it is jumping on enemies for easy kills. Besides the story nothing new. The story is what saves this game, Unique and memorable characters and unique visuals. In terms of gameplay its fallen short its mindless gameplay which really is press this button and win. The attempt of adding strategy with tears really just makes things easier for anyone that knows how to press a button. Many tears which for some reason only appear after you completed a part of the story even though you already been to the same map. Adding no variety on how you fight each battle. Since its the same tears for the same battles. The visuals were amazing the map design not so much the levels were small clunky full of dead ends and nothing to explore unless told to by elizabeth. Lots of invisible walls preventing you from collecting items/money. I enjoyed the 1st,2nd and 3d but sadly the thrill of bioshock gameplay lost its excitement the 3rd time around. You will only play this for the story, You will not remember anything about the gameplay. I suggest watching a let's play than actually play the game you will be more relax and drinking beer/snacks, because if you play this You will get annoyed by the buggy ai and lack of new gameplay. Expand
  39. Mar 11, 2014
    I beat this game awhile ago, I recently just tried getting some more trophies for it...
    One thing I always hated about the other Bio shock games is, die had no consequence as you would start 2 seconds from where you died in a vita chamber... This was is similar, however if you die in this one you lose money, which is essential to upgrading your stuff and other things.. I really liked that
    much more than the vita chambers. The graphics are nice, the sound is good. Now the story to this game was ok, for me it was very much too predictable, I knew what would happen before it happened, including the "twist" at the end. The game has a lot of hard work put into it, it was not done by a lazy team that is for sure, considering a lot of devs nowadays are cash grabs...However the gameplay itself, was nice at first but it became really boring. Sure swinging on skyhooks and jumping off and murdering people is cool and all, but it just gets boring...rather quickly... I also beat this game on the hardest difficulty and I will add that the hardest difficulty should of been normal mode.. The hardest difficulty option was not difficult at all, anyone could do it...Now at first I was worried the elizebeth would be annoying, but turns out you are happy to have her with yu, she will give you items when you are low and she doesn't get in the way , the did this right as I have seen many other games fail in AI co op.. I give the game an 8. Expand
  40. Jun 4, 2013
    First off, I have to say that the ending *SPOILERS* was great and the way it worked by rear-ending itself killing the loop of DeWitt turning into Comstock was brilliant, but I think the gameplay shone through more for me than just the ending.

    The Skyrail system was AWESOME, the vigors/gear were a welcome addition (especially the gear, go the 70% Electric Melee 3 x Melee reach FTW!!)
    Melee was an integral part of my combat rotation, and it felt so clean and natural it's hard to put into words how good it felt raining death from above, charging, melee then shotgunning (very Mass Effect Vanguard-esque).

    Overall I give it a 9.5 out of 10 would have got a full 10/10 if it was a tad' longer.. but 10 hours is pretty good none-the-less.

    Pretty Good!
  41. Jan 13, 2014
    The setting is amazing and rarely used, the combat is solid with the powers as an ideal addition but the heartpiece of Infinite is its story. Its complex and gets you emotionally.
  42. Apr 9, 2013
    If this was a movie review, I'd give it a 9. But I don't much care for paying $60 for a movie, and as a game it's really nothing special, and I'd even say some of it's gimmicky gameplay is a bit annoying. If you're like me, you'll plow through it in a day or two, think about the cool story once or twice and never play it again.
  43. Nov 9, 2013
    Attention to details is unsurpassed in this game. Graphics are rich and beautiful. This game deserves 10 out of 10 in every category. I highly recommend this game.1
  44. Jun 16, 2013
    This game is amazing visually, the graphics and scenery of the city were wonderful. The story was quite interesting. I was hoping for more free roam to explore the city and ride the skylines however. Overall, a brilliant game.
  45. May 13, 2013
    First of all this is by no means a "Bioshock", this has nothing to do (but the game title) with previous Bioshock games. No little sisters, no big daddys, no rapture, etc. It has its fair similitudes but thats it.

    Aside from that, I must say this game blowed me away the first hour of play (then I got used to its awesome ambient, graphics, sounds and freakingly great soundtrack).

    Really good story, lots of action, the enemies and Elizabeth feel smart, plus the interaction of Elizabeth and the surrounding areas its something I have never seen before in a game, its just so damn good.

    This game feels unique in terms of in game art, story and music. I do recommend this game, but not to anyone. This game its art and its worth every penny.

    The downside, the game is really short, offers no consequences to your actions therefore, no multiple endings. Getting the missing trophies/achievements dictate its replay value since it offers nothing more for a 2nd or a 3rd playthrough.
  46. Apr 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ok, so I am a huge fan of the Bioshock games, and think that 1 and 2 are the best FPS on the consoles. They have everything, the challenge, the flexibility, the fun, the hacking, the dark story, the easy to follow story line, the planning for whenever you need to fight a big daddy, then the excitement when you hit him and you hear that roar as he charges towards you. the different environments, all unique in setup, even if the monsters were not. Overall a huge couple of games and IMO a solid 9/10.

    Then we get to infinite, and it seems that the developers from the first 2 have left or gone to other things, because nearly all of what made BS1/2 great is gone. The challenge is gone, the flexibility(less plasmids or whatever the heck they are called), and the plasmids we do have are unimpressive for the most. Only 2 guns allowed now so no flexibility in guns. The hacking..gone. The excitement of facing a foe like the big daddy is gone. No creature even close to it exists in infinity.

    And then we get the story. Now the stories from 1 and 2 were reasonably straightforward and easy to follow. But in infinite, they have taken leave of their senses and created something truly obscure and impossible to follow. Any1 who has watched the film "inception" with dreams inside dreams inside dreams will be getting close to infinite. You go through a "tear" and you end up in the same place but as part of an alternate reality, then you start time travelling, then you go back, and forwards. You end up not knowing who the heck you are fighting and what/when you are. Even the final scenes do not do a great job of explaining it all.(look at the official forums, full of people going wtf? or is my understanding correct or please explain). Why did they do this? What did they hope to achieve with such a messed up convoluted story. As far as I can see it gave them an excuse to reuse the same piece of environment over and over and over again. See above about unique environments in BS1/2. And the atmosphere created is not dark and scary like BS1/2, not even close.

    Now, infinite is not a bad game and it should be played by fans of FPS and BS alike, but it certainly is not worth the 9.5 given by reviewers. I've played BS1 and 2 several times, platinum'd both and will still play them again. BS infinite is now on my shelf, and I can't see any reason to take it down and play it again, when it's predecessors were so much better.
  47. Nov 21, 2013
    I was hesitant on picking this game up at first. The game is a bit cartoonish, but for some reason it's super-violent. Very strange combination. But the story is fantastic and the characters play off of each other well. The game is very different from the original Bioshock, but it still feels like a Bioshock game.
  48. Jan 14, 2014
    I played this game as part of the Instant Game Collection available for free to Playstation Plus members.

    Boring. Painfully dull. Takes forever to pick up speed and when it does, there's not much there. I feel like this game has been done before, only better. I don't understand this game's appeal or its universal critical acclaim. Even for free, I can't endure another moment.
    Sorry, I don't get it. I'll give a couple of points because it looks great, but that's all that's there for me. Expand
  49. Sep 4, 2014
    Graphics: 9.5 Gameplay: 9.5 Fun: 10 Controls: 10 Ease to Learn: 9
    Length: 8.5
    Re-play: 8
    Audio: 10
    Bugs/Glitches: some but not noticeable most times
  50. Feb 23, 2014
    Hopefully the studio is closing and they'll never make another crappy COD clone ruining a franchise like this. From the original and excellent System Shock 1 and 2 and the very good Bioshock 1 then it was all downhill until this awful piece of software combining a very confusing story without any purpose with a Call of Duty play style. Avoid.
  51. Mar 10, 2014
    This was my first Bioshock game ever, so I cannot comment how good it is compared to the original... It's fine game, don't get me wrong and I've loved the world in a first hour or so, however - it's not that special. And it get's a bit repetitive after a while. You run, you'll notice tears, you know there is going to be a fight (with the same repetitive enemies over and over again)...

    Story is good, atmosfere is briliant - but I don't think it deserves 1010.
  52. Jan 31, 2014
    You might want to read explanations after playing the game. It left me barely grasping the connections, only partly satisfied by getting the main 'reveal', but wikis have helped me see the whole genius of the plot and concept. Never before this game have I played a game with such intricate logic, combined with such a deeply philosophical understanding of existence. Just take everyone's word for it, but be aware that you may not be smart enough to figure out the intricacies and see the full value on your own. The gameplay is solid BTW, fun fast-paced shooting, and interesting audio collectibles strewn throughout the virtual marvel that is Columbia. If it wasn't for the story, I wouldn't consider a second play-through. But man, it's now when it makes sense that I want to discover the game. One downside is that Elizabeth is mostly not used actively in the gameplay. That had more potential. Expand
  53. Apr 16, 2013
    Story, story, oh the story. Before starting Bioshock: Infinite i had played the first Bioshock only the start bits so coming back to Bioshock was a "gamble" for me. What got me to buy Infinite was its interesting and truly impressive presentation, graphics and the world of a flying city, called Columbia, is really well presented and first moments of the game you just spent taking in the scenery and the beauty. These moments are truly the best of the game, along with the depth of the world and story opening slowly for the player is really enjoyable and holds on to you until the end. It made me wonder and other genres could use these world and graphics, like adventure/puzzle games. Throughout the game the gameplay is very linear, making you follow a certain path almost like in a tunnel from start to finish, although at the start its enjoyable, again cause of the scenery and beauty of the world. As the FPS mechanics come in use i remembered why i slowly gave up playing the first Bioshock, as it felt more and more like a just another FPS shooter. In Bioshock Infinite this doesnt really change, FPS action controls the game, making you go in a tunnel and hurries you through the beautiful city of Columbia. At first you are alone with your weapons, you can carry only two at a time, as the game one by one introduces you to powers called "Vigors" which are supposted to help you through battle after battle, although some vigors are left without any good use with many players. The Bioshock FPS system probably works better with PC or players that are just used to FPS games but the aiming reacts really slowly controller analog stick, using powers requires thinking as different powers help to defeat certain enemies but cause of frustation to the uneasy and stressful enemies player might end up spamming just one power through the game from behind a corner or wall which you keep huggin through FPS scenes. And all of interraction happens with one controller button along with looting and reloading increasing frustation in there is need to reload mids of battle, close to a lootable body or interactable object, making it impossible to reload. Game does reload a weapon automatically when you run out of bullets in the clip though. As game progresses player receives a sidekick called Elizabeth, who is a key character for the story, as she helps you during FPS scenes, collecting ammunition, health and salt, which power the Vigors, for you at tight situations. Speaking of Elizabeth as a Character she is probably the most interesting and enjoyable one in the game with emotional scenes really keeping you playing to the end just to see what happens with her and the world around. Towards the end FPS scenes become repetitive and feel forced and the player might only be interested in the story after the halfway point of the game. Also some rushing with game development can be seen with basic glitches happening, mostly graphical, example walking on air or getting stuck on walls or furniture. The experience of the excellent, interesting story, great characters and the beautiful world of Columbia saves Bioshock Infinite alot and comes out with a recommendation and if a player is used to FPS games im sure the Bioshock FPS style doesnt disappoint, although the game isnt without flaws in gameplay. Expand
  54. Sep 1, 2013
    it's Perfect in quite a few ways, amazing characters, flawless visuals, great gameplay, great story & a beautiful world. i didn't play the first game, nor the second, played Infinite simply because a friend told me too, & i was blown away. the story & difficulty curves are prefect. yes the story is a bit complicated but that adds to the whole experience
  55. Jul 27, 2013
    I always thought that Metal Gear Solid 4 was the greatest game ever made for the PS3, a game that was perfection from beginning to end...then I played Bioshock Infinite...and now I am seriously forced to consider which game is better. Bioshock Infinite is an absolute masterpiece, a game without any flaws whatsoever!!! The gameplay is exciting, the characters are ones you actually want to root for, the city of Columbia is amazing, and everything ends in perhaps the GREATEST ENDING THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A GAME!!!! I cannot stress enough how great this game is!! It is truly an innovative experience! Expand
  56. Oct 2, 2014
    A great FPS with a unique personality and awesome ideas. Different from Bioshock, ¿better?, I think that it is different, less dark. But the journey for Columbia is full of surprises and the possibility of travel with Elisabeth and the history is a very good point.
  57. Jul 9, 2013
    I'm not going to deny that this is a good game and a good experience, because it is both of those things. Bioshock Infinite has an astonishing story, and Ken Levine and the rest of Irrational Games should be credited for that. But the overwhelming acclaim for this game, hailing it as the best game of the year, is misguided. It's just an average first person shooter,with an extremely above-average plot and collection of characters. There are a number of issues with this game. The mechanics are that of a rather average and somewhat chunky first person shooter, the shooting is mediocre at best, and it is overlong. IF you are in the mood for a great story with the game's mechanics not pulling it off in a very good way, then this is the game for you. Expand
  58. Jul 7, 2013
    I'm sorry this game just don't impress me very much. The graphics are exceptional and the sound is great but the story feels incomplete, the battles are generic, and its very easy to lose interest in everything after a few hours. your limited on guns, most of the vigors are worthless (imo) and it is all very linear. I give it a 7 because of graphics, controls, and sound. but my score is not based on fun or fulfillment. This game is grossly overrated. Expand
  59. May 15, 2013
    This game was hyped up a lot both by the game industry and the internet. I was told that this game was similar to Bioshock 1, but the whole time I kept waiting for a bigger variety of enemies. Sadly, most of the enemies are just standard humans, combined with the Patriots and similar automatons and the rare Handyman. Other than that, the humans enemies are utterly boring. As previously mentioned you do not need most of the vigors, and some even have very similar effects, which makes them seem like an afterthought. You will primarily use possession spoiler since most of the enemies are either groups of humans or automatons. However, the game is visually stunning and the story is one of the deepest I have come across in awhile, dealing with issues not normally tackled in the game industry; America's racist past, the morality of pre-WW2 capitalist society, the illusion of choice, and concepts of time and dimension. It can be a very heady game, and the ending is actually quite satisfying. There are several "wow" moments in the gameplay which makes up for the boring enemies and somewhat dumb AI, but it takes awhile and for the most part you are just in a early 20th century city. Also I found that this game immediately looked, felt, and played exactly like Dishonored, to the point where some of the first levels look like they could have been ripped directly, and the looting looks almost identical as well with food and other small power ups scattered all around on top of objects or tucked into corners. Some of the powers also seem ripped straight from Dishonored. This is not such a bad thing, as Dishonored is a great game and this does it one up with better visuals and story, but still if you played both you will notice an almost identical setting and a less stealth more FPS oriented gameplay. The game is not very hard either, I beat it in about 5 days, and since there is no multiplayer or online co-op I do not feel motivated to try and beat it again on hard or buy the season pass. I am giving this game an 8, but if you are not interested in a riveting story, great visuals, atmosphere, and only care about gameplay, then you should consider it more a 6.5 or 7 as at its core it is mostly just a loot-and-shoot FPS with powers. The weapons are also somewhat generic and mostly WW1 era weapons like pistols, carbines, machine guns, repeaters, shotguns, and so on with occasional futuristic variations like the heater or hand cannon. Like the vigors however, a lot of these weapons seem exactly the same and tacked on as an after though. The 2 gun system was OK with me, and seemed to work with the set and setting, as it makes you manage your ammo by dropping a stronger gun with little ammo for a found gun with full ammo, but my major gripe is that when you drop a gun in order to pick up a new one, you lose it after going to another room. This means if you are, for example, using a more powerful carbine against a horde of enemies and use up most of your ammo, and switch to an enemy dropped machine gun, you can not go back and pick up your carbine if you find an ammo cache or vending machine around a corner. Even worse, if you accidentally pick up a found weapon and put it back down, it is gone when you come back with more ammo. This does not add to the gameplay and seems like lazy programming.

    However this game gets major bonus points for dealing with tough issues and providing one of the best stories I have seen in years. Showing the gilded era in all its negative light made it very powerful, and it is overall a very mature and heady game that plays as much like a movie or graphic novel as it does an FPS. I feel like this game could have done a lot more, however, definitely in gameplay, weapons, powers. and enemy development, and to some degree with using the setting better. Also I would have liked more done with the different tears you enter, as they are the source of much of the stunning visuals. The programmers dropped an opportunity to really let loose, and reading about the issues with the dev team, it seems like they just left a lot of things out after they had the story in place. I really wish you killed more baddies than WW1 era soldiers, cops, private security, and automaton robots. However the final battle on the air ship was really cool, and the zeppelin battles have the graphics you would expect from cutscenes as part of the gameplay.

    Altogether, this is simply an average FPS-with-powers-loot-and-shoot with a story that goes above and beyond anything else in a long time. If you like atmospheric games with great writing and character development I actually felt emotionally connected to Elizabeth, something rare in games then pick it up used. However if you are looking for a game with deep gameplay, lots of different enemies, varied guns, powers, and power ups, then you may want to pass on this.
  60. Dec 8, 2013
    Loved it! A very unique FPS, the journey through Bioshock Infinte was epic there's a lot of action and i mean a lot! The graphics are very good though there are some strange blured textures i've encountered on both Ps3 and 360. The sound and the music is excellent the gameplay is fast and perfect. The story... ahh well the story is Bioshock Infinte's biggest strength and weakness or flaw whatever, while it's very engaging and it grabs you from the very beggining later on it gets very strange and hard to follow all that parallel universe crap got me so confused. in other words it's a mindf**k! Other than that the game is amazing and the campaign is very long for a fps definitelly a must buy! 9.6/10 Expand
  61. Aug 8, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a game that will stick to you long after you finish it. Irrational games has made a game that will never be forgotten. I believe that the goal of developers should not be to create a game to play, but a game worth experiencing. And that is exactly what Bioshock Infinite is. An experience.

  62. May 27, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is great, but it's not perfect. The gameplay is not always as tight as in other Triple A games, nor are the ideas expressed always as challenging or original as in many Indie games. But, rarely are challenging ideas brought up in a Triple A game they were in Bioshock, and they are again in Bioshock Infinite. This game has points of pure greatness that transcend the overall goodness of the game; and if for no other reason, purchase and play this game so that you can experience a game which challenges your perception of morality, reality and the conventions of modern game design.

    Rarely do games of this size present such introspection as to the medium, and criticisms of social norms.

    Buy this game... would you kindly...
  63. Jun 8, 2013
    I thought it was overhyped. It was a good game but not great. You barely knew you were in the sky because many levels took place indoors or, if you were outdoors, didn't add to the game play. I thought the enemies got a little repetitive too. Other than these flaws, it was a good FPS. Bioshock was still better.
  64. Feb 9, 2014
    Another piece of art game for BioShock. Lovely story and enjoyable game play just like BioShock 1.
    I have no takes on the game except for the auto save points that I wished to be more frequent and after each fight.
    The story has an interesting twist. New elements added to it that made it that interesting.
    I loved the Sky-line ride and fights.
    I finished the game and now replaying it on
    1999 mode to get the platinum. Totally recommended if you don't have it. And it's great that you don't have to play any previous BioShock games. It's totally new set.
    But if you wish to just play BioShock 1. Skip 2 as it has nothing to add.
    Any case you need to play this one if you are FPS gameplay fan.
  65. Jul 6, 2013
    Loved the first two Bioshock games so when I purchased Infinite I had high expectations, and I was not let down. This game is a masterpiece, from the gameplay to the visual presentation to just plain bad assness.
  66. Mar 17, 2014
    The story in the game is confusing and half-baked, there is no chemistry in the characterisations, and the gameplay - that is, the shooting - is not fun at all, and is a slog to get through points A and B of the story. It has some nice art direction, but it also represents a lot of what is wrong with AAA titles.
  67. Jun 22, 2013
    This is a great game and a truly worthy successor to Bioshock 1. Great story, awesome world and the characters suck you into the game. The sound sticks out the most and really immerses you into your gameplay. The graphics are pretty good but doesn't compare to pc at all. This game is worth the money you pay for it.
  68. Mar 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. THE ENDING OH GOD IT HURTS MY BRAIN!
    The game was awesome but just the ending.
    What were they thinking it makes no sense.
    Also the twins make no sense
  69. Aug 7, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite it's not just a great game. Most of all is a great story adapted with perfection to gaming. The characters are memorable and Elizabeth takes the prize of the most charismatic and the best AI sidekick of all time. The setting is to say the least epic. A city in the sky at the turn of the 19th century? Not even George Lucas would have thought of this (Or did he?). The gameplay is not innovative and i think that the tears could have had more to it than simple refills but these are minor problems since the story is so powerful that you just want to keep playing to see how it unfolds. Infinite shows that the Bioshock universe can also be one made of light without losing his identity. Expand
  70. Mar 28, 2013
    Go buy this game. NO I don't think you understand me here Go buy this game now Here's why I say this 1st off, Anything I say about this game could or would spoil the experience for anybody who hasn't played it. Secondly, The only thing I can say without ruining or potentially making the experience less powerful is that "This game is amazing" So, you should just go buy the game, play it, and love the heck out of it. Unless you are completely against violence or FPS games in general, you owe it to yourself to play this game.
    Once you have, then I wont need to tell you why you should play or buy it, cause you know exactly why: Quality
  71. Dec 22, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is a masterpiece in storytelling and one of the best games I have had the pleasure of playing. At its core lies a first-person shooter that plays out very well, with a great range of weapons, as well as "Vigors", which provide the player with special attacks and powers to combat enemies. Graphics are incredible, the somewhat cartoon-like art style and bright colour scheme breathing life into the game's setting of Columbia a city floating among the clouds and giving it a distinct vibe that perfectly reflects the themes of the game. What most impressed me about this game, however, was its masterful storytelling and wonderful characters. I was hooked right from the get-go, and the way in which the characters had been orchestrated and the story that unfolded before me felt intense, enjoyable and, mostly, believable. The game's two protagonists, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, are exceptionally well done and work terrifically well together. I invested a lot in these two characters and was determined to see their story right to the end, and when it did end, oh boy. What a finale! I won't spoil it, but I can say I won't be forgetting it any time soon. Seriously, though, this is a game I would recommend to just about anyone, even if it does have a few flaws (but then, everything does). BioShock Infinite is not the most perfect game, but it comes damn close. Expand
  72. Mar 23, 2014
    While i tough the first Bioshock was strongly overrated and i hated the second one, i must say that this one is really impressing. The graphics are spectacular and the story is great.
  73. May 25, 2013
    I would have preferred a "tell me a story" mode for this game, as I'm not very good at aiming with a controller, especially while being flung around on a rail in various directions.

    The story was great. The gameplay, eh...not so much. I don't really dig having to mow through fields of mobs and burn down Patriots for 5 minutes each. I think the 10s this game has been given are a bit
    affected by the popularity of the game itself. Expand
  74. Apr 2, 2014
    What an over-rated game this is, every body talks about the graphics of how wonderful they are, REALLY? I just don't appreciate a game that says that their characters are very human like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? everything is like a bad drawing and the map limits on the player are simply ridiculous. It is a very GOOD and Complex Story that's why I don't give it a 0.
  75. May 2, 2013
    Though it won't sell 20 million copies like GTA or COD, this game is the closest and FPS has come to perfection since Resistance 3. One of the only THREE first person shooters I loved! GOTY contender for sure, up there with the likes of Tomb Raider and The Last Of Us.
  76. Apr 9, 2013
    There aren't enough words or review that can tell you how good this game is, but if some word is close to describe it is masterpiece, easily, one of the best games out there right now, is one of those games that always amaze you and you never want to finish it because every fragment of the game is awsome.
    The ability to make you feel the plot, the identified you feel with Booker is
    something that no other game had transmited me before.
    The music, artistical design, the environments fit perfectly to the situation.
    I'm not gonna say that the gameplay mechanichs are amazing because maybe are a bit simple, but they are fun as hell and the made their goal because I haven't experience myself that tedious moment in other games of here are enemies", they probably should change the vigors and weapon enhancements to make them more fluid, I didn't change my vigors because I had the maxed and same with the weapons, that isn't bad either, but in some places I felt that I wanted to use other weapon or vigor and I realise that was a bad idea because they weren't leveled, but, as I say, the combat is very fun despite being a bit simple.
    The A.I (Elizabeth) is the best partneryou can find in an game,she reacts to the environment, she interacts with it, she speaks you acordingly to the situation, simply amazing.
    Congratulations to Ken Levin and his team, I can count with my fingers the games that I think they deserve a 10/10 and this is one of them.
  77. Jul 7, 2013
    As I played through the entire game I noticed that Ken Levine just did it again, created a masterpiece with the similar formula to the first Bioshock, yet in many aspects outbreaking and mindblowing.As you begin the story and dives further into the experience the easier it gets to get amazed, even if confusing at some times, all the mix created by the story is one of the best in the whole history of video games.

    As expected, the gameplay flows brilliantly, with a lot of creativity, especially with the Skyhook and vigors, and the addition of a special character, Elizabeth, that unlikely many other games with side characters within gameplay, doesn't bring you any problems, in fact, it is so improving in it's gameplay, that in many times you'll actually miss her when she's not around.

    Observing this masterpiece in all aspects, with a highlight to the story, and with the DLCs coming it can only get more exciting from now on, that it will be really hard to beat such an outstanding plot, even for Ken Levine himself.
  78. Jun 26, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece. It is a beautiful game with a great story that is going to draw you in and leave you thinking about the ending for a long time. Sometimes, it didn't even feel like a game rather a work of art. It is a perfect game and god bless you Ken Levine for your masterful storytelling, creativeness and imagination.
  79. Apr 3, 2013
    Bioshock Uncharted:

    The first two Bioshock games were great in comparison to this, I'm baffled by the press and their praise of it. It's obvious that story telling took a priority, and in doing so removed key aspects that made it's predecessors successful. The collision detection is terrible and the options for customization are a step backward. Contrary to Rapture there is no map,
    and each level is a linear path pushing you to the end of the "game" which really makes the whole thing more of a game-movie. This game attempts originality but borrows aspects from the Uncharted series and dabbles with concepts from Valves's masterpiece Half Life 2.

    Despite these shortfalls, the setting, sound effects, music and art direction keep you entertained and curious for what lies ahead. Decent voice acting, clever plot twists also help move the game along and strike some empathy with the characters.

    In the end the lack of sustenance provided makes for a poor comparison to it's predecessors.
  80. Mar 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Would you Kindly read this whole review. Beat the game the day it came out on hard. It has a nice long game length for being primarily a shooter. The back tracking of the previous games is gone. Once you move on to a new area you are down with the other. So make sure you are ready to move on. It's not a major thing but still i wish that i could have gone back to some of the beginning areas after i learned some of the preferred hiding methods of the designers. This is an amazing game which i would love to say is GOTY for me...but...sadly I found its spirit wanting(though it still has no equal yet.). It falls, 'ironically', prey to its own devices from Bioshock 1. Where you learn that you are only doing things because your told...and your choices matter not. Well Bioshock infinite has some choices...but with no real effect. I half expect Mr. Ryan to come out at the end and just laugh at me for thinking that they made a difference. The game tries to explain this away by saying the end was inevitable no matter what...but the words still ring hollow, because the game is about freedom. But you have none. (But, no matter what you get the cage. There is no bird.) To better explain it. Think of a coin toss. Heads or tails, it doesn't matter the coin will still fall. I guess the only reason i am slightly disappointed is because i thought the coin could fly. It just becomes to linear...too obviously linear. On another note, two key characters of the game are just under-developed. Leader of the Vox. With out spoiling too much you find out something important about their supposed past. But nothing comes of it. it just is there. And it is a pretty important thing of how they came to be in their position. And after you wrap up that part of the story with them...That's it for them. It comes to a pretty solid end...but still its like they never existed after wards. If you doubt me play through that whole part again. and then right after try to focus on how people react to what happened. Maybe i missed something in my exploration, but after it was like they never existed, there was no real aftershock. And the second is the person that is directly tied to the Vox leader, Mr Fink; and he falls pray to the same thing i'm afraid. He just had no effect at the end. No ripples(not a major thing i never really cared for him, but the void left in his wake just kinda bothered me.) These are my only real complaints. other than this, the game play is spot on. the Sky rails are done well(if limited in use). Everything else seems to be in top shape.The story is decent. The twists are interesting...but almost all are foresee-able. The ending is...awesome and unexpected, but what you find out from it is also foresee-able(if you explored and collected most of the "Diaries" and have a slight notion of the butterfly effect. but, even knowing nothing of it you can still piece together a good deal just with what happens over the course of the game). Its like knowing all the actors before they hit the spotlight, but not knowing the stage or the performance. The main reason this amazing game gets a 7/10 instead of a 10/10 is mainly because of the illusion of choice. Now how can i take off three points for something almost all game do? Well after bioshock 1 and the twist of that i guess i am just disappointed that this game came to this point. After i beat the game I instantly went to see if my ending was different from others based on the choices I made...but I was only greeted by finding out that no matter what it was the same. I feel it held itself back from greatness, because the most important choice you will ever make it that game is whether to upgrade your guns or your powers because money(for me) was sparse. Maybe 3 points off is a little harsh, but to me it was a major thing that mattered. Most choices weren't as pivotal as save the little sister or harvest her to survive easier. But, the choices in this game big or same had no big game changing effect. I can not stress that enough. See how much it bothers me? In conclusion My score is a 7/10 but a more fair score would be a 8.5/10 just for some minor things i had come to expect in the series(i.e. back tracking, research, and pivotal choices.) But i would recommend this game to anyone and everyone. So would you kindly... go play it? Expand
  81. Aug 22, 2014
    Man, this game was pretty disappointing. The overall gunplay was better than the original, but pretty much everything else that made the first one interesting was gone, like hacking and stuff, for instance. It has the familiar Bioshock vibe, but the creepiness is gone. The atmosphere gets old awfully quick and the main character talking is a massive drawback, not to mention toting around a girl (like every other game released in 2013) that I never really cared about. The story was okay, but it lacked the punch that the original had. Of the 3 Bioshocks, this is easily the weakest. An average game at best. Expand
  82. May 1, 2013
    Honestly, this game was a HUGE disappointment to me. After seeing the fan-tas-tic E3 demo 2011, the cinematic and action packed story trailers, I expected this game to be a 9. Not! The whole E3 demo was cancelled, and sadly no gameplay sequence is as large scaled and detailed as the one seen on the E3 demo. Basically, the game is all footage seen after the 2012 media silence, but split-up by long, boring and repetitive shoot-outs. The only aspect that lived up to my expectations -hell, even blew them away- was the story, not even the storytelling -that wasn't that great-, but the story itself was pretty fantastic.
    Don't fool yaself people, this wasn't a great game!
  83. May 5, 2013
    When I first started playing Bioshock Infinite, I felt like it was the greatest game ever like I did with the first Bioshock. Then I realized that this isn't the first Bioshock. Don't get me wrong, this game is still really fun and has a good story like the first, but it just didn't give me that same feeling that I got from the first game. The gameplay is radically different from the first game, and not in a good way. The first game was nearly perfect as a mix of FPS, RPG, and survival horror, this is just a straight up FPS. Even though it's a straight up FPS, it's still a really fun game to play. I liked using all of the different weapons and seeing what I could do with them and it helps make the game not be repetitive. Vigors and Elizabeth's ability to open tears also make the game not repetitive. I do have an issue with the vigors though, there just aren't enough of them. In the first Bioshock I loved all of the different plasmids that I could get, but there just aren't very many vigors in Bioshock Infinite. I loved Elizabeth's ability to open tears, it made combat a little better because she can bring many different things into battle. She can bring in things like weapons, turrets, patriots(giant robotic George Washington with a big gun), mosquitos(floating turrets), cover, and puddles(so you can shock people standing in it). Opening tears is great because it varies combat a lot. My main issue with gameplay is that it's a bit too easy, if you run out of ammo, Elizabeth will just give you more. It's the same thing with salts(vigors). The game was made a lot easier because Elizabeth can just give you a lot of things that you could use without you actually trying to find it. Almost every time that my health got low, Elizabeth gave me a health pack, which honestly, made the game too easy. The only really difficult part of the game is the handyman fights. I hated how they got rid of most of the RPG and survival horror elements. I would like to say that I thought that the story was just okay, not great. It really didn't get interesting until it was nearing the end, the rest just felt like filler to make the game longer. Which is weird because the game really isn't that long, it took me about eight hours to finish it. My biggest issue with the game overall is the ending, I'm not going to spoil anything but it doesn't make sense and it doesn't answer any questions. Most people who played the game say that it has a phenomenal ending, but I really don't see it. Instead of tying up all of the loose ends like an ending to a story is supposed to do it just brought up more questions. I wasn't satisfied with the ending one little bit. In conclusion, Bioshock Infinite is a good, fun game that has issues and is radically different from the first game but in a negative way. My score would actually be a lot lower but the game is still really, really fun and I played it from beginning to end in a couple days. It's not the best game ever, and it's definitely not as good as the first Bioshock, which was one of the greatest games of this generation and of all time. This game is kind of hard to recommend because it's just too short and it lacks replay value and the story is just not that great. Expand
  84. Jun 26, 2014
    A very generic FPS with a poor story, bland characters, terribly anti-climactic ending, and no replay value. Not only does the shooter gameplay offer nothing new, almost everything about this game feels hijacked from Dishonored which came out a year prior, whether it be the art style, the music and certain sound effects like the sirens, to the way the enemies move, it really feels like a copy and paste job; more than I have ever experienced from any other video game. Fun for a single playthough but that's it. Expand
  85. Jun 20, 2013
    It took me nearly 3 months but I finally completed the 1999 mode after god knows how many deaths, and I still want to play it again. If your a gamer; especially for you Bioshock fans, stop reading this, and go get this game for your library. Doesn't matter how you get it, just go and get it. If your still not convinced, than let me break it down for you. Without spoilers, the story is not cliched nor predictable, starting out as a damsel in distress rescue mission set between the late 1800s to early 1900s in a civilization in the sky called Columbia, but ends with the fall of Columbia, the discovery of self-identity and destiny, reuniting with a forgotten loved one, and parallel universe hopping. With themes of nature vs nurture, racism, religious satire, racial and social factions, steam punk, and time traveling. Nothing regarding the conflicts in this story is easily interpreted nor predicted, proving that everything has two sides to them, just like a coin. Interesting character back stories and Columbia history For graphics, the colors and the lighting and level and character designs are awesome. The atmosphere that the environment gives off can be either colorful, breathe taking, thrilling, majestic to dark, cold and suspenseful. The combat is fun and exhilarating because it forces you to think on your feet and plan ahead/create strategies instead of going in guns blazing or spray and pray. Your companion is actually helpful and not a chore. You don't need to babysit/look after/worry about the companion. She won't get in your way when fighting; she throws you ammo, money, health and salt(vigor/mana) potions; unlock certain locks; track and point out pick ups; and she CREATE/SPAWN health and salt pick ups, weapon and ammo pick ups, covers, distractions, ledges and hooks to jump off of, and robotic turrets/flying security drones/Mini-gun wielding George Washington robots to fight for you. (+)RPG elements like different clothes with different effects, weapon & power upgrades, and permanent health/shield/power increases. (-)Not only will the game feel short compared to the first two Bioshock games but the ending is not as fulfilling as the first Bioshock ending. (-)Rise and dip in difficulty on specific stages/levels (-)Multiple head-shots needed to kill enemies on harder difficulties (especially on 1999 mode) (-)Specific weapons, powers and clothing become useless once you create the combination of weapons, powers and clothing you find most efficient & effective. (-)You lose money if you die; I'll let you decide how that's a bad thing. Expand
  86. Mar 29, 2013
    It's good, really good, but I can't get away from the feeling that the original bioshock was longer, more atmospheric, had a clearer and more coherent story and was overall a better game. I'd most definitely recommend it but, well, I'm sorry to say that after a 2 year wait I was expecting.... More.....
  87. May 1, 2013
    This game is all about the story. The gameplay is straight forward and addicting, but as you all have probably read the vigor selection could have been more diverse. Brevity is not an issue but I've seen complaints about it? Either way the ending is a mind f*ck and the game is fun. Definitely on that season pass tip.
  88. Apr 9, 2013
    Game lost in gameplay and difficulty, but has become more adult story, more action and, of course, Elizabeth. She the central figure in the narrative and the post as she is alive, she is alive responds to the world around you is looking for supplies. Enemies behave quite adequately, shame that still kill them easily. However postoanovochne fights, plasmids, their sequencing, and razlchnoe weapons and great action in the battles will not be bored. Expand
  89. Apr 9, 2013
    A masterpiece of a game. The story is gripping. Just like in the first Bioshock, upon replaying the game, your perspective will be very altered. On top of that, Elizabeth is just a very well-designed character with an impressive AI. She assists during combat and does a ton of casual things like inspecting objects when you're idle. The combat is simple, yet sophisticated. Trigger
    happy people will simply fire away, but the keen player will decide upon the best weapons, vigors, and tears to use, and will keep a lookout for environmental hazards and scattered, powerful weapons to use. The setting is stunning. Columbia is a far more interesting place than Rapture in terms of aesthetics and dystopian themes. Rapture was just full of Adam addicts. Here you get racism, poverty, oppression, and civil war. But optional objectives detract from the experience with predictable rewards. Sure, upgrades to your shield, health, and salt capacity are useful, but the gear (buff-granting equipment) is so disappointing in effects that you won't really bother with them. Pure exploration, though, is a joy. You'll be scouring every location to unearth background-providing Voxophones and currency to upgrade your guns and vigors. All in all, get this game. You won't regret it. Expand
  90. Apr 9, 2013
    So, I really did like the game, the story, I loved Elizabeth as a partner in the game and I had fun, but it is a love/hate relationship.

    Unfortunately, I was unlucky in the fact that this game was the very first for me to have issues.
    Bioshock would hard freeze every 5-10 min without fail every freakin time and 2k support is absolutely horrible in helping me resolve this, which I think
    they just gave up. I haven't heard back from them in days.

    But I am always up for a challenge, so I fought through from auto-save to auto-save waiting for the next hard freeze then reset my PS3, and start up again. The sense of accomplishment I felt after completion was almost the same I had for Dark Souls and only because I was fighting the toughest opponent of the game, the buggy software itself. The only reason I was able to do this was because the game was somewhat short, very basic and fairly easy, even on hard mode.

    Which leads me to my next point...

    This title was pretty basic for a Bioshock game, as it seemed to me a completely stripped down experience from the first entry. Upgrades for vigors and weapons are very linear and boring and you just need a vending machine and some money to upgrade, but the upgrades aren't really worth anything.
    I only upgraded and used about 2-3 weapons and two vigors the whole game. Gear is completely useless and i just stuck with the first four pieces I snagged and was done with it.

    There is nothing to loot off enemies but health, salts, and money which is very repetitive and boring after a few levels. You have no more scavenging for all kinds of random parts to build items. Combat is the same as previous entries with the exception of being able to use your weapon and vigor simultaenously instead of cycling back and forth, which is a good addition though.

    I also noticed that I may have spent 2-3 minutes total on the sky rail and I thought that was going to be such a huge part of the game. I also thought you would be accessing all the various parts of Columbia through the sky rail, but not even close.

    No memorable foes in the game was a real shocker for me. I thought that was their niche, well, they blew that. I couldn't believe you didn't at least have a boss fight with Comstock or Songbird. Songbird could have been the Daddy of Infinite, in my opinion. Way too many generic AI's all over and around this game for just filler.

    Gameplay and combat is SO basic for a big budget AAA game, but obviously they spent their time with other facets of the game and did very well pulling that off. The environments, Elizabeth, and the story with all its complexities, all rocked.

    I should rate this game a zero for not even running properly on a mass produced machine, but since I was able to fight through with little difficulty, outside of the PS3 resets, I was able to appreciate a lot of the great environments, Elizabeth, and story in the game.
  91. Apr 15, 2013
    Possibly the game of the year if you ask me. This is just so much fun and it is an amazing adventure. Elizabeth is the most helpful partner I have ever seen in a video game in a while, she gets you money, ammo, health, salts and never gets in your way, she doesn't die either so you won't get pissed off at the game more. The air rail transportation is so cool and its really fun ti travel so fast in the air. The plot is so awesome and the ending is so good, it will definitely keep you thinking for a day or tow. BioShock Infinite was a good turn on the series because usually these type of spinoffs never really work out, but this one did so well. Expand
  92. Mar 28, 2013
    Great graphics and interesting storyline. Combat is still second rate in my opinion, but the splendour of the environment will more than compensate for it. Disappointing though, to see, in the first few minutes, a large sign over one of the shops with a spelling error. (Confectionary) Sort of detracts from the professionalism of the game somewhat. Nevertheless, you won't be disappointed with this one. Expand
  93. Jun 24, 2013
    This game is one of favorite games of 2013.I loved every minute of it from the gameplay to the combat to the story,It was amazing! The story pulls you right in,and you actually car for Elizabeth.She is also not annoying. She does extremely helpful things such as giving you ammo,salts,and health. This game is truly great and deserves it glory
  94. May 20, 2013
    The first 2 hours or so was amazing but it turned into a grind after that. Columbia is an amazing backdrop and I commend the devs for the effort they have obviously put in. As a shooter, it doesn't really add anything to the genre. Being able to carry only two guns at a time was very annoying. The enemy seems to know where you are at all times, even if you attempt to use the limited cover available. I enjoyed the story and the ending was enjoyable. Unless you are a big fan of the series, I would recommend waiting for the price to drop a bit before playing through this one. Expand
  95. Apr 24, 2013
    Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game! Period! The graphics are absolutely stunning, the story is great and will keep you guessing and thinking all the way to the end! Also Booker and Elizabeth are two of the best most well realized characters that i've seen since John Marston Red Dead Redemption and Cole Phelps L.A. Noire You need to go get this if you haven't already! its one of the best games you're gonna play this year! Expand
  96. Apr 25, 2013
    I was never really a fan of Bioshock, I played the first game for a few minutes and played through half of the 2nd game at a friend's house, but after seeing all the glowing reviews, I decided to get it a few days after release date. And I loved almost everything about this game. The gameplay was great, story was great, environmental graphics are great, facial animations look a little cartoonish, but still look good. It's a lot easier than the other Bioshock games, and great for newcomers since it only has minor references to previous games (a sort of big one in the end but I won't spoil it). Expand
  97. Mar 28, 2013
    This game is amazing. The plot had me intrigued from the start and never lost my attention. Game play is excellent, it took me some time to get really good on the skylines but once I had it down it was a thrill to zip around Columbia. Another great thing about this game is that Elizabeth never gets in your way during combat which is something I was worried about, but Irrational Games made it so she only helps you and never causes you trouble when the action picks up. If you enjoy video games I would say this is one to not be missed. Expand
  98. Apr 15, 2013
    This game is nothing but a Masterpiece! I just couldn't stop playing it till I finally finished it. And when that happened, my chin was on the floor, the emotion, the portraits,... everything spoke to me like no other game before.

    BioShock 1 was magnificent, but Infinite takes the whole game experience to another level. It's gaming in its most pure form: ART.
  99. Mar 26, 2013
    Work made by devs is excellent.
    Gameplay,level design,graphics,etc..
    The universe around Bioshock is unique.
    Even i only played 3 or 4 hours, it looks like of a master 2013 game
  100. Mar 27, 2013
    BioShock Infinite is the type of game that, as one would expect from the likes of Irrational Games, leaves the player to think long after the credits roll. When I finished playing, my thoughts were along the lines of 'What just happened?', 'Does that mean...?' and 'Is it really over?'. Well, for the latter, I recommend that you stick around during and after the credits.

    From a gameplay
    perspective, the game is sound. If you have played the original BioShock, you'll feel right at home with the new powers named Vigors, which are basically the Plasmids you're used to, albeit slightly different. The shooting feels fluid and accurate it's not as unrealistic as Call of Duty nor does it have the insane recoil that the Battlefield series possesses. There is the introduction of Tears, which allow you to use the abilities of a sophisticated and helpful AI named Elizabeth, who is critical to the story and never once gets in the players way. She can bring many things into the world around you, aiding in combat and/or navigation, such as cover, first aid kits, turrets etc. Throughout the game, you are given choices, but none of these effect the ending, which leads me to the story...

    Compared to the first (And second) BioShock, choices in the game feel rather insignificant. They don't dramatically alter the world. However, unlike most games, the linear narrative suits the story the game is telling very well, and would destroy the idea that the player character, Booker DeWitt, is his own individual. Booker is neither a good nor bad person, and you won't always like who he is or what he's done, but players will find themselves caring for him by the end of the game. Elizabeth, Booker's companion, is a young woman who is very much like your typical princess locked in a tower...or so you first think. She is someone that you, as a player, want to protect, but such a thing is never required in combat. She is never a hindrance, only offering useful help throughout the game. I won't spoil any of the story for you, but it's nothing short of brilliant. Sometimes, you'll be completely puzzled. Others, you'll understand until a new element is introduced. But by the end, I understood everything completely, and even found myself emotionally touched. The presentation of the game is fantastic. I often found myself dazzled by just how beautiful this game is. The city is a wonder to behold. It's inhabitants look and act like they should. The environments are usually excellent. It seems that Irrational spent a long time polishing this fantastic experience, as I never once encountered a glitch while playing. The detail is astounding, in most cases. However, low texture does appear in the strangest of places. There was a point in the game that I had just jumped from a Skyline (Which are great fun!) and was ready to face a horde of enemies. What I wasn't prepared for was a giant, blurry...'thing' in front of me! It turns out that it was some sort of blimp device, but I would have never guessed had I not taken a few (Okay, I ran at least a mile) steps back to get a better look. Without a shred of doubt, BioShock Infinite is an early contender for earning many Game of the Year Awards. When I started playing the game, I was worried as to whether it would live up to the hype and the name of BioShock, but I can honestly say that it does just that. In many ways, this game is far superior than even the original. So, without further ado, would you kindly do yourself a favour and buy this game?

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  1. May 27, 2013
    In an infinite universe, anything can happen, but in Infinite's, the specifics are what get you.
  2. Apr 23, 2013
    One of those rare games that speaks to the player on a personal, emotional level with a thought-provoking, mature storyline set in one of the most amazing worlds conceived in a game. Plus, it's a wonderful FPS with deep, tactical combat. Essential. [Issue#230, p.66]
  3. Multiple dimensions and a clever scenario with a surprise around every corner make it difficult for us to explain our enthusiasm without spoiling the story. Only the extended ghost chase (literally) halfway through the game drags on a bit too long. [April 2013, p.74]